A Summary Of SCAMDEMIC News For Today; More Proof That The So Called ‘Vaxxed’ Are Now DYING Everywhere!

First, I knew I was going to get some ‘flak’ once again for my article yesterday where I stated that the RETARDS out there that have stupidly taking these KILL SHOTS are indeed starting to stink… I figure I would answer those critics here first and foremost…

OK, two comments sent my way claimed that I was WRONG in my statement about the stench now coming out of the bodies of the ‘vaccinated’… One comment in fact was full of insults and slurs against yours truly, and I have discarded it in the trash… The other comment said that what I was smelling off of the ‘elderly’ was the smell that the ‘elderly’ protruded constantly… My answer to that critic is so logical in that I have spent a LOT of time around elderly people and I can instantly recognize the ‘smell’ that they exude… The smell that I did detect yesterday was NO WHERE NEAR the normal smell of the ‘elderly’ at all and is in fact something very different and ‘weird’…. I did of course answer that ‘critic’ already in the comment section, and I am NOT backing down from what I observe happening, for I have recognized it as something most peculiar…..

Now onto the subject for today… And I figure rather than do a slew of separate articles about the stuff that I have come across in just the last while including links sent my way from astute readers, I will put those articles and facts together here in ONE major article….

Yes, the news continues to be most grim for those who have indeed destroyed their health and are on a slow march to certain death by taking the KILL SHOTS…. I am very certain now that this is only the beginning of this major crisis and the full blown disaster where many of the victims of these KILL SHOTS will continue to escalate with massive numbers of deaths happening this coming Autumn…

Yesterday, I posted an article where the sick and twisted bastards that are running this SCAMDEMIC are indeed unleashing their latest ‘variant’ that has been known by a multitude of names, including ‘super OMICRON’, and laughingly the ‘Ninja variant’….. And yes the fear mongering and fear porn via the LYING WHORE MEDIA is indeed on the rise once again, as the gullible out there are indeed being targeted again for even MORE KILL SHOTS in their already damaged bodies!

I have in fact seen some recent news, where apparently the state of New York in the formerly free nation called the ‘United States’ was going to ‘reimpose face masks’ on the gullible citizens in the entire state…Well, that has come to pass, as I want to present the following link to a report from the ‘Shit Hits The Fan Plan’ website at http://www.shtfplan.com where apparently yes, New York State has indeed reimposed ‘masks’ for all, as this ‘next wave’ of that ‘super OMICRON’ bullshit has been ‘detected’ in New York State, and is in fact ‘targeting’ the 90% of dumb ass New Yorkers who have taken the kill shots… Here is that link here:


OK, I agree with the authors of this article, for ABSOLUTELY this next ‘wave’ is NO wave at all, but is in fact the cover story for the ADE and cytokine storms that are now escalating in the ‘fully vaxxed’ fools and retards that is destroying their bodies…

Thus this ‘next wave’ is absolutely about the ‘vaxxed’ getting very sick, and rather than even tell the truth that they are getting sicker and sicker from the KILL SHOTS, the criminals involved are of course calling it this ‘new variant’ that absolutely DOES NOT EXIST….

And considering how ‘face masks’ aka face diapers destroy health, I say good luck to the fully ‘vaxxed’ in New York state, for wearing those filthy and health destroying face coverings will only MAGNIFY the effect of the KILL SHOTS ravaging their own bodies…

OK, onto the second part of this report… And this one is truly DAMNING as another astute reader sent me the link to the following very important report that comes from “The Expose” out of the formerly free nation called the “United Kingdom’… This report states, with FACTS provided in the article that this is indeed a ‘SCAMDEMIC’ of those who have stupidly taken the KILL SHOTS, as it shows that since APRIL of this year alone, nearly 94% of what is claimed as ‘COVID 19 deaths’ are in fact those who have received these KILL SHOTS! Here is that link here:

THIS article and its facts absolutely prove myself and so many others right when we screamed since last year that this is NOT a ‘SCAMDEMIC’ of the smartly ‘unvaxxed’ at all, but absolutely a full blown pandemic of those who have indeed taken these KILL SHOTS…

Yes, read it and weep… The evidence is clearly there, and this report is for the United Kingdom alone… I will bet ANYTHING that these numbers in the UK reflect almost perfectly here in CANADA and down in the United States as well….

And this ‘Expose’ article vindicates EVERYTHING that I have stated for the last 2 years… These KILL SHOTS will murder billions world wide….

And I seriously doubt that the lying whore media outlets can no longer ignore these facts, but they will indeed try their utmost to cover for this truth by trying to lay the blame elsewhere and stupidly still try to vilify the smartly unvaccinated…

AND earlier today , another reader sent me the following most interesting report, from the ‘GATEWAY PUNDIT’ website, that states that Haiti of all places has NOT administered the KILL SHOTS to their own citizens, and now has one of the LOWEST levels of ‘COVID 19’ bullshit around the world! Here is the link to this most interesting report here:

Honestly… I say good for the Haitian people… Their economy may be a mess and Haiti is still probably THE poorest nation in the entire Western Hemisphere, but its leadership in ‘Port Au Prince’ has been smart enough to NOT fall or the BULLSHIT of pushing their citizens into taking these KILL SHOTS at all!

And there is nothing ‘weird’ about what has happened in Haiti, other than. that small impoverished nation being vastly smarter than most other more ‘advanced’ nations on the planet… Haiti in fact PROVES that the SCAMDEMIC is indeed probably the greatest fraud in human history!

And finally as further proof that the KILL SHOTS are indeed murdering a massive amount of people around the world, comes the following interesting article from the State of The Nation website, at http://www.stateofthenation.co , where apparently yet another ‘INSURANCE COMPANY’ named “LINCOLN NATIONAL” in the US has come forward and claimed that their ‘death claims’ have gone up by a whopping 163% in the year 2021 alone…. Here is that link here:

OK, I did note that this report about the upswing in death claims was for 2021… So what has happened since last year going into this year 2022? I will bet ANYTHING that either the death reports and claims has skyrocketed, OR as many have now claimed they have simply STOPPED paying out ‘death benefits’ for this year as they KNOW that the deaths are due from the KILL SHOTS….

These facts can no longer be ignored… The RETARDS out there that have taken these KILL SHOTS into their bodies are indeed DYING and there is NO stopping those deaths from happening as there is NO ‘shut off’ mechanism at a genetic level to stop the transfected cells from continuously produce the antigen Spike Proteins…. The facts therefore remain that if you take the KILL SHOTS you are as good as DEAD!

AND I constantly get a lot of bullshit sent my way with claims that some ‘chemical treatments’ stop the damage done to bodies by these deadly Spike Proteins. But I will reiterate this again for people to get it into their heads that these KILL SHOTS cause TRANSFECTION of the cells of the victims’ bodies, forcing the cells to produce constantly the synthetic antigen and most deadly Spike Proteins… ‘Chemical treatments’ will NOT CURE this transfection problem as the ONLY cure would be to re-transfect the cells to try to turn them back to normal at a GENETIC level…. And obviously the monsters that worked for decades to perfect this transfection disaster for mankind did NOT work at all on the ‘antidote’ aka “cure” via GENETIC manipulation to turn cells back to normal… It was never the intention of these monsters to have a ‘reverse’ method available as their plans have always been to KILL THE MASSES in what is the greatest mass genocide in human history!

In closing… The ONLY way to stop DYING from these KILL SHOTS is to absolutely NOT take them in the first place! Never fall for the crap and coercion out there, for your very lives are at stake here…..

Update,July 12th 2022: Here is the link to a report from Jeff Rense’s website about what people are indeed noticing in terms of the ‘smell’ coming off of those who have been ‘vaxxed’:


Yes, read it and weep to the critics out there…. I have personally smelled this strange odour and I will NOT back down from my standing claim that this is being caused by the bodies of the fools that have taken the KILL SHOTS, now DYING!

More to come


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