Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

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Sunday… And time again for my weekend rant…

The weather here in central Canada has been very ‘weird’ over the last while with intermittent periods of both sunshine and rain… And the temperatures have been on the rather cold side over the last week at least, with temperatures in the low 20C range when usually we get temperatures in the upper 20C to low 30C for days…. YES, gosh darn this ‘global warming’ fraud, for all indications are most definitely pointing towards a cooling period as part of that Grand Solar Minimum that is now absolutely happening world wide…

I am of course putting out that weather report for right now with the criminals still trying to figure out how to bring about their next ‘phase’ in the bullshit SCAMDEMIC, they have resorted to their ‘tried and true’ method of scaring the gullible and stupid of this planet by once again pushing the ‘Climate Change’ fraud…. Sadly, most human beings are indeed too stupid to live and will swallow their horseshit in attempts to not only push their fraud ‘green agenda’ on us all, but to also steal money from all of us in the form of ‘Carbon taxation’ which has NO basis of fact as Carbon Dioxide is absolutely NOT a greenhouse gas..

Yes, these fuckers in charge are indeed about to unleash their ‘next phase’ in their apparently ‘never ending’ SCAMDEMIC fraud, and apparently since their attempts to push “MONKEYPOX” down our throats has become a train wreck, they are now going to go back with new ‘variants’ of their FRAUD ‘COVID-19’ scam with the new fear mongering pushed by the lying whore media outlets now that the ‘OMICRON’ aka ‘MORONIC’ ‘strain’ is back as a new variant!

But it gets worse, as apparently the psychos in both. PFIZER and MODERNA, who should all be in jail for the genocide they are committing on mankind, are now developing a ‘super vaccine’ that they are claiming will be a “one shot fits all’ scenario….. The recent reports that I have been able to read about this latest criminal development claims that this ‘one shot fits all’ idea is to push this as a new ‘booster’ that will do the trick and actually make sure that those who have survived either the first or second dose of their poison will now be certain to die with this new ‘booster’…

Yes, this SCAMDEMIC apparently is now ‘never ending’ and honestly has that not been the plan all along? These pricks in charge know that they have the most idiotic and retarded human beings on the planet already shot up with at least one dose of their poisons that will ultimately kill them all, so why not speed up the process by subjecting these fools to at least one or two more ‘boosters’ on an annual basis based upon new ‘deadly variants’ that the compliant lying whore media outlets will absolutely spew…. These criminals know that human beings are so easily manipulated by fear alone, and fear will indeed drive the majority of the stupid out there to comply and readily take these shots without any opposition..

OK, I have covered in great detail over the last while nearly all aspects of the KILL SHOTS, and I want to turn most of the rest of this rant towards other troubling issues…. First and foremost, tomorrow of course marks the 246th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence from the British Empire back in 1776…. Most however do not know their real history as America has never been truly ‘independent’ from the British Empire and the declaration and subsequent Constitution that was signed into law back in 1787 never created a truly free ‘republic’ at all… And of course many Americans do not even understand that their ‘republic’ basically had bankrupted itself shortly after the American Civil War of 1861-1865 and in an attempt to prevent total collapse, the US government back then turned itself into a ‘corporation’ formally in 1871 with headquarters in Washington DC…. Thus, the American citizens are not only not living in a true ‘republic’ that they think was created in 1787, but actually have been employees of the corporation called the ‘United States’ since 1871….

But I digress, as instead I look at the US today and see nothing for the American people to celebrate their ‘Independence Day’ at all…. The idea of a ‘free’ United States is now gone as the COMMUNISTS in charge in Washington DC are in full control and working their magic in not only bankrupting what is left of the ‘republic’ but also grinding American commerce to a screeching halt through their criminal near total shut down of vital petroleum that is the essential fuel to keep the American economy going..

Yes, the psychotic ‘Biden Administration’ has pushed the American nation to the brink of near total collapse as they have not only caused a present catastrophe with outrageously high fuel charges to all Americans, but the real catastrophe is probably barely 20+ days away as these criminals in charge have drained America’s ‘strategic reserve’ of vital petroleum products down to near ZERO… If the strategic reserve becomes non-existent which could happen in about 3 weeks time, then what will happen to the American economy when there is NO more gasoline or diesel fuel available? It will be an unmitigated catastrophe and will cause a total breakdown and collapse of American commerce….. But apparently this is exactly what these psychos in the COMMUNIST Biden administration want…

The sad part of course is that there is plenty of PETROLEUM available, if the psychos in charge stop their madness and allow companies to go back to the business of drilling and extracting it out of the ground, and actually reopen the vital pipelines that transport that raw product to the refineries for processing into fuels…. But this is not part of the COMMUNIST agenda, and instead of trying to solve this crisis by using common sense, these criminals are exasperating the issue by further shutting down of more petroleum sources and oil producing fields in America… Does this mean that America will find itself possibly 100% FUCKED by the beginning of August? ABSOLUTELY …

So, basically there is zero to celebrate tomorrow in the US as the nation is in free fall thanks to the criminal aspirations of the psychos in charge in Washington… And honestly, WHERE are the AMERICAN patriots out there that have the ability to stop the insanity? The American Revolution itself was started by barely 5-10% of the American colonists who mostly gathered in pubs and halls to decide to overthrow British rule, but apparently there is not the same call for a new birth of American freedom in the US citizens at all today…..

It is sad to realize how badly the American people have no will today to take up the call for freedom from tyranny as most have had their brains turned to mush by the incessant brainwashing caused by the ‘Electric Jew’ aka ‘TALMUDVISION’ coupled with the crap that they ingest on a daily basis that calls itself ‘food’ as well as the horrific brain destroying effects from the KILL SHOTS…. Most therefore are so complacent that they will only react AFTER the nation has collapsed and they wake up asking ‘OK, what just happened?’…. But by then it will be too late…..

OK, it has now been 2 days since that fiasco called ‘Canada Day’ here in what used to be the free nation called ‘Canada’ and the much needed protests that should have happened nation wide basically turned into duds… Yes, there were protests in Ottawa and several other Canadian cities, but that fucker in charge, the asshole that somehow calls himself ‘Prime Minister’ Justin ‘I am a psychotic bitch’ TURDEAU definitely had his GOONS in the form of both local police forces as well as the ‘RCMP’ in place to squash these peaceful rallies….

Just watching the horror show here in Canada, as peaceful protestors were brutalized by police GOONS in Ottawa, I had to stop and think ‘How could this happen here in Canada?’ and how badly this nation of mine has now become a tyrannical dictatorship with zero outcry from the Canadian people? ….. But as I pointed out with the complacency of the American people above, much the same can be said as well about the Canadian sheep who are unwilling to raise a finger to try to save this nation….

Therefore, it can be said that ALL of North America has fallen under dictatorship, which has always been the plans of the psychos in the ‘World Economic Forum’ with their ‘Great Reset’ psychotic plans…… These fuckers absolutely used Australia and New Zealand first and foremost well over a year ago as their ‘testing grounds’ to see if they could push DICTATORSHIPS on the people there, and after being wildly successful in those two nations with nearly zero opposition, their next moves were first here in Canada with the ultimate goal being the US… Sadly, these fuckers have achieved their plans so easily and successfully as the gullible sheep out there have accepted this tyrannical rule with nearly no outcry…..

As I stated in last week’s rant, most people are indeed just dumb and stupid sheep these days, not realizing at all that they have been stripped of their freedoms and their basic rights as both citizens and even human beings… The sad part is that most will not even care until they face starvation and famine, which is indeed the ‘next shoe to drop’ in the psycho criminal push for world control….

It is so apparently obvious now that massive food shortages are coming, and in some cases are already here… I personally have noticed the increase in empty store shelves in local supermarkets coupled with the rapid increasing prices for available commodities…. But with the criminals doing everything possible to shut down food production and even shut down food processing centres if they are unable to first burn those centres to the ground, this present shortage will be nothing compared to what is coming by early Autumn… I for one can easily predict here massive food riots as people will indeed be scrounging for what ever little bit of food that is still available…

And I must reiterate that this coming ‘food disaster’ is indeed in the criminals’ plans, as they know that a starving populace will do ANYTHING just to have a few morsels in their bodies, even to the point of surrendering what little freedoms they have left just to obtain food for their starving families…. And yes, our psycho governments will of course offer their ‘solution’ to the food crisis by having everyone ‘sign on the dotted lines’ to give away their rights and even the rights to refuse their deadly KILL SHOTS…. I can see the day coming soon where these psychos will force the ‘unvaccinated’ out there to have to take their deadly concoctions or starve to death as the alternative!

I have not covered much of the ‘war’ in Ukraine over the last week, as I instead concentrated on that FRAUD ‘mall fire’ that the lying whore media is still out there proclaiming is ‘all Russia’s fault’ when the evidence clearly shows that the fires were caused by the Ukrainian munitions dump located nearly RIGHT NEXT DOOR to that mall was blown up by a precision Russian missile strike… That munitions explosion definitely caused the ‘mall fire’ and those the blame is 100% on the Ukrainians who I see purposely put those munitions there next to that mall…

And I continue to look at the entire Ukrainian war with a lot of scrutiny… Some have said that I am a ‘Putin lover’ and all I can do is laugh at that stupid notion… I have no ‘love’ for that man, as he is clearly in the pocket of the JEWISH criminals that are still in control of Russia in spite of many claiming otherwise…. And here is a reality check, as evidence is still out there that Russia is firmly under the control of American corporations who came in full force right after the collapse of the Soviet Union back in 1991 to nearly take full control of ALL Russian businesses and corporations for pennies on the dollar…. There is so much speculation that the American control of Russian corporations is still very much in effect even today, which leads to the question about the entire ‘war’ in Ukraine being nothing but a ‘show’ for the gullible masses…. Thus I have to ask; Are we all being fooled by what is happening in Ukraine? And is it nothing more than a ‘distraction’ for the gullible sheep to keep the fear mongering going?

One last thing before I go onto my closing last minute tidbits… And it has to do with my ’employment status’… Apparently my criminal ‘corporation’ that has put he on ‘furlough’ for the last 5+ months is about to try to ‘recall me’ and ask me to come back to work for them… As I stated before, I cannot stomach the idea of working for those ass clowns as they have indeed attempted MEDICAL TYRANNY on my body by trying to force me to take lethal injections aka KILL SHOTS into my system as grounds for my employment…. Yes, it became ‘take the shot and die eventually as a condition for working here’……..It just sickens me to think that these fuckers could be so diabolical and actually have the nerve to say that I would be welcomed back as long as I do not continue the pursuit of having lawsuits against them for the mental and physical harm they have done over the last 5 months… Therefore I will wait and see what happens this coming week and see if they offer some type of ‘package’ to enhance my want to retire…. How ANYONE with good conscience could even consider the idea of going back to work for a corporation of pure evil is beyond me!

OK, I have rambled on long enough… Time to close this rant with my last minute tidbits…. I honestly wish that the lying whore media would give it a rest for fuck sake in regards to this China about to invade Taiwan bullshit. China already controls so much of the American economy and they would not want to ever upset that control by attacking Taiwan any time soon….And recent reports are claiming that North Korea was ‘aided’ in their rocket and nuclear research from of all places, Ukraine. Honestly, I would not doubt that this is factual, as since the fall of the Soviet Union and Ukraine left with tons of former Soviet technology and the need to somehow make money, then why not sell that technology to North Korea? And again, so what? North Korea has been building rockets and bombs to deter the REAL threat to their existence which has always been the US itself…….I continue to marvel at all of the news about how the US election of 2020 is still going to be found ‘null and void’ especially with states in the Union now voting to not accept the criminal results from that ‘election’. Sorry, for all of this is fluff as the COMMUNISTS in charge in Washington DC are now in firm control and will never surrender that control…. It is a fact that the 2022 ‘midterms’ are now in full swing in the US but the facts are that the Commies will steal those midterms EVEN WORSE than they stole the 2020 US elections. AND they will do that theft so blatantly in the faces of the American people as they know that Americans are now pussies and will do NOTHING to stop them at all……..Someone asked me recently my thoughts on the horrible shit show that is right now going on at both Toronto’s Pearson Airport as well as Pierre Eliot Trudeau Airport in Montreal, up here in Canada, where air passengers have sometimes waited for DAYS at those terminals having to endure hell on Earth for their flights that in many cases have been canceled. What has happened here is that most Canadian carriers and airport authorities are nearly bankrupt and have been trying to make up for the last 2 years of nearly NO air traffic, and therefore lack of revenue, by NOT hiring more personnel to alleviate the present carnage. It may come down to another ‘bailout’ by the psycho TURDEAU regime just to save this from turning into a permanent disaster, which means all Canadians will be footing the bill……I for one am glad to see that the fraud called ‘Black Lives Matter’ and its associate group ‘Antifa’ have now been fully exposed and most of their members and organizers are now outed and/or on the run. It took some time to realize that these two groups were indeed an attempted COMMUNIST insurgency in America and even up here in Canada, but thankfully they have been hopefully stopped in their tracks, at least for now………..Yes, apparently there is a major push to try to ban ‘meat’ from human consumption and I for one will never accept this madness. We as human beings are ‘OMNIVORES’ meaning that we consume both plant and animals. Just looking at the propaganda about ‘plant based’ food, and most recently ‘insect based’ food, as a substitute for meat sickens me, as I just enjoy having a good steak and/or hamburger with REAL meat always. I say take their ‘alternative based’ garbage and shove it up their asses……OK, what the FUCK is that arch criminal Bill Gates up to now, with his purchase of a LOT of American farmland in the American mid west? So much speculation, and I do wonder if that psycho is either grabbing that land for using it for criminal experimentation on food crops, or he is grabbing the land to produce real food that he will promote for his own profits, while the rest of American crops are turned into permanent GMO? We shall soon see…….Yes, birth rates amongst women world wide is now at a drastic rate of rapid decline, and still nobody seems to not want to talk about how this situation is being created by the KILL SHOTS? As I said before, those lethal injections are indeed a form of human sterilization, and we are seeing this as fact as women taking those shots can no longer have human babies……OK, the ‘German courts’ recently tried and convicted a 103 year old frail man for ‘war crimes’ stemming from World War II? How sad it is that the fuckers pushing the still unproven ‘genocide’ of that period of our history are now resorting to seeing 100+ year old supposed ‘criminals’ get convicted today?…. And speaking of German courts, apparently Alfred Schaefer is now a free man after spending 4 years in a cold German cell for the ludicrous charge of ‘holocaust denial’. It will be interesting to see what happens to Alfred now, and if he gets the hell out of Germany very quickly and now……So let me get this straight; A 29 year old ‘transgender woman’ who is basically still a man, participates against 13 year old young girls in a skateboarding competition in America, where he not only trounces them all but even gloats about it afterwards? This once again shows how sick America has become for even allowing this travesty to happen. I have always said and I stand behind in saying that FREAKS have zero business competing in women’s sports, period…….. Now that the NHL season is over and the Colorado Avalanche won the ‘Stanley Cup’ as I predicted, I am back into soccer withdrawals until the EPL season reopens in late August. To fill the void, I have turned once again to Aussie Rules Football for the time being. Someone asked me a while ago which team I am rooting for, and I have taken a liking to the Freemantle Dockers from the west coast near Perth. Watched several games over the last while and even though I still find the game a bit peculiar, the matches are indeed exciting and high scoring…..Thankfully, no real news once again on the useless eaters and air breathers known as the Megan and Harry shit show. These two misfits are not stirring up trouble at the moment, and I still say they should simply get real jobs and stop being nothing but permanent welfare recipients and indeed parasites… And speaking of parasites and useless eaters, the Kardashian trollop circus continues, as the only so called ‘news’ was about former Blink 182 drummer and latest boy-toy “husband” to skank #2 Kourtney, Travis Barker, had an emergency ‘appendectomy’ in a hospital last week that was sold via the Paparazzi as being ‘life threatening’. Yes, while America is going down the toilet rapidly, this is the ‘news’ that most of the brain dead will actually care about? The sad state of America is definitely epitomized with these sluts and parasites to society, definitely….

More to come


2 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

  1. North

    There is a two word reply for your past employer, you know what it is. I would send it to them in writing so HR can put it in your file.


  2. Here in the jewnited queerdom there was a tel-aviv-zion programme this weekend about the (fortunately now dead) freak George Jamieson, alias “April Ashley”, publicised in the 1960s as Britain’s first successful “sex change” THING.

    I’m certain (((they))) would have referred to the creature as “she” and “her” throughout the propaganda programme, but my thinking is that “it” would be a more appropriate term for these perverts that have had themselves neutered.


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