Important Video From 2014 With Anthony Patch Calling Out This mRNA COVID Disaster 8 YEARS Ago!

Well.. Usually I do not write on Sunday evenings these days as usually after I write my daily rant, I try to take this day off for much needed rest and relaxation..

First, I do want to correct a few ‘errors’ from this morning’s rant.. Someone did notice that I did not present any details in my last minute tidbits concerning the wars in Syria, Yemen, AND a possible upcoming ‘conflict’ in Africa… I will present my take on those two issues here:

I have continued to track the conflict in Syria closely and the only present fighting continues to be between the good guys aka the SAA forces and their Russian allies against the US controlled and financed AND 100% fraudulent ‘terrorist’ group known as ISIS for the eastern desert areas… Other than that, the fighting in Idlib in the northwest continues to be just minor skirmishes that have continued for the last 4 years with zero change in the front line positions… Therefore the war in Syria continues to be the same ‘stalemate’ that it has been for the last 3+ years.

In regards to the war in Yemen, that continues to be the ‘forgotten war’ by the lying whore media outlets, with the only news over the last week has been the criminal Saudi forces now resorting to their ‘tried and true’ approach of suppressing opposition in Yemen by basically cutting off their humanitarian aid in yet another attempt to starve the people to death. Sadly the ‘press’ does not even report on that atrocity leaving any reports up to alternative media sources such as yours truly….

And I read several reports last week where apparently the landlocked eastern subsaharan nation of Uganda has just discovered an ENORMOUSLY massive Gold Deposit that some estimates state is worth 12.5 TRILLION dollars… I was going to post that discovery in the last minute tidbits with the quip that we should now watch as the US/EU will scream about an ‘evil dictatorship’ in Uganda that must be ‘overthrown’ as their excuse to send in criminal forces to seize that GOLD for their selfish selves…. Such is the way of the US that definitely will want that GOLD for their greedy selves and basically to hell with the people of Uganda itself….

AND.. One new reader asked me why I put up any information about the “Kardashians” in my rants… I have been following those pieces of filth now for over a decade and constantly take shots at their perverse and sickening so called ‘lifestyles’ that are an abomination and an insult to anyone with even a sliver of intelligence…Worse is the fact that the brain dead American people would rather care about the sickness of these freaks rather than care about the downfall of their own nation.. Thus the shots at these foul creatures and their garbage “lifestyles” will stay in my rants for the foreseeable future.

OK, that should clear the air so to speak, and I want to concentrate on the subject fro this article… Earlier today I became aware of an amazing video that was released nearly 8 years go by writer ‘Anthony Patch’ that absolutely and uncannily predicted EXACTLY how these criminal monsters would indeed use their SCAMDEMIC and its fear porn to subdue the people into accepting the deadly KILL SHOTS that they have taken in droves today! Here in fact is that video, courtesy of ‘BITCHUTE’ for everyone to see right here, followed by my usual thoughts and comments:

NTS Notes: Yes, this is so uncanny indeed and shows that many were indeed fully aware of the evil plans to exterminate humanity via these KILL SHOTS some 8 years ago in the case of Anthony Patch.

Sadly, yours truly along with so many others, have ALL been aware of the sinister plans by these psychotic subhuman beings for years… And we all have spent so much time over the last nearly 3 years to warn everyone that these monsters would indeed scare the public into rushing to their criminal governments in charge with the ‘solution’ to this non-existent ‘virus’…

Of course our criminal governments, being fully in bed with the psychos in ‘Big Pharma’ presented their. ‘solution’ which has been the death jabs aka KILL SHOTS… Now we are watching the price for that folly as nearly 5.2 BILLION people world wide have had these lethal injections and the vast majority will be soon DEAD in what is truly the greatest genocide in all human history…

I DO hope that this video and its clear message is distributed far and wide by readers… The message presented is clear and shows clearly that these monsters were planning for this disaster against humanity nearly a decade ago at least..

More to come


5 thoughts on “Important Video From 2014 With Anthony Patch Calling Out This mRNA COVID Disaster 8 YEARS Ago!

  1. NTS,

    Biden has purchased millions of new ‘vaccines’ for the ‘Omicron’ variant.

    And guess what- no clinical trials at all!

    Parents in the US are tripping over each other to get their infants and toddlers ‘vaccinated’.

    But the lawsuits are starting. All college and university administrators have been put on notice for demanding ‘vaccines’.

    Pfizer’s released documents reveal a level of fraud that defies imagination.

    Naomi Wolf has teamed up with Steve Bannon to review the thousands of pages of released documents with 3000 volunteer experts.

    Then we have Biden actually admitting that his administration is going to destroy the fossil fuel economy.

    Biden isn’t just a dumpster fire. The wheel chocks have come off that dumpster and its rolling down hill into a cesspool filled with toxic sludge.

    Oh and there is the Hunter Biden art project. Where he is selling his art for hundreds of thousands BUT HE DOESN’T HAVE TO DISCLOSE WHO IS BUYING HIS SHITTY ART. AND HE MEETS POTENTIAL BUYERS BEFORE HIS SHITTY ART IS AUCTIONED.

    Then there is Joe Biden paying for Hunter’s prostitutes. The amount of money could purchase a house!


    1. Considering that the money that JOE ‘poopy pants’ Biden is paying for his son’s prostitutes, I would not doubt that is in the millions by now and gained through the corrupt transactions of Joe definitely..

      I have had a few others who have been shot up with the KILL SHOTS finally take a look at the PFIZER documents and only now are they realizing they have made the most terrible mistake in their lives… It was not as if I did not attempt to ‘tell them so’ a long time ago…


      1. NTS,

        I realized in May 2020 something was very wrong.

        The Covid was just the rebranded flu. Many doctors had protocols for the rebranded flu. But they were marginalized.

        If I ever needed money for a prostitute I sure as hell wouldn’t call my father! A massive ass kicking would ensue.

        Watch this video. It’s sad.


  2. “Channel restricted … contains incitement to violence” and all the rest of it. For once we don’t seem to have that problem in the jewnited queerdom, so here’s the URL with the http and all the rest of it removed so people can copy and paste into the address bar.

    (I hope that works)


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