About That Russian Missile Strike On “Crowded Mall” In Kremenchug Ukraine? The Truth Is A Lot Different Than The Crap Coming Out From The Lying Media Outlets!

I received a couple of emails yesterday claiming: “NTS, You have missed the boat, as Russia just attacked a crowded ‘mall’ in the city of Kremenchug, and you have no reports on that attack”…. I want to clear the air here, as I have NOT ‘missed the boat’ at all…

The facts are that YES, there was apparently a Russian missile attack in or actually ‘around’ that ‘mall’ in the city of Kremenchug… But of course the ONLY reports up until late yesterday and earlier today were coming out of the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets here in the nations that have been supporting the brutal murderous dictatorship in Kiev…. That alone should have raised so many ‘red flags’ in terms of this situation, and the fact remains that ANYTHING coming out from the lying whore media outlets these days in regards to Ukraine is nothing but 100% bold faced lies..

Yes, I have long learned to be patient and not fall for ANY initial reports about such ‘incidents’.. The real truths would eventually be revealed and would be in most cases FAR DIFFERENT than those ‘initial reports’… And apparently my patience has paid off, as I will cover some of the key facts about this ‘incident’ here….

First of course, lets look at the most recent ‘updated’ version of what happened at that “mall” in Kremenchug…. Here is a very good link to a report from the great writers at SOUTHFRONT (www.southfront.org) that covers some of the real facts about what had happened:

OK, Yes, ALL of the ‘initial reports’ from the garbage LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets were screaming blue murder that there were ‘dozens of deaths’, but from the report above, apparently there were possibly ONLY 2 DEATHS, and possibly a few dozen injured…

AND yes, if you actually have read that garbage from the lying whore media outlets, they absolutely do NOT mention anything at all about that KREDMASH MILITARY PLANT that just ‘conveniently’ is located almost right next door to that ‘mall’! How ‘convenient’ is that?

And from the information that I have been able to gather, the Russians were definitely targeting that military plant that was a 100% legitimate target in ANY war! Thus the question becomes; what in the hell were the Ukrainians storing at that ‘facility’ that its destruction by a missile strike would be so extreme that it would cause collateral damage to a nearly adjacent ‘mall’????

I am also troubled by the aspect that the Ukrainian government and Kremenchug officials would allow that ‘mall’ to be in operation considering its location next to a military plant? Does this remind anyone of how criminals would use ‘human shields’ to make sure prime targets are never struck? I sure hope so…

Further, and I was waiting for this one… I wanted to see the Official RUSSIAN response to the criticisms of their ‘ attack on a mall’ which was nothing of the sort.. And once again I want to present the link to the following article from Southfront that shows the official RUSSIAN statements on this missile strike here:

NTS Notes: Yes, the real truth is indeed so much different than what we are being spoon fed now at a feverish pace by the LYING WHORE MEDIA….

And yes, I am siding with the RUSSIANS on this one.. Their missiles are so precise and far superior to American/NATO equivalents, and therefore they would indeed target that military plant with so much precision that their own explosives on board would do the job with nearly zero collateral damage from themselves…. Thus, the damage done to that ‘mall’ was almost definitely from the EXPLOSIVE MATERIAL stored by the Ukrainians at that facility blowing up!

And further, about this ‘mall’ having ‘hundreds of patrons’ as the lying whore media claims? I have read several articles that show that the parking lot of that ‘mall’ was basically empty during the time of this precision strike…Thus we are once again being spoon fed lies by the criminals that ‘dozens of people have died’ to try to sway the public opinion into more vilification of Russia…

And again, just ask yourselves.. What kind of lunatics would place a ‘military plant’ with active ordinance nearly right next door to a ‘shopping mall’ in the first place, especially in a time of WAR? That alone has me smelling a rat on this one…

Yes, basically there is always the ‘truth’ that is somewhere between what the Ukrainians and Russians are claiming.. BUT of course with the fact that the LYING WHORE MEDIA continues to LIE about nearly EVERYTHING about this war in Ukraine, I am siding with the Russian interpretation of what really happened on this one, definitely!

Update, June 28th, 2022: Apparently I am not alone in wanting to solve the mystery as to WHY the Ukrainians have a massive ‘military plant’ or ‘munitions dump’ located right next to a supposedly ‘crowded shopping mall’ especially in the time of WAR? Here is the link to that report from the State of the Nation website:

Yes, just more questions and few answers… But remember that the criminals involved absolutely want to have Russia ‘vilified’ for this ‘massacre’ by all means necessary, right?

More to come


3 thoughts on “About That Russian Missile Strike On “Crowded Mall” In Kremenchug Ukraine? The Truth Is A Lot Different Than The Crap Coming Out From The Lying Media Outlets!

  1. Most Russian missile strikes have been precise and have caused little to no collateral damage, even in populated areas – that is no accident. Ukrainians, on the other hand, have shown total disregard for lives, even for their own troops.


  2. Yes, is that not what I stated in the article? The Russians are so precise in their advanced missile strikes that civilians are never targeted…

    But the UKRAINIAN military on the other hand definitely would carry out such a ghoulish murderous strike to try to further garner ‘sympathy’ from the psychos in the west to further advance the agenda of having NATO/US direct involvement.


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