New England Journal Of Medicine “Paper” Has Falsely Claimed That Infants Are At A ‘High Risk’ Of Contracting ‘COVID-19’ As Their Latest Excuse To Justify Injecting Pregnant Women With The KILL SHOT!

I am in constant search of new material when I surf the Internet, and sometimes I come across some amazing works by other ‘truth seeking’ bloggers and writers during my searches… One interesting site caught my attention, as the author did indeed send me a ‘ping back’ from yesterday’s weekend rant, and I do want to first give a ‘shout out’ to that writer over at her website that I have the link to here:

I will keep this site in mind when I get around to updating my rogue’s gallery of great sites in the near future indeed….

Further, just the other day, that website gave a link to a most interesting and yet troubling article that comes from the “Daily Skeptic” website at, where apparently the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ or ‘NEJM’ for short, has now shown its ‘true colours’ as a pusher of the psychotic and most criminal ‘vaccines’ aka KILL SHOTS, in promoting the falsehood that children are ‘susceptible’ to this fraud ‘virus’ known as ‘COVID-19’ and claiming that since children can come down with this still non-existent ‘virus’, PREGNANT WOMEN should be out there getting these KILL SHOTS into their bodies! Here is that article from the DAILY SKEPTIC in fact for everyone to view right here, followed by my own thoughts and comments:

NEJM Paper Falsely Claims Infants are at “High Risk” From COVID-19 to Justify Vaccinating Pregnant Women


25 JUNE 2022 7:00 AM

Preg-CoV: New Trial to Study Potential Side-Effects of Covid Vaccination on Pregnant Women on Babies

Pregnant Vaccination. Pregnant Woman In Face Mask Getting Vaccinated in Clinic. Doctor Giving Corona Virus Vaccine Injection Patient. Covid-19 Flu Protection.

I subscribe to a publication called MedpageToday. This is an excellent way to follow what is going on in the mainstream medical discussion, not least to understand better what is wrong with it.

This week it published a piece on the benefits to infants from vaccination during pregnancy, reported in a study published in NEJM on June 22nd (with a linked editorial about how vaccination during pregnancy is “two for the price of one”). In the introduction, the study authors make the following claim: “Infants younger than six months of age are at high risk for complications of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).”

This came as a surprise, so I checked the source they cite in support of this statement. In short, the source tells us nothing about risk of hospitalisation from contracting COVID-19. All it tells us is the number of hospitalised infants over time per 100,000 in the population, which shows that early January this year, during a surge of Omicron infections, there was of course also a spike in infant hospitalisations; if we look at the general trends we see this in all age-groups. This has nothing to do with the hospitalisation risk of infection at all.

Are infants really at “high risk for complications” of COVID-19? In the general population, the probability of hospitalisation following a Covid infection according to the U.S. CDC in October 2021 was around 5%; this means one in every 20 people infected was admitted to hospital. After Omicron took over, this number went down by 50-70%, to between 1.5-2.5%. And if we look at the latest CDC estimate on relative risk between age groups, children up to 17 have the lowest risk of hospitalisation. For infants in particular, the risk of hospitalisation is about one tenth the risk for the oldest age-group. It might be added that their risk of death is less than 1/330 (0.3%) of the oldest age-group. This is very low risk, not high risk.

Still, according to the authors of this study, infants are “at high risk for complications of coronavirus disease 2019“, contrary to all evidence, referring to a source that doesn‘t address the matter.

Clearly, we should not be concerned with the risk of COVID-19 for infants, for as the numbers tell us, it isn‘t concerning at all; infants are in very little danger from COVID-19. We should in fact be more concerned with the injection of mothers-to-be with substances which health authorities in Scandinavia have not recommended for children under 12, with the exception of Denmark only, a decision the Government now says it regrets. We’ve seen worrying spikes in complications during pregnancy and in infant mortality and stillbirths since the vaccine rollout to pregnant women, though the official studies on this seem designed to conceal it.

We should not be concerned by the low Covid risk to infants. But we should be deeply concerned when we see a study, authored by around 40 medical practitioners and academics, and peer-reviewed by I don‘t know how many, putting forth a claim that is obviously false, and backing it up with a source that doesn‘t support it. The study is funded by the CDC.

What might be the reason? Have all those people become so blinded by a preconceived conclusion, so biased towards what they think they are supposed (and paid) to believe, that they are now unable to understand the simple distinction between hospitalisation risk on infection and disease prevalence? Or have they taken it a step further – do they in fact understand, but choose to ignore or distort the facts to please their peers and superiors, trusting in the safety of numbers? Has dishonesty become normalised now in medical science?

Thorsteinn Siglaugsson is an economist who lives in Iceland. Find him on his Substack page.

NTS Notes: I do want to thank ‘marychocomog’ for this interesting and disturbing article, and I do want to present the link to her own take on this outrage here:

To me, this is such a moral outrage and absolutely follows what I showed two days ago in my own article that covered the fact that parents should NEVER EVER be injecting their children with these KILL SHOTS!

And of course I agree with ‘Mary’s assessment in this what the NEJM is stating is 100% a criminal act… It just proves that even the NEJM can no longer be trusted as a credible source for real ‘medicine’ and have very possibly sold their own souls for money from the murderers at Big Pharma..

And yes, years back I used to ‘trust’ the NEJM with at least some truth in their medical journals.. But obviously not any more, for what we have here is them siding with GENOCIDE by promoting the idea that pregnant women should be taking these lethal injections into their bodies that will absolutely KILL their unborn children….

One other note here, and this pertains to an article that my fellow Canadian blogger, Greencrow released just the other day that links to a recent report from the NEJM that covers what is called ‘neutralization escape’ which shows proof that the KILL SHOTS are basically 100% useless against all new ‘variants’ of this non-existent ‘deadly’ virus…. Here is the link to Greencrow’s entire article here:

NTS Notes: I do want to thank Greencrow of course for that one, as it shows what may be considered a blatant ‘contradiction’ by the NEJM in terms of them showing the ‘vaccines’ to be basically useless, and yet as I have shown clearly above, they are ‘promoting’ these KILL SHOTS to be injected into pregnant women that I find astounding!

And yes, even as Greencrow shows in her own article, I have long stated in so many previous articles including some 25+ that I fired off over the last 2+ years at my former “BLOGGER” site, that what we may be seeing right now is basically a ‘lull before the storm’ as the effect of the ADE or ‘priming’ of those stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS will unleash ‘cytokine storms’ coming very soon as the Spike Proteins themselves will cause the bodies of those foolish enough to take these lethal injections to ATTACK their own organs within their bodies with nearly zero respite…. Thus, we are about to witness true hell on Earth as the ADE effects destroy those who have taken these lethal injections with no stopping these attacks until the victim is as good as dead…

You hear so much these days about our hospitals filling up with ‘vaccinated’ patients, but you have not seen anything yet as the worse is definitely coming… Be prepared, everyone…

More to come


2 thoughts on “New England Journal Of Medicine “Paper” Has Falsely Claimed That Infants Are At A ‘High Risk’ Of Contracting ‘COVID-19’ As Their Latest Excuse To Justify Injecting Pregnant Women With The KILL SHOT!

  1. NTS,

    The ‘authorization’ for the ‘vaccines’ for infants and toddlers put me into a deep depression.

    And parents are lining up to inject their children!

    Yes, I have to get out and hike,walk for my mental health. But I’m at the extreme end. 40 to 100 miles a week.

    I had to go to therapy after retirement. My job was that bad.

    My therapist asked me what I do after work.

    “Down a half pint of gin and surf the internet”.

    She asked is it porn. I said no it’s ‘conspiracy’ sites. She told me to STOP.

    I told her it’s true. She agreed but told me it’s causing me too much stress.

    Well NTS you are now more dangerous than hard core porn.

    Now there is a new flag here in Northern Virginia (NOVA) -[home of the ultra educated but extremely stupid]. I know LGBTQ flag, but there is now a flag now for trangender!

    Also the Ukrainian flag.

    This is so stupid. Transgender is like maybe .01% of the population. It’s a non issue.

    And the stupid Canadians and Americans over in Ukraine fighting! Some of them general officer rank! Well they’re going to be shot. Too bad.


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