Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 26th, 2022

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Sunday…. Weather is very weird in this part of Canada these days… And time again for my weekend rant..

Yes, I have no qualms in stating that the criminals in charge have indeed been into weather manipulation and modification greatly this year… This is the only logical explanation for the horrendous rains that we had at a constant and most catastrophic level all through spring time and right up until now, the beginning of Summer…. I have stated for the last 4 months now that this manipulation is being done on purpose to DESTROY this year’s agricultural crops in this region that will only magnify the effect of the mass human starvation that these criminal fuckers have in store for all of us starting this Autumn…

And yes, this is logical for by basically drowning out the crop production in the agricultural region of here and western Canada, there will be nearly no harvest this Autumn that will be catastrophic in terms of much needed food supplies for not only Canada but for a large part of the planet…And with a horrific decrease in available food supplies this coming Autumn, there will not only be mass starvation, but food riots as humans scrounge for what ever food supplies are available….

Is this being done on purpose? You bet, for a starving populace is so easily manipulated… Our criminal governments will use the impending ‘food riots’ to basically take full control over what ever amounts of limited food stocks are available and claim that they will be ‘fairly distributed’ amongst the starving masses… Thus they will easily control the masses by telling the people that if they do not ‘obey’ the government orders and edicts, then they get no food… It is as simple as that and truly diabolical… Sadly this is coming and most people are still unprepared….

OK, This last week we saw the ‘Roe versus Wade’ laws that have been in place in America since the early 70’s formally struck down, and thus leaving the subject of abortion up to each individual state legislature to decide its validity….. I had expected this to happen, as the need for abortions will very soon be no longer valid and I will explain why here..

The facts are now that some 160 Million or so Americans and somewhere in the neighbourhood of some 30 Million Canadians have now taken the KILL SHOTS of certain death into their bodies so stupidly, and most will indeed be dying within the next few years…BUT the real problem with these deadly injections is not the clear destruction of their bodies via the antigen Spike Proteins, but is the STERILIZATION effect of these horrific shots as well…

Much has been said already over the last two years about the chemicals in these lethal injections that cause horrific reproduction problems in the fools that take them into their bodies.. And this crisis was first noted by some experts about a year and a half back that focused in on the fact that several compounds in the KILL SHOTS did indeed attack the female placenta thus making women that take these shots nearly 100% infertile and in many cases unable to carry a child to full term due to the fact that the KILL SHOT compounds have destroyed their placentas to make child birth a reality… Thus we are seeing possibly around 100 million American and Canadian women who unwittingly have taken an infertility drug into their bodies and the effect is permanent..

But the other crisis hovers around the Male aspect of how the Spike Proteins have now been found to severely damage male sperm and thus make Men as much infertile as women that have taken these lethal injections… The recent reports that even I alluded to in an article last week about ‘declining sperm counts’ in males is 100% accurate and very devastating, and of course much of this is indeed due once again to so many males stupidly taking these KILL SHOTS into their bodies that have permanently ruptured their ability to have children…

And now, I have read so many recent reports about how the damaging effect of the KILL SHOTS is not only permanent, but if any men or women that have taken these KILL SHOTS are actually able to have children, the offspring are NO LONGER HUMAN as they will contain the modified DNA from their parents and basically are a form of ‘hybrid human’ that in fact can be classified as another species… YES, this to me is the most sickening aspect of these KILL SHOTS for now we have the evidence that these monsters that unleashed these KILL SHOTS on humanity had indeed the most psychotic notion of turning human beings into something that is not even human..

Thus we can look at the striking down of ‘Roe versus Wade’ in the clear aspect that it will no longer be needed as so many women will not even be able to have children and therefore ‘abortions’ will be nearly non-existent in the not too distant future… Worse of course is the troubling situation in that now only the clearly ‘unvaccinated’ that are left on the planet will be the only ones that will be able to have children that will be 100% human beings… Thus the 2 BILLION or so truly human beings on planet Earth right now are indeed the true future for humanity, while the rest that were stupid enough to partake in this deadly human experiment are basically modified laboratory rats in an experiment gone mad….

I have delved deep into nearly all aspects of the horrific KILL SHOTS, and over the last while I have read a tremendous amount of reports. about ‘cures’ for these lethal injections that I can only shake my head in disgust… I have stated so many times already that there is ZERO chemical cures for these KILL SHOTS, for once the horrific transfection process associated with their make up starts in the victim’s cells at the genetic level, there is no switch off control and no turning back without another genetic process to reverse the procedure…

Thus, when you read all of those reports about a wide range of chemicals (including human urine that I find an abomination) that are claimed to ‘cure’ the effect of these lethal injections, they are all pure bullshit, for the only real cure would be for the criminals in charge to come up with another ‘injection’ that would reverse the transfection process at a genetic level… But honestly, does anyone actually think that these psychopaths would have covered all bases and have that reversal procedure ready to go? Of course not, for they want to see so much of humanity DEAD and I can guarantee that they spent nearly zero time in thinking of this ‘cure’ at all… Therefore, and this is a reality check.. If you have taken the KILL SHOTS, you are a goner and the chemicals that are claimed to be out there to alleviate your slow death will possibly only keep you from suffering the horrific discomforts from the Spike Proteins ravaging your body, but death is still coming… The only solution remains to NEVER EVER take these lethal injections in the first place, period.

One of the subjects that I used to cover greatly at my former ‘Blogger’ site that sadly had some 20+ million hits over its 13 years in existence before the fuckers at Google knocked it down permanently, was the truth about CANCER and how there are cures so readily available…. I will once again delve into that fact here….

Over the last few decades I have had so many friends and colleagues come down with different forms of Cancer, and it sickened me to watch most of them waste away from not only the ‘ravages’ of that disease, but mostly from the horrific so called ‘TREATMENTS’ that they endured that absolutely destroyed their bodies…. I decided early on to do so much real research into Cancer and real ‘cures’ for that disease and what I found was absolutely astounding and amazing..

We live in a world where so many chemicals are readily available over countertops at pharmacies and other outlets… One in particular that I have known about for two decades at least is an amazing and yet very cheap and readily available chemical called ‘DICHLOROACETATE’ or ‘DCA’ for short…. Dichloroactate is in fact so cheap to make and is absolutely nontoxic to most human beings, but is DEADLY to Cancer cells in fact!

OK, Few out there actually understand what Cancer really is, and it lies in the fact that our human bodies, to operate at peak efficiency, must have a per-Hydrogen or ‘pH’ level just above neutral 7 on the scale between 1-14 where ‘1’ is nearly pure acidic while ’14’ is “basic” or pure alkaloid… Our blood in fact for healthy performance must have a pH value of between 7.1 to 7.2 for optimum human performance, or at slightly ‘alkaloid’… It is in fact at the pH level of around 7.1 that OXIDATION in our bodies is at its peak level and our cells are able to generate energy through oxidation at their highest efficiency.

But of course in today’s world we are consuming so many consumer products that somehow are classified as ‘food’ that is highly acidic and thus the effect is to lower that proper pH level in our bodies from 7.1 to in the range of 6.8 to 6.9…. At that ‘acidic’ level, Oxidation in our cells is severely curbed which causes so many of our cells to die from lack of Oxygen…. This is fact and not fiction and points to the fact that when many claim that our ‘food’ that we consume these days is actually killing us, they are right..

OK, Many need to understand that our cells in our bodies are living biological entities that function together in our ‘organs’…. And like all living creatures, our very cells will do anything possible to survive… Thus when our ‘acidic’ bodies’ cells begin to die from lack of Oxygen, some will do what is necessary to survive and ‘switch off’ their Oxidation process and turn to a different form of biological metabolism which is ‘fermentation’…. Thus when human cells turn to fermentation, they work as an independent entity and are considered as ‘Cancer’…. Yes, it can properly be stated that Cancer is in fact our own bodies’ cells method of survival in our horrifically poisoned world…

Getting back to DCA in fact… DCA is an amazing chemical, for in a normal human being it just gets flushed through our bodies doing zero harm in the process… However, DCA does something amazing when it comes into contact with fermenting Cancer cells… When these Cancer cells take in DCA, the DCA during ‘fermentation’ breaks down releasing CYANIDE into the Cancerous cell’s make up… That CYANIDE absolute KILLS the Cancer cells! This is indeed fact and not fiction and has been ‘discovered’ again and again by real research around the planet…

So why has barely anyone around the world ever heard of DCA as a real CURE for CANCER? Think about it… The so called ‘Cancer societies’ and ‘Cancer research institutions’ around the planet number in the tens of thousands at least and is in fact a nearly 50+ BILLION dollar a year industry in itself just in Europe and North America… That and hundreds of thousands of people are ’employed’ in these facilities as well the BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars spent in the ‘Radiation’ and ‘Chemotherapy’ so called ‘treatments’ that do not CURE the patients at all… Get it now? There is zero money to be made in actually giving patients the CURE for Cancer that is readily available in DCA, but possibly hundreds of BILLIONS to be made in the ‘treatments’ that eventually kill the patient!

This is why I have long DESPISED all of the garbage out there about ‘CANCER TREATMENT’ for I see it clearly as a racket for profits only…. And the result has been millions of people around the world dying from CANCER when that ‘disease’ is so readily treatable with chemicals such as DCA that are available for a pathetic fraction of the cost of ‘treatments’…..

Therefore the next time you hear about ‘Cancer can be beat’ and see all of those around us who do so much work in “Cancer research and treatments” realize that many are totally unaware that they are working for a most diabolical operation that absolutely does not give a damn about curing patients, but is in it for the MONEY…. I have shown how one chemical, DCA, will do the trick in curing patients, but there are at least a dozen others that are out there as well that truly do cure this disease and few are even told that they exist as well….

Yes, I wanted to spend the time in this ‘rant’ to give so many the facts about an actual cure for Cancer, and how there is NO CURE for the KILL SHOTS that so many have taken into their bodies…. I do hope that my messages are still being shared out there far and wide, for right now my ‘numbers’ of those who are actually reading my articles seems to be diminishing greatly over the last while….. I am especially troubled by that decreasing viewership, for I do spend a lot of time doing research in the hope that so many can be reached with my messages… To me, I have to wonder what it would take to reach more, other than to write articles about the huge bullshit about ‘celebrities’ and other nonsense that permeates our so called ‘news’ these days… But of course I am a persistent prick and will never change my approach in the hope that somehow more will actually heed what I write here…

OK, Onto my last minute tidbits, and I have a lot to cover….. The bullshit ‘news cycle’ that seems to go up and down like a yo-yo in regards to China suddenly being a ‘threat’ is back on the ‘threat cycle’ these days. But read my lips here for the fact is that China has NO NEED to ‘invade’ Taiwan at this point or any time soon as China will never want to give up their economic control over Taiwan’s main ‘economic partner the United States. Thus the China fear mongering is just that, fear mongering…….And the same goes for North Korea that is 100% not any threat to the US or anyone else. Yes, Kim in North Korea is developing nuclear weapons, but so what? Who would he be insane enough to use them against without the repercussion of having his nation turned into molten glass? Therefore when you see the lying whore media pump North Korea in their fear mongering, remember that they are playing people as suckers…….Do not get me started on how I feel about that pant shitting criminal psychopath that somehow still claims to be the ‘President’ of the United States, Joe Biden. It has been bad enough for that useless prick in regards to the recent expose by his own daughter of being an incest lusting criminal, but what he has done in two years to turn the US into a basket case is most criminal of all. But where then are the American ‘patriots’ to end this madness for there are ZERO out there willing to be true revolutionaries and take back their nearly destroyed republic at all….. And in regards to the US states of Texas and Arizona basically ‘nullifying’ the 2020 US federal election results? Sorry, but that ship has now sailed in regards to overturning those results for the COMMUNISTS in charge are in firm control and will do everything possible to maintain their brutal dictatorship over the failed republic……..Canadian psychopathic criminal dictator Justin “I am a fucking retarded prima donna and narcissist’ TURDEAU recently and laughingly came down with ‘COVID’ which should have had him put into ‘quarantine’ for at least two weeks, but instead we find him off and galavanting in of all places ‘Rwanda’. Yes, this lunatic is out trying to make himself look like a ‘Prime Minister’ but in fact reminds me of Emperor Nero who was claimed to have ‘fiddled’ while Rome (in this case, Canada) burned. This lunatic in charge definitely has to go to save what is left of Canada….. And further to the mess here in Canada, there are ongoing investigations into that fraud ‘Nova Scotia shooting’ from over 2 years ago that was a set up from the word go. The criminal TURDEAU government has definitely been using this false flag in Nova Scotia as the diabolical means of trying to criminalize ALL guns and basically strip Canadians of their last line of defence against the TRUDEAU dictatorship. I look at the American public as being basically brain dead at times, but the same can be easily said for most Canadians as well……..I have already covered so much about the ‘war’ in Ukraine, and everything that I continue to see shows that Vladimir Putin and the Russians are 100% in the right in terms of their need to have ‘invaded’ Ukraine in the first place. I just continue to be so amazed at the sheer audacity of the so called ‘leaders’ in ‘NATO’ that seem to have lost all sense of logic and are pushing hard for a full blown war against Russia itself that they would absolutely LOSE. Anyone else ready for a full blown world wide nuclear war? I surely am not……The war in Syria continues to be basically a stalemate much like it has remained for the last 3+ years. The actual fighting continues to be skirmishes along the Idlib pocket front in northwestern Syria as well as clashes between SAA government forces and their Russian allies pitted against the criminal US run ‘ISIS terrorists’ in the Syrian deserts. The fact remains that now nearly 12 years after this ‘civil war’ began thanks to the US government, the end is still nowhere in sight, thus dooming thousands more to death and destruction………Further south, the ‘forgotten war’ in Yemen continues, with clashes still ongoing between the good guys aka the Houthi freedom fighters, and their adversaries, the Saudi criminal forces that are still entrenched in major parts of Yemen itself. All this in spite of a very uneasy ‘ceasefire’ that is claimed to be still in effect to try to get these warring parties to a negotiated ‘peace deal’. To me, there can be NO peace until the Saudis withdraw their forces totally from Yemen, which is still nowhere in sight at all……..Yes, I have read the reports about China building a possible ‘military base’ in Cambodia, but so what? The US has hundreds of so called ‘military bases’ around the planet already, and yet they are screaming about how this agreement between China and Cambodia is suddenly a ‘threat’? Talk about hypocrisy to the nth degree indeed….. And this also goes for China and Russia making actual economic deals with so many nations across the planet as well. The US, with its failing economy, can no longer even try to make such deals and most nations now realize that as a reality and are of course now making peaceful deals with China and Russia instead. A threat to the US? Nope, not a chance and anyone that says otherwise is only doing fear mongering…… I AGAIN am so sick and tired of this bullshit LBGTQI garbage that has been thrown in our faces for this entire month at least. Yes, these fuckers in charge of that mess have pushed this garbage ‘Pride Month’ in our faces so blatantly, and I have to ask when Straight Heterosexual White Month is coming? What is good for the goose here should indeed be good for the gander IMHO….. And I do have to ask how much longer the fuckers can continue to cover up all of those who have been sick and dying from the KILL SHOTS without people finally taking notice? They have stupidly tried this ‘SADS’ bullshit and most out there are no longer fooled. Thus apparently they are back to their tried and true other recourse by claiming that the laughable ‘monkeypox’ is now on the rise. YES, as I have long said so many times, you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you do try…….Everyone continues to be so worried about the rising cost of fuel, which I explained in great detail in last week’s rant to be such bullshit, but most are still reluctant to get out there and actually stock up on food items before it is too late. Starvation and famine are definitely coming, and yet most out there are as gullible and stupid as ever…. Thank goodness the NCAA and other sporting officials are basically banning ‘transgenders’ from racing or competing against REAL female athletes. To me, this is about time as freaks have no business at all in real women’s sports, period…….I am still going through soccer ‘withdrawals’ and have indeed concentrated on other sports such as baseball and of course the NHL Stanley Cup finals. Yes, I find the Tampa Bay Lightning to be most determined, but the younger and more talented Colorado Avalanche are still bound and determined to win the ‘cup’. I can see the series go to 7 games now, and that final will be a real barn burner early next week…….Nothing on the criminal Megan and former ‘prince’ Harry front, other than reports that come out claiming Megan to be a psychotic bitch and a control freak. BUT honestly, this to me is just fluff as the facts remain that these two losers do need to get real lives and real jobs instead of being parasites on society……. And speaking of freaks and parasites, we have the Karadashian clan of trollops, sluts, and misfits out there. Apparently main skank #1, Kim, has made the ‘news’ with reports about how her “SKIMS body suit” had to be widened in the female crotch area to cover up that body part properly. I had to laugh when I actually read this report yesterday, and thought to myself ‘THIS is news???’. Yes, while America is now in full blown economic collapse, most people concentrate on this garbage instead! To me, this is how truly brain dead America has become in thinking of this garbage rather than actually saving what is left of their republic…

More to come


7 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 26th, 2022

  1. Good Rant NTS.

    Regarding the Kill Shots sterilizing the Sheeple my friend’s daughter [vaxxxZed of course] became pregnant after the shot. She had a very difficult pregancy and gave birth two months early to a baby boy. My friend keeps showing me photos of her grandson and I am somewhat alarmed but of course can never let on. The grandson looks underweight and his colour and skin are poor quality. Frankly, he looks a bit wierd. It is very sad. You correctly comment that the children born of the vaxxxZed are not really human the way we always have known humans to be…because they have synthetic mRNA metasticiZing in their bodies. Well, I can say that this child looks like something like that is going on. I really am not looking forward to seeing too many of these babies get born and grow up. Glad I won’t be around for it.


    1. ABC…That once again is another chemical approach to the symptoms and the result of the genetic modification of the cells…

      Once the cells are genetically modified, they are permanently producing Spike Proteins with zero shut off capability… Those spike proteins are causing the blood clots..

      Therefore that ‘NATTOKINASE’ DISSOLVES THE BLOOD CLOTS caused by the spike proteins generated by the modified cells.. It does not switch off those GMO cells or stop their production..

      Again, you are showing me nothing new, as I have been sent dozens of different articles about chemicals to tackle the symptoms, but NOT THE CURE which is of course to genetically modify the cells back to normal which is never ever going to happen!


      1. What about DMSO. I have read many articles regarding this and I am an avid user as well with many great results. Also, zeolite … interesting👍


      2. Sigh.. I would have wished that most readers would be familiar with the term ‘GENETIC MODIFICATION’ and the reality that you can throw all the chemicals you want into our body’s cells and it will not make a damn difference for CHEMICALS will NOT FIX that genetic modification,period..

        That sadly is fact and not fiction… The ONLY cure for these death jabs is to NEVER TAKE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE..

        Therefore if you and others have been stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS, that has been YOUR choice and you will live with the dire consequences as there is NO cure for what these horrible compounds have done to your very cellular makeup…

        The ONLY ‘CURE’ would be a full ‘genetic reversal’, but of course the criminals absolutely do not want this and have spent probably ZERO time in working in that direction for they want to see the suckers that have stupidly taken these KILL SHOTS DEAD!


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