Depopulation Is Now A Fact: The COVID KILL SHOTS Are Indeed Creating Not Only Infertile Women, But Are Also Causing Horrific Declining Sperm Counts In Males!

I continue to be so disgusted these days when I go out to the local supermarket and watch all the EVER INCREASING amount of Zombies in those grocery stores…. I have said for the last year alone that these KILL SHOTS are destroying the minds and the bodies of those retarded enough to take them into their bodies and it is definitely showing for everyone to see for themselves….

OK, I wrote several articles a few months back that showed increasing evidence that stupid women that moronically have taken these KILL SHOTS have PERMANENTLY destroyed their ability to have healthy HUMAN children… I have no qualms in stating that I am absolutely 100% RIGHT in those statements, for we have seen the overwhelming evidence that the KILL SHOTS generate DEADLY antigen ‘Spike Proteins’ in the female body that ruptures these women’s abilities to even carry babies to full term during pregnancies…. The antigen Spike Proteins attack the female placenta and thus the majority of women will find themselves miscarrying or have their babies ‘still born’….

That, and it has been found that if these women are lucky enough to bear living children, those children are DESTROYED as their bodies are riddled with Spike Proteins that will permanently damage them for the short lives that they may have… And do not get me started on the evidence that so many ‘children’ born to those who have taken the KILL SHOTS are born with ‘black eyes’ and are definitely suffering from a wide range of health issues…. And yet, women are still being told to take these lethal injections???

But it is not only WOMEN that are being permanently sterilized or prevented from ever having normal children after taking these horrific KILL SHOTS… For I have seen so much evidence over the last while that MEN that have taken these deadly lethal injections have had their SPERM DESTROYED and/or have had their ‘sperm counts’ ruptured permanently due to the deadly effects of the Spike Proteins destroying their sperm outright.. That, and there is increasing evidence that the ‘damaged sperm’ itself is so badly damaged from the Spike Proteins that the ability to conceive healthy children with any women is also dropping so badly and eventually could become ZERO meaning permanent sterility in men as well…

You want proof that what I have stated here to be fact? Well, I want to present the following link to a most important article from the ‘Burning Platform’ website at that is so shocking and shows definitive proof that these insidious bioweapons aka KILL SHOTS are indeed being used to cause permanent STERILITY for all humanity! Here is that link here, followed by my usual thoughts and comments on the material enclosed:

NTS Notes: I look around all the time now to see how many children there are that are still ‘healthy’ and I can only hope that the ‘parents’ are not RETARDED enough to inject them as well with these KILL SHOTS that will cause their untimely deaths….

I truly want to see another generation of healthy human beings come forward to replace all of the fools out there that have stupidly taken these KILL SHOTS, AND again do hope that there are enough of the ‘unvaccinated’ out there to make this a reality…

Sadly, the news about the ever decreasing sperm counts in human males bodes a very dark future with fewer human beings around…. But is this not exactly what these psychopaths in charge want all along as they have their goals of wiping out nearly 7 BILLION of the nearly 7.5 billion humans on the planet right now? It is a planned genocide via depopulation indeed..

And every day I thank god that my own son has NEVER EVER taken any of these KILL SHOTS into his body, and I do hope that he is able to find himself an equally healthy human female to have HUMAN children sometime in the near future…. Any other female that has taken the lethal injections is NOT worth his time IMHO…..Sadly, this is reality…

More to come


2 thoughts on “Depopulation Is Now A Fact: The COVID KILL SHOTS Are Indeed Creating Not Only Infertile Women, But Are Also Causing Horrific Declining Sperm Counts In Males!

  1. NTS,

    The Biden administration has done it!

    ‘Authorized’ the ‘vaccine’ for infants to five year olds.

    And you know stupid parents will stampede their children to get the ‘vaccine’.

    Biden is so worthless he would sign an Executive Order with only chicken shit all over the pages.

    I hope your son finds someone. My social life shut down because of Covid.

    Well at my age I doubt I’m still fertile. But I should check. If I am I might take out an add in the Washington Post (The Compost).

    Also this LGBTQ nonsense. I want my own flag since I’m single. The dirty old man flag. After all God loves love!


  2. I haven’t seen anything different in the people of my area. I have a niece who has had the covid shots and her husband also and she is expecting a child in July. So the shot did not affect their fertility. And they got covid two weeks ago.


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