Busy Once Again Today – My Two Cents Worth On A Few Issues

Yes, once again real life has taken its toll on myself, as I have been stuck with an assortment of different projects around my humble abode that have to be taken care of… The only work that I have been unable to do over the last few days has been more much needed yard work as the INCESSANT rains are never ending, and I again am going to state the obvious that these rains are WEATHER MODIFICATION by the criminals in charge that definitely want to make the land here in central Canada just too wet to allow for this year’s much needed seeding.. Thus there will be little to NO harvest this Autumn which will add to the global food crisis….

Meanwhile, I do want to touch on a few glaring issues… ONE being the FRAUD ‘Uvalde School shooting’ that is now over a week old, and has so many outstanding unanswered questions.. But the facts are that the LYING WHORE MEDIA is doing their utmost to prevent any real ‘research’ and ‘investigation’ into this latest FRAUD ‘mass shooting’ as they are now claiming that it could ‘hurt the feelings of the families of the victims’ involved (Gee, shades of the Sandy Hook fraud, definitely)…. And there are a few links that I want to present to readers, starting with this one, where apparently that ‘Robb Elementary School’ will be BULLDOZED to the ground just like Sandy Hook ‘Elementary School” (which was an empty prop at the time of that fraud..) to, as many criminals are claiming, to ‘ease the anguish of the victims’ families’…. Here is the link to that report here:

NTS Notes: And I am not alone in seeing this atrocity to basically hide the ‘evidence’ of this fraud permanently.. For Jim Stone (www.notiniceland.com) also has this quip about this atrocity, and I want to share it here:

OK, It is obvious to those with real critical thinking skills that these bastards want to have this ‘school’ bulldozed to PERMANENTLY HIDE THE EVIDENCE of this massive fraud! This was done at Sandy Hook, and now is being repeated with this Robb Elementary as well….

And… I am STILL awaiting any reports as to what the fuck happened to that FRAUD known as ‘Eva Morales’ who definitely had a HUGE part in this entire fraud by definitely propping open the rear door of that school just BEFORE that ‘lone gunman’ transsexual person did his part in this entire charade… I have been checking EVERYWHERE online over the last few days, and it is apparent that this ‘agent’ or ‘spook’ has completely DISAPPEARED…. To me, it is obvious that she did her part and has now been permanently removed from any reports, probably even taken out of the country, for she did her part in this massive crime perfectly as planned…

Well, I will continue monitoring this FRAUD ‘shooting’ closely, and will present further updates as they come my way… Meanwhile, we have the war in Ukraine that has continued to be a slow moving offensive operation by the Russian forces in the Donbas region… And as I do periodically, I do want to present the following map of the entire Ukraine conflict that once again comes courtesy of the fine writers over at Southfront (www.southfront.org)… Here is the latest updated map:

Military Situation In Ukraine On June 2, 2022 (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

NTS Notes: Like I said before, the above picture may appear ‘blurry’ and for those that want details as shown, then they just need to click on the picture and it should open up in a new window for their viewing…

As I stated many times, the emphasis of the Russian offensive continues to be in the Donbas as they continue to make slow and steady progress in their attempts to increase the buffer zone around the Donbas republics while destroying Ukrainian military ‘strongholds’ in their advance….

And just in the last few days, the Russians have ‘reopened’ the Kharkiv front just north of the Donbas region after basically withdrawing their forces from that area over a month ago as they had originally NOT planned at all in the capture of Kharkiv itself but had planned to just surround that city, Ukraine’s second largest, in the hope that they would get a surrender from its inhabitants… But now they have launched new assaults on villages and towns just east of Kharkiv, and I have the following link from Southfront, that shows that operation as it stands today here:

NTS Notes: Yes, apparently the Russians are again back on the offensive around Kharkiv, and I do believe this time they will make good their initial plans for that major city by surrounding it and thus force the city to surrender….

And of course we have the troubling reports about the US sending ‘advanced rockets and missiles’ to the Ukrainian military, that the Russians have stated could escalate this conflict to the point that we could see direct conflict between the US and Russia itself… Here is an interesting link to a report from the Hal Turner Radio Show online about this troubling situation here:


NTS Notes: I too am deeply troubled by the lunacy of the COMMIE Biden administration that is now doing everything short of direct war to try to prop up their proxy in Ukraine against the Russians…

And sadly, the Russians have constantly now warned the American criminals to stay out of this conflict and that they risk a full blown world war due to their arrogance…. I for one do not like ANY aspects of a Third World War, for as Albert Einstein had claimed; He did not know exactly how World War III would be fought, but he stated that World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones by the few survivors…

And of course we have the FRAUD of this ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit ‘pandemic’ that the criminals at the WHO are now desperately hyping as now ‘spreading everywhere around the world’…. I simply do not see it at all, for I have already stated many times that this “Monkeypox’ is nothing of the sort, and if there is a ‘pathogen’ now spreading world wide, it is definitely NOT ‘Monkeypox’ and in actuality a WEAPONIZED BIOWEAPON that is based upon the ‘monkeypox’ original RNA makeup….

I have in fact looked at this ‘Monkeypox’ fraud as PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM against the most gullible and stupid of humanity out there (including the now over 5 Billion RETARDS on this planet that have taken the KILL SHOTS) and I am not alone, as Mike Adams, over at the NATURAL NEWS website (www.naturalnews.com) is also stating this as obvious, and I have the link to that report here:


NTS Notes: I also have looked at this ‘monkeypox’ as the WEAPON that will be used almost 100% primarily against those who have had their immune systems wrecked by the KILL SHOTS… And the more and more I have been reading about exactly who is supposedly coming down with this ‘pox’, they are almost ALL ‘double’ or ‘triple’ shot up with the KILL SHOTS!

And to top that all off, here is the latest discussion by Jeff Rense and Erika Khan, about how this “Monkeypox” is apparently just one of the many ailments that are becoming apparent in the bodies of those who have taken these KILL SHOTS, and now are nothing more than SPIKE PROTEIN manufacturers that is permanently destroying their bodies… Here is that audio report here:

NTS Notes: Yes, as I have always said.. You cannot fix stupid no matter what you do, and those who have taken these KILL SHOTS have made THE MOST DEADLIEST CHOICE in their lives and that the vast majority of them are now doomed to a certain and most painful death…..

OK…. The only other major issue of the day for myself, as a citizen of this formerly free nation called “Canada” is the terrible actions by that criminal psychopath in charge, the son of Fidel Castro himself, Justin ‘I am a complete piece of shit’ TURDEAU… Just within the last week, this psychopath went to the WEF ‘conference’ in Switzerland, where he got his latest ‘marching orders’ to destroy the lives of Canadians, including the taking away of ‘hand guns’ from law abiding Canadians, AND ‘extending’ the horrible and unnecessary ‘mandates’ that restrict the ‘unvaccinated’ from being able to travel ANYWHERE within Canada and internationally by flying, or by rail or bus….

In fact, I want to present the following link to a pretty good summary of what this TURDEAU and his criminal minions have been up to over the last few days, that comes courtesy of my fellow Canadian patriot and truthsemeker, Greencrow, who hails from the west coast of this formerly free nation.. Here is the link to Greencrow’s amazing report here:

NTS Notes: To me, this proves that this ultra criminal TURDEAU is indeed operating like a full blown dictator and basically doing WHAT EVER HE WANTS and just does not give a shit about what the Canadian public actually wants at all…

Thus, it is apparent that my country that I used to love and cherish is no more… This once proud nation has indeed become a dictatorship and to me is actually the envy of other dictatorships in North Korea and even China!

The sad part to me is that most Canadians are oblivious to how BAD things have become in this nation, and since that prick in charge has nearly ZERO opposition now, I will bet his next order of business is to force DIGITAL ID on ALL Canadians and ram a ‘pandemic mandate’ on everyone that will force ALL Canadians to be shot up with these KILL SHOTS……That is coming, sadly…

One other issue for today, and I will keep this one brief… Someone asked me about the ‘Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp’ fiasco that supposedly is now at an end (unless Heard’s lawyer team launches an appeal) where the JEWESS criminal psycho Amber Heard (Yes, she is indeed JEWISH and admitted it over a year ago in a ‘twitter’ message to her fellow JEWS) has failed to try to implicate Depp (also with many claims of possibly being JEWISH as well, though evidence shows he was from Kentucky and is of “English, French, and German” ancestry, and claims to be ‘agnostic’..) of being a psycho and an ‘abuser’, and has to pay out a defamation claim of some 15 Million dollars to Depp….

I have not bothered to follow the ‘circus’ of that courtroom fiasco at all, and to me these two were both psychotic and deserved each other for what they were claimed to be doing out of both love and hatred against each other…. Amber Heard’s testimonies apparently were more ‘far fetched’ and ‘more lunatic’ than Johnny’s, and apparently the trial judge and jury agreed in the final verdict… Basically, to me this entire ‘trial’ was nothing more than just more ‘fluff’ for the American sheep to absorb and to prevent the sheep from seeing what their country and its leadership has been doing elsewhere…. And I say thank goodness that fiasco is now ‘over’…

Again, I just figured I would touch base today on a few subjects and put them all in this one article…. I will of course continue to follow so many issues with articles shortly.. So stay tuned..

More to come


10 thoughts on “Busy Once Again Today – My Two Cents Worth On A Few Issues

  1. It seems to me that this “monkeypox” is nothing more than a cover story for the effects of the lethal injections so many have had now, and the (((scum))) behind the scam are so convinced that we’re even less intelligent than they are. Monkeypox! They could have called it frog flu and blamed it on imaginary “global warming”.

    As for WW3, not everybody believes in the Bible, but they do. As willing agents of the devil, they see themselves as being “at war” against God Himself. They want to destroy ALL of Creation because they imagine it will somehow “prove” the devil to be superior to the Creator.

    Two points they’ve overlooked here.

    1 – While Creation takes genius, any (((idiot))) can knock something down.

    2 – The devil is a LIAR, just like (((them))). Do they really think a habitual liar will have told the truth this one time?

    “Trust me. I’m a liar, but I’m telling the truth this time”.

    I suspect they’re in for a nasty shock.


    1. For Barney:
      Some info most Americans don’t know:

      “Remembering the USS LIBERTY Attack – June 8, 1967”


      Several pertinent comments there show important information about the Crypto-jew who played a major part in the USS Liberty subversions and in many, many other damaging actions against America. The first one is here:

      “LBJ & the Zionist Cover-up of the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy”


  2. NTS,

    I can’t send this to any female friends or bloggers.

    They may feel faint or get the vapors!

    But Hunter Biden is so depraved that he filmed himself naked and farting!

    I can see being naked.

    I can understand farting.

    And once in while both at the same time.

    But filming it?


  3. NTS,

    Heard claimed their little dog went on the bed.

    Even dogs won’t do this!

    In fact dogs will become very upset if they can’t find a place to go.

    I’ve had four canine companions and they were all very particular about where they went.

    Even my pet turtle will not crap unless she’s in her pond, which is automatically cleaned.

    I could not imagine being with a woman who would shit in the bed! And the poor maid had to clean it.


    1. Considering the fact that ‘Amber Heard’ is a demented JEWESS with possibly all the signs of the mental illness associated with these foul creatures, crapping the bed is just a small part of what this psycho probably does.


  4. Soro’s son, Alexander Soros, and his globalist-networking jews

    The globalist left’s entire idea of government is based on networking, most of it from various jewish networks which work to “inspire” and to coordinate the others. They are constantly importing new troops [“immigrants”] to strengthen and consolidate their positioning – so that they can claim that their activities are “legal”. Many people have come to accept these types of subversions as being “normal”, it is happening daily and so often [with MSM full support], but actions to subvert your country and mine, and it’s main group of good and ordinary people, is NEVER legal. They need to go back where they came from, because most of these “globalists” are “Americans” in Name Only [ANO]. Turning America into an Internationalist power base for their treasons toward the entire world, and especially their trashing of America, will not be forgiven.

    “Bend the Arc Jewish Action is a left-of-center advocacy group and electoral organization that focuses on racial discrimination and championing progressive policies at all levels of government. The organization believes that American Jews are under immediate threat from white supremacists who have been “inspired and emboldened” by the Republican Party. Behind the Arc Jewish Action is chaired and funded by Alexander Soros, son of billionaire financier and progressive mega-donor George Soros.”
    There has been a name change for the main site:


    “… tens of thousands of progressive Jews across America who are working together to achieve “our vision: to transform OUR country” [Bold is Flanders]

    “Bend the Arc is a movement of tens of thousands of progressive Jews across America who are working together to achieve “our vision: to transform our country” – to be inclusive, equitable, and supportive of the dignity of every person across race, class, gender and faith.”

    “Bend the Arc is proud to be a founding member of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, a network of 52 Jewish organizations working to elevate social justice to the center of Jewish life and to advance an explicitly Jewish framework in the pursuit of social justice.”

    ——————– [special]:
    “Bend the Arc’s Selah Leadership Program, in partnership with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, is designed for Jewish social justice leaders working in Jewish and secular organizations.
    In 2015, after thirteen cohorts with a majority of white Jews, Selah launched its first cohort specifically for Jewish Leaders of Color. We made this decision because while the American Jewish community is multiracial — current estimates are that between 10-20% of the American Jewish community identify as Jews of Color — there continues to be only a few prominent Jewish Leaders of Color in Jewish mainstream organizations.
    World Jewish Congress [WJC] – Check it.*
    “US Pays Capitalists $2 Billion to Hire Aliens”


      1. BOTH comments are now showing, but had not shown before. Thanks for checking on it, NTS.


  5. My apologies, Flanders… I have been checking my spam folder, but considering the HUNDREDS of spam and hate mail that I have received over the last month, I did not sift that pile properly to find your two comments… The rest of the crap I had to toss in the trash and I wanted to make sure that I did not throw yours away…


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