And So It Begins Again: Here Comes The Monkeypox Bullshit Fear Mongering: Some Interesting Articles About This Fraud!

Yes, here we go with the incessant ‘fear mongering’ about this FRAUD known as ‘monkeypox’… You cannot turn on the electric Jew, or as I call it the TALMUDVISION or ‘Idiot Box’ these days and not be inundated by the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets spewing their garbage that this laughable “Monkeypox” is the ‘greatest pandemic of all time’ and that we must once again ‘run to the hills’ or ‘cower in fear’ for this latest new fangled BULLSHIT is going to ‘kill us all’…

And look, here is a reality check before I go into further details… MONKEYPOX is a real ‘disease’ that was indeed discovered in Africa well over a century ago… But it is NOT anything like ‘Smallpox’ for it has severe limitations and has not been seen beyond the tropical regions of Africa at all, as the ‘virus’ cannot survive in colder climates at all…. And, this ‘disease’ is not airborne at all, period.. It is transmitted by close contact with a person or animal that is a carrier of this disease..

However, we do of course live in most interesting times, especially with all of those so amazing “bio-research laboratories” across the planet that have been said to be working wonders for the ‘betterment of mankind’… To which I have to vomit and call BULLSHIT, for nearly ALL of those facilities have been used as ‘bioweapon facilities’ to take bacteria and ‘viruses’ that in most cases are not deadly at all and turn them all, by tweaking their very RNA makeup, into deadly pathogens for the murdering of mankind…..

Thus, somewhere in the bowels of one of these ‘laboratories’ I will bet ANYTHING that some of the most sinister “humans” imaginable have been tweaking around with ‘Monkeypox’ for at least the last 20+ years in attempts to make it a ‘super weapon’ pathogen for murdering millions of their fellow human beings.. And apparently they may have met with some success for NOW we have some ‘forms’ of this ‘Monkeypox’ that basically does little harm and causes symptoms akin to Influenza as well as some minor ‘rashes’, and turned it into a possible weapon of world wide mass destruction that is no longer needing ‘tropical conditions’ to survive and is found EVERYWHERE around the world….

OK, Now readers see what is happening here… It was not good enough for these criminals with their fraud SCAMDEMIC of the ludicrous ‘COVID-19’ BULLSHIT and the effective propaganda of getting nearly 5 BILLION retarded people world wide to line up like dumb ass sheep to take KILL SHOTS into their bodies that will indeed eventually kill them all, and in the meantime destroy their very immune systems, but now they have gone to their ‘PLAN B’ (or is it now ‘PLAN C’?) and have their latest ‘pox’ on the world released apparently to once again scare the gullible into sheer panic and have them all foolishly line up to take their NEWEST ‘KILL SHOTS’ into their bodies that gosh darn it have ‘ready to go’ against this ‘Monkeypox’… Yes, humanity truly is this stupid and ignorant, or so it seems…..

Well… First to cover the ‘fear mongering’… And I want to present here the link to an important article from ‘Zero Hedge’ at where apparently the first ‘quarantines’ against the people for this fraud called ‘Monkeypox’ have started in Belgium, while in America that sinister criminal that keeps shitting himself in public, Joe Biden is warning Americans that ‘everyone should be concerned’ about this fraud.. HERE is the link to that article:

OK, And yes, as the title of my article states “and so it begins again”…. And yes, I will guarantee that the fear mongering is only beginning in earnest and will increase in intensity as this week and the following weeks roll along…

And gosh darn, what about the WHO who I will state are CLEARLY behind this ‘monkeypox’ fiasco as they want to use it as a weapon to gain ‘world control’… Well, according to the following link they are already holding ’emergency meetings’ to discuss this ‘monkeypox threat’… Here is that link here:

Yes, what a coinky dink that these monsters are already meeting with the WEF and other criminal groups this week ALREADY to discuss their newest attempt at world control via their new fangled ‘vaccine laws’… Now they can use this ‘monkeypox’ to pour fuel on the fire and push nations to sign onto their sinister goals of world domination, definitely …

And yes, since the ‘WHO’ is already fully controlled by that heinous monster, Bill Gates, they will probably get what they want… And Bill Gates will have fulfilled his desires as shown in that gloating video from last year, in getting the world’s ‘attention’ via this latest fraud SCAMDEMIC…

OH, and as I stated above, we all can ‘count our blessings’ that they have the ‘vaccine’ for this ‘monkeypox’ ALREADY ready to go and want to roll it out immediately to EVERYONE and every ‘affected’ nation on the planet…. Yes, this is indeed a ‘miracle’ right? For the fact remains that it takes YEARS of research, even if it was ’round the clock’ to get a ‘vaccine’ for a major pathogen ready to go, and that does not even include the much needed ‘human trials’ just to make sure the damn stuff actually works … But what the heck, right? Forget all of that for we have our ‘miracle’ and the ‘vaccines’ are indeed about to be injected into anyone that wants them..

But what about these ‘vaccines’ themselves? Should there be more questions about what they will do to people that take them into their bodies? Well, the answer may be in the following link that does indeed put out warnings that the risk of these vaccines and their complications way outweigh the benefits against this ‘monkeypox’… Here is that link here:

Ah, yes… Lets shove these needles into the gullible public and who the fuck cares about the adverse effects, right? Strangely reminiscent of their KILL SHOTS for ‘COVID-19’, and how those shots are certain death for those who take them indeed….

So, what is really going on here? Well, basically these pricks behind the WHO and our criminal governments are selling us on a ‘disease’ that basically is NO THREAT to anyone… There are basically some 200 or so (at this point in time of this writing) claimed ‘victims’ of this ‘monkeypox’ and apparently in most cases the disease does NOT KILL at all… ‘

But I do have some terrible gut feelings about what this is really all about, and it has to do with those who have stupidly taken the COVID-19 fraud and killer KILL SHOTS into their bodies, and I will explain it here:

Monkeypox is basically NOT as ‘vigilant’ or deadly as Smallpox, and its symptoms appear to be much the same as what we find in both chicken pox and cowpox…. And we cannot forget that it still as of this point is not an ‘airborne’ disease and is passed around by contact with those carrying it unwittingly…

Basically with a healthy immune system, the human body will ‘shrug off’ the most dangerous parts of this pathogen and the patient will get over it with symptoms much like the common cold but with a possible rash on the body that passes rather quickly.. That is of course for those with a healthy immune system….

But we live in most interesting times now, where nearly 5 BILLION people across the planet have been STUPID ENOUGH to take the fraud KILL SHOTS and have had their immune systems destroyed as a result… Thus many of these fools, with NO immune systems, if they contract ‘Monkeypox’ will have this ‘virus’ go wild across their bodies with lesions and other horrible effects as well as DEATH… This is all due to the fact that there will be zero antibodies to stop the monkeypox virus from spreading across their bodies at all, which will indeed lead to severe results with MANY dying…

Thus I have a sick feeling that these monsters running the COVID-19 scam knew that their KILL SHOTS would prime the bodies of those stupid enough to take them and thus have ZERO DEFENCE against their real goal which is to unleash this ‘monkeypox’ and possibly a few other pathogens as well to make sure most of these 5 BILLION fools do indeed die…

Be ready everyone… These monsters in charge are indeed wanting ‘SCAMDEMIC part II’ to happen right now, and to have everyone stupid enough to once again cower in unwarranted fear…. I for one know that truth about what is going on, and I do hope that many share my findings in the hope that people will not be fooled again….

Remember the saying ‘Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me twice, shame on me…” This may be so true in terms of what we are witnessing with this monkeypox fiasco…

First Update, May 23rd, 2022: My fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, has her own takes on this ‘monkeypox’ fraud, and I want to share the link to her latest article here:

I find it intriguing that Greencrow has brought up ‘Morgellons Disease’ for I too have wondered about that ‘illness’ that many are still unaware of and/or that others still think is a ‘phantom’… It does warrant some investigation, and I will check further into the subject…

And of course Greencrow brings forward some more interesting links to other articles worth noting….

And another update, May 23rd, 2022: Jeff Rense and Erika Khan are now tackling the ‘Monkeypox’ fiasco and covered some of this situation in last Friday’s podcast.. Here is the link to that podcast here:

Definitely worth the listen… I will be following even more findings and will be updating this article, and presenting new articles about this latest scam as information comes forward… So stay tuned…

And yet another update, May 23rd, 2022:

Here is another interesting article, where a real doctor is calling bullshit on this ‘monkeypox threat’ by basically calling so much of the fear mongering basically baseless and the entire fear from this ‘virus’ unwarranted and a ‘myth’:

Yes, just more ‘fuel for the fire’ and another article for everyone to read and spread around…

More to come


4 thoughts on “And So It Begins Again: Here Comes The Monkeypox Bullshit Fear Mongering: Some Interesting Articles About This Fraud!

  1. My doubts about ‘Polly’ still stands as she has been insistent that “Nazis” are the root of all that ails this planet and still refuses to even name the REAL criminals aka the JEWS…..

    When she went nuts last year claiming ‘Nazi, Nazi, Nazi’, that raised serious red flags about her…And to this day those flags remain and will remain until she stops with that stupidity..


    1. I couldn’t agree more, NTS. All the real Nazis wanted was to take their country back from the (((devil’s vermin))). They weren’t all saints, of course, but neither were they the devils we’re repeatedly told they were.

      Anyone who screams “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi”, either as an insult or, as with the “good” Nazis in Khazaria/Ukraine, is not to be trusted.

      We need a “new” word for the ultimate evil. I’d suggest a word of three letters starting with J and ending with W.


      1. This is why I will continue with red flags about this ‘Amazing Polly’…. For obviously someone that many claim is “intelligent” still does not see the clear picture that it is and has always been the JEWS responsible for nearly ALL that ails this planet….


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