Updated: Here Comes The Latest Fraud “Pandemic” Known As “Monkeypox”: Pandemic 2 – Monkeypox Madness

Well, I FINALLY have a break today as my better half has been working with me on finishing up a few home renovations and clearing up the absolute MESS that is in our yard… The incessant rains that we have had over the last week up here in central Canada had turned much of my front and rear yards into a quagmire of mud, but finally most of it has dried up to the point that we can get around to some grass fertilization, seeding, and weed control…

OK, I have like everyone else noticed that the criminals running the fraud SCAMDEMICS have now started to fill the lying whore media garbage networks with these reports about their latest fraud ‘Monkeypox’….. And apparently this is ‘RIGHT ON CUE’ for everyone may remember how that sick criminal bastard himself, Bill Gates, actually smirked and announced last year that if the ‘first pandemic’ does not do the trick and have people scared out of their wits, they would have their ‘second one’ ready to go and apparently they are going to run with this ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit..

I figured it was time that I took a closer look at this ‘Monkeypox’ fraud and of course do my usual in ripping it to shreds…. And I want to start off with a most interesting article that comes courtesy of the State of the Nation website at http://www.stateofthenation.co, that is entitled:
‘Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness’ that does in deed take some shots that this latest bit of fear mongering for the gullible sheep out there… Here in fact is that article right here:

Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness

Posted on May 21, 2022 by State of the Nation

Off Guardian

Monkeypox – it’s the hip new disease sweeping the globe. Allegedly appearing almost simultaneously in over a dozen different countries on four different continents.

As we wrote in the early days of the Covid “pandemic”, the only thing spreading faster than the disease is fear.

The media reported the first UK case of monkeypox on the 7th of May. Less than two weeks later, we’re seeing some very familiar headlines. Just like that…Pandemic 2: Monkey Pox!! begins playing at all your favorite fear porn outlets.

Sky News tells us that UK Monkeypox “cases” have “doubled(!)”…from 10 to 20.

The BBC went real subtle with it, blaring“Monkeypox: Doctors concerned over impact on sexual health”

The New Scientist has actually used the P-word, asking “Can Monkeypox become a new pandemic?”, before answering, essentially, “probably no, but also maybe yes!”. Keeping their options open.

Science warns that “Monkeypox outbreak questions intensify as cases soar”

The Mirror has gone full paranoid already, headlining:

Russia looked into using monkeypox as biological weapon, claims ex soviet scientist

So that’s one direction the story might go.

To be clear, “monkeypox” (whatever that even means in this context), is NOT a Russian bio-weapon. It’s not a Western bio-weapon either. Or Chinese bio-weapon. It’s just another scare story. And a rushed, half-hearted one at that.

One of the signs that marked the Covid “pandemic” as a psy-op from an early stage was the sheer speed with which the hysteria spread. Far from learning from their mistakes, the powers-that-be have decided to go even faster this time.

Despite “cases” numbering barely in the dozens, the World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting, a strange thing to do when their annual Assembly starts literally tomorrow. But I guess when your launching a new product you need to do everything you can to get the hype going.

Despite just two “cases” in the entire United States (and indeed the fact they still don’t work), New York is bringing back mask recommendations.

Nobody has said “lockdown”…yet. But Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, is “concerned” that transmission could accelerate if people attend mass gatherings:

as we enter the summer season … with mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission could accelerate”.

(As inflation soars and the cost of living crisis only gets worse, it’s probably handy for them to have a new “public health” reason to ban protests or clampdown on civil unrest. Just a thought.)

There’s some good news though…for vaccine manufacturers, anyway. As Whitney Webb reports, two struggling pharmaceutical companies have already seen a big stock boost from the “outbreak”:

Regardless of how the monkeypox situation plays out, two companies are already cashing in. As concern over monkeypox has risen, so too have the shares of Emergent Biosolutions and SIGA Technologies. Both companies essentially have monopolies in the US market, and other markets as well, on smallpox vaccines and treatments. Their main smallpox-focused products are, conveniently, also used to protect against or treat monkeypox as well. As a result, the shares of Emergent Biosolutions climbed 12% on Thursday, while those of SIGA soared 17.1%.

Just as with Covid, and despite rumours they would be leaving the World Health Organization, Russia appears to be lining up with the WHO agenda. Already they are “tightening border quarantine” rules, vaccinating healthcare workers and supplying quick bedside tests internationally.

Looks like we might be in for an epic summer of scare-mongering, panic-buying & bucketloads of cringe.

💢Are the new jabs already prepped & ready to go?

💢Are the “our hospitals are overwhelmed videos” being filmed as we speak, complete with “monkey pox” moulage and crying nurses who turn out to have IMDB pages & multiple acting credits?

💢Are the sleepy masses going to be fooled yet again?

Watch this space…

Image credit: Bob Moran (via twiiter)


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NTS Notes: Honestly? How gullible must people be to actually swallow this latest bit of horse manure? But yes, these fuckers in charge are banking on the general public being as STUPID as ever and thus succumb to this latest bit of bullshit fear mongering…

And we have the people at Breitbart that have a new article out where supposedly ‘African Scientists Are Baffled By Monkeypox Cases In Europe’ and I want to share the link to this report here, followed by more of my two cents worth:


NTS Notes: Honestly again, there is nothing ‘baffling’ at all as this is 100% a complete psy-op, and this revelation by these African Scientists points to that being absolutely the case here…

I do believe that these African Scientists are right as “Monkeypox” much like the other African tried and true major disease known at ‘Ebola’ can only be found in the higher temperature tropical environment of central Africa… Thus for it to be said to be found in Northern or Southern environments where it normally could not grow or become prevalent points to it being a ‘bioweapon’ indeed….. And a bioweapon that I can guarantee has the fingerprints of the US and NATO nations all over it!

And I do remember something else that few may recall… Apparently when those ‘AstraZeneca trials’ were rolled out and that fraud ‘vaccine’ was first used widely in places like Australia, there were reports of one of the ‘side effects’ to this Adenovirus concocted KILL SHOT was the possibility of victims developing, of all things, ‘Monkeypox’ as well as VAIDS….

In fact, Jim Stone has this ‘tidbit’ about this fraud in the form of the following picture from his website at http://www.notiniceland.com that shows how the AstraZeneca KILL SHOTS were indeed derived from monkey DNA! HERE is that picture:

Think this might be where the “monkey pox” came from???

NTS Notes: Yes, using ‘recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenoviruses’ in these criminal concoctions, and nobody has bothered to check what the possible ‘adverse effects’ would be in injecting this garbage into human beings????

And what about the formulations being used in the Moderna/Pfizer garbage shots? I would bet anything that the bioweapons laboratories also introduce this type of genetic material in their concoctions as well!

Thus I am indeed leaning towards this being not only a psy-op for those gullible to believe that there is this “Monkeypox virus” now out there to ‘kill us all’, but that those who are actually about to get very sick are actually suffering from one of the horrific side effects of the KILL SHOTS themselves!

The real sad part in all this? We must remember that these criminal bastards have used their KILL SHOTS to destroy the immune systems of those who have STUPIDLY taken these concoctions into their bodies… And with near ZERO immunity, this ‘monkeypox’, if it truly is a new fangled ‘bioweapon’ will ravage them all as they have zero means of defending against this latest ‘plague’…

And to me, the problem is in the perception in the general public, as they are being inundated with this bullshit ‘monkeypox’ hysteria at an ever increasing pitch…. These criminal bastards running this SCAMDEMIC have done their homework very well apparently, and coupled with the newest WHO/WEF ‘pandemic laws’ that are about to be passed globally, this ‘monkeypox’ bullshit could indeed be used to FORCE everyone around the world into involuntary ‘vaccine compliance’ and to bring back more LOCKDOWNS and RESTRICTIONS…..

Please feel free to take this information and show as many as you can out there that this ‘monkeypox’ fear mongering is complete bullshit…. NTS thanks you for doing that at least!

Update May 21st 2022: The following link was sent my way via email just a short time ago by my good friend and fellow patriot John Kaminski:

Yes, of course these criminals knew this ‘monkeypox’ was coming for the fact is that they PLANNED it years in advance, and knew that the ‘time was right’ as the dumb ass sheep are TOO STUPID FOR THEIR OWN GOOD and will accept even more TORTURE and ENSLAVEMENT so willingly….

And gosh darn, but the new KILL SHOTS for this fraud ‘monkeypox’ are ready to go! Will wonders ever cease?

And I am waiting to see what happens here in Canada in all this… Guaranteed that horror show of a prick ‘Prime Minister’ that SOB and son of Fidel Castro, Justin TURDEAU is just chomping at the bit as he has signed off on the WEF/WHO enslavement coming and wants to have his ‘excuse’ to bring in the horror of ‘Digital ID’ as well… And the Canadian SHEEP are also too stupid to live and will just bend over and take this shit….

Yet another update, May 21st, 2022: Someone was kind enough to send me the following PDF link that shows that way back in March 2021, these criminal psychos were running ‘war games’ scenarios, and a few were based on an ‘outbreak of Monkeypox’ in the gullible general dumb ass public… Here is the main part of that PDF:

There are NO COINCIDENCES here at all.. This latest ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit was pre-planned over a year ago, and just like that Exercise 201 that they ran back in October of 2019 for their initial ‘virus outbreak’ this one was run as a simulation and now they feel that since the general public is this stupid, time to unleash it!

More to come


2 thoughts on “Updated: Here Comes The Latest Fraud “Pandemic” Known As “Monkeypox”: Pandemic 2 – Monkeypox Madness

  1. One tiny fragment of good news here in the jewnited queerdom.

    My “other half”, who believes everything the electric jew tells her to believe, and has somehow survived (so far) four “covid” injections (I suspect they’re still using saline here in the affluent South), informs me that only queers can get the idiotically-named (and completely imaginary) “monkey pox”, so at least over here it seems they’ve made their first mistake.

    Monkey pox! What’s next? Rat pox? Spider pox? Idiot pox?

    Just how stupid do they think we are? At least “covid-pox” was nearly believable, but monkey pox? The only place we could expect to find that would be among the simian politicians that infest the parliament buildings.

    This could be the scam that finally wakes those still capable of waking up.


    1. Yes, I get the same type of idiocy here in Manitoba, my friend… The people are now abuzz with this “Monkeypox” bullshit and even with my best efforts to try to reason with them that it is 100% bullshit, those attempts fall once again on deaf ears…


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