MUST Listen: Jeff Rense Discusses Ukrainian Situation With Russell Bentley, May 19th 2022

Many readers that have been keeping up with my articles, are fully aware of a Russell Bentley who lives in the Donbas region, a former US citizen and now a Donbas Republic citizen, who has been periodically reporting the TRUTH about the REAL situation in southeastern Ukraine… His last report from over a month ago revealed that the US/NATO/Ukraine have ALL been lying about the present situation and that the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets are complicit in these lies as they are pushing a 100% false narrative of the real situation just to brainwash the gullible sheep into the false belief that Russia is somehow still the ‘villain’ in this war..

Well, I have some great news, as once again Russell Bentley had conducted an interview with Jeff Rense ( and I definitely want to share the video and audio links to that interview with my readers here… First, here is the BITCHUTE video of that interview here:

Next, and for those who have a hard time with BITCHUTE, here is the audio link from Jeff’s show from May 19th, 2022 here:

NTS Notes: I cannot thank Jeff and Russell enough for this fabulous interview, as once again it proves that the LYING WHORE MEDIA has indeed done nothing except purposely lie to the public world wide about this ‘war’….

Yes, Russell states the evidence is clear that the UKRAINIAN army are the ones butchering the citizens of their own nation, and purposely using the retards in the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets to sell the lie that the Russians are ‘guilty’ of these massacres…..

I am still getting the periodic attack via comments and the odd emails that are somehow claiming that I am a ‘Russia lover’ and that I am somehow a ‘traitor’ to Canada…. I will state it clearly that I am one that always looks for the truth and the truth is that Russia is NOT the bad guy at all in this ‘war’ in UKRAINE…. And I will state that I stand in defiance of the criminal bastards that are pushing the lies about this war up here in Canada, as I see THEM as immoral and 100% complicit in the push for expanding this war to a full blown world war… Therefore, for anyone to state that I am somehow wrong in this, the proof shows otherwise…

More to come


7 thoughts on “MUST Listen: Jeff Rense Discusses Ukrainian Situation With Russell Bentley, May 19th 2022

  1. Russell Bentley flew to Ukraine 8 years ago to kill, wait for it, Nazis. There’s talk that Russia is going to ditch tri-color flag and fly hammer and sickle. Jeff Rense was “we’re gonna all die from covid, or ________ flu. I used to subscribe to him, that’s how I know about that commie Bentley. Wat kind of pos would move to a country to kill people he doesn’t even know? He’s not military. A commie, that kind pos. What we know, is we don’t, and none of us are flying there anytime soon. But it must be safe, cause our fearless leaders go visit the “warzone” country. Plus did you see Jim Stone is convinced the Sphinx closed its eyes. Light and lens angles, that’ll get ya. Haha.


    1. I differ on the main points that you present.. However, I will let your comment through as I do believe that as long as you do not straight out slander anyone and insult, you are entitled to your personal opinion.


  2. Anyone confused at the perverse way the word ‘Nazi’ is being thrown around…a Jew epithet that was given the National Socialist Party headed by A. Hitler should watch and understand that is still the jew today who is brandishing the Nazi epithet and still blaming Hitler for what the BOLSHEVIKS actually did and are STILL DOING. EUROPA: THE LAST BATTLE (2017) – FULL DOCUMENTARY HD ADOLF HITLER – THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD [FULL 6.5 HOUR DOCUMENTARY]

    And this just recently I found an essay (with proof to back it up video) and was able to confirm some red flags about Putin that has troubled me since knowing them…ie the worship of Stalin, Lenin etc. who were the heads of the Bloody Bolshevik Revolution in Russia who ordered BY QUOTAS hundreds of millions Christian and ethnic Russians to include Czar Nicholas and his family murdered execution style. The Bolsheviks HATED RUSSIANS. THEY were behind the RAPE and MURDER of Ukrainians…NOT HITLER. It was the Bolsheviks who occupies Palestine, who in cohoots with the Kazarian jews in America and Europe declared WAR against Hitler. Putin TODAY would seem to be in the very same shoes that Hitler was in…but now I believe there is a deeper agenda happening. Russell Bentley and Rense continues to perpetrate the Great Lie since WWII…using the wrong identity of the actual architects of the debacle in Ukraine and that is the BOLSHEVIKS along with the jew nazi epithet to continue WWII. What an abomination of desolation the LIES that keep on giving. UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF THE PAST THEN UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF TODAY. Putin isn’t what he projects because of very tight control with what goes on in Russia. Except for the red flags I have kept… it is easy to side with Putin/Russia.

    Here is the new Russian Memorial Orthodox Christian Cathedral for Military

    (Please note the worship of the Bolsheviks along with image of Christ)

    This perversion is what we have today.


    1. I agree, Sparrow… As both my friend John Kaminski and I have discussed for years about how the term ‘Nazi’ has been used so falsely to try to continue with the lies of our history…

      And yes, the ‘Bolsheviks’ were of course nearly 100% JEWS who hated the white Christian Russians to the point that they murdered nearly 60 million of them between 1919-1939 alone….


      1. North it is my gleaning of all this that I have come to the only explanation of what is happening now. The jew Bolsheviks using their ‘Nazi’ epithet (highlighting white Christian Germany lead by A. Hitler) as what they have done in the Ukraine debacle perversion now….PITTING AGAINST a white Russian population with white Europe and the West for WWIII. How easy and appropriate for the jews to play such a diabolical scheme to get their kingdom they have always wanted. Whites killing whites to wipe out any opposition to any intelligent schemes carried out by the antichrist jews. Putin has been supportive of this and has been a key reason as to why he has allowed IDF to bomb Syria and takes no note of the horrible suffering of Palestinians. Putin’s relationship to the chabad and Bolsheviks is undeniable. I know you are not a person of the Bible…but in truth, all of this is prophesized therein. Thanks for your input as always.


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