The Empire Of Lies

I have been asked repeatedly why I once in a while put up here at this blog, articles by Paul Craig Roberts… Seriously, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Roberts and his work over at his website at … Periodically he does write a few great articles that are a must read by everyone…. BUT I can NOT overlook the fact that he continues to ‘beat around the bush’ and refuses to name the real criminals that are still out there wrecking our world, aka the JEWISH elitists….. That ‘inability’ by Paul to not write about the obvious does indeed piss me off tremendously …

But again, from time to time, Paul does write an article that does indeed catch a lot of attention.. And one in particular came forward yesterday that had a lot of people buzzing, and I too was asked to give my own two cents worth on the subject material….. I will oblige, and thus the first order of business is to bring forward that article from Paul’s website, entitled: “The Empire Of Lies” right here for all of my own readers, especially those who have not read it yet, to see for themselves… I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

“The Empire of Lies”

March 4, 2022 

Support your website or you will be without truth

“The Empire of Lies”

Paul Craig Roberts

It is March and time for my quarterly request for your donations.  This website is carried by monthly donors.  I remind other users on a quarterly basis that they need to support the endangered species of people who tell the truth.  I look forward to your support. I remind you that truth is not something you can take for granted. In the Western world truth is almost non-existent.

In the past two years we have seen that the Western peoples are more badly and more corruptly led than any people in previous history.  The peoples were deceived about a “Covid pandemic” that was entirely an orchestration. Yes, the virus existed, but the “pandemic” was orchestrated by a PCR (no relation) test that produces up to 97% false positives and has been discontinued from use for this reason.  The large number of Covid cases were pure fantasy based on false positives.   The number of deaths were orchestrated by giving hospitals large financial incentives to report deaths as Covid deaths, regardless of cause.  The fear generated by fabricated numbers of cases and deaths drove  people to accept injections of they knew not what.  It turns out that the untested “vaccine” is a larger threat to health and life than Covid itself, and the death and injury rates mount as the “vaccine” does its deadly work in the bodies of injected people.  It remains to be seen what the long term death rate of the “vaccine” will be.

All of the other Covid measures did much harm and no good.  The masks proved to be a cause of illness, not a preventer of illness.  The lockdowns disrupted production, destroyed jobs, businesses, and supply chains, and are the cause of the current sharp increase in prices. 

The Western world, full of its totally unjustified arrogant hubris, thinking of itself as “exceptional” and entitled to world hegemony, turned a deaf ear to Russia’s offer of a mutual security pact.  The idiot that serves as US President, the idiot that serves as US Secretary of State, and the idiot that serves as NATO Secretary General, all declared that, despite Russia’s announced red line, they would continue to expand military bases on Russia’s borders.  

When I say “stupid,” I mean stupid.  You have to be stupid to provoke a war that you are helpless to do anything about.

Oh, but we can, you say, the sanctions.  The sanctions are falling on Germany, Europe, and the US.  The price of natural gas in Europe has exploded upward. The oil price has hit the moon.  Food prices, mineral prices (Russia is a major exporter of both) are rising.  So the dumbshit Western “leaders” have added to the inflation from the lockdowns the inflation from the sanctions, and Russia has yet to impose counter sanctions.  Imagine if Russia were to turn off the gas flows to Europe. Europe is dependent on Russia for 46% of its gas.  The CEO of a European grid operator said if Russia turns off the gas, the EU would have to disconnect German industry from the grid.  In short, the entirety of German industry would be shut down.

What the idiot West has done with sanctions is to shoot itself in both feet and both kneecaps, and in the head.

Everywhere we look we see ridiculous threats directed at Russia.  The Danish presstitutes, the idiot Sean Hannity, and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham are calling for the assassination of President Putin, and they are not deplatformed. Notice this:  I cannot use a gender pronoun without risk of being shutdown, but I can call for the assassination of Putin and receive kudos.

An idiot named David Swanson calls for a “peace march” by thousands of Europeans into the Ukrainian firing lines.  This low grade moron wants to repeat the Children’s Crusade of 1212 when Stephen of Cloyes claimed to have a letter from Jesus to the King of France and led 30,000 children into Saracen hands.  The Idiot Swanson, wants to repeat this feat one thousand years later.

Another blustering Western idiot says Putin will be captured and put on trial as a war criminal at the international court at the Hague.  This, of course, will happen after Ukraine conquers Russia.  It is extraordinary that Westerners would speak of Russian war crimes after the massive US and European war crimes in Serbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Syria.  If the West continues its precipitous decline, there will be a war crime tribunal held by Russia for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, all the American zionist neoconservatives, and a number of UK and European supporters of Washington’s war crimes such as Tony Blair.  

The Western blusterings and imprecations against Russia indicate the impotence and irrelevance of the Western world.  Of all the absurdities, unless Joe Lauria’s report on Consortium News is a joke, the cake of mindless threats comes from the International Federation of Felines.  The Federation is going to bring Russia down by banning the import of any cat bred in Russia “regardless of which organization issued its pedigree.” 

The Cat Federation says how “shocked and horrified” it is “that the army of the Russian Federation invaded the Republic of Ukraine and started a war. Many innocent people died, many more are wounded and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are forced to flee their homes to save their lives. We can all witness the destruction and chaos caused by this unprecedented act of aggression.”

This really is unimaginable.  For 8 years Ukraine has been shelling the Donbass Russians killing thousands and maiming many more.  And not a peep from the Cat Federation.  No concern for the Donbass cats blown to pieces by Ukrainian artillery pounding the villages and towns of the Donbass Russians.  Not a peep from the well paid CIA assets at the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, BBC and elsewhere in the Western whore media.  

What does this ban by the Cat Federation do, assuming it has any legal force and can do anything, and that this is not a joke article by Joe Lauria?

It can stop Americans, Canadians, and Europeans from acquiring a Russian Blue Cat from Russia, but not from breeders in the US, Canada, or Europe.

The Cat Federation has demonstrated the total impotence of the West, a rapidly collapsing Sodom & Gomorrah.   To use the language of a US neoconservative, if Russia wants to pick up some NATO member and throw the country against the wall to show who is boss, no one can do anything about it.

Despite Russia’s military hegemony, the Kremlin could piss away its dominance.  According to his recent speech, Putin is committed to globalism. Reportedly, he was in the World Economic Forum’s leadership program.  He goes to the meetings in Davos and gives speeches.  Apparently, it has not occurred to Putin that Russian sovereignty is inconsistent with globalism.  They are mutually inconsistent. Claus Schwab, the WEF head, is a clear cut Nazi.  So why does Putin like the WEF Nazi but not the Ukrainian ones?

I think the Kremlin still has a lot to learn.  Russia thought, mistakenly, that with the Communist ideological challenge to the West over and done with, everyone could be friends. They overlooked that being friends with Washington means being a puppet state.  Putin was unwilling for Russia to be an American puppet. He informed us of that fact at the Munich Security Conference in 2007.  Washington rewarded him with Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia, which established the narrative of Russian Invasion when Putin returned from the Beijing Olympics and defeated and conquered Georgia, then handed Georgia back its sovereignty and withdrew his forces.  Despite Russian withdrawal, the West created the narrative that Putin was rebuilding the Soviet Empire that the US had dismantled.

Putin’s continued resistance to being an American puppet brought him Washington’s overthrow of the Ukrainian government and installation of a puppet government that was unable to control the Bandera Nazi elements that rapidly organized militias and began terrorizing the Russian population in Ukraine, leading to the votes by Crimea and the Donbass republics to be rejoined with Russia their traditional country.  Putin took Crimea back to save Russia’s Black Sea naval base, but he refused the Donbass Russians, thereby tolerating an eight year war.  Finally, to stop this war, the Russians, rebuffed by the West and the Ukraine puppet government, have sent in troops to solve the problem unsolvable by diplomacy.

The West has decided to get out of Russia’s way militarily and to fight Russia with accusations and deprecations.  The West can win the war of words because it controls the narrative.

Claes Ryn, one of the very few remaining American intellectuals recently wrote in Humanitas that human action is less based in reason and rationality than in “the intense passion of the moment–hatred, fury, wild abandon, sheer desperation, boundless ambition,” and that in a world of nuclear weapons this is a massive liability.

Recently, Glenn Greenwald, one of the last remaining American journalists, said the same thing, which I quoted in a recent article.  In other words, the reality we face is that our weapons of destruction are becoming independent of rational control as reason is dying in the Western world.  

In Western universities today, especially American and British ones, reason is a “white racist construct” used to oppress “people of color,” that is, non-whites. As reason is reduced to a tool of racist oppression, how can it function in regulating human behavior?  As its use implies racism, reason is abandoned.  Just try to find any reason in the West’s response to Covid and in the West’s response to Russia’s security concerns.  There is none

The West today is a world without reason.  This places the current Western world far back into history  when witchcraft and other such substituted for reason.  Reason is so far gone in the West that the Cat Federation thinks it is punishing Russia by prohibiting Western peoples from having Russian cats!  

In other words, we have reached the mindless stage in our collapsing civilization.

What can be done about it?  

We have on the one hand the horrified Western liberal, progressive, left who see a great crime in Russia’s defense of Russians, and on the other hand we have the blind anger from patriotic flag-waving conservatives, such as Hannity and Lindsey, calling for the assassination of the President of Russia.

Putin should take notice. His assassination is possible because of his own  toleration of pro-American elements in his own government and US-financed Russian media and NGO organizations committed to regime change in Russia.  Apparently, Putin thinks he is proving his commitment to democracy by permitting freedom of operation of  Western-financed groups committed to the destabilization of Russia and perhaps  his assassination.

The Russian desire to be part of the West indicates a country that is disconnected from reality.  Unless Russia develops better comprehension of the unreason that confronts her, Russia might yet have to choose between nuclear war or becoming  another Washington puppet state.   

NTS Notes: OK, A lot of what Paul writes is very accurate, especially the ‘Geo-political’ damage that the West is doing to itself by calling for a complete boycott of everything out of Russia… Such stupidity is indeed like shooting themselves in the head and it will do more harm to nations that are dependent on Russia for a wide range of products, especially PETROLEUM, and we are seeing those results even right here in Canada, that is actually not dependent on Russian PETROLEUM at all, as gasoline prices are right through the roof….

Besides the doing more harm than good aspect of Western idiocy, I concur with Paul on his statements about Putin… And many out there are still screaming that Putin is a WEF stooge, even though that ultra criminal Klaus ANAL Schwab even stated last week that Putin has been booted out of the WEF entirely? Somehow I tend to lean on the idea that what Putin is doing is NOT part of the WEF planning at all and is in actuality in pure DEFIANCE of those criminals…

And I too had a good chuckle when I read last week about the American/European ‘cat’ associations saying that they would cut Russia out of their programs and boycott Russian cats… Yes, seriously, you cannot make this shit up, and I can only think about how the Russians are falling out of their chairs right now laughing so hard about this type of idiocy…..

But of course Paul does not talk about the real issue, which to me has been the dominance of Ukraine and its entire government by criminal Jews that have zero allegiance to the Ukrainian people and have done horrific damage to the entire nation as they have raped and pillaged to the point that Ukrainians are impoverished and actually have been yearning for the good old days of the former Soviet Union…..

That madman Zelenskyy alone just makes me want to puke when I see that he has pilfered several BILLION dollars out of Ukraine’s economy for his own personal wealth, especially with his chateaus supposedly located outside of Ukraine with the big one being in Florida, USA, itself…… Zelenskyy is definitely not making any friends with the Ukrainian people when he also orders the Ukrainian military to KILL any Ukrainian civilian that simply wants to escape the advancing Russians who are only wanting to flee for their very lives… Meanwhile this lunatic himself fled Ukraine and supposedly is over at the US embassy in Poland! Talk about hypocrisy to the nth degree!

Overall, Paul’s report here is pretty good IMHO…. I just wish that the man would eventually get with the program and start talking about the real criminals aka the ‘tribe’ behind this conflict in Ukraine..

More to come



3 thoughts on “The Empire Of Lies

  1. Fuel, oil, gas, food prices going through the roof – yes, and – hey Presto they can now blame it all on the Russians.

    Reason + logic are now also priceless commodities in the West.

    I mean, if you have an insect infestation you can rid yourself by using a good repellent. Yes, the good ol’ bugs will soon work out that you are spraying them with poison and will then depart the scene.

    Yet, humanity – with abundant evidence that it is being murdered by POISON shots will – QUEUE UP FOR MORE!

    Why on Earth do we still think we have the right to EXIST.

    Humanity is so DUMB by now that we’ll be happy to go up in a new conflagration or – if we manage to survive – will happily acquiesce with the NWO, OWN NOTHING and BE HAPPPY.


  2. Paul Craig Roberts, and many more, at the very least are trapped inside the box of left, right , mainstream economic thinking.
    We don’t need Russia, the US , Nato, EU, etc. This is a fact.
    Everyone of these entities engages in artificial supply constraints, controls, and money supply manipulation.
    The amount of available resources world wide is enormous. So enormous that all countries are by regulation not even allowed to recycle, reuse, maintain, develop infrastructure nor incentivise more sensible and available resources.It’s so ridiculous that instead of using our largest , most economically viable resource, which is Iron ore, to build most items that we use we would rather chop down forests, make plastics, use aluminum, platinum groups, etc. Another is the blocking of more economical methods via patent systems for the production of minerals, oil, etc. If Putin/Biden/Trump were actually smart, and truly looking out for the well being of Russians, Ugrics, and Mongoloids, Nordic Slavic, etc they would have quit politics along time ago.
    He surely is a better character actor than Biden, Trump, Merkel, etc. He is a fish out of water if he leaves the politico mafia theater. HE’S A MONEY MAKER for his faction only, as is Biden, Trump etc. All the of these stooges have, among other things, a common trait. None of them have solved, nor improved their respective societies in any way, and I mean ANY. The simplest metric to measure intentions, and aptitude IS IN THE RESULTS. Paul Craigslist Roberts is in vast company among alternative and mainstream talkers, because they all argue over nonsense all the time. Soooo entertaining.


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