The ‘War’ In Ukraine: Some Updates On Present Situation As Russia Changes Their Tactics In The Face Of Increased Resistance

As I stated in the previous article, I am asking readers to avoid the garbage and propaganda that is being pushed out by the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets by all means necessary and if they want the TRUTH about exactly what is happening in Ukraine, check out a few online websites, including one that I personally used for the last 8+ years in reporting on the REAL situation in regards to the still ongoing war in Syria, none other than ‘SOUTHFRONT’ over at ….

Yes, the writers at Southfront, at least for the moment, are doing their best to try to bring some semblance of real truth in terms of the situation in Ukraine, and every day they have presented articles about the daily happenings in some very amazing and informative articles…

I do in fact want to present one of today’s articles in fact right here for everyone to read for themselves.. This one is entitled: “Russia Changes Tactics: Seventh Day Of Operations In Ukraine” and here is the link to that Southfront article here:

NTS Notes: Yes, that link contains both an informative video, as well as the transcript for that video which in itself is informative and I have right here:

By the seventh day of the operation in Ukraine, the Russian military has changed its tactics, both in terms of conducting military actions and its attitude towards the civilian population.

Numerous unmanned reconnaissance vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces were observed in the skies over Ukraine. Rear and supply columns began to move with combat guards. The movement of armored vehicles, both on the march and in urban areas with infantry on armor, was noted. The presence of strike aircraft in the skies of Ukraine has increased. Coordination and interaction between various units have intensified. Artillery is used wherever possible. Additionally, the Russians began striking military facilities that they had apparently previously planned to seize relatively undamaged.

The reaction of Russian units to provocative actions on the part of civilians and especially members of the so-called territorial defense forces has also changed. Kiev urges civilians to resist by forcefully throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles, blocking roads and launching surprise attacks, approaching under the guise of peaceful intentions. Until March 1, Russian servicemen had orders to avoid retaliating to provocations in every possible way. Now, the order seems to have changed and Russian units started to act in accordance with the standards of behavior on enemy territory. For example, on March 1, in response to an ambush by units of the territorial defense near Kherson, who attempted to throw Molotov cocktails at a Russian convoy, brutal retaliatory fire was opened on the enemy. Video records at least 10 dead.

The change in the tactics is attributed to the experience of the first five days of the conflict and the fact that combat generals and senior officers with extensive experience of combat operations in various regions were brought in to command.

The Ukrainian authorities refuse to provide evacuation assistance to their population. Residents in Kyiv are being given up to the mercy of fate. The railway station is jammed. Police and law enforcement forces are absent. Looting and chaos are on the rise.

Russian units are in no hurry to enter the capital. They are expanding the zones of control around it. Russian troops are now close to Brovary, where they have gained a foothold.

On March 1, Russian forces entrenched on the outskirts of Kharkiv, amid heavy missile and bombing strikes against key military infrastructure facilities. There is intermittent exchange of fire in the outskirts. The city administration rejected negotiations on the opening of a humanitarian corridor. Units of nationalist battalions shoot at cars of civilians that try to leave the city.

DPR and Russian units completely surrounded Mariupol. Almost all of the neighboring settlements are under the control of “Eurasian Coalition” forces. The humanitarian corridors will be open until the end of March 2. After that, the final mopping up of the city is likely planned.

Fighting is going on in Volnovakha, the key stronghold of Kiev in Donbas. Ukrainian units are trying to provide cover for the withdrawal of their main forces from the region.

The DPR military officially confirmed that the headquarters of the Ukrainian Task Force “North” was completely destroyed. Almost all the officers were killed. The headquarters of the “East” task force was also destroyed.

LPR forces also enjoyed considerable success. As of March 2, Starobelsk and a number of nearby villages were liberated. Progress is being made towards Severodonetsk and Rubizhne. Svatovo has been blockaded. Russian troops reached Izyum and entrenched their attack positions.

Meanwhile, Russian forces are breaking through defenses near Vasilievka, the stronghold that covers Zaporizhia. Losses on all sides are reported.

These events came amid the complete takeover of the important regional center of Kherson. The administration is cooperating and doing its best to maintain a peaceful situation in the city with the help of the Russian Armed Forces. The disarmament of the members of the “territorial defense” began. The police, ambulance and emergency services are working as usual.

Russian forces are encircling Nikolaev city. As of March 2 morning, the city is already semi-enclosed. The Nikolayev – Krivoy Rog road is cut.

The war in Ukraine from 2014 to the present has already become the bloodiest conflict in Europe in the last 77 years, surpassing all of the Yugoslav wars combined. Over the past six days, according to sources inside the conflicting parties, at least 2 730 personnel on the Russian and LDPR side and 11 150 on the Ukrainian side, including deserters, have been killed or missing.

NTS Notes: Yes, once again I can thank Southfront, which also has come under increasing ‘attacks’ by those who want it shut down for trying to give some truths about the REAL situation in Ukraine, and give it its due for giving a real truthful report on the present situation….

I am presently awaiting an updated map of the present battle lines in Ukraine, and will have that update here at this article shortly…

It is presently just before midnight, Kiev time at the time I am first filing this report, and once again much of the fighting has finally subsided for today with just some skirmishes along the front lines expected to happen overnight before we enter the 8th day of fighting….

One important note, and this one cannot be overlooked as I once again want to turn to my fellow Canadian friend and colleague, Greencrow, who has been following this situation in Ukraine much closer than even I have been able to, and has her own take on what this ‘war’ in Ukraine is actually all about.. Here is the link to today’s article that comes from Greencrow’s own website here:

NTS Notes: Yes, as many readers have already noted from the article I posted up yesterday, there is SO MUCH MORE to this ‘war’ in Ukraine than what we are being told…

And I do believe much like what Greencrow speculates, that we are being heavily distracted and purposely by this ‘war’ while the scoundrels running the scam-demic have indeed needed this ‘war’ which just so happens to be happening at ‘just the right time’ to avoid and divert attention away from the FACTS that are now coming out that the entire scam-demic has been a 100% fraud and that the bastards running the KILL SHOT show are all complicit in acts of cold blooded murder by those injections… You cannot overlook this most interesting tidbit in fact that was sent my way by several readers, that Greencrow has in that article linked above, right here;

NTS Notes: Yes, it is interesting how that shocking information as well as how the criminals in PFIZER as well as MODERNA have finally had to ‘admit’ publicly that their KILL SHOTS absolutely DO NOT WORK at all…. Timing is everything, for while that vital and damning information is out there now, the simple minded morons out there are having their brains turned into even more mush via the propaganda about this ‘war’ in Ukraine non-stop..

Thus we are left with the big question once again about what exactly is this ‘war’ in Ukraine truly all about? And why has Vladimir Putin selected this exact time for his military action after 8 years of watching the Donbas citizens being slaughtered with zero Russian response?

Some are again saying that Putin is part of the bigger game here, and there may be some truth about that statement…. I am therefore going to continue to explore so many aspects of this ‘war’ and will do my damn best to try to get to the truth about this entire operation… So stay tuned..

Update, March 2nd, 2022: While I still wait for a decent updated map of the ‘war’ in Ukraine, I was sent the link to the following report from State of the Nation, that gives an account and the mindset of that JEWISH criminal that is ‘President’ of Ukraine, that DUAL CITIZEN ISRAELI psycho Zelensky:

Yes, to me this man is a lunatic and is definitely doing as his WEF and criminal ‘NATO masters’ tell him to do, including ARMING Ukrainian civilians with automatic weapons that most DO NOT even know how to operate properly… The result will be seeing so many more innocent Ukrainians killed by heavily armed and well trained Russian soldiers who up until now were doing their damn best to avoid killing ANY Ukrainian civilians… Such is indeed the madness of this maniac!

Another VERY important update, March 2nd, 2022: Apparently there are reports that the criminal psychos in charge of Ukraine are preparing a MAJOR false flag operation in the now surrounded city of Mariupol along the Sea of Azov in southeastern Ukraine, where they are going to try to KILL several dozen innocent school children and civilians and have that slaughter blamed on Russia! Here is the report from Jim Stone’s website at for everyone to see for themselves:

Well this looks flattering for Ukraine. They are anything but “unified” against Russia the way the scamming MSM implies with the Donetsk army saying this. Fat chance THIS will make the MSM:

Emergency statement by the official representative of the DPR Army

According to the operational information received, in the city of Mariupol, on the territory of the Azovstal plant, the commander of a separate special forces detachment “Azov” of the 12th Armored Forces of the National Guard of Ukraine is preparing for a mass provocation with the death of civilians. For this purpose, the civilian population is brought to the territory of the Azovstal plant, which is placed in mined workshops and office premises. Military equipment is placed in the courtyard of the enterprise. In the event of a breakthrough in the defense of the city of Mariupol by units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the nationalists plan to blow up the plant’s buildings with further accusation of the Russian side of destroying civilians and civilian infrastructure with artillery fire.

In the basement and premises of school No. 34 on Gastelo Street, 17, more than 60 civilians are forcibly detained, of which more than half are women and children. All civilians who tried to leave the city through the provided humanitarian corridors are forcibly brought to the school.

According to the information from the teachers of the Azov State Technical University, located along Universitetskaya Street, 7, the militants from the Azov unit started mining the building, as well as the approaches to it with controlled explosive devices.

My comment: I knew it. Yes, the Ukranians are fighting dirty dirty dirty, as dirty as dirt gets. To frame Russia, for being “dirty”. This equates to a false flag.

NTS Notes: Yes, this goes in step with EVERYTHING we have seen so far in terms of what underhanded and ‘dirty’ level of criminality the sickos in charge of Ukraine will resort to, to try to make the Russians look as ‘bad’ as possible to the gullible people that continue to have their heads and brains buried in LYING WHORE MEDIA garbage and propaganda…

Hopefully with enough people aware of this senseless and diabolical act of deliberate provocation, these fuckers will not attempt such an act… But again we are dealing with criminals and psychos here, right?

One more interesting update, March 2nd, 2022:

Many readers to my last blog over at that failed platform called ‘Blogger’ were well aware of my constant support of a video maker out of Australia who went by the moniker ‘Peekay Truth’… Well, apparently he is back, and has put together a marvellous video available at BITCHUTE that I have here as it exposes the horrible LYING WHORE MEDIA lies about this ‘war’ in Ukraine.. Here is that video:

Yes, the more we see this ‘war’ the more we realize that this is and has always been a ‘wag the dog’ situation where the fucking bastards running our governments and the lying whore media are hell bent on World War III and seeing BILLIONS die!

And another update, March 2nd, 2022: FINALLY, We have one of the more ‘accurate’ maps of the present war in Ukraine, once again thanks to the writers over at Southfront… Here is that map for readers to observe for themselves:

Military Situation In Ukraine On March 2, 2022 (Map Update)

As I stipulated yesterday, the Russian advances along the northern front have been stalled due to fighting in major urban centres including Kiev itself… Thus as I did note yesterday, much of the gains by Russian forces are indeed along the Crimea/Lugansk front in the south as there are few ‘urban’ centres of contention other than the Sea of Azov port city of Mariupol, that is presently surrounded by Russian forces and will fall within the next day or two… IF the Russians do indeed concentrate their offensive forces along those positions in the south, then a move on Odessa will be the next target along with movement up the Dneiper River towards the interior and a possible link up with forces moving from the north..

Readers must remember that this ‘war’ was and still is IMHO a result of the last 8 years of Russia having to ‘put up with’ the basket case that Ukraine had become thanks to the destruction of Ukrainian lives after the US takeover of Kiev in the ‘Maidan Revolution’ of 2014, coupled with that nation’s constant threat to the Donbas republics along with the US puppet government in Kiev continuing to obey their US/NATO masters in constantly and stupidly poking the Russian bear…. But obviously that bear does have sharp teeth and sharp claws and is showing that they are not to be messed with at all….

More to come


4 thoughts on “The ‘War’ In Ukraine: Some Updates On Present Situation As Russia Changes Their Tactics In The Face Of Increased Resistance

  1. Thanks once again NTS for pinging my blog. BTW, your coverage of the Ukraine psy-op/war is much better than mine, particularly due to you sourcing SouthFront for updates. As we did during the Ukrainian civil war, you, I and Penny each approach the story from quite different perspectives. Read as a whole, it makes a formidable triangle of truthiness if I do say so myself..


  2. Hey, we are doing what we can and trying our best….

    I do love your article BTW, and the similarity to “Doctor Strangelove” and even ‘Wag the dog” is very much. uncanny at this point…


  3. The current conundrum revolves around the question as to whether Putin – with immaculate timing – is providing the NWO CABAL with their SCAMDEMIC GENOCIDE EXIT STRATEGY or is he responding proportionately to legitimate Russian security concerns in Ukraine?

    ANAL SCHWARB suggested Putin was one of their WEF proteges but it has been stated that he was too old to have been taken on as a student when their young global leaders course started in 1992.

    How about that old WITCH Merkel. She certainly has all the hallmarks of a WEF graduate COMMIE stooge!

    Some sources make it sound like Ukraine very much resembles that other ZIONIST SPAWN OF THE DEVIL: Sakashvilli’s GEORGIA. Remember how Georgia – egged on by the ISRAEL/US AXIS attacked S. Ossetia and was firmly put back in its box by Russia during the Russo-Georgian War back in 2008?

    Putin has ruled Russia for nearly a quarter of a century. He emerged from the Soviet intelligence apparatus in E. Berlin during the Cold War. He must have been doing something to suit the CABAL’s interests all that time or he would have been given his marching orders long ago!

    Has he now – like Hitler before him – GONE ROGUE and started to bite the NWO hand that fed him?

    Is Putin – like Zelensky and Sakashvilli – a CLOSET CHOSENITE (a.k.a. CRYPTO-JEW) doing NWO bidding?

    For me, the timing of the military action in Ukraine seemingly providing much needed cover for Trudeau’s ham-fisted exposure and preemptive roll-out of the entire SCAMDEMIC FORCED VACCINATION GENOCIDE + DIGITAL CONTROL OF OUR MONEY AGENDA starting with Canada is just too compelling to ignore.

    WW3 with the NWO CABAL controlling both sides will therefore look just like the previous two World Wars.


  4. A minor point perhaps, but I remember Odessa, presumably part of Russia at the time, was where Russian prisoners were sent at the end of jew war 2, and (unless I’m mistaken), they were all shot “because they’d seen” life in the (not really) non-communist countries, and may have spread “subversive” ideas such as individual freedom had they been allowed to live.

    Apparently the massacre of returned prisoners was suppressed at the time, and only became known (to me at least) in an episode of a fictional tel-aviv-zion series a few years ago, under the title “Foyle’s war”, where the stories were based on actual events.


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