Freedom’s Funeral

I just spent part of this morning having nothing but computer problems… I had until now one heck of a time even getting into my ‘WordPress’ account and I for the life of me still cannot figure out what the heck happened? Was I ‘blocked’ or ‘hacked’? I surely hope not, for I still want to use this platform to try to get some semblance of real truths out there in the ever increasing horror of tyranny that is being forced on Canada at an ever rapidly increasing pace..

Well, finally I am back online… I did spend about an hour last night talking to my good friend and colleague, John Kaminski, to not only talk about the terrible situation that has unfolded in Ottawa concerning the criminals wanting Canada to become a tyrannical dictatorship unleashing hell on Earth on the peaceful protestors of the Freedom Convoy…

And I also did congratulate John on his wanting to get back into the ‘Podcast Business’ so to speak as he will now be doing a regular show on REPUBLIC BROADCASTING every Friday from 6PM EST for two hours…. John had informed me that he would return to doing regular podcasts if the right conditions came forward, and with Republic Broadcasting now doing less ‘censorship’ than what they used to, he decided to accept their wanting his services and he is now on air…. I do hope that my own readers do take the time to listen to John live on air, for I ABSOLUTELY will every week!

John has also just released a brand new article through his website that covers a lot about the horrific actions that have taken place since last night as the Canadian THUGS that somehow still call themselves ‘POLICE’ attacked the Freedom Convoy so savagely leaving one person DEAD (Yes, I finally have confirmation that elderly peaceful lady has indeed died from her injuries..) and several injured… John’s article is entitled: “Freedom’s Funeral’ and I do have it right here for everyone to view for themselves, followed by my usual thoughts and comments:

Freedom’s funeral

 Published: Saturday, 19 February 2022 05:29

Darkness descends
over dazed Canadians

In the end, there were no heroes, only desperate despots flexing their mindless muscle over betrayed and bewildered people unable to comprehend the horror they witnessed unleashed upon them.

The awesome quest for freedom in Canada was crushed by the brutal pomposity of a government gone mad with a power that had decreed its own senseless mandates took precedence over the noble goals of freedom and justice by which their nation had been established.

Children were snatched from their parents, dogs were impounded and threatened with death, and families who had nobly crusaded for freedom from tyrannical and toxic restrictions were torn asunder in the freezing cold of a foul February night.

Worst of all a crippled old woman only demonstrating for righteousness and honesty was trampled to death beneath the hooves of police horses parading forth the perverted power of a gruesome government cruelly displaying the brutal bitterness of insane tyrants who could no longer be trusted by anyone.

Canada has descended into a hell from which it will likely never emerge, and worse than that, foreshadowed a madness spreading across the entire planet of governments deliberately killing their own people to conceal the financial crimes it has committed against them.

The world watched in horror as the mental illness of unchecked authority destroyed the hope of patriotic conviction with arbitrary and casual abuse of men, women and children who had thought they were free, and learned to their despair that they were not.

The Toronto Sun reported “Police horses trample demonstrators at Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa” (By Joe Warmington)

Turns out the lasting image of the Freedom Convoy protest at Parliament Hill will not be bouncy castles but that of a woman with a walker being trampled by a police horse.

The violence the Prime Minister has expressed concern about during the three-week protest in Ottawa didn’t unfold until Justin Trudeau’s Emergencies Act police army was sent in to disperse the crowd.

The three major incidents Friday, under a form of martial law, were grotesque. Video of Toronto Police Mounted Unit officers charging into the crowd and at least one horse trampling multiple people — including an elderly woman with a walker — was disturbing.

But that was not the only troubling incident. Another saw a protester behind a police line repeatedly being smashed with an officer’s rifle.

And convoy organizer Benjamin Dichter also told the Toronto Sun “one of drivers had his truck windows smashed by Ottawa Police (with) guns drawn and (he was) dragged out of his vehicle by force.”

The Associated Press reported police arrested scores of demonstrators and towed away vehicles Friday in Canada’s besieged capital, and a stream of trucks started leaving under the pressure, raising authorities’ hopes for an end to the three-week protest against the country’s COVID-19 restrictions.

By evening, at least 100 people had been arrested, mostly on mischief charges, and nearly two dozen vehicles had been towed, including all of those blocking one of the city’s major streets, authorities said. One officer had a minor injury, but no protesters were hurt, interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell said.

Those arrested included four protest leaders. One received bail while the others remained jailed.

The crackdown on the self-styled Freedom Convoy began in the morning, when hundreds of police, some in riot gear and some carrying automatic weapons, descended into the protest zone and began leading demonstrators away in handcuffs through the snowy streets as holdout truckers blared their horns.

Tow truck operators — wearing neon-green ski masks, with their companies’ decals taped over on their trucks to conceal their identities — arrived under police escort and started removing the hundreds of big rigs, campers and other vehicles parked shoulder-to-shoulder near Parliament. Police smashed through the door of at least one RV camper before hauling it away.

Many protesters stood their ground in the face of one of the biggest police enforcement actions in Canada’s history, with officers drawn from around the country.

The biggest border blockade, at the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, disrupted the flow of auto parts between the two countries and forced the industry to curtail production. Authorities lifted the siege last weekend after arresting dozens of protesters.

The final border blockade, in Manitoba, across from North Dakota, ended peacefully on Wednesday.

The regrettable events in Canada seemed disturbingly in sync with other events around the world which included:

• Ukraine forces bombed cities in its breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk illustrating the embarrassing lies told by the United States that Russia was about to invade this area when in fact the U.S.-backed Ukrainian forces had already invaded the same area.

• A situation similar to Canada’s entered its ninth day in New Zealand as protesters ignored government orders to move their vehicles away from the capital and brought in armored vehicles amid threats to seize vehicles belonging to those protesting that nation’s strict vaccine mandates.

The accelerating events of government repression seemed to authenticate widespread worries that freedom was disappearing everywhere in a tidal wave of corporate tyranny rapidly erasing individual rights that had previously been well established and taken for granted.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: As I have said many times, John is one heck of a writer and is very spot on in what he is saying about the brutality that we witnessed last night and apparently are still witnessing even today..

Yes, as a Canadian, I am so saddened myself today as this nation is nothing like it used to be, as it is now a tyrannical dictatorship where its own citizens are being brutalized and beaten openly by thugs and criminals…

This is not the Canada that I grew up in, definitely… AND the real sad part is that most Canadians that are now nothing more than mindless brain damaged automatons thanks to the horrific effects of the KILL SHOTS destroying their minds, and they are just listening and BELIEVING the lies coming out from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets that continue, even today to ignore the horror show in Ottawa and have NOT even said one peep about that death of that elderly protestor at all!!

I will absolutely continue to promote John’s works at this blog and again I do want everyone to take the time to listen to John’s show every Friday at 6PM EST, 3PM on the ‘left coast’… They will be absolutely 100% uncensored which will be a breath of fresh air for sure…

More to come


One thought on “Freedom’s Funeral

  1. Seems I keep asking for favours nowadays, NTS, but being in a different time zone and having commitments on certain days, I’d appreciate a link to John’s podcasts whenever they appear so I can watch them when time permits (or perhaps you’ll post them here?)

    I’ve been following John for a couple of decades now, and always found him to be honest and accurate, a true hero.

    As for your problems getting on-line, I’ve had the occasional comment here go missing over a period of several weeks. At the time I assumed you hadn’t approved the comment, as you’ve got every right to do, but recently another site I visit regularly has been having similar problems. It seems there’s some kind of “real time” censorship between people’s keyboards and the site, with certain comments failing to go through, however many times people try to send the same thing.

    Normally we post a comment there and it appears immediately with the message “your comment is awaiting moderation”, but certain comments just disappear, never to be seen again.

    The site’s owner is aware of the problem, but doesn’t know what’s causing it. There’s just some kind of invisible censorship going on.


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