Updates On Freedom Convoy In Ottawa: Criminal Police Forces Now Moving To CRUSH This Peaceful Protest By Brute Force, And TURDEAU Conveniently Has Disappeared Once Again!

Well, the day has come.. Now 20 days into the very peaceful protest in Ottawa against the criminally insane TURDEAU regime and their insidious ‘mandates’…..And word has it that right at this moment that I am typing this report, the brutal forces of the criminal Ottawa “police force” along with an assortment of ‘law enforcement’ brought into Ottawa to CRUSH this peaceful protest are ready to move forward and destroy the peaceful protests..

In fact, here is the LIVE FEED from Ottawa, from Youtube, about this impending AND horrific event:

I am so disgusted, and I am so ashamed for the fact that at one time I actually was proud to be Canadian.. But TURDEAU and his evil cronies in the WEF have firmly taken over this once free nation and are turning it so rapidly now into a full blown DICTATORSHIP…

This to me is such an outrageous violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.. AND everyone must be aware that the so called ‘police’ in this nation are supposed to ABIDE FULLY by the terms in that charter and actually protect the rights of citizens to gather freely and to have peaceful protests.. But obviously that Charter is now nothing more than a ‘scrap of paper’ as the criminals involved are hell bent on CRUSHING every concept left of freedom in this nation..

And watching that video for the last hour at least, I could not help but to think about those ‘peace officers’ that are doing this brutal crackdown…Do they not have their own families? Are they not in the least bit concerned that this is a fight for Freedom and by their willingness to participate in this destruction of true freedom, they are basically destroying their own families’ futures as well?

Obviously we are dealing with a combination of a well paid ‘force’ that has been hired to do brutality against unarmed people and crush possibly Canada’s last chance for real freedom… These fools are basically wrecking their own lives and the lives of their own families by participating in this tragedy…

And where the FUCK is that heinous criminal, Justin ‘I am a sick bastard with no dick’ son of Fidel Castro, TURDEAU? Well, apparently that heinous asshole and his entire gaggle of poodles and misfits that make up “Parliament” were told to NOT come to Parliament Hill today in ANTICIPATION of this heinous criminal act by so called ‘police’….

Yes, I have posted so many articles over the last while that have covered hopefully what is necessary to give everyone a clear picture of this brutality in Ottawa… This is indeed the last chance for real freedom in this nation, and sadly so many brain dead hypocrites that somehow call themselves ‘Canadians’ have done ZERO, ZIP, NADA to support this rightful cause for the nation….

I am sick and tired of the nonsense I hear about ‘OH, Those truckers in Ottawa are criminals’ and that load of lies is thanks to the compliant LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets in this nation that continue to do nothing but vilify this effort for freedom… And as I reported several days ago, some of these lying bastards had the NERVE to claim that ‘freedom’ is now a ‘right wing conspiracy’ to boot!

And the effect of this endless lying propaganda shows in most of the fools and morons that I run into that are NOT being told the real story about this Freedom Convoy… I and a few other brave. Canadians are so aghast at how our messages are being ignored and so few are seriously out there willing to support this cry for freedom at all…

I will try to keep this update short… I have said enough and the evidence and reality of what is happening in Ottawa is there in that video above for all to see…..

I want to be on the right side of history, as I can see the day when I have to answer to my grandchildren when they ask ‘Daddy, what did you do when the truckers tried to free our nation?’…. I will be able to look at them square in the eye and say ‘I did my best and fought hard to make this nation free, but so few listened’……

This story is not over, and I will be ‘updating’ this ‘update’ soon with more information that comes my way… So stay tuned..

Update, February 18th, 2022: THIS is a MUST SEE VIDEO as a person who was there today as the criminal so called “Police Force” moved in today and BRUTALLY beat and did so much damage to the peaceful protestors in Ottawa… HERE is that video:

YES, you will never hear anything about this brutality through the lying whore media outlets..

I am so ashamed to call myself a Canadian now and I truly want to crawl under a rock realizing that this nation is NOW GONE.. Where the fuck are the people of this nation? This criminal action by these criminals will go down in history as possibly the darkest day in Canadian history…

My nation is now gone….. Tyranny has taken over and the future is now bleak as there is no freedom, no real democracy, and nothing but mindless sheep instead of true brave and patriotic people….

AND … Another sad and disturbing update on this horrible situation in Ottawa, February 18th, 2022: Here is a BITCHUTE video that was sent my way a short time ago showing how the brutal maniacs in the “Police Force” that has now destroyed the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa actually ATTACKED the freedom fighters on HORSEBACK of all things.. .AND apparently some people got trampled in the process (no update on major injuries yet..)… This is very disturbing and a must SEE by everyone:

Yes, we are dealing with lunatics and weaponized thugs against INNOCENT AND UNARMED civilians that are only exercising their rights to peacefully protest…

I again want the ENTIRE WORLD to see THIS and see the level of tyranny that is now this formerly free nation called ‘Canada’… Be prepared in fact for if you think these lunatics will stop after destroying Canada and not duplicate this same tyranny in your own nations, then you are either badly mistaken or completely stupid…

One more update, February 18th, 2022: Someone sent me the following photo and it shows the police brutality in Ottawa in full motion as the ‘POLICE’ on horseback definitely trampled an innocent protestor:

This one picture says it all, and should be spread WORLD WIDE to show the truth about this hideous act by these criminals… SPREAD THAT ONE FAR AND WIDE, EVERYONE!

AND another update, February 18th, 2022: Apparently, and most sadly, that woman in the picture above that got trampled by these police THUGS died from her injuries… YES, we now have the first fatality thanks to this police brutality!

*Important update, February 18th, 2022: Apparently there is news ‘spreading around’ that this woman has NOT died at all from her injuries, and that the reports that she died due to injuries by being ‘trampled to death’ are not true and actually misleading… I am awaiting word to sort out the facts on this one, and if she indeed has not died then that is some relief, even though getting injured by being trampled on by a horse is severe enough.

And Greencrow is also all over this travesty, as she has released an update a while ago and I have the link to her report here:

Yes, this is indeed a horrific travesty… But the question is how many more are going to either severely injured or even die, thanks to this action that was absolutely ordered by that FUCKING CRIMINAL in charge, TURDEAU..

I am not going to hold any punches here.. TRUDEAU is now not only a war criminal but could eventually be a murderer as well… He and those responsible for ordering this brutal attack today on the citizens of Canada must be held fully accountable and brought to justice..

And… Someone sent me the following BRANDNEWTUBE link that shows how these sick freaks on horseback went and trampled that brave woman with NO regard for her life:


Honestly, after watching that brutality that led to her being severely injured at least, I just hope that ALL of those fuckers that had the nerve to do such a horrible thing ROT IN HELL for what they have done..

Please, by all means, spread that BRANDNEWTUBE link far and wide and show EVERYONE the truth about what has just happened in Ottawa… EVERYONE must demand immediately that TURDEAU and his entire regime be forced out for this horrific action alone.

And another update, February 18th, 2022: No update on the other people that were also trampled on by the POLICE THUGS on horseback… Apparently at least two others sustained serious injuries and one is in severe condition in hospital.. Thus we may be seeing only the beginning of this horror show, as more reports do come in…

One other astute reader sent me the link to this ‘Information Liberation’ article that has a great number of ‘twitter’ feeds directly from the protestors involved in this police brutality in Ottawa, and I want to share that link here:


I watched all of those ‘twitter’ feeds and I am so deeply saddened even more than I was before.. This is supposed to be CANADA for fuck sake! Where are all the Canadian people that should be up in arms right now against these criminals in our government for this atrocity happening in Ottawa? Apparently most are so heavily damaged by the KILL SHOTS that are destroying their bodies and especially their MINDS that most are simply too stupid to live and will sit back and do nothing while this nation goes to hell…

More to come


15 thoughts on “Updates On Freedom Convoy In Ottawa: Criminal Police Forces Now Moving To CRUSH This Peaceful Protest By Brute Force, And TURDEAU Conveniently Has Disappeared Once Again!

  1. I have heard on my own controlled media outlet (NPR) down here that all of the Canadian truckers are “holocaust deniers!” Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Damn Jews will always let you know who is running things.


  2. Hey… I am a holy hoax denier… But that is due to common sense and logic…

    The damn Jews are everywhere, and need to eventually rooted out for their crimes…BUT fat chance of that happening due to their overwhelming control of governments and the lying whore media..


  3. You know it Pisses me off that White People, Americans, Canadians, and Europeans have no idea about how the system works.
    It would take 6 months or better to get a protester prepared for the task at hand, that is, how to get arrested and cause the cops to go into chaotic disorder. 100 prepared protesters could swamp the cops in their own legal bullshit to the point that they literally can not do their jobs.
    A department will freeze up
    When just 3-4 knowlegable , and experienced “Arrestees”get hauled in.
    It takes experience. Knowledge is required but not enouph. The psychological game that the police under a BAR member play upon an arrestee is quite scary without experience.
    Let’s take Tamara Lich as an example. She volunteered her name, and so did her idiot friends. Then she told them to arrest her. She has no clue of what’s she’s doing and will be out on bail under a lawyers representation, then fined, and owe restitution. SHE WILL ALSO BE ON A FORM OF PROBATION. this will include her promises to not protest, be available for searches of her private stuff etc unless she’s got the bucks to pay off the BAR by hiring a lawyer.
    Wam- bam in and out, and no problem for the police, and they make money off of her arrest.
    Willful ignorance of the law.
    Only 1 out of 1000 actually know what the fuck I’m talking about and unfortunately those that know are commie antifa shitbags.
    Our people have to LEARN.


    1. Then you really will love the complete immorality of the TURDEAU regime which recently stipulated that their ‘Emergency Measures Act’ apparently only applies to WHITE PROTESTORS…. Yes, just how sick can you get with that kind of rules?


  4. Regarding the police and their actions…

    “Do they not have their own families? Are they not in the least bit concerned that this is a fight for Freedom and by their willingness to participate in this destruction of true freedom, they are basically destroying their own families’ futures as well?”

    “These fools are basically wrecking their own lives and the lives of their own families by participating in this tragedy…”

    Is it some oath they took when sworn in as police officers? Are they exempt from any mandates? I know, I know, they need a paycheck to put food on the table. Why the hell can’t they see the big picture? They are destroying their own futures. They should be united in giving Trudeau one big collective finger! Imagine the humiliation Trudeau would feel if all the police refused to arrest anyone! There is a time for mutiny and this is it! If they all stuck together how could they be fired? What a disappointment.

    Knowing that Trudeau profits off of every death jab given to Canadians, are there any conflict of interest charges he could be brought up on? I should assume the courts are too corrupt to do anything about it?

    Seeing the truckers being led off in handcuffs was about as difficult to watch as a dog being hit by a truck. Heartbreaking, considering how much good they’ve done and intended to do and the effort they put in. Trudeau is the one who should be led off in handcuffs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I keep asking myself that same question… Do these ‘police’ even have souls? Do they not realize that they are wrecking their own children’s futures by participating in the destruction of freedom?

      Obviously, most are too stupid for their own good and do not give a flying fuck at all.. I just hope that they will be rooted out when we take back our planet and have them all put on trial for their parts in the brutalization of citizens..

      And about TURDEAU? He is well protected by the WEF maniacs and those in Canada with the money meaning the JEWS…. This fool is still their ‘man’ even though he did stick his ugly foot in his mouth on Wednesday in Parliament when he insulted them all..

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi NTS:

    Yes, it’s quite a mystery about the elderly indigenous woman with a walker who was trampled by the RCMP horses. Keean Bexte who is usually reliable said she died of her injuries. Later Chris Sky said that she was okay and at home. Then Jim Stone said that was dysinfo and that she died,. Of course, the Ottawa police issued a statement sayding:

    “No demonstrators were injured in the making of this horseback trampling of demonstrators movie’.

    or words to that effect. So we’ll see in the morning what went down. Lincoln Jay from Rebel News says that they’ve declared it a stand off for the night and will resume the mayhem in the morning.

    OMG. All this is taking place in front of the Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Ottawa…where I used to go and loved to stay when visiting Ottawa. Wonder why they all don’t take a break and skate on the Rideau Canal.Should be nicely frozen at this time.

    I hate when I fall for fake news…if that’s what the story about the woman’s demise was.


  6. Same here, young lady.. I have been to Ottawa several times but I never stayed at the Chateau Frontenac, for that place was way too damn expensive…

    Most of my time was spent out in Hull which is now Gatineau in Quebec just across the Ottawa River where I had relatives on my mother’s side live…..

    When my better half and I went to Ottawa to visit back in 2015, as she had never been there before, she found the place actually quite boring and she liked Toronto and Niagara Falls a lot nicer and better.


  7. “Innocent until proven guilty” DIED long ago here in the jewnited queerdom. All it takes to be convicted, especially of a “thought crime”, is for someone – anyone – to say he or she thinks you may have said or done whatever you’re accused of – even if your accuser wasn’t present at the time of the imaginary “crime”!

    Innocent people have been “convicted” in the corrupt courts of breaking “laws” that don’t exist just because some cop thought something “should be” illegal. To be accused is to be convicted here in thought-crime Britain.

    For decades now, it’s been “guilty unless proven innocent” (which has been made practically impossible).


    As for the situation in Canada, Australia, Austria, France, etc, “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable”.

    Though not wanting to “incite” anything here because that would be very naughty and make that (not very) “nice” Mr zog very angry (suitably childish language), my personal opinion is that the time for peaceful protest is over.

    Even under (((their))) “laws” (which they ignore), we have the RIGHT to use superior force against a violent attacker.

    I predict that sooner or later those thugs will start to find their families slaughtered or their homes burned down. Again, not “inciting” anything, just understanding Human Nature, something the scum in control can never do because they’re not fully Human.

    Just imagine the damage those trucks could do once the truckers realise they’ve got nothing left to lose and decide to turn the tables on their attackers.


  8. Chrystia Freeland has announced some of the powers the government now has given themselves under the Emergencies Act will be made permanent.


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