Canadian Freedom Convoy: Updates, And Criminal Justin TURDEAU Is Wanting To Be Dictator Of Canada!

My, how less than 24 hours earlier we saw increasing hope that the freedom convoy in Ottawa, along with other freedom protests across this once proud nation called ‘Canada’ were going to finally free all Canadians from the tyranny imposed by that fucking criminal bastard, son of Fidel Castro, Justin “I am indeed a turd and have no dick” TURDEAU…. That was then, but this is now..

By now, nearly everyone is aware that this heinous prick, that should be IN JAIL for his pushing of ‘vaccines’ into everyone just to make massive profits from these lethal injections as shown by David Martin’s recent expose, got up to the podium late yesterday afternoon and announced that he was going to impose the CANADIAN WAR MEASURES ACT (They just renamed it the “Emergency measures act” back in the early 1990’s to make it look more palatable for Canadians to swallow) based on the LIES that the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa is somehow a ‘threat to national security’….. And if that ‘act’ is passed this week by the poodles and garbage that makes up Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa, it could signal the END of freedom in this nation as TURDEAU will basically become a FULL BLOWN Dictator!

Yes, I too am so shocked that this was even allowed to come forward, for I for the life of me cannot even figure out HOW these psychotic bastards can even claim that the Freedom Convoy and other protesting groups across this formerly free nation called Canada, can even be ‘labeled’ as either ‘terrorists’ or a ‘threat to Canada’s national security’? BUT the reality is that the LYING WHORE MEDIA OUTLETS in Canada can be credited with being 100% to blame, as they portrayed for the last 18+ days that these freedom fighters were ‘a menace to Canadian society’ and/or ‘terrorists’!

And that false portrayal of Canada’s Freedom Convoy and freedom fighters as a ‘danger to Canadian society’ even went as far as to call them all ‘Russian agents’… When I saw the reports that came out of the lying whore media outlets here in Canada claiming that the ‘Freedom Convoy’ was being run and financed by the Russian Federation and that ‘Russian agents’ were involved, I fell off my chair and just howled…. But believe it or not, but these fucking lying bastards in the Canadian media have NOT given up on their sheer stupidity about ‘Russian Agents’ running the Freedom Convoy, as you can see here in a link to a Zero Hedge report here:

Yes, that is just one of the examples of the lunacy put out by the REAL driving force behind this insane push by the lying whore media outlets here in Canada that I blame 100% as being the driving force behind this insane ‘Emergency Measures Act’ that the psycho TURDEAU pushed yesterday…

And what about the actual mindset of this mental case TURDEAU who honestly has ALWAYS wanted to be Canada’s ‘dictator’? You need not go further than the link to this report where this freak’s personal propaganda machine, called the CBC, is actually claiming that ‘Freedom’ is a ‘FAR RIGHT CONCEPT’! Here is that link here:

I read that article, and wanted to throw up.. Freedom is NOT a ‘far right concept’ but should be the RIGHT by everyone world wide! For these pricks at the CBC to even push this horrific lie is mind boggling and shows HOW they are in lockstep with this monster, TRUDEAU, as he wants to truly become Canada’s first ‘Dictator’.

OK, About the outcry by Canadians against this heinous act by that ‘little dictator’ in Ottawa? We need not go much further than to see what the ‘Canadian Civil Liberties Association’ has to say about this OUTRAGEOUS move made by TURDEAU, in the following link to a report here:

Yes, THIS should be a warning to ALL Canadians, as this monster is definitely now wanting to make himself the DICTATOR of Canada, and he will probably try, in one of his first actions once he gets his ‘Emergency Measures Act’ “WAR POWERS” in place will be to suspend nearly all clauses in Canada’s ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ using the falsehood that Canada is somehow ‘under threat’ by Freedom Fighters and protestors as his basis!

And we see some of the first major ‘push backs’ against ALL freedom loving Canadians happen very quickly now, as apparently BANKS in Canada have now been ‘authorized’ to FREEZE ALL ACCOUNTS associated with ANYONE that has anything to do with the ‘Freedom Convoy’ and protest rallies across this nation… THIS is in fact 100% illegal, as the ONLY way previously that banks were even allowed to attack a person’s personal bank accounts was through a ‘court order’… BUT not any more, as TURDEAU will indeed use his ’emergency powers’ given to him under that heinous ‘Emergency Measures Act’ to do such a dastardly thing as shown in the following link to a report from the BBC here:

I too am greatly appalled by such action, for all of this is 100% unwarranted and has no basis of fact! I have been looking for ANY evidence of ANY actual ‘violent’ acts or ‘insurrections’ being planned by the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and elsewhere across this nation, and I have found ZERO…

In fact, the lying whore media outlets here in Canada DID attempt to ‘set up’ a possible basis of ‘insurrection’ by protestors out at Coutts Alberta, as the RCMP criminals did claim that they ‘seized weapons’ from supposed a group of ’13 protestors’, as you will see in the following link to a report here:

OK, THAT was yesterday.. And my how 24 hours the entire story has now changed, as EVIDENCE has now come forward showing that those ‘weapons’ were indeed ‘planted’ at Coutts, Alberta (most definitely by the RCMP themselves) to give some ‘evidence’ that the heinous prick TRUDEAU could use as yet another ‘excuse’ to impose his Emergency decree!

Here in fact is a BITCHUTE video, where former RCMP officer, Daniel Bulford, comes out and states that there is NO evidence of protestors coming with ‘firearms’ to Coutts, Alberta, and ALL evidence that this was indeed a set up:

I am NOT surprised, as we have long been aware that the criminal TURDEAU regime would indeed plant ‘agent provocateurs’ at EVERY protest rally, BOTH in Ottawa and elsewhere…

And, in fact, here is a report that comes once again from ‘Zero Hedge’ where the Freedom Convoy organizers in Ottawa, actually went to the Ottawa Police rightfully claiming that Nefarious Elements were going to try to discredit the entire freedom movement.. Here is that link:

I for one am not in the least bit surprised… TURDEAU would have surely loved to have some type of “incident” take place just so he would have his ‘excuse’ for his ludicrous ‘Emergency Measures Act’ imposed on Canadians… Luckily, that was not going to happen, and therefore this asshole decided to just use the LYING WHORE MEDIA constant lies as his basis to hammer Canadians instead..

OK, Obviously we as Canadians are now FUCKED as most of the brainwashed and triple jabbed retards out there will simply bend over and accept giving that monster TURDEAU dictatorial powers and simply watch what used to be a truly free nation finally dissolve into perpetual tyranny… I honestly am so angry now, as just days ago I thought there was truly hope for real freedom and liberty in this nation.

Well… What about the present situation with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa itself? Well, they are still there, and entering day 18 of their protests in front of Parliament Hill… The organizers of the rally did in fact have a late press conference AFTER TURDEAU announced that he was wanting to be dictator of Canada, and I have the BITCHUTE video of that conference here:

Sorry about some of the audio in that video….This was actually one of the better ones that I have seen out there.

I am glad that these convoy organizers are still in ‘good spirits’ in spite of the dangers that they now face… They are indeed ‘holding the line’ in Ottawa in spite of now being subjected to increased hardship by having their bank accounts frozen, threats of having their driver licenses ‘revoked’ and facing now ‘heavy fines’ that could be imposed by the increasingly militarized Ottawa police goons…. They are indeed proud Canadians and do understand that this is a battle for ALL of our freedoms and liberties and will NOT leave until either the ‘mandates’ are lifted against ALL Canadians, or if they are suddenly all arrested in what may soon be a heavy government crackdown that could lead to, and very sadly, bloodshed against the protestors.

And we must ALL remember that there are not only truck drivers in Ottawa, but their families as well.. Attempts to cut off ‘funds’ to this group will only HARM many children if the intention is to starve them out and make them all ‘go broke’…..

I do hope that the citizens of Ottawa are well aware of this criminality by the TURDEAU regime and is acting in the interests of the protestors to keep them all well fed and safe…

Well… What about the ‘mandates’ themselves that these freedom fighters are wanting to be removed immediately… WELL, believe it or not, but there was an actual ‘vote’ yesterday in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill, where a ‘bill’ was tabled by the Opposition Conservative party to immediately call on the Governing “Liberals” to begin the process of rescinding ALL ‘mandates’ and to put a ‘time frame’ in place for when the ‘mandates’ would end…

But of course that ‘bill’ was defeated on the floor of the Commons as the ruling ‘Liberals’ once again could count on their “LIBERAL LIGHT’ minions and fools in the ‘New Democratic Party’ to side with them to squash this most important bill! Here is a CTV news lying whore media report on this criminal action yesterday, here:

I am so angry and deeply appalled by this action by the assholes in the NDP party.. That ‘Jagmeet Singh’ who is the leader of that group of about 30 scoundrels is nothing but a TRAITOR to all Canadians, and every Canadian must remember this criminal action for if and when there is another ‘vote’ for the government and see ALL of these 30 traitors defeated!

Well, there you go.. A good attempt to finally get the fraud ‘mandates’ ended came crashing down yesterday… And now that heinous prick TURDEAU will be able to keep his ‘mandates’ going and destroy even MORE lives in this once proud nation with his personal money making ‘vaccines’!

Before I do close this update, that will be continuously updated for the rest of today as more information comes forward, I do once again want to present the link to today’s report from my fellow colleague Greencrow, from over on the ‘left coast’ here in Canada.. Here is Greencrow’s report for today:

Thanks again, Greencrow, for your fabulous insight into what has been happening in this formerly free nation…. And yes, this should be an immediate call to action by all freedom loving Canadians, as we MUST resist this tyranny in Ottawa by that dictator wannabe and support ALL of the Freedom Convoys and protests across this nation now… Our very future is at stake!

First update, February 15th, 2022: I can always count on Jim Stone, over at to put in his own ‘two cents worth’ of opinion as well as some real facts about what is going on up here in Canada right now.. And here is Jim’s latest report here:

NOT RUMOR: Canada really did suspend insurance, registration, bank accounts and more for any trucker seen associated with the protests.

The Truckers want to take it to the next level because they have nothing to lose, but they don’t know who to target. I’ll give a big hint: TRUDEAU IS A JEW, and every last person that told you to stick it from an official level is also. Plus the shot is 100 percent Jewish. Ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones? Look it up, they were serious, and no, Israel did not get vaxxed, they faked it so they can scream “victim” along with the rest of the world for show. They cannot be unscathed, that would be too obvious.

FACT: A butchered goat can cry out all it wants, but as long as no one gets kicked, no one cares and the goat gets eaten. This is why they want to maintain the “non violence” status quo and they don’t care if you freeze or starve to death refusing their kill shot as long as nothing happens but screaming and complaining. Either way they accomplish the same objective. The Jews absolutely WILL eat and destroy the people in the societies they subvert – as long as no one on their side gets hurt, they don’t give a shit. Canada just proved that. 

Now, one thing can be said – the completely Jewish controlled government angered all of Canada to the next level with their “emergency declaration” calling the truckers “terrorists”, especially when the truckers totally kept their cool and are absolutely not guilty of anything, other than “screaming”. The Jews in the goverment obviously regarded them as “butchered goats” where no one actually got kicked. So they are happy. But it appears the backlash is going to be BIG.  Suggestion: If you get your accounts stolen or anything else that makes it impossible to live, a peacefulway to send a message would be to make damn good and sure their communities do not have power. There’s lots that can be done without actually “getting violent”. I will wait to see what people think up before posting more.

NTS Notes: Actually, many may not like this, but Jim is 100% correct.. Canada’s banks are all controlled by private JEWISH interests as a matter of FACT, just like the American ‘Federal Reserve’ private central bank… And the FACTS are that since Fidel Castro, Trudeau’s REAL biological father, was very much 100% JEWISH and Margaret Sinclair aka Margaret Trudeau’s past family ‘tree’ includes the Jewish ‘Bernard’ group that was part of the JEWISH ‘Dutch East Indies’ group, and “Jewishness” is passed along the maternal line, that makes JUSTIN at LEAST 1/2 to very possibly 100% Jewish… (Also note that Margaret ‘converted to Catholicism’ to marry Pierre Eliot Trudeau back in 1971, and from WHAT religion previously?)… Therefore, will wonders ever cease? And do not be fooled by the fraud that he is ‘Catholic’ for that is pure nonsense and nothing but a ‘cover’ as we have seen so many times with truly JEWISH world leaders… Just something more of interest about ‘Justin’ indeed…

Yet another update, February 15th, 2022: Yes, we as Canadians have been lied to and are truly FUCKED, as here is the evidence that the ‘leader’ of the criminal New Democratic Party up here in Canada aka the “Liberal wannabes’ is nothing but another WEF brainwashed puppet and minion:

And Canadians should be shocked? Do not be, for ‘leaders’ are always chosen by the real power elite that runs this planet and NEVER chosen by the fools and retards out there that actually ‘vote’ for them!

Yes… Another Update, February 15th, 2022: I want to present the following conference that was held shortly after that Prime Sinister, Justin TURDEAU, tried to hammer Canadians yesterday, where REAL doctors Paul Alexander and Roger Hodkinson, presented their ‘rebuttal’ to that criminal and laid it all out that the ‘vaccines’ aka KILL SHOTS simply do NOT work and that so called ‘mandates’ must be lifted immediately! Here is that BITCHUTE video here:

I do like Doctor Paul Alexander, BUT he is a doctor and does NOT see the REAL picture in that Justin TURDEAU will NEVER LISTEN to anyone as he is doing as commanded by his criminal masters in the WEF to destroy the lives of Canadians with their poisonous KILL SHOTS!

I therefore see NO alternative for Canadians now… IF this monster gets his ‘Emergency Measures Act’ through that fraud called ‘Parliament’ shortly, as expected, then we must resist and I can clearly see a full blown civil war erupting in Canada UNLESS the military and other police forces across Canada do come to the support of the freedom fighters and go into Ottawa to have this ultra criminal psychotic freak ARRESTED for his long list of crimes against humanity!

If there ever was a time in Canada to ‘Live Free Or Die’ and fight for freedom, that time is now!

Yes….Yet another update, February 15th, 2022: Apparently, the Prime Sinister, psycho and man with no dick, Justin TURDEAU has gone completely bonkers and shows how truly psychotic he really is… HERE is the proof, from Jim Stone’s website at, where apparently this freak has threatened to arrest PRIVATE COMPANY Tow Truck drivers for refusing to do as they are ‘commanded’ and tow away the trucks and rigs that are still occupying downtown Ottawa.. Here is that article:


Everything Canada has done over the last few days is straight out of Stalin’s playbook, and THAT deserves a place in history. This one is STUNNING.

Yes, Jim is 100% correct, as tow truck companies are indeed private firms and therefore fall outside of Federal government ‘legislation’ and/or rules… They are private contractors and are paid as such AND absolutely do not need to ‘obey’ such insanity…

Therefore, this is INSANITY, and shows how truly EVIL AND UNHINGED this freak truly is…

The bottom line is this; TURDEAU HAS TO GO NOW! AND BY FORCE if necessary, for ALL Canadians will be brutalized by this mentally psychotic freak if he gets his ‘Emergency powers’ as he wants!

More to come


10 thoughts on “Canadian Freedom Convoy: Updates, And Criminal Justin TURDEAU Is Wanting To Be Dictator Of Canada!

  1. All the peace love and unity the truckers promised will yield nothing.

    The cabal only knows the meaning of force and they have NO SCRUPLES WHATEVER about using it.

    If they’re not going to fight – they will be wiped out.



  2. Thanks for linking me NTS. I also linked your post to mine. The two videos you posted above are absolutely crucial for every Canadian and lover of Freedom worldwide to watch and share!


    1. And thanks for the ping back at your site…

      You, Penny, and I are truly out there trying to reach Canadians with everything that we possibly can to awaken them and it continues to be nothing but an uphill battle that always sees our hopes crushed…

      But cheer up, for apparently from what I have been getting as emails these days from so many readers, we are making a dent here and there, and people are more likely to read our reports than anything from the lying whore media outlets as well give them the truth and a reality check!


  3. NTS – Any chance of a link to that final video above where the doctors are telling the truth about the “covid” scam? I’m saving videos like this one as evidence and, if computing survives in anything like it’s present form, as history to show the progress of the (failed, we hope) worldwide communist power grab for future generations. So far I’ve got well over a thousand videos, probably nearer 1500.

    As for the mental state of so-called “leaders”, the turd appears far from sane, as does the raving lunatic Dan Andrews in Australia. The eugenicist Alexander Bey (alias “Boris Johnson”) here in Britain is still saving for his first brain cell. Macron in France has said the “unvaccinated” are no longer citizens and (polite version) he wants to defecate all over them, and I don’t know what lunatics are in charge of Austria and other countries, but it’s clear to me that these mentally unstable freaks have been specifically chosen to front this scam.

    The reason for choosing such obvious lunatics and psychopaths is to provide us with low-value “targets” for when it all goes wrong for (((them))). Obviously they think they’re going to succeed, but they’re perfectly willing to throw a few morons under the bus if it all goes wrong, as it must if Humanity is to survive.

    Don’t give up, NTS. We WILL win because we MUST. There’ll be setbacks, but victory WILL be OURS.

    Once we’ve dealt with the msm and the freaks that think they own us, we need to go after the real conspirators.

    Rothschild, Rockefeller and the rest of the “thirteen bloodlines”. If they survive, Humanity won’t.


  4. Not sure of you’re aware of this, but very few of the links will open, the few that do said, “This page blocked” or, “This page cannot be found”, etc.; and none of the videos you posted show up. Could be you’re being censored! WordPress has been somehow censoring my own blog, too, concerning the freedom convoys.


    1. I double checked again, and the links are all working FROM this end.. I even tried several other search engines such as ‘Brave’ and ‘Firefox’ and I was able to get into the links easily…

      I cannot answer for what is happening at your end, and possibly your ‘ISP’ is the fault and not your own…. You could be right that some are having ‘censorship’ problems, but again it is not prevalent at least for the moment from this end..

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Update: seems most of it was from my end, however, the link to “ came up “blocked” again. Could still be from my own device, if it opens for you.
    Very interesting blog post. Thanks for keeping on top of this bid for freedom!


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