He Is Back: The Latest Video By None Other Than The ‘Old Man In A Chair’ Himself, Doctor Vernon Coleman

Yes, it has been a bit of a long time… And personally I had grown a bit worried that Doctor Vernon Coleman, out of the UK, and he of the great ‘Old Man In A Chair’ video series that was up to 300 videos (Most were unceremoniously removed at that shit site called ‘Youtube’ of course thanks to their fraud censorship)… I had thought that it may have been possible that either someone had gotten to Doctor Coleman and either threatened him or his family to stop his fight against the entire scam-demic, OR I thought that maybe Doctor Coleman had finally given up as he is indeed getting on in his years and was possibly wanting to hand the torch off to others to continue this war… Thank goodness I was wrong on both counts…

Therefore, I do want to present the following brand new video from Doctor Vernon Coleman, right here from BITCHUTE first for everyone to view for themselves….

And for those who do not like BITCHUTE and want a decent link to the video, here it is via BRANDNEWTUBE:


NTS Notes: I can say thank goodness that Doctor Coleman is indeed back.. And of course this video is fabulous as it lays it all out with facts that this scam-demic has indeed been the GREATEST hoax in all of human history..

I do hope that readers do take this video and put it up at their sites, and/or spread it around to others to see for themselves…. We are still in a state of war, and even though these pricks may indeed now be ‘shifting gears’ to try to get away from their parts in this genocide, we all must make sure that they all do NOT escape the justice that they deserve for this horrendous crime.. A GOOD hanging for all of these monsters would be a decent start IMHO..

More to come


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