The Russians Are NOT Coming: The Only Threat To Ukraine Is NATO And The US Themselves.

I am so sick and tired of the false rhetoric that is being pushed by the lying whores in the media outlets these days about how ‘Russia is about to invade Ukraine’ that I knew that I had to get some REAL TRUTHS out there for readers to understand that the only THREAT to Ukraine is and always has been the US/NATO and themselves…

Well, where to start? How about an analysis of the ‘news’ out there about this bullshit ‘Russian invasion of Ukraine’… And I want to start with this vomiting and ludicrous report from “NBC News” that is nothing more than false propaganda and shows how absolutely BRAIN DEAD that criminal pedophile freak Joe Biden, that has the nerve to call himself the US ‘President’ truly is… Here is the link to that BS article here:

That is just one of so many propaganda hit pieces that I have seen in just the last 24 hours… And the propaganda gets even MORE ludicrous as we shall see in the following report from Russia Today at, where apparently ‘Putin’s plans for invasion of Ukraine’ were very conveniently ‘discovered’ and the lying whore media of course is pushing such nonsense..HERE is that link here:

Honestly? Do these fucking morons now running the lying whore media honestly think that people are this stupid that they will swallow that horse shit? A ‘map of imminent invasion was discovered’? What? Did they have some junior high school or elementary children draw up that map and try to sell it to the stupid out there? I have to just howl at such nonsense…

And once again, I have to turn to some logic here… RUSSIA HAS NO INTENTIONS OF INVADING UKRAINE, EVER, PERIOD… All of this ‘rhetoric’ of Russia wanting to “invade” Ukraine comes only from the sick and twisted minds of the freaks in the US Pentagram as well as those same freaks that make up NATO…..

But hold on… Many may say “NTS, What about the Russian build up of forces on their side of the border with Ukraine?”…. My answer is WHERE??? I have been monitoring so much material from the Russian news through sites such as Russia Today, and others, and I find zilch, nada, no such build up happening on the Russian side at all….

And for those who claim that there are ‘Russian troop movements’ happening in RUSSIAN territory on the north side of the Ukrainian border? Here is a reality check, for that is indeed RUSSIAN TERRITORY, and those movements are akin to the US National Guard and Us military constantly moving forces and munitions across the United States side of the border with Canada… Does that mean that the US is about to invade Canada???? People need to give their heads a shake definitely on this one…

Ah yes, but we have the reports of some 100000 Russian forces on the border with Ukraine to be used in an ‘invasion’ of Ukraine… Honestly, are people truly this stupid?? Take a look in any atlas at the length of the border between Russia and Ukraine which is at least 1000 Kilometres in total length… How the fuck can ANY nation possibly launch a major invasion of a nation with that long a border with ONLY 100000 troops? But again, the lying whore media is banking on the sheer ignorance of the general public in this one… HERE is a reality check for everyone: If Russia was going to invade Ukraine, they would put as many as 1/2 million to 1 million troops and a huge concentration of fire power on their side for that planned invasion… But do we see such a build up? Hell no…..

And we have the morons out there screaming “Well, Russia has already invaded Ukraine when they annexed Crimea”…. Honestly, how stupid do people have to be on this one? Crimea was NEVER EVER ‘Ukraine territory’ and was actually handed over to the former Ukraine SSR back in the 1950’s to ‘administer’.. That agreement called for at a future date for the Crimean people to decide if they wanted to stay with Ukraine or to decide their own future within the Soviet Union. And when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, the Crimean people wanted to leave Ukraine and go their own way, but were enticed by Ukraine to stay as part of their now free nation as a semi-autonomous region AND one that could decide if they wanted to leave Ukraine freely at a future date….

Fast forward to 2014 and the false ‘Maidan Revolution’ that turned Ukraine into a US run puppet regime, and the people of Crimea were truly pissed at what Ukraine had allowed itself to become… The Crimean people voted in a FULLY FREE and UN OBSERVED referendum in mid 2014 to separate from Ukraine, and the people overwhelmingly voted for that separation by a 96% majority vote…. AFTER that vote to rightfully leave Ukraine, another referendum was launched and the people OVERWHELMINGLY decided by a nearly 98% vote to join with the Russian Federation… The people of Crimea voted for their future and without outside interference and rightfully decided to join up with Russia… There was NO coercion and NO so called ‘annexation’ by force by Russia, and therefore NO INVASION OF CRIMEA…..

BUT of course the Kiev US Puppet regime did not like what the Crimean people did in deciding their own future which they had every right to do…. And of course we have the lying whore media constantly harp the LIE that Russia ‘stole’ or Russia ‘annexed’ Crimea, when they 100% absolutely did no such thing…. UN International law calls for people everywhere to decide their own future without outside interference and that is exactly what happened in Crimea…

Yes, the Russians are NOT coming.. And Russia has ZERO plans for invasion of Ukraine…. But tell that reality to the gullible, NOW brain dead from the KILL SHOTS, sheep and all we get is that clear look of stupidity…… Russia is NO THREAT to anyone and has in all cases in regards to this ever increasing troubling situation in Ukraine been the REAL statesman and one that only wants all of this push by NATO to start a war against them over ‘Ukraine’ to be halted..

And yes, what has the criminal organization called ‘NATO’ been doing in regards to Ukraine? Here are a few links to a few examples of NATO warmongering in progress:

Yes, these FREAKS in NATO are moving a massive amount of military hardware into Ukraine, and all this over a non-existent threat of a Russian invasion? Who are the REAL belligerents here?

And here is another one, and this one involves that freak of a Prime Minister here in Canada, Justin Trudeau, moving Canadian ‘special forces’ into Ukraine for this non-existent ‘Russian invasion’:

Honestly, ‘training mission’ my ASS! This is blatant war mongering on the part of that freak in Ottawa, and he is expecting the Canadian sheep to swallow this ‘training mission’ LIE….

And we have a huge amount of articles over the last while about other NATO criminal governments moving a massive amount of war material and forces to the Russian border as well as moving a heck of a lot of ordinance and MEN into Ukraine directly…. Now ask yourselves this; WHO is being the ‘aggressor’ here? Obviously not the Russian Federation by a long shot..

And what about the people of Ukraine themselves? For obvious reasons, the citizens of Ukraine are never being allowed to voice their opinions, and all we get are the lying whore media outlets pushing forward the propaganda that their poodle US run puppet regime is all gung-ho for this ‘war’ with Russia…. I seriously doubt that the Ukrainian public is even being told the truth about the REAL situation as the propaganda is out there non-stop being pushed by the Kiev criminals that Russia is somehow the ‘evil ones’ in all this mess AND that NATO is somehow their ‘friend’ and is coming to their ‘defence’….

So the question becomes; WHY this rush to war with Russia? It so so obvious as the freaks running the scam-demic have FAILED in their want to have BILLIONS DEAD as soon as possible by forcing these KILL SHOTS into everyone.. AND as people everywhere are now waking the fuck up to the truth that they have been fooled into taking KILL SHOTS that will indeed make the majority DEAD within the next few years, their anger is now turning against these freaks..

Therefore these monsters are realizing the ‘jig is up’ with their GENOCIDE via KILL SHOTS, and to cover for their actions and to divert everyone away from them, they want a nice little war going that will possibly kill BILLIONS while they escape to their private well armed islands, chateaus, or even to possibly Antarctica, to ride out the storm and await the end of such a horrific conflict to once again run the world…. Yes, these freaks truly are sick…

The bottom line is this… THE RUSSIANS ARE NOT COMING, ARE NOT ABOUT TO INVADE UKRAINE, and are 100% not the evil aggressors in all this madness… People need to wake up so desperately now, for these freaks in NATO and the US are indeed planning a ‘false flag’ or some other criminal action just to get a war launched against Russia and somehow try to convince the stupid out there that such a war is somehow ‘pre-emptive’ or ‘defensive’ against ‘Russian aggression’ which in itself is also non-existent…

Yours truly is just sickened by what I am seeing happening in Ukraine and the 100% lies of Russian ‘aggression’…. I have long said that NATO is NOT a ‘defensive organization’ by a long shot and I stand by that statement as I have too long seen that statement as pure bullshit… The people therefore deserve the real truth about Ukraine and I am pulling no punches here in giving them the real truth.

More to come


2 thoughts on “The Russians Are NOT Coming: The Only Threat To Ukraine Is NATO And The US Themselves.

  1. Good one. Putin is certainly part of “the club” contrary to what droppings appear in the alternative press…just like Gorland Blormph (trump). The fact that he let a Gayop color revolution coup succeed in controlling Ukraine in the first place- when Ukraine is the only place that can grow food for them since they live next to santa claus. Putin still locks up the true russian nationalists – same old gulags. But how is he “invading” a region that has always been russian and always critical to their economic survival? …. The war would be the usual, jew vs jew and the goyim die.

    The daily dilemma of seeking a higher consciousness or giving into one’s obnoxious abilities to continue to be a repugnant dickhead is an easy choice for most in this broad-minded cesspit the gods regard as a total loss. But don’t blame the gods for their abandonment, for this is what enlightened pieces of excrement masquerading as human beings believe is the right and proper thing to do in the year 1933, er…2022:

    Austria Makes Covid Vaccines Mandatory – via

    An overwhelming majority of Austrian MPs voted on Thursday to force their citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19, with those who refuse facing fines of up to 3,600 euros ($4,000).


  2. The senile “China Joe” Biden needs a “war” to boost his dismal performance ratings. Lowest of any President ever in history. But hey, He,s moving “their” agenda right along. By the way, It’s really not “Jew” vs. “Jew” It’s the Kenite vs.Kenite- unipolar vs. multipolar world government. Judeans are not the problem folks, its the cocksucker kenites that hide behind and among true Judean people. . Learn who this RACE of people are and you will have a lot of answers, who, why, how etc. NTS, I appreciate you allowing my comments and I assure you that I write nothing but the truth as I have learned and understood throughout these years.These kenites ARE the literal flesh, bone and blood decendants of Satan himself through a sexual union with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satans son was Cain hence his offspring kenites. These are the evil that dominate the world. It is all part of the overall plan- the satanic NWO with satan at the helm claiming to be JESUS. Don’t hold your breath for WW3 to take place… IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN. When things get bad enough, and it will, Satan will be cast to the earth to save the day. Don’t be decieved .


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