Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Sunday…The middle of January… And time again for my weekend rant..

Well, we are presently getting a bit of a ‘reprieve’ from the very intense cold up here in central Canada, but it will be short lived… The intense cold is expected to return as a new massive mass of Arctic cold air comes rolling through here starting this Wednesday, and with that mass comes temperatures back in and around the -30C range for daily highs.. That means overnight lows will be back into the frigid -35 to -40C range….

Yes that is indeed very cold and something that most people simply can never fathom or even endure… But yours truly has been used to this for the last nearly 60 years now and it has NOTHING to do with the fraud of man caused ‘climate change’ at all, but has everything to do with the natural cycles of our Sun, Sol which is right now heading towards a grand solar minimum that will see cold temperatures across the planet for the next DECADE at least…

OK, Enough of the weather report… I did receive one heck of a lot of responses last week when I gave people warnings about that person that everyone is suddenly thinking of as some kind of ‘Saviour’ in terms of this fraud Scam-demic… I am of course talking about Doctor Robert Malone, that I must again reiterate came from out of nowhere and is suddenly being hailed as the ‘go to’ person in regards to getting the ‘truth’ about this entire operation… I was never convinced from the very beginning about this man and I still am not convinced…. People must always be weary when ‘saviours’ are suddenly rolled out by the criminals in charge as they have always been proven to be nothing but controlled opposition leading people down the wrong path and absolutely AWAY from the real truths..

I have been watching and reading reports over the last week about Robert Malone, and especially about his ‘warnings’ about what this entire scam-demic may be morphing into very shortly…He did come out on several podcasts and ‘shows’ last week warning that a ‘new’ disease may be on the horizon which he claims may be in fact a form of ‘Hemorrhagic Fever’ that may in fact be similar to ‘Ebola’… When I heard that, I really began to raise ‘red flags’ for the facts are that these criminals have been experimenting with a means of Weaponizing EBOLA, which I wrote about 1/2 dozen articles about at my old Blogger blog, and suddenly here we go with that ‘fever’ raising its ugly head again and being ‘warned’ about by none other that Robert Malone..

And maybe a few constant readers to my blogs can remember that way back in November of 2019, when the first reports came out about this new ‘virus’ stemming out of ‘Wuhan China’, about how I posted and examined some technical details about the make up of the ‘virus’ and how there were claims that these criminals had incorporated not only HIV protein structures into the supposed ‘spikes’ of the viruses, but also EBOLA proteins as well…. At that time I raised several alarms about what these fuckers were planning, but luckily their initial concoction became a ‘dud’ as their ‘virus’ quickly faded and was replaced by the propaganda exercise of fear that we have endured for the last 2 full years..

But people must remember that these criminal fuckers will never let a ‘good thing go to waste’ and I will bet anything that they have taken that research into the EBOLA protein structures in the ‘viruses’ and have, just like the HIV proteins, now and very possibly incorporated them into the KILL SHOTS instead….. I honestly would not put it past these foul creatures for doing such a thing, and thus these EBOLA proteins are now in the toxic spike proteins that are in the BILLIONS swimming around in the bodies of those stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS, and therefore the time may be coming that they will be unleashed causing ‘hemorrhagic fever’ in these victims..

And everyone must not forget that we are suddenly seeing an ‘upswing’ in the fear mongering that the ‘next shoe to drop’ in this propaganda exercise of constant fear porn may be with the release of ‘Marburg Disease’ which is indeed an no shock here, but a form of ‘Hemorrhagic Fever’ that causes victims to bleed out of pores in their bodies including their eyes…. And it must be noted here that the fatality rate from ‘Marburg disease’ is listed at above 20% in ALL patients…

My other point of contention in all this is the fact that ‘Ebola’ and ‘Marburg’ diseases have usually been listed as only being prevalent in West Africa, and I have read so many reports that much like Polio and other so called ‘viral’ diseases, the culprit may not be a ‘virus’ at all but bacterial and chemical biological agents as well as ‘poor sanitation’ that helps to spread those biological agents… One factor that I could not help but notice was the claim that most that came down with these diseases in those environments had WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEMS…

Thus when I put 2 and 2 together, I suddenly can see how those who have stupidly taken these KILL SHOTS may indeed be targeted by an upcoming ‘outbreak’ of Hemorrhagic Fever, and much of it has to do with the fact that these KILL SHOTS have destroyed at least 90% of their immune systems, and thus leaving them wide open to a bacterial biological attack by what will be claimed to be ‘Hemorrhagic Fever’!

Yes, readers, these freaks in charge may indeed be ready to launch their ‘next attack’ as even that ghoul Bill Gates claimed last year was coming… And when the lying whore media does their dirty work in screaming that it is the ‘next round’ or ‘wave’ in this fraud COVID crisis, the sheep will indeed be running to the hills as they watch the people around them with their immune systems wrecked by the KILL SHOTS suddenly start BLEEDING especially out of their eyes… Thus the majority will be in such a panic that they will cry for help from these criminals responsible for that outbreak and will blindly not only accept even MORE deadly shots into their bodies but PERMANENT enslavement…..

And getting back to Robert Malone, we see that man absolutely promoting this all as the next round of fear mongering… And how would he even know? It is because he stated and even gloated that he worked with those criminals for 20 years in such biological weapons research!

To me, I do not see Robert Malone as any ‘saviour’ at all, but a man that is indeed being primed to be the replacement for none other than that other prick Toni Fauci… And thus sometime in the near future I can easily see the criminals in charge ‘retire’ Fauci and have him replaced with none other than Robert Malone to lead the sheep astray, and to honestly see this entire charade never end….

And to answer the critics out there, YES, I have shown many articles over the last two years by Doctor Cowan, and even writer Jon Rappoport, BOTH whom are apparently very much JEWISH…But remember, that even members of the tribe do indeed come up with some great facts and some great reports about the evil machinations of their own tribe and the tribe’s criminal ways.. Heck, how many times has it been now that I will even bring forward material from people such as Alex Jones, and even David Icke, both whom are extremely suspect but still have to be given some kudos for their fight against this entire fraud scam-demic…. We therefore can respect some of the material that they bring forward to everyone but at the same time remember that they can never ever be fully trusted in ALL aspects….

I also must point out that even I have been constantly placed into the realm of suspicion… And for good reason as I have long said for readers to do THEIR own research and not take me at 100% factual at any time…. Heck, I make a LOT of mistakes, and I freely admit it… Nobody is ever perfect, and the best that I can ever try to do is to give the facts as I see them… Please remember that much of what I state is my own interpretation of the material that I come across and all I am trying to do is to shake people up a bit to get them to apply logic, common sense, and reasoning….. I am never wanting to be taken as 100% accurate or to be pictured as some kind of ‘leader’, for my leadership days are probably over at my ripe old age of 61….. Leadership has to come from YOURSELVES, and we should never ‘hitch our wagons’ on those who are suddenly appearing out of nowhere that are suddenly proclaimed as ‘heroes’ and ‘saviours’..

Meanwhile, we have the situation in Kazakhstan, where apparently the attempt by the US and that heinous criminal group called ‘NATO’ to have another ‘colour revolution’ like the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine in 2014 to impose a US puppet regime in the capital city of Astana (now apparently called ‘Nur-Sultan’ in many dictionaries and Wikipedia), has failed miserably… But I saw that coming as I wrote several articles over the last two weeks about how the criminals in the US and NATO had spent YEARS in working to ’embed’ their agents into Kazakhstan, in the form of ‘NGO’s’ which are supposed to be ‘government contractors’ but in all actuality are nothing more than blatant MERCENARIES and waited for the time to be just right to unleash those Mercenaries and attempt a ‘coup’ aka overthrow of the Kazakhstan government…..

Yes, it apparently is becoming obvious that the criminal Biden administration in the US is FULLY responsible for that criminal action in Kazakhstan, as they definitely wanted to continue their criminal operations in turning EVERY nation that is surrounding the Russian Federation into a US run regime…. The goal being to eventually suffocate Russia and/or to set up bases for what may be their long cherished war that they figure would crush Russia and establish full US/NATO hegemony over the entire region…. To me, this is sick and shows how demented the leadership in America has become that they would actually launch actions to try to get a full blown war going against Russia that could and very much would go nuclear in a heartbeat…Luckily the Russians are no fools and saw what the US and NATO were trying to do in Kazakhstan and have now nearly crushed any ‘uprisings’ and restored order to that nation…

And now that these fuckers have failed in Kazakhstan, and thankfully, they have turned back to Ukraine once again as their means of triggering war against Russia… Over the last two weeks I have watched reports coming out over the alternative media about how the US and their CIA operatives may be setting the stage for a brand new ‘false flag’ operation using their tried and true MO of using ‘chemical weapons’ as their pretext….

Apparently the Russians have found out that CIA operatives operating now in the Donbas breakaway republics of eastern Ukraine were readying some chemical weapons ordinance to be unleashed on civilian targets and have those ‘chemical attacks’ blamed on either the Donbas republics or on Russia itself…. The goal is to have the Ukrainian US puppet regime in Kiev blame the attacks on either “Donbas terrorists” or Russia itself and use those ‘attacks’ as their excuse to send the Ukrainian army in with full force to finally ‘crush’ the Donbas ‘resistance’…..

Yes, apparently now there seems to be no limit on how low these criminals in the US and NATO will stoop to to try to get war going against Russia… AND of course with the criminals’ scam-demic now failing so miserably, apparently war with Russia is either their ‘Plan B’ or ‘Plan C’ on their table for killing possibly BILLIONS of people world wide….

And the recent talks with Russia by these criminals to try to ‘resolve’ the “Ukrainian crisis” that is only a ‘crisis’ in the sick minds of the NATO leadership? Please, do not make me laugh, for those ‘talks’ were doomed from the outset as the fuckers running NATO ‘went to the table’ with demands that Russia basically do EVERYTHING that they want while Russia would get nothing in return…. It is no wonder the Russians basically went there with good intentions in wanting to stop this insane rush to war but left understanding that there is no reasoning with pure evil..

And where are our governments in this insanity in regards to Ukraine? Apparently most are just poodles for the real criminals at the top and most member nations’ governments in that criminal group called NATO are ‘fully on board’ with their insane want and lust for war on Russia… And what about the citizens themselves? Sadly most are mesmerized and brainwashed by their lying whore media outlets that are just spewing the lies that Russia is somehow the ‘villain’ in all this and are blindly following their nations’ leadership into what may soon become a war that will see them all die miserably in a nuclear war…..

Well, that is about as much as I want to put out in terms of the main issues on my mind for this rant…I will leave any of my thoughts on the scam-demic itself to other articles that I continue to write all the time at my blog, and will now close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits to cover so much else that has been happening in our sick world over the last while, starting here…… I saw the ‘reports’ coming out this last week about how North Korea was back in the news with their testing of new hypersonic missile technology. The real laugher was how one “report” came out claiming that North Korea had ‘aimed’ one of their missiles at the US and I just howled. North Korea is NOT THAT STUPID as to even attempt to fire ONE missile at the US for the retaliation would be swift and see that entire nation turned into a sheet of radioactive glass. This shows how stupid our media has truly become indeed…….Yes I saw how that fucking dementia filled pedophile monster running the US now, Joe Biden, came out in defiance of the rules squashing his want for KILL SHOT ‘mandates’ on ALL Americans, and how that program is indeed back in full swing. I can only imagine how the US entire health care industry will now collapse as nurses and doctors DEFY the ‘mandates’ to put these KILL SHOTS into their bodies and basically quit their jobs entirely. But is this not these psychos’ goal in having the entire health care industry collapse so that they can unleash even more of their biological weaponry on the masses, already heavily KILL SHOT damaged, and collapse entire nations? To me, “Joe Biden” is just following the criminal script right to the letter as he wants America destroyed… And what about the truckers who are now ‘mandated’ to have these KILL SHOTS in every one of them or they cannot transport much needed goods in the US and up here in Canada? This is all also according to plan as the criminals running the entire scam-demic want transport of goods halted so as to create artificial shortages and potentially mass starvation. To me, the issue is the PEOPLE who are accepting this new level of tyranny that will see them all starve to death rather than FINALLY get out there and take our nations back from these monsters…. One piece of good news is seeing the United Kingdom apparently now scrapping their ‘Vaccine passport’ plans. But I can guarantee that scrapping may be short lived, as the Boris Johnson regime will simply find another way to have that level of criminality imposed on the British people. Honestly, I just cannot figure out the British and how much longer they will put up with Johnson before they force that prick out of power….And yes, up here in Canada, right now as I has said many times this last week, little dictator Justin Trudeau is having a “Premier’s Conference” with all of Canada’s 10 provincial ‘leaders’ as well as the 3 territorial ‘leaders’ to give them all their marching orders in having THEM impose ‘mandated KILL SHOTS’ for all of their citizens. This is due to the fact that under Canadian federal law, Justin Trudeau cannot ‘mandate’ so called ‘vaccines’ on Canadians, but is trying to use a loophole by having the provincial governments do it instead. We are in for a real rough ride up here in Canada, and we shall see this week if these poodles in charge of the provinces actually attempt this new level of criminality…….The war in Syria continues to be a ‘nothing burger’ this last week as the only actions are the continuing Syrian/Russian operations against ‘ISIS cells’ that once again appear from ‘out of nowhere’ and are fully armed with US weapons trying to create havoc on the Syrian people. I am still awaiting the day that the Syrians and Russians say ‘enough’ and go after the US ‘ISIS base’ at Al Tanf and put that terrorist base out of service permanently…….Meanwhile over in Iraq, we find further reports of ‘rocket attacks’ against illegal US bases. The facts are that the Iraqi people are now fighting back against the US invaders and occupiers and simply want them OUT! I see these attacks only intensifying as the Iraqi calls for ‘Yankee go home’ will only increase the more the US refuses to get the hell out…….And on the southern end of the Arabian peninsula, the war in Yemen continues unabated, with reports that the Saudi invaders are now further intensifying their aerial attacks against civilian targets in the face of more defeats from Houthi forces on the ground. Saudi Arabia is definitely losing the ground war so they are back at it slaughtering innocent Yemen civilians as retaliation for those losses. Yes, just another useless war where there are no real victors but millions of innocent lives are the sad result….Over in Ethiopia, the US policy of ‘surrender or starve’ is now in full action against the Addis Ababa government. This is beyond brutality, and something that we are not seeing at all in the lying whore media outlets. To me, such a brutal approach to Ethiopia, due to the US defeat of their Tigrayan insurgency, will drive Ethiopia into the arms of China, which will only exasperate US criminal intentions in the vital Horn of Africa……FINALLY some great news on the transgender FREAKS trying to compete against women, as there is a lot of outcry down in the US about the NCAA refusing to budge on that issue with demands for an immediate halt to FREAKS competing against real women. I have said the solution is so simple in that if FREAKS want to compete in sports, let them compete against OTHER FREAKS only. Leave women sports to women, period, end of story……And why are not more Canadians more alarmed by the reports that rising soccer star, Alphonso Davies, has now ‘mysteriously’ come down with MYOCARDITIS? Nothing mysterious about this at all, as Davies has obviously taken the KILL SHOTS so that he can compete in soccer and now has tragically developed myocarditis from the shots!… And why is there still nearly ZERO outrage from people as we see reports that apparently nearly ‘1000’ professional athletes world wide have been suffering from the ravages of the KILL SHOTS, with many of them falling over dead? Honestly, what level of death and destruction in sports must there be before people do wake the fuck up and see that these KILL SHOTS are murdering athletes?…… And about the Novak Djokovic fiasco in Australia? He is doing all of us in the ‘unvaccinated’ community no service by his continuing to fight against the criminal Australian government, and would do us more service by simply REFUSING to play in the Aussie Open Tennis championship, period. I had looked at Novak as a hero for his stance against these KILL SHOTS, but now I wonder what his true intentions are?……..Arsenal’s game against Tottenham Hotspur was ‘postponed’ for today due to both teams being somehow ‘ravaged’ by the fraud MORONIC ‘variant’. The Gunners are presently still in 5th place in the table, which is actually quite decent for their young team. No chance though in catching Manchester City which is nearly a lock to win the entire table this year……No news in the Meagan and Harry stomach turning escapades this week while criminal pedophile ‘Royal Family’ attention is now focused in on Prince Andrew that may soon face a slew of criminal charges for his very real pedophile actions on ‘Epstein’s island’. No surprise here, as I have said for years that the entire ‘Royal Family’ are nothing but pedophiles, and Child murderers that should ALL be in prison right now……And finally, what would my rants be without concluding with a look at the vomiting world of ‘Kardashians’. Apparently, that sick world of skanks and trollops has had some new ‘custody’ battles now arise, as Kanye West may be fighting skank Kim soon for his rights to see his own children. Yes, more turmoil in this gaggle of misfits and useless parasites, but the American people continue to gobble up their antics rather than actually worry about saving their own nation which is FAR more important!

More to come


7 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 16th, 2022

  1. I agree with you on Malone. Why didn’t,t the fucker say something two years ago. The hole scam is scroted bullshit. Talked to neighbor and he was wishing they would start the door to door death jab. I said they will never do that, when all the toads will keep everybody safe by compling


  2. You keep writing the loaded word “Savior”, as if people like me who read what the man has to say believes any such thing.

    Then you go on a rant about what he says that mirrors things you say, and you disparage him. You then write in previous articles about how jews are the menace, yet not THESE jews (Kaufman and Cowan).

    If you cannot see the disconnect, the problem isn’t with those who read Malone, but with those who are living the dichotomy in front of all of us to see.

    Do I trust ANY of them? No. But I trust jews much less. And you do to, most of the time (according to words you write).

    Are these jew like Trump jews? The good ones?



  3. Earlier today I started to read something by this Malone character and stopped reading when it got to the part about Germans “suddenly going crazy and murdering those poor innocent agents of the devil in shower rooms disguised as gas chambers” (or something like that).

    Another weapon we can’t afford to ignore is chemtrails. Even if we knew what was in the spray, and it was harmless, there’s nothing stopping (((them))) changing it tomorrow. Why else would they have poured resources into spraying this crap over so many years (20-24 years already?) if not to harm us? Formaldehyde (to cause “ebola”?). Cyanide? Something else? How would we know?


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