Yes, You Cannot Make This Up If You Tried: Report Out Of United Kingdom States Wearing Face Diapers Make People Look “More Attractive”!

I continue to receive one heck of a lot of emails, and some fine comments, coming from a wide assortment of readers… And many do send me links to some articles that they come across, with many as well asking me to take a look at them and possibly put them up at this blog… I again want to thank everyone for sending that material, and all I can say is to KEEP IT COMING..

One reader sent me a comment just earlier today, and he enclosed a link to an article that I definitely want to share with all of my readers here… This one comes from the “Dispatches From The Asylum” website at, and is entitled: “Who’s That… Behind That Face Diaper?” and has the link to an article enclosed that states that wearing FACE DIAPERS makes people look more attractive! Here is that article in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, followed by my own thoughts and comments:


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The river of stupidity needs to be replenished daily and thank the gods of imbeciles and dunces they provide an endless supply of morons to fill the river with a never-ending source of shyte, written and reported by the mentally disordered.

Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds – via

There have been precious few positives during the Covid pandemic but British academics may have unearthed one: people look more attractive in protective masks.

Researchers at Cardiff University were surprised to find that both men and women were judged to look better with a face covering obscuring the lower half of their faces.

In what may be a blow for producers of fashionable coverings – and the environment – they also discovered that a face covered with a disposable-type surgical mask was likely to be deemed the most appealing.

No, dickheads…it’s just another masked-up sheep following the whims of unelected health board pinheads’ recommendations. They’re neither less attractive or more attractive – they’re people with frickin’ face diapers over their noses and pie holes. All the ‘study’ says is that people were deemed more attractive when wearing a face diaper.  More attractive than what?

Now, if the study was using, as its baseline, the ‘Seinfeld’ belief system that 95% of all people are undateable, then maybe they’d have something to talk about.  

But they didn’t.  Just another article of slop attempting to portray insanity as attractive and keep the unwashed as comfortable with it as the pearls are around Audrey Hepburns’ neck.

Was there any mention of the positive health aspects of wearing oxygen depravation contraptions? No, because there aren’t any.  Masks don’t work. That is, unless one enjoys breathing in the carbon dioxide they just exhaled, along with the psychological harm that comes from masking the smiles, expression of emotions, along with voices that sound like a muffled demon farts.

Important TLAV (the Last American Vagabond) Mask Coverage – via

That shit like mask wearing is still a ‘thing’, 2 years after these shysters’ scam originated, and worse, still tolerated, well, it might be the 8th wonder of the world, or the 10th circle of Hell – take your pick.

We’re not only here…we may beyond it now….yeah? 

NTS Notes: I could not agree more with the author’s assessment of how the river of stupidity needs to be replenished daily… And apparently the ‘Guardian’ in the UK is doing a fine job of doing their part indeed..

Honestly.. Is this the level of stupidity that this entire scam-demic has reached that the criminal psychos running the entire fraud are finding another ‘angle’ for pushing health destroying face diapers on the stupid out there by claiming that in some cases they make people look ‘more attractive’? And people out there will read and believe this horse shit?

When I first read the link to that Guardian report, I thought it was a joke and possibly was written as a joke… BUT these fuckers are actually serious!

OK, Granted, there are indeed a lot of butt ugly people out there and thus the possibility that wearing a health destroying face diaper could make them look more attractive makes sense… BUT come on now! This is so low that I was even surprised that the ‘Guardian’ had the guts to actually publish such slop….

The bottom line here: This is so blatantly obvious that this is just propaganda to try to justify the wearing of face diapers, since everything else is failing so miserably and a lot more people are finally realizing that to wear those face coverings does nothing more than destroy their health… I just wonder what these lying sacks of shit will come up with next?

More to come


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