Cases Of KILL SHOT Induced VAIDS On The Rise Due To Mass COVID “Vaccination”!

I became aware some time ago of the term ‘VAIDS’ which is short for ‘Vaccine Acquired Immune-Deficiency Syndrome, which I knew was definitely coming as much as nearly 2 years go when I wrote at my old blog about how these pricks running their bio-weapons ‘research’ out of those laboratories out in China were attempting to incorporate HIV ‘proteins’ into their latest bio-weapon that has been claimed to be this ‘virus’…

But since that original bio-weapon was actually a ‘dud’, leaving the entire scam-demic scheme as nothing more than the greatest hoax in all human history and run exclusively through the propaganda from the lying whore media outlets, I knew that these monsters were not going to give up on their original ‘research’ for they were gunning for the destruction of billions and wanted to somehow have their ‘HIV’ incorporated elsewhere..

And lo and behold, for they found their way of getting that HIV into the suckers out there, and it is through their most deadly KILL SHOTS that billions around the planet have now STUPIDLY taken into their bodies….

Few people remember some time ago when the original AstraZeneca garbage ‘vaccine’ was released out in Australia, but had to be ‘discontinued’ apparently when victims of those KILL SHOTS suddenly came down with symptoms of HIV…. The most criminal Australian government basically got caught in this travesty and they attempted to ‘save face’ by withdrawing the shooting up of their citizens with the AstraZeneca garbage….

But we all know by now that these pricks are and always have been bound and determined to have their horror show with spike proteins laced with HIV components put into people everywhere, as that is part of their diabolical scheme to use these KILL SHOTS to remove the victims’ own immune systems giving the patients AIDS… And voila, here we go with reports coming out everywhere that people taking these lethal injections into their bodies are developing what is now called ‘VAIDS’ or basically AIDS induced in the victim’s body via these ‘vaccines’..

Which leads me to an important article that comes courtesy of the “A Final Warning” website, at, that shows proof that VAIDS is definitely ‘on the rise’ in the so called ‘vaccinated’ which is an alarming foretelling of what is definitely coming… .Here in fact is that article for everyone to see for themselves, with of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Cases of vaccine-induced VAIDS on the rise due to mass covid vaccination

BY ETHANH // 2021-12-10

new paper published in The Lancet suggests that the more “vaccines” a person gets injected with for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), the faster his or her body succumbs to an AIDS-like immune wasting syndrome called VAIDS. Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome begins immediately following the first round of injections. And experts worry that with each subsequent “booster” shot, this process of “immune erosion,” as they call it, only continues to accelerate. For their research, scientists compared the health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Sweden. Roughly 1.6 million individuals in both groups were studied over the course of nine months. What was discovered is that the fully vaccinated only have a smattering of immune protection for a very short amount of time – at most six months. After that, the artificial “immunity” provoked by the injections wanes rapidly, leaving a fully vaccinated person with no protection against infection of any kind, just like AIDS. The unvaccinated, meanwhile, were found to maintain true and lasting immunity because their bodies were not jabbed with immune degrading spike proteins and other mystery chemicals that we now know chip away at the immune system week after week post-injection. “Doctors are calling this phenomen[on] in the repeatedly vaccinated ‘immune erosion’ or ‘acquired immune deficiency,’ accounting for elevated incidence of myocarditis and other post-vaccine illnesses that either affect them more rapidly, resulting in death, or more slowly, resulting in chronic illness,” reported America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) about the study’s findings.

Covid jabs initiate a cascading failure of the body’s immune response

It is important to remember that covid vaccines are not actually vaccines, at least not in the traditional sense. What they do is cause cells throughout the body to produce just one small portion of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus: the spike protein. As we have long warned, these injections are turning people’s bodies into walking spike protein factories, which causes the body to create antibodies to them. There are serious problems with this, however, that lead to the progressive degradation of the body’s immune capacity and functionality. “First, these vaccines ‘mis-train’ the immune system to recognize only a small part of the virus (the spike protein),” AFLDS explains. “Variants that differ, even slightly, in this protein are able to escape the narrow spectrum of antibodies created by the vaccines.” “Second, the vaccines create ‘vaccine addicts,’ meaning persons become dependent upon regular booster shots, because they have been ‘vaccinated’ only against a tiny portion of a mutating virus,” the group adds. “Australian Health Minister Dr. Kerry Chant has stated that COVID will be with us forever and people will ‘have to get used to’ taking endless vaccines. ‘This will be a regular cycle of vaccination and revaccination.'” A third thing is the simple fact that the jabs do not in any way prevent infection in the nose and upper airways, which is where fully vaccinated people tend to show the highest viral loads. This causes the fully vaccinated to become those ever-dreaded “superspreaders” and a serious danger to society. Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson warns that the indefinite and uncontrolled autoimmune response to the coronavirus spike protein that is provoked by these injections could produce “a wave of antibodies called anti-idiotype antibodies or Ab2s that continue to damage human bodies long after clearing either Sars-CoV-2 itself or those spike proteins that the shots cause the body’s cells to produce.” The spike proteins themselves may produce this second wave of antibodies as well, modulating the immune system’s initial response by binding with and ultimately destroying the first wave of antibodies. The latest news about the prolific damage caused by covid “vaccines” can be found at

Sources for this article

NTS Notes: Honestly… HOW SICK IS THIS that these monsters are indeed purposely giving anyone that is stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS, AIDS!

BUT we all know by now that we are dealing with psychopaths and mass murderers that want to see BILLIONS dead world wide and they have indeed created the REAL bio-weapon which has always been the so called ‘vaccines’ that will cause many of those same billions to contract AIDS….

Well, we can definitely add AIDS to the VERY long list of ‘adverse effects’ from these weapons of mass destruction… And yet, everywhere we look, we see our horror show that calls itself our ‘governments’ along with the so called ‘health officials’ ALL wanting this crap FORCED into our bodies and at all cost! It only shows that these mental cases are indeed all on board with the mass genocide of their own people…

This is yet another reason to RESIST with all of your might anyone who tries to force this garbage into your bodies….. I do hope the message is clear as more and more evidence of what this garbage is truly all about continues to come forward..

More to come



6 thoughts on “Cases Of KILL SHOT Induced VAIDS On The Rise Due To Mass COVID “Vaccination”!

  1. Greetings from freemasonic jew shit finland!

    In other words, while I have emphasized the ability of the higher brain centers to inhibit ethnocentrism, explicit messages indicating that one’s racial group is threatened are able to trigger ethnocentrism. This is especially important because many Whites live far from the areas of their countries undergoing the demographic shifts.”

    This is the way to prevent the downfall of white nations – to appeal to inner animal behaviour instincts of the majority. If these are powerful enough to make white people willing to die in WWII ‘to save Poland’ without even knowing where Poland was, if they can be activated for this, surely they can be activated when there is a real threat at home?

    At present the white people are stressed, as the current submission to the anti-white narrative – the current culture that they obey – this submission is in conflict with their other instincts, including self-interest and the interests of their children/race. It is a source of stress to feel obliged to be anti-self. At present the culture tells whites to ‘be anti-self’ and this is like a balloon
    being twisted out of shape. If the culture ever changes to be ‘pro self’ this is like the pressure on the balloon being released and the people will have a great stress removed as the balloon reverts to its natural shape.

    However, this is not the whole story. There is a percentage of whites, let us say 15%, who are extremely highly driven/motivated to be anti-white. Such whites are NOT stressed by observing the downfall of their own race, and, as with Tony Benn, and most of the Tweets above, white downfall makes them happy.

    These types of whites, when they write anti-white Tweets, are not simply trying to conform with the culture. They possess a very strong inner hatred of whites. Such persons would STILL express hatred of whites even if they were the only one in the group doing so, and even if the rest of the group was condemning them. Such types are indifferent to ‘fitting in’ and would willingly suffer being ostracised and would willingly swim contrary to a culture that they opposed. They are the ones who supported gay rights (such as men marrying each other) decades ago when they were the condemned for doing so. They were quite willing to oppose the prevailing culture. They are and always have been impervious to pressure from the culture, and have always followed their own path, one that they are wired to narrowly follow, just as the rest of us are wired to be interested in other things including family and hobbies and interests.

    “It’s all about coming across as a good person.”

    This might apply to the sheepish, bullied, submitting majority, but it does not apply to the instigators and directors of the anti-white culture, who stick to their line passionately whatever the dominant culture says. To illustrate the two types (those wired to be anti-white, and those just submitting to the dominant anti-white culture) consider a group of white university students. The 85% will sheepishly agree that whites are terrible people who have been the villains of history. But they will say this without enthusiasm, and more with regret and shame, as if they have been bullied into this position. They are excusing themselves for their cowardice and treachery, by pretending to themselves that they are just being on the side of virtue.

    In the same class will be 15% who say the same things about whites being villains, but they say it with passion and strong feelings of hatred. They are certainly not trying to be genuinely virtuous. They are demanding that they are the ones who define what ‘virtue’ is in the dominant culture, and that others submit to their definition.

    So it seems that at one end is the awake, such as readers of TOO, let us say, 10%, then at the other end the passionate haters of whites, say 15%, and in the middle the culture-followers who are stressed at present by being anti-self, and
    who are 75%. If this 75% can have their inner behaviour instincts awakened – as K MacDonald says above – made angry and fearful about their own demise – then immediately they will all switch to our side and stop submitting to the 15% enemy-within. It will be like the twisted balloon going back to normal shape, and could happen very quickly. It is actually quite a feat for the left to keep, via the MSM, the people in their current state of self-hatred. This control could all collapse quite suddenly if the left lost control of the media. This might happen if a large region rejects wokeness.

    The question remains, why are the 15% anti-white and what can we do about them, this subsection of the white population with bad genes who are causing our downfall?

    Human groups are not like other pack animals such as dogs, in that whilst dogs are all pretty much the same, humans have different sub types, and there is natural selection to prevent us ending up the same. An analogy is ants where there are workers and soldier ants and the queen. Dogs are all good at the same skills – hunting mainly But some humans are practical whilst others possess more verbal skills ((that can make them tend towards usury instead of industry)).

    There seems to be a particular type of human who gains by taking from others, and another type who makes wealth by his own toils. So there are ‘makers’ and ‘takers’ who gain from the labour of others. Makers would grow crops and takers would rape and pillage over past millennia, and now they continue to take in other ways, for example through banking or through being employed in the parasitic parts of the state sector. The different types of human are within one species but the dynamics of the host-parasite relationship still apply. As the makers become fewer and fewer, the takers have no-one to prey on, just as if the cuckoos get too numerous there are too few warblers left to provide nests for them to steal. Thus an equilibrium is reached in humans between takers and makers. The makers are essentially co-operative and individualistic, but able to switch to fighting mode at some point when provoked.

    If you are genetically disposed to be a taker, there is an essential feature of your personality that you must have – you need to cancel out the empathy side of your nature, and you need to ‘hate’ the sub-group of makers that you prey on. Without this, the takers would be full of remorse after every raid – ‘Oh dear we just murdered some families’ they would say. (Or, “Oh dear, that loan that I foreclosed in order to take that man’s house in debt made him kill himself, how bad I feel”). So the taker types have genes that make them able to do bad things to others with equanimity, and to hate their victims at the same time ‘for having things’ where the victims can be identified by their characteristic of ‘being better’ (in terms of moral behaviour). This explains why the word the left hate the most is ‘superior’, and it explains why they use it as a derogatory term, to be said in a mocking way with a sneer. It also explains why the lefty judiciary side with the criminals – the criminals are the antithesis of the better people.

    So the left, the takers, hate their prey, who are the better people. In modern Western nations, the left identifies their own race as the better people, so they hate their own race and want to bring it down. There is no self-interest here, animal behaviour does not make people do calculations on what is self-interest. It was not self-interest than made the English-speaking Allies join in WWII, it was politicians carefully activating the inner instincts of the people. There is never any rational intellectual process involved in deciding to go to war (did any soldiers debate in the pubs about boundaries and treaties before signing up?). It is all just animal behaviour inner instincts being acted on, ones that our leaders activate and manipulate. The same process of activating the inner instincts of the Individualistic white people to conform – this is what is causing the West to self destruct (as K MacDonald explains). As with War, when it comes to white self-destruction, there is no reasoning involved. The ‘reasons’ given why whites are villains of the world are not meant to be debated or discussed, just accepted and repeated, to make the majority able to tell themselves that they are part of the ‘moral community’.

    The left are quite prepared to go down with the ship that they seek to sink (and billionaires are prepared to loose their billions for the same cause). Like the Jews, they do not think about genuine self interest, they just act on their inner urges. Once they act, then they try and work out how self-interest might be served, in order to justify bad things they do, so the Jews will try and argue that whites are a threat to them in order to justify biting the hand that feeds them. But this is applying the intellectual process after the fact, it is post-action justification for what their behaviour programming makes them do. Like a cat that cannot stop itself fighting its neighbour, even though in modern society this is no gain for the cat, only loss. The cat *has to* obey its animal behaviour programming even though it causes harm to itself in a modern setting, and so do the left and the Jews *have to* obey their own wiring also. So the Jews help to bring down their greatest supporter (the US), and the whites self-destruct.

    In the long term, natural selection is going to step in and say to whites that it so strongly disapproves of self-hatred that it is going to remove self-hating white nations, and only leave ones that want to survive..

    In the modern, wealthy West, the left have gravitated to the media and politics (they could not do so previously as the media did not exist, and politics was for soldier types) and now the left are acting on their inner urges to destroy that which they hate – the better people, their own people. This is their main aim in life, their main motive, and power/money are secondary.

    There is no self-interest in the left destroying the West today, just as there was no self-interest involved when the international (and internal) white elites transformed white S Africa from a wealth-generating nation into a land of tribal warfare, ending with no money for any banks or elites or any power for any western politicians. None of the whites who brought about the destruction of white S Africa gained a thing, except the satisfaction of destroying that which they hate – better people.

    The solution to prevent white self-destruction at the hands of the 15% is geographical separation, where non-woke (ie, awake) white people migrate to certain regions. If sane regions emerge, more can migrate there and be a higher percentage, and leave the lefty whites in their own regions. Their regions/countries will be too badly run to have the power to conquer us


  2. NTS,

    On a happier note, Danial Andrews – that psycho premier in Australia – is about to be indicted on ‘concealment of Treason and fraud’.


  3. An Afterthought. It seems that “A Final Warning” site has gone already. All I’m getting is a plain red page showing the title, and nothing else. No links to content. Nothing.


  4. It’s 4:55 PM in Boston, MA, USA, Wednesday afternoon. I am sick from geoengineering.

    I ran an errand about 12:30 PM and saw four chemtrails actively being laid. All heading northeast to southwest/southwest to northeast. Most of the sky was already contaminated at this point. A couple hours later the ENTIRE sky was a consistent dirty white canopy.

    I am experiencing nausea, itchy nasal passages, itchy eyes, a warm, slightly scratchy throat, and mild trembling in my torso.

    My vile criminal government it trying to slowly trying to kill me.

    I pointed them out to a postman. He listened. He looked up. He looked up on his phone then and there. I told him it was killing off the insects and vegetation. I told him they make me sick. He told me he was getting sick at times and didn’t know why. I replied it was probably the geoengineering. He then said it was probably killing people too. I told him he was right.

    Minutes later I asked a young woman walking her dog on her stupid phone to check a web site to see if it was up and running (geoengineeringwatch). It came up. I told her to check it out. She replied, ” I don’t believe in conspiracy theories” and tucked her stupid phone away. I had pointed out the trails before asking her to check the web site. She didn’t look up and became impatient. Trails right in front of her. A web site right there on her phone with pictures that should have caught her interest, and she does not believe in conspiracy theories. We’re up against really stupid folk like this. About nine out of ten people I’ve asked are “vaccinated.” The zombie apocalypse is already here.


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