Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 12th, 2021

Sunday… Barely two weeks before Christmas now, and here comes my weekend rant…

I have been putting some emphasis in my last few articles on what I have been observing with increasing alarm about the mental state of those who have stupidly taken these KILL SHOTS into their bodies…. And I know that I am NOT alone when I can state that something is terribly now wrong with these retards and we can logically state that it is due to these horrific lethal injections doing permanent harm to their bodies..

AND this makes sense for the fact that this genetic modification material is permanently changing the make up of ALL of the cells of their bodies, including nerve cells in their brains… Their brains are now generating as many spike protein antigens as the rest of the cells in their bodies and it is causing serious mental issues that will only get WORSE with more and more of the gawd damn ‘booster shots’ that these criminals want shot into them…..

Well, besides the very noticeable brain damage in these retards, I have also been keeping tabs on the death toll, especially in those who are elderly and already have ‘underlying health issues’… I stated before that I have been watching my neighbours, most of them elderly, and seeing what has been happening to them physically now that most have taken at least two doses of these KILL SHOTS… And sadly I have to report that so many of them are now very sick, while at the same time several more have now succumbed to the adverse effects of these lethal injections….

It is no shock to me at all that the lying whore media outlets are not even discussing the rapid rise in the death toll here in Manitoba, and I can safely say that this same pattern of ignorance is happening elsewhere as well…. These lying sacks of shit are still fudging their numbers in regards to the actual number of dead due DIRECTLY to the damage from these KILL SHOTS, and of course this is to be expected for these fuckers definitely want to keep the mindless sheep in the dark as much as possible as to how many are indeed dying from these lethal injections..

And is it just me? Or after days of trying to hammer into the simple minded out there that there is this ‘big bad MORONIC (Omicron) variant’ that is supposed to be ‘killing us all’ and that we should all run out in sheer panic to get more shots into our already damaged bodies, that suddenly the ‘news’ about this bullshit ‘variant’ has suddenly nearly disappeared? I am still taking one of the local propaganda rags on a daily basis that somehow calls itself a ‘newspaper’ mostly just to find out what the fuckers out there are lying their asses about, and I have noticed over the last few days that there are less and less ‘reports’ about this supposed ‘variant’ to end all ‘variants’! Yes, apparently, and this may only be supposition here, the fuckers running this scam are realizing that their MORONIC ‘variant’ is turning into a dud as nobody is really ‘dying’ from this fraud, and the supposed ‘symptoms’ are EXACTLY that one would see if they caught the common cold… Thus rather than admit any wrong doing, these monsters are just quietly taking away any ‘news’ about this fraud for the time being and leaving the moronic brain dead sheep out there none the wiser..

But of course we are never going to hear the end of any of these fraud ‘variants’ for the news everywhere that I have saw over the last week is about how nations are stockpiling massive amounts of ‘vaccines’ and are preparing to administer ‘boosters’ to all of their sucker citizens for years to come… In fact, up here in Canada, the recent reports state that the criminal fuckers in the Justin Trudeau regime have bought some ‘500+ million’ extra doses of this shit, which means ‘booster shots’ for all of the sucker Canadians out there for the next 7 years at least if the claims that ‘boosters’ have to be administered twice a year…. Thus this genocide will be never ending unless the fucking sheep out there finally wake the fuck up and finally say ‘NO!’…

OK, I will leave the scam-demic at this point, for I am sick and tired of the entire charade that seems to never end… I and others, and probably yourselves as well, have all tried our best to wake the fucking brain dead mutton heads up, but all we get now is that stupid ‘deer in headlights’ look in most, while others stick to their ‘Well, that is your opinion’ bullshit reply…. l have done my best for two years now at my blogs to alert and educate, and there is little more that I can do other than call for a full blown REVOLUTION to take our nations back before it is too late for everyone… People need to find the courage to stand firm and be prepared to fight to save our planet from these monsters..

I have watched the so called ‘news’ over these last few days about that ‘record’ amount of tornado activity across the southeastern United States, and I am indeed perplexed and looking for some real answers…. Something is terribly amiss in regards to these tornadoes and being the pessimist I am, I quickly began to think about weather modification technology being employed by the bastards that absolutely have that technology at their disposal…

And I am not alone, for I have read the reports over the last few days coming from sites such as Jim Stone’s over at that are stating that a ‘new weapon’ has now been tested by the so called ‘elite’ as so much of the damage done does not even appear to be caused by a tornado or a series of tornadoes at all….. I have read all these reports and again they present some very valid points that people should read and keep an open mind about….. My questions of course if this was weather modification technology and of course new ‘weather weapons’ is WHY? Why would these monsters do such a thing at this point in time and especially in that part of the continental United States? Thus again I am searching for REAL answers and will not fully support the ideas of a ‘new weapon’ until I find the evidence to support that notion..

Someone also asked me about what has been happening west of here over in southern British Columbia akan my fellow Canadian blogger, Greencrow’s territory…. Well, the latest reports show that things are indeed slowly returning to a sense of normalcy as the port of Vancouver has now been reopened to some container traffic, while most goods that normally are shipped via truck to Canada’s interior are still finding alternative routes, especially through the northern US, while the heavy damage done to the highways towards Kamloops in the interior are still being fixed….Train traffic via CN and CP are now at a limited capacity between Vancouver and Kamloops as so many of the rail beds that were washed out in the heavy storms are now being rebuilt…. It will take some time before southern BC sees anything close to ‘normal’, definitely..

And of course I have been watching the ‘rush to war’ in Ukraine and southwestern Russia closely this last while… As I said in last week’s rant, all of this madness does not make sense, and the public is being sold a load of shit in regards to this bullshit ‘Russia is going to invade Ukraine’ garbage… The reality is that the Russian Federation has zero plans to ever invade Ukraine, and the only ‘troop movements’ within Russia itself which any nation is perfectly allowed to do, is to bolster defences especially down in Crimea just in case Ukraine and the sickness of NATO have the gall to attempt to retake Crimea which was never theirs in the first place… Thus all we have is bullshit propaganda once again via the lying whore media in vain attempts to once again vilify Russia…

And I saw reports about how the sickness called ‘NATO’ along with the US and other of their minions have been moving forward ‘advanced weaponry’ including the laughably ludicrous piece of garbage, the F35 ‘fighter’ to the Russian borders to ‘prepare for war’ against Russia… This is sheer stupidity, for all that the Russians have to do is to launch their electronic warfare devices that will quickly turn the F35 to scrap metal with its electronics permanently destroyed…

Few even remember about 7.5 years back when the US sent the USS Donald Cook AEGIS destroyer into the Black Sea towards the Russian coast on April 14th, 2014 where suddenly the Russians sent a few of their Su24 Fencer fighters over that destroyer and switched on their advanced electronic disabling technology which absolutely disabled EVERY electronic system on the Donald Cook immediately… The Su24’s then proceeded to buzz the Donald Cook several times in what many have claimed were ‘simulated bombing attacks’, and then easily flew off leaving the Donald Cook still paralyzed needing hours to get even a semblance of working electronic systems back in action… I wrote several articles at my old blog at Google about this ‘incident’ and laid it out clearly that the Russians are VASTLY SUPERIOR to the US in regards to electronic warfare, and if the US and the scumbags at NATO were ever even considering a war against the Russian Federation, much of their weaponry would be quickly disabled leaving themselves helpless to Russian retaliation…..

Thus when I see all of this ludicrous rush to war against the Russian Federation, I can only shake my head in disgust, for these fuckers wanting that war will be very sorry for their stupidity and these maniacs would quickly turn to the nuclear option rather than admit defeat…. Yes, this ‘war’ against Russia, based on lies and falsehoods, could quickly go nuclear leaving us all devastated as a result..

Well, before I finish off this rant with my usual last minute tidbits, I do want to discuss the horrible situation happening EVERYWHERE where perfectly healthy athletes are suddenly falling over with heart attacks or even DYING in so many sports venues…. Just yesterday I actually was watching that soccer game between Manchester United and Norwich, where at the 74 minute mark of play the Manchester United defender, Victor Lindelof, suddenly fell over clutching his chest… Most intelligent people out there are correct in saying that this sudden ‘heart issue’ is NO accident and can be directly attributed to the fact that Lindelof, like so many of his team mates, has been ‘double vaccinated’ with these KILL SHOTS, and we are seeing the effects now taking place by that life threatening choice by this defender….. But as I said last week, hundreds if not THOUSANDS of athletes in so many sports are now keeling over, with some dying, from these lethal injections and it does trouble myself that few are even bothering to notice and especially put two and two together to realize that these ‘conditions’ are absolutely being caused by these KILL SHOTS….. How much more has to become evident before everyone finally realizes the truth here is the bigger question?

Well… I guess that is enough of the major thoughts swimming about in my diabolical mind… Time to close this ‘rant’ with my usual last minute tidbits…… With all of the focus being on a nonsensical ‘war’ against Russia, I again have noticed that the ‘threat of China invading Taiwan’ has fizzled as usual. This is the usual propaganda fluff being played on the minds of simpletons out there, and it will continue as long as people are indeed so gullible…….Yes, “Joe Biden” or whom ever is playing the part of that dementia filled moron this last week, met with Vladimir Putin where Putin basically laid out his demands on the US in regards to their puppet regime in Ukraine. Putin is no fool, and he knows he is dealing with a President that is an insult to everyones’ intelligence. But Biden and the Commies in charge in America have their ‘agenda’ and apparently it is to get a sick war going because the US economy is failing and the ‘scam-demic’ is dying as well…… And speaking of the US economy, apparently while everyone is still running around now scared of a false ‘Omicron variant’ the stock markets are indeed crashing, with news coming out that the entire system could default and totally collapse soon into the new year. I do hope that everyone is preparing, especially in regards to food supplies, for the outlook is beyond grim now……..Still no new news about what criminal Justin Trudeau has planned for the Canadian public in regards to the fraud scam-demic. Apparently these losers in charge here in Canada are going to wait until just after the New Year before they unleash hell on Earth for all Canadians. Will things get as bad here in Canada as compared to the hell on Earth down in Australia? We shall soon see…. And speaking of the prison camp that used to be called ‘Australia’, I saw a ludicrous report stating that anyone caught COUGHING in public now can be arrested and taken away as a ‘public health threat’. This insanity in the land down under just continues to get more ludicrous by the minute, and I do wonder WHEN the Aussies will finally rise up and overthrow their dictatorship? To me, not soon enough……. More news out of the US about the ‘stolen 2020 elections’ especially in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, where the ‘ballots’ have now been found to be 100% fraudulent that we counted as ‘Biden votes’. The problem is that now it is TOO LATE to do anything to change that 2020 result, as the Commies in charge have now cemented their coup and the only way for the American people to put an end to that dictatorship is a FULL BLOWN REVOLUTION……Speaking of much needed revolutions everywhere, I continue to be amazed at the millions who are marching in protests everywhere across the planet, when they should instead be making hard preparations for actual overthrows of their evil governments. Protests are useless now, and the time for REAL change by overthrowing governments MUST be done now……. The ‘war’ in Syria continues to be at a stand still with nearly zero actions this last week other than the psychos in Israel launching airstrikes against Syrian military and airforce bases. Yes once again these psychos are just egging the Syrians to retaliate and get a nice little full blown Middle Eastern war going, but again and luckily the Syrian government are no fools and are NOT taking this bait…. Meanwhile the psychos in Israel are at it again making insane and ludicrous demands against Iran for Iran’s non-existent nuclear bomb facilities. This insanity could lead to war very soon against the innocent nation of Iran, and the psychos in Israel will of course have their poodles in the US do all of the fighting and dying for them in such a war……Further south, the sick freaks running Saudi Arabia continue to carpet bomb civilian targets in Yemen in a vain attempt to turn their lost war against Yemen around. The good guys, the Houthi fighters have now gone all out in retaliation for that murder of innocent civilians by launching even MORE rocket attacks against Saudi cities over just this last week. Thus this war of slaughter against Yemen is not ending any time soon, and I am glad that the Houthis are giving the Saudis a serious black eye for their stupidity in continuing their losing conflict……Over in the Horn of Africa, the US run ‘Tigrayan rebels’ are now definitely on the run as the Ethiopian government forces are rapidly retaking territory north of the capital city of Addis Ababa. Just another US attempted coup that has once again turned into a defeat for the US, but at the cost of so many innocent lives in the process……Yes, I saw the reports about that ‘transsexual’ swimmer from Penn State who was allowed to race in the Women’s squad, blow away every female swimming NCAA record during a recent swim meet. To me, this is such an insult, for these transsexual ‘freaks’ have NO RIGHT to ever be considered as ‘women’ and should never ever be allowed to compete against real women. The trouble being that this is only the beginning, and will absolutely destroy women’s sports unless the people say enough is enough and end this stupidity…..Anyone else notice how that bullshit ‘Black Lives Matter’ is now quickly becoming a thing of the past? Obviously the American people are finally realizing how evil and criminal that COMMUNIST group really is and are finally stopping their support for their criminal antics…….That Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canaries is still out there spewing lava and rocks, making for a spectacle indeed. And it will continue for the foreseeable future, with the threat of it causing a tsunami still a possibility. But will that disaster happen any time soon? I seriously doubt it, and all I can say is for people to enjoy watching the show in the meantime……Arsenal lost two games in a row this last week, meaning the Gunners have now slid into 9th place in the EPL table. Again, I have said this is just another rebuilding year for this young team, and even I have no expectations that they will win the table any time soon……Nothing new to report this week on the sickening Meghan and Harry shit show, and all I can say is thank goodness. Now if these two losers would actually get real jobs and real lives, that indeed would be a step in the right direction…….And finally, what would one of my rants be without a closing shot at the sickness of the Kardashians, right? Well, apparently the paparazzi news was ablaze this last week with reports that Kanye West is wanting that trollop skank, Kim, back in his life. I would say that Kanye needs to be sent to a mental institution immediately, for he has obviously lost his mind in wanting that poisonous sick freak back at all. I would say to Kanye to run and run as far away from these freaks as you possibly can and never look back….

More to come


13 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 12th, 2021

  1. Another great RANT, NTS. There are still “shortages” in all the grocery stores here in BC. I believe these shortages are manufactured to increase pressure on the people and will become standard. They will increase in the new year and will never go away.

    Re the weather in Central US and the supposed “tornados”. I agree with Jim Stone that these are likely not tornados at all but are EMP attacks or something similar. IMO, there are two possibilities: One…that the Globalists are “clearing the land” [as in “You will own nothing and you will be happy/” and are using extreme weather to move people off these Central North American lands and into the Urban rental “Smart Home” rat holes that have been prepared for them in advance, Same thing is happening here on the West Coast with the “floods”. People are being forced off the lands where they have single home properties and into rental urban highrises. We need to keep our eyes on the big picture…not the individual “extreme weather events”. The other possibility is far more sinister…if you can believe it.

    Option two is that the big nations are having a covert “Climedemic” combination Plandemic/Climate attacks. They are surreptitiously attacking one another with weather events. We are not hearing about similar events going on in Russia and China anymore [we used to]. But IMO the cluster “tornado” attack on Kentucky could have been a retaliatory attack from Russia and/or China for an attack on them. IMO this is why Putin and Biden had a telephone talk the other day. Perhaps they laid their cards on the table re the climate wars but nothing was settled…ergo…the Kentucky attack.

    These are just two of even more possibilities but one thing is sure. There IS a weather war going on.

    gd. .


  2. Hi,,,
    Here’s An Important / Very Informative Article , It Clearly Says: All Vaccines Cause
    Ishemia “”Impaired Blood Flow””
    Which Blocks Oxygen.
    Andrew Moulden MD is The Dr. Who says it in the Article.
    He Explains it very Good.
    Very Good Article.

    Tesla had an Earthquake Machine with Design and Patent in the 1920s,
    The United States Military Since 1940s Had Weather Manipulation Modification Technology.

    Operation Popeye was Printed in Public Newspapers During The Vietnam Ware Era.

    SWC = Super Water Cooler
    “To Make Hurricane (s) ,
    To Really Make it look like
    The End Times the devil has his Foot Soldiers Use Weather Manipulation Modification Technology.
    The American dollar has A Pryamid on it ,
    John F Kennedy Tried To Warn People about Secret Societies and The Harm They Can Cause.
    My local Chicago IL News said: A Walmart Warehouse Edwardsville Illinois was Hit , with 2 Dead as of Friday night , ,, This happened around 10pm / 10:30pm Friday Dec 10th, 2021,
    Next morning Fire Chief said:
    150 Yards of the Walmart Warehouse Roof Was Torn Off ,
    As I scanned other news ,
    It was mentioned they were taking cover during the Tornado.
    Jasper County in Indiana Up to 72 Mph Winds.


  3. Have a look at the moisture heading for california.
    This week and later on in the month.
    Can’t dry them out with drought, so drowned them.
    The central valley is a perfect target. They have been building communities in the river and lake bottoms for 20 years.
    It’s a setup for max castastrophy. Research the 1861 event that covered the whole state. Back then few were around to be affected.
    If anything close to what hit BC comes into California it’s a nightmare. They are overdue for a 200 year event.
    Further is the food production.
    On the brightside the glysophate pesticide, and herbacide levels will drop.
    But then summer will come and all the new grass, weed, and brush will go up like a sawdust explosion in a sawmill.


    1. Welcome to my world…after facebk, mewe, Telegram, Parl, Youtu, and much more where I was blocked, and shadow banned, is it now even in Bitch, I have a lot Subscribers there, but you can only see 485 subscribers, first 13000, than to 7000, 4000, and back up again, last time popping up 2700 or something, than I took quick a screen shot, than it flipped back to 485…
      But keep spreading the word, never give up!
      Stay strong, and Stay safe🔥🖤🔥


      1. Yeah , I think it’s the the internet maybe not sure, that does the censorship, cause I was also trying to mention a building that got damaged in 2 days ago by tornado in Illinois and I guess with certain words they don’t want people hearing about that story maybe.
        I was kicked off YouTube in 2018 Haven’t Looked Back,, I have found lots of decent informative websites, with articles or videos ,
        Happy Holidays


  4. There is no escaping God’s final judgment of the world. What an honor to be alive just before Christ’s return! We know that God is allowing His enemies to proceed until they get their NWO, then He will end them with His wrath. Some of us will make it to the end, some will not, but so what? We reign now Spiritually and we will reign with Christ forever in Heaven. Satan is just imitating God, and the deceived will die with him. All praise and glory to Jesus! If you don’t know Jesus, pray constantly till He lets you know you are saved. Blessings to the brethren!


  5. wake up and educate yourselves. it’s the kenites that are behind the evil in this world along with their useful idiots. they are running the end game now. they have to make the earth a living “hell” in order for the masses to start begging for a “savior”. this will be antichrist, THEIR father. wake the fuck up.


  6. Jimmy Jukebox – Just a suggestion, but could it be that some of your comments trigger an automatic response that requires approval by our host?

    I’ve “known” NTS for quite a few years now, and he’s not into censorship, but he does get a lot of crap from certain idiots, so that could be the explanation. Perhaps certain words, or more than a certain number of links, causes a post to be “held” until he gets a chance to approve or reject a comment.

    I’m only guessing here, but a few weeks ago I posted something including several links that didn’t go through immediately. Perhaps we just need to be patient.


    1. I have never censored anyone other than proven trolls…

      I do not ‘approve’ of comments immediately sometimes, especially if I am busy doing something else… BUT I do my best to getting around to ‘approvals’ the earliest chances that I get.


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