Criminal US Center For Disease Control Announces 79% Of ALL US Moronic ‘Omicron’ Variant CASES Have Occurred In “Vaccinated” Individuals! (Probably 100%)

I am continuing my research into the effects these KILL SHOTS are having on the brains of the bone-headed sheep out there that were stupid enough to take these lethal injections into their bodies… And since I am one that definitely notices through observations the actions of individuals, I am ALARMED to see that so many are indeed walking around now with their brains definitely fogged up… Many are in fact acting even more stupider than usual, and I have a hard time in even DRIVING around these days as I am scared that these mutton heads that have now turned into zombies will indeed cause horrific and deadly auto accidents… And remember, this is only the beginning, for winter is now coming in hard to these parts and the full effect of these deadly injections in these RETARDS is just starting…

Well… Onto the ludicrous ‘Omicron’ or as many have now realized is actually the MORONIC so called ‘variant’…. Up here in these parts of Canada we have the lying whore media screaming ‘blue murder’ that this new phantom ‘variant’ is 100% the fault of the smartly ‘unvaccinated’.. AND they are putting out ‘reports’ saying that EVERY ‘Omicron’ case that is now being detected is happening in the ‘unvaccinated’ as well…. But the last part I find ludicrous, for the evidence is crystal clear that this ‘Omicron’ bullshit variant symptoms are from the effects of the KILL SHOTS themselves and are happening 100% in those who have been stupid enough to take these shots…

You want proof that the MORONIC aka ‘Omicron’ BULLSHIT ‘variant’ is happening almost exclusively in those stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS? Well, I want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the Station Gossip website, at, that is entitled: “CDC Announces 79% of All US Omicron Cases Have Occurred in Vaccinated Individuals”…. Here is the evidence from the CDC in America itself that has to admit that this bullshit ‘Omicron variant’ is absolutely occurring in those who have taken these KILL SHOTS… I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, with of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

CDC Announces 79% of All US Omicron Cases Have Occurred in Vaccinated Individuals


  The newest variant of COVID-19 is the omicron strain. The omicron variant is showing up all over the world and now the  Centers for Diseas…

 The newest variant of COVID-19 is the omicron strain.

The omicron variant is showing up all over the world and now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a report outlining what is known so far about the new variant.

The CDC report found that the majority of Americans who have been infected with omicron were actually already vaccinated.

“Among these [43] cases of COVID-19 attributed to the Omicron variant, 34 (79%) occurred in persons who completed the primary series of an FDA-authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccine ≥14 days before symptom onset or receipt of a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result,” the report noted.

This figure included 14 individuals, or nearly a third, who had also received an additional or booster dose of the vaccine.

Twenty-two states have already reported at least one case of the omicron variant.

South Africa was the first country to alert the rest of the world to the existence of omicron in November, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Since then the variant has been showing up in Europe, the U.K. and the United States.

Currently, the U.K. has the most cases of the omicron variant, and the rest of the world is observing how the country is handling the new crisis.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson began reimposing some COVID restrictions on the country in order to stop the spread of omicron, the Journal reported.

“We are seeing growth in cases here in the U.K. that now mirrors the rapid increases previously seen in South Africa. And South Africa has also seen hospitalizations roughly doubling in a week,” the prime minister said.

The Biden administration similarly has begun encouraging new measures to protect Americans against the variant.

“Mr. Biden’s top Covid-19 advisers have sought to emphasize that existing vaccines and boosters should provide sufficient protection against the variant,” the Journal reported.

This encouragement to vaccinate and get the booster shot though may not be effective now that the CDC has informed us that nearly 80 percent of those who contracted omicron were vaccinated.But Pfizer and BioNTech have announced that their booster will indeed protect against the variant, The New York Times reported.

“The companies said that tests of blood from people who had received only two doses found much lower levels of antibodies protecting against Omicron than against an earlier version of the virus. That suggests that two doses ‘may not be sufficient to protect against infection’ by the new variant, the companies said,” the Times reported.

However, Pfizer and BioNTech did not release any of their data with this announcement.

President Joe Biden called Pfizer and BioNTech’s findings “very, very encouraging.”

“If you get the booster, you’re really in good shape,” Biden said. But the CDC’s data does not seem to support this.

Among the reported omicron cases in the U.S., some of those who had received a booster had taken it less than 14 days before the onset of their symptoms.

NTS Notes: Well… Once again, how can anyone be shocked at all by this report?

We all know by now that this ‘Omicron variant’ is something that these pricks basically have pulled out of their asses and thrown out there knowing that the gullible are now mindless mutton heads and will believe anything they throw at them to raise the fraud fear factor…. And sadly so many of the retards out there are falling for it once again..

That and EVERYTHING that we are seeing in regards to this ‘Omicron’ FRAUD points to the symptoms of those who have taken these KILL SHOTS into their bodies and are now getting very sick…. Thus I look at their ‘79%’ admittance as ridiculous when the real percentage is most definitely 100% of those taking these lethal injections…

Yes, the truth is slowly coming out now as expected… These lying sacks of shit can no longer hang onto their incessant lies as a means of vilifying the ‘unvaccinated’ for the reality is that everyone that has taken these KILL SHOTS is going to get very very sick with the majority dying soon afterwards…..

The trouble continues to be certain parts of the lying whore media outlets that are still hell bent on screaming this bullshit ‘Omicron variant’ on the suckers out there as well as brainwashing them into the false belief that the ‘unvaccinated’ are to blame for everything….

That part of the population that will continue to fall for these lies and allow themselves to continue to be human pin cushions for this horrific ‘experiment’ on all mankind, are the ones who IMHO do deserve to die, and the sooner they are out of our lives the better…

More to come


3 thoughts on “Criminal US Center For Disease Control Announces 79% Of ALL US Moronic ‘Omicron’ Variant CASES Have Occurred In “Vaccinated” Individuals! (Probably 100%)

  1. Hi ,
    It’s a Bit puzzling to watch the statistics , Statistics are probably From the Fake Phony Fraud PCR Test….
    You write in your column PCR Test is Not Accurate.
    So Why Bother Writing a number in the column ?
    IF the Coronavirus , Corona, Sars COV 2 heck even Measles Have Never Been Isolated.
    Why do statistics ?


    1. You do realize why I put the 100% into the article, right?

      THAT is reality, and that 79% is of course an admission of guilt on the parts of these fuckers and yet trying to still show that at least SOME are the so called ‘unvaccinated’..


  2. Blaming the “unvaccinated?” Now, this war has taken on a personal dimension of its own. The douchebags want war? Then by jingo they shall have it! Anyone who tries to force their poison into my arteries and/or veins will be met with the business end of a Colt revolver.


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