Doctor Vernon Coleman’s Wednesday Review For Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Is it just me? Or have the criminals now begun their vain attempts to ‘scrub’ the INTERNET of anyone that is trying to speak out against their criminal actions, as many have stated is happening to so many websites already?

I noticed earlier that several websites, including BRANDNEWTUBE, were experiencing a ‘BAD GATEWAY 502’ message when I tried to access them earlier…. I thought to myself that if this the worst these fuckers are doing in their vain attempts to suppress the truth, then WE are definitely winning this war…

Well, luckily I was able to access BRANDNEWTUBE just a short while ago, and I do want to present the newest video by none other than Doctor Vernon Coleman, that comes every Wednesday to BRANDNEWTUBE and several other platforms….. Vernon Coleman’s video is of course his weekly ‘Wednesday Review’ of what has been happening across our sick world, and I do want to present the link to that video, courtesy of BRANDNEWTUBE, here:

And of course, here is the video, courtesy of BITCHUTE, as well for everyone to view right here:

NTS Notes: Once again Doctor Coleman presents a straight forward and most spot on look at what has been happening in regards to this entire COVID-19 scam-demic and especially in regards to this fraud MORONIC aka ‘Omicron’ so called ‘variant’…

I have long been a firm supporter of Doctor Vernon Coleman’s excellent works in combatting this massive genocidal fraud… And I do hope that others do pass his videos around for EVERYONE to see for themselves…

We all must do our parts now in getting the truth out about this massive fraud, for it is becoming even more obvious now by the day that these bastards are ‘going for broke’ by using their fraud MORONIC ‘variant’ as a means of getting the sheep to once again lock themselves up in unwarranted fear and panic and will accept even MORE tyranny from these sick freaks believing that if they comply they will somehow be ‘free’….

More to come


2 thoughts on “Doctor Vernon Coleman’s Wednesday Review For Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

  1. Hi,,
    Here’s an Article That explains why it’s So Difficult To Wake Up People To The Truth.

    And about the Omincron variant ,
    I have 2 articles that mention Omincron.
    1) Bill Gates did a computer game in 1999 called Ominkron with a K , about aliens who take over human body for the soul.
    2) other is there was a movie made in 1963 called Omincron about an Alien lands in Arizona To Spread A Virus.

    And I saw an article about The Elites Tell us the public people through movies, books, and newspapers what they’re going to do.
    And article said: Since the public doesn’t protest in massive amounts of people the elites think it’s okay to abuse the Public.


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