A Message From Northerntruthseeker

I have been under a lot of mental strain over the last few days… Nearly ALL of it stems from my own son, that informed me the other day that his business, a private business, is now going to ‘mandate’ all of their employees to be VACCINATED aka FORCED to take these KILL SHOTS, or most probably be terminated from employment.

To me, this is beyond horrendous… AND when I asked him what he was going to do, he said that if they came out and ‘demanded’ he take the KILL SHOTS into his body, he would have to oblige as he does not want to lose his job..

Yes, this is the sick world that we now live in…. I tried to sit down with him just the other night to give him the rationality that taking these KILL SHOTS would lead to his untimely demise within the next few years, but he has become insistent that he has NO CHOICE as he loves his job and is worried about what kind of a future he will have if he is terminated….

I therefore have been under tremendous stress, as my own son whom I had thought has real ‘critical thinking’ skills is actually contemplating taking a KILL SHOT that will either kill him, or leave him permanently sterilized for the rest of his life….

Now my readers know what I am up against… This fight for our very existence has become an ever increasing personal battle to try to save the life of my own child….. And the stress that I am enduring right now is nearly off the scale and causing me to lose sleep at night and becoming sick during the day….

I will keep everyone posted… I can guarantee that I am not alone in this matter as readers have had to endure this type of insanity themselves… I would surely love to hear from anyone that has suffered this same problem, so feel free to send me a few comments…

Thanks everyone for your time in this matter… And as usual…

More to come


15 thoughts on “A Message From Northerntruthseeker

    1. Hi all infomation here is brilliant thanks,i too dont sleep great most of my family have had the 2 shots,my son who i worry about has taken the jabs also,sent all information fell on deaf ears i have great friends i found on other forums and it helps,unfortunately i have nothing in common with the friends ive known all my life,guess its time to say goodbye and start to save humanity the ones worth saving.Thanks all.


  1. Hi NTS:

    You have my sympathies for this torture you are being put through. As you are aware, both my sons took the kill shot during the past year. Also both their partners. Now they’re honing in on my granddaughters. But I can say that I have survived through this nightmare, where I have suffered two mortal stab wounds to the heart. What got me through aside from faith in a compassionate God….was knowing my regular blog contributor RAH was going through the same nightmare where all his family have taken the kill shot. I admired his approach. He just told them that he can’t take the shot because somebody will have to stay alive to bury them. RAH has said that he has had to become “cold and clinical” in order to survive the onslaught. He and I exchange frequent e-mails updating one another as to how it’s going. This is an apocalypse–none of us will emerge unscathed.

    As you are aware, the kill shots come in batches. Some kill faster than others. Yesterday I posted an interesting report out of Slovenia where a head nurse in charge of distributing the kill shots turned whistleblower and said there are three categories…1) saline solution; 2) the “regular” MRNA “VaxZine” and 3) A special dosage of cancer-causing bullshit that gives the victim soft tissue cancer within two years. We don’t know what option was given to our sons. Perhaps they have been given the saline solution to start with because they are “needed” as workers for the time being.

    So I have glommed onto the hope they received the saline and if we keep working on revealing the bullshit and are successful before they give everyone the kill shot…our sons will survive.

    So that is the best possible way to look at this. Keep working hard revealing the bullshit. And as regards your relationship with your son. Consider that he has been meZmeriZed by the perps. He has been brainwashed and hypnotiZed. It was not your fault. He is beyond your ability to change his mind. Either a human is born sentient…or he is born Sheeple. You cannot change him–any more than you can change a giraffe into a lion.

    But you are a sentient and we will win this war…as we always have thoughout history.


  2. Hello NTS,
    This is terrible news, and I feel for both of you.
    Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, with families splitting.
    My whole family, siblings and folks are all gung-ho about the kill shot agenda and believe it will fix the normal soon again.
    They do let me visit their home still, for now.
    And you can’t talk about it too much cause they don’t see it, and they get heavily triggered, which makes the situation even worse.
    I have a couple of cousins on our side, so that is better than nothing.
    Even my good friends and neighbors, who said they would never get it, are considering it because they want to travel. It’s so ridiculous.
    It’s sickening when our close family, especially our children, have their hands tied and are forced into things that they will definitely regret in the near future.
    I wish you and your son the best. Maybe he will reconsider.


  3. Similar stuff over here NTS.
    IT’S been an eye opener.
    3 of my siblings went to universities in Ca. Come to find out they are adamant bolshevik, government knows all, anti fascists. They have taken the jab and insist that it’s a personal choice, but then insist nobody can ever tell a human being what to do while waiting for approval for vaccinations for their youngest. They are the type that calls themselves “woke”
    Yet are completely blind to the jews , think that rioters are completely justified, and think circumcision is totally harmless. They think Nazi ghosts are running around posessing people making them become meanies, natural immunity advocates, and antivaxxers.
    I think we are the FOOFIGHTERS. God bless the Nazis, and Deautchland Uber Alles.


  4. Hi NTS,
    Not sure if you saw the Article by your friend Greencroww.
    Here’s a link if you missed it.

    The 2nd article / subject is about how there might be 3 levels of vaccines.
    Level 1 Placebo / water.
    Level 2 mRNA Vaccine.
    Level 3 ONC Gene of Coronavirus “which will cause cancer in 2 years.

    This explains why some people have No complications maybe they got a placebo vaccine.
    Your son is Not Informed enough if he is leaning towards getting the vaccine.
    My Step-Daughter got the vaccine in the spring of 2021.
    I found out in June of 2021,
    She’s 27 and very brainwashed from going to university believing the science of Mainstream Media.
    She knows I’m very against vaccines.
    She no longer speaks to me.
    I send her texts and never get a response.
    I actually felt in June of 2021 that she died when she told me she was vaccinated.
    Until I heard how about the 3 levels of vaccines.
    I have a friend who is 12 years older named John , he was vaccinated in March or April of 2021, To me I saw him in June and August of 2021, he looked pale and more dumber like.
    He turned 67 in June of 2021, he’s a tuckpointer and is active looks maybe 10 years younger.
    Oh yeah, he fell off a ladder 2 stories up while working in September 2021,
    Broke toes, sprained or broken wrist, fractured pelvis, messed up shoulder,
    Was in hospital for 3 weeks or so.
    I suspect the vaccine made him dizzy, who knows.

    Advice for your son:
    Tell him maybe he has to sell his house to survive since he will be fired if he doesn’t get the vaccine.
    Let him move in with you, oh he might be married with kids, and then it gets rough the more mouths ya have to feed.
    Me I Just Rent a Room and Live Way way Below my means.
    Another friend his whole family got vaccinated, but not him or his wife and kids.
    I send him informative Articles to help him realize the Vaccine is a BioWeapon.














    Dr Pierre Lecture in 1995 Perfectly Fits Today’s Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine.
    Dr. Pierre said: It’s Not A Conspiracy Theory It Was Done in Rawanda in 1994.


    Operation Crimson Mist Happened in Rawanda in 1994 and Again in Iraq in 2003.

    The Reason the old people were killed first is : Old People who have Critical Thinking Ability Know Real History.

    Kennedy tried to Warn People and was taken out.
    Kennedy mentioned Secret Societies.


    Mimi Spilled The Beans On The Secrets On The Dead American Presidents.


    Lyme Diease Made in The Laboratory and Purposelyfully Inserted.

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  5. Maybe watching some of these videos of those have been harmed or died might make the young lad think twice.
    Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

    These people are not just numbers, they are real people with lives that have been destroyed.

    I think it is Action4Canada has letters of liability employees can give to employers. The employer can be held liable for any harm that comes to anyone they force to get vaccinated. Also in Canada they cannot force you take a vaccine. Vaccine Canada has information on that and may also have letters of liability as well. They force you to get vaxes and anything that goes wrong they have to pay for. I am thinking if your son died you should get at least 20 or 30 million. He is worth much more then that of course. Money can never replace a child. Maybe check those out and see what they both have to offer your son.


  6. Found it for you. Get you son to check this out. Letters of liability usually make employers back off. He could also get other employees to do the same.
    All things COVID Related: Protect yourself, your job and your children

    Personal liability is a critical weapon in this war against individual rights and freedoms. Canadians have inalienable rights. We have a Constitution and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, plus the Rule of Law. If you do not want to lose your rights then you need to take action to protect them by holding those who are violating your rights, personally liable.

    No Order or government mandates supersede YOUR guaranteed right to work; assemble; worship; or see your family or loved ones; nor to force you to have anything stuck into any part of your body without your 100% consent. If you do not want to lose your rights then you must not concede, comply or give in to this tyranny.

    To assist you, Action4Canada has created the following Notices of Liability and non-consent form to protect you and your family from a government that is out of control.

    Click on these links to jump directly to each Notice of Liability section:

    Advanced Medical Directive
    COVID Testing
    Vaccine NOLs
    Premiers and Health Officials
    Mobility Rights

    NOTE: You do not need a lawyer to serve a Notice of Liability.
    Fill in the top of the NOL with the name of the person you are serving, sign and date the bottom, keep a copy, and either deliver personally or send by registered mail.



  7. Hi NTS

    This is RAH , GreenCrows BC colleague.( .this is my first post on your GREAT blog)

    I found out the hard way my 3 adult children(between 30 and 26) and my wife took the jab. Much of this was due to a family wedding in mid Sept.. where Dr Bullshite mandated them for such events. I was not vaxxed, and stayed in a hotel room.

    We had a HUUUGGE family argument leading up to this.
    I had begged and pleaded with them to just meet and discuss the vaxxes…crickets…

    I am semi retired, and my spouse will retire in Feb. 2022.
    She has worked from home since COVID, and no requirement to get vaxxed.

    Our youngest son works from home….no requirement yet got vaxxed.
    Other son, took the jab “because he had done the research”.
    Heard our eldest,,daughter..took jab from 2nd hand info.

    Ultimately,in hindsight, it was probably this f*cking wedding and PHO mandates that coerced them to get it.

    My spouse has been vomitting for weeks and frequently fatigued….and her motor skills are being affected ie tingling in extremities.
    To date, I have not breached the topic of the vaxx.
    As GreenCrow notes ,I have had to be cold and clinical..realist /fatalist in order to survive emotionally.

    Ultimately…None of my family HAD to take the vaxx re jobs etc….they simply swallowed the KoolAid.
    Now I face an uncertain future.
    Currently, I am pondering reading them the Riot Act…” Wake the F*ck Up … YESTERDAY” ….or lets roll up sleeves and plan your funerals.

    NTS…sorry to hear re your Son…but unlike my family who had choice, many like your son effectively have a gun to their heads..job or jab…….and unless we walk a mile in THEIR shoes…it will always create tensions in friends and family.

    My family are “adults” and are responsible for their choices.
    However,…my nieces and nephews have young children between 6 month and 11 year old and I have good grounds to suspect they will all get vaxxed..again…via propaganda wars.

    Stay strong Brother….



  8. Hi NTS;

    Does your son have the option of using the rapid test ?
    Many places allow that as an option.
    I am aware of quite a few people who are faking the results of the rapid test in order to protect themselves and keep on working. I am told you can simply run it under tap water and it will give you a pass.
    Others carefully draw on the red line, or use the results of one test over and over and over again (make sure there is no time and date stamp when sending in your results)

    This is a war; a dead or disabled soldier is of little value.
    Counsel your son to do what he can to evade the snares of the enemy.
    Faking will buy time while pursuing a legal option as “Thinking”, above, suggested.


  9. My daughter is 17 and came to me asking if she could get the shot. I explained that since she has virtually no concerns with the illness (I had it at 60 with comparatively mild symptoms), she doesn’t need it. She argued somewhat and I explained that as long as she lives in my home and I pay all her bills, the shot will not be given under any circumstance.

    She turns 18 in August, which will be the real fight, if she insists.

    I’ve been assuming that there are different juices in the vaxes (as has been described). But is there proof of such? I see things like “Somebody said this and somebody said that”, but I need hard facts. I need the data, not speculation (even if the speculation matches my speculation).

    Luckily, my wife and I are on the same page and neither of us will ever take the jab. But her family is all on board. I simply told them something similar that NAH said, I’ll be here to bury you all. One countered that it will be my dumb ass that dies for not taking the shot.

    I explained that if Covid didn’t kill me, I won’t let the shot get me.

    One is a nurse at a children’s clinic and has been jabbed three times already. She is immense, and I suspect will be the first to die within a year or so. She already is feeling poorly and stayed home when the rest took a vacation.

    She is the canary in the coal mine that I will brush off and show the rest as they wait for their turn.

    I don’t think people really understand the risk/harm of the shots. But if we had actual data showing different shot mixtures, perhaps they could be educated enough to know it is, at best, a crap shoot.


  10. NTS, I’m truly sorry your son is allowing himself to be caused to take the kill shot. The fact of the matter is, not many are willing to suffer for what is right, and most, if not all, who have come through the public indoctrination centers in the last 20 years have been… well… indoctrinated into “thinking” the way they’re programmed to “think”. I understand the stress you’re under right now, but like RAH, we need to let them go, if they cannot hear what we say. Please try not to get sick over it, if possible.
    From your posts, it seems you don’t believe in God, but believe me, true faith in the living God is a real support, and wold help you immensely! I’ll be praying for you, as well.


    1. Canadian Wildflower, it seems you have an issue with the obvious. It goes back to the old question…which is heaver? A pound of feathers, or a pound of lead? Let us try the direct approach. I assume you have two hands…a right and a left hand. Now, pick either the left or the right one…it does not matter which…and therefore proceed to pray into it. Once done, then pick the alternative hand, and defecate into it, and observe as to which one fills up first. I have absolutely no doubt as to which one will fill up first.


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