Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Sunday… And getting much colder here in these parts of the Great White North, and time again for my weekend rant..

Well, we are all being inundated these days by the lying whore media and their 100% false claims that we all must be subjected to new ‘lockdowns’ and ‘restrictions’ due to the fraud of man caused ‘climate change’…. The reality is that there is ZERO man caused ‘climate change’ at all, and this planet, as I have said for years now, has its weather entirely driven by the energy output of our star, Sol, along with influences due to the position of our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy…. For anyone to believe otherwise IMHO is either in on the scam of man caused ‘climate change’ or does not know astronomy and physics..

Yes, the rejects from clown college aka our ‘government officials’ did indeed just conclude that farcical ‘COP26 conference’ over in Glasgow Scotland, and they all came out of those ludicrous meetings saying that we ALL must do our parts to ‘save the planet’ from it becoming ‘overheated’ due to man caused Climate Change…But as I stated before, the very meetings were themselves a joke as the attendees came to Glasgow mostly on private jets that consumed massive amounts of jet fuel and expelled thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide in return… And most spent most of the time at that conference partying away and not actually giving a damn about the fraud of ‘Climate Change’… But the reality is that nearly ALL in attendance were well rehearsed in advance about the REAL agenda which is of course to be the next step towards global enslavement of the masses due to planet wide ‘climate’ lockdowns…..

I need not explain about how these morons that went to Glasgow, Scotland got it 100% wrong about Climate Change, as I have explained the real science many times before in hundreds of articles at this blog and my former Google Blogger site.. Suffice to say, but the evidence is now crystal clear that this planet is heading towards one heck of a long cooling trend that is flying in the faces of the Climate Change morons even as I type this rant…. Everywhere we look and see in terms of world wide temperatures, we are witnessing a downward trend that will indeed cause probably some of the coldest temperatures ‘on record’ right across the planet..

I can easily use where I live as a prime example of the cooling of the planet, for right now in this part of central Canada, we are experiencing colder than usual temperatures with the forecast for the next month being well BELOW seasonal temperatures as well…. And do not even get me started about the snowfall accumulations, as we just endured a major blizzard last week and a heck of a lot more snow coming this week to boot…. I again have to say that if anyone wants to see the reality of ‘Climate Change’ aka ‘Global Warming’ come on up here for a real eye opener and a reality check…

OK, I have been asked my opinion over and over again about the situation over in British Columbia, especially with the lower mainland area of the Fraser River valley that includes Vancouver and its environs getting record amounts of rainfall that has disrupted all transportation out of that major port city for the time being… My own analysis shows definitive proof that this was no natural occurrence and was done deliberately, and I will explain further..

With the US ports of Long Beach and of course Seattle still being strangulated on purpose by the criminal COMMUNISTS in charge in America, a lot of goods have had to reach the North American markets from Asia by some other means.. And one of the only major ports remaining on the entire western Pacific Ocean seaboard is of course Vancouver harbour…. It is a fact that while the ports in the US have been purposely and recklessly put out of commission. by the criminals in charge, Vancouver has been wide open and has been able to send goods right across Canada and into the United States completely unhindered by actions down in the US… I do believe that the criminals finally realized that to get their mass shortages and starvation plans going for ALL of North America, they would have to somehow shut down Vancouver’s major harbour facilities, and what better way than to use their weather modification machinery to do the trick..

And thus we have that ‘unprecedented’ weather that hit the Vancouver area especially hard, shutting down all the major transportation networks from Vancouver eastward into Canada… Then we have the government in British Columbia following suit and shutting down the Vancouver port ‘for the time being’ claiming that has to be done due to the transportation routes being destroyed… To me, this is all part of the planning, and will indeed create some ‘shortages’ right across Canada much like we are witnessing right now in the United States..

The trick of course is to not only shut down the Vancouver port to cause shortages, but to also blame it so conveniently on ‘Climate Change’ and sell that through the lying whore media up here in Canada to try to get public support for ‘climate lockdowns’ and to accept even further TAXATION on the public under the false guise of saving the world from ourselves… Sadly from what I have seen out of people that I run into still on a daily basis, most are just too stupid for their own good and are swallowing this bullshit without any thought, much like they have already swallowed the scam-demic lies…

Well it is now two full years since these monsters unleashed their scam-demic on the world, and how is that working out for everyone? Obviously, the evil plans to strike fear into the gullible and have them all line up like dumb ass and stupid sheep to take their KILL SHOTS has worked beyond these criminals expectations indeed… And now that they have at least 1/2 of all humanity on this planet shot up with their lethal injections, it is time for the next round which will be pushing their ‘boosters’ onto everyone that will indeed kill most out there that have been lucky so far to get the ‘placebos’ and/or saline into their bodies instead of the shots of certain death…. Even up here in these parts of central Canada, the lying whore media has started to ramp up the propaganda that EVERYONE that has taken their double dose of KILL SHOTS, are now suddenly ALL in need of these ‘boosters’ as well…. .Sadly, most are now too stupid to live and will indeed line up for these extra shots of certain death like the lemmings they are….

But to me the real kicker is the incessant push now to have ALL of our children shot up with these KILL SHOTS, when the fact remains that even if this ‘COVID-19’ crap was somehow valid in terms of the death toll, there has been nearly ZERO deaths of children anywhere across the planet at all for the last 2 full years! But of course the criminals in charge are ignoring this fact that children do not ‘die from COVID’ at all, and are out there promoting this poison into our children’s bodies that will do even more massive damage than what we are already presently seeing happening already!

But WHY children? To me it is because children are the future, and even if most adults will soon be dying from their own stupidity due to these KILL SHOTS, there was always the thought that children would survive to allow the human race to rebuild.. But obviously not any more, as the criminals are apparently and purposely now targeting children just to remove that future…. And the truly sad part is seeing all of the irresponsible parents so gleefully and gladly sending their children off to take these KILL SHOTS into their bodies without any thought of the harm and damage they are doing to their own offsprings…. I look at these ‘parents’ with utter contempt, and will never stop calling them outright murderers or accessories to murder for their blatant destruction of their future….

We have already seen all of the reports about the horrendous damage that these KILL SHOTS are doing to the immune systems of those stupid enough in taking them voluntarily into their bodies, but what about the fact that these foul concoctions are also sterilization agents as well? I have looked into that factor over the last while and it has been shocking to find that these shots are not only sterilizing so many victims for life, BUT the fact also remains that others that have been this stupid can never have children as well… Yes, as Doctor Scott Brooks said months back in front of that Ohio state school board meeting, those who have taken these shots of certain death can NOT have children, for their DNA has been permanently destroyed and/or ruptured… Thus we may have direct sterilization happening from the shots, but long term sterilization is also a prominent factor and is PERMANENT…

So many factors are out there now that show that the ‘unvaccinated’ have been RIGHT ALL ALONG in rationally and logically avoiding these shots of certain death and permanent damage… And I am also proud that my own son has now refused to take these KILL SHOTS as well as he has done his own research and being a true critical thinker now sees what I have been saying for the last two years to be 100% accurate… I honestly am proud that he has made the right choice and I do hope that he survives all the onslaught of ridicule and insults that will be coming his way for the next while, realizing that he will be CLEAN and still a 100% human being…And of course I do hope that he is able to find himself a nice girl somewhere down the line that is also unhindered by these KILL SHOTS as well, for that will be necessary if they both decide to have children of their own..

And yes, we are indeed watching the separation of our societies between the KILL SHOT victims and those smart enough to not have that garbage in their bodies, unfold right before our very eyes… Every day, all I ever see from the lying whore media is report after report that are filled with lies that the ‘unvaccinated’ are somehow to blame for all that is wrong in the world today. Sadly, there are so many fools and idiots out there that actually swallow that nonsense without any thought and are now being brainwashed with the notion that the ‘unvaccinated’ must be somehow punished for making the rightful choice between living and dying. I honestly do not know where this is all leading up here in Canada, but considering how truly evil that dastardly Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is behaving, I can see more and more restrictions put in soon against the ‘unvaccinated’ with the eventual plan being to try to FORCE these death jabs into all of us..

And yes, as proof as to how far and evil these plans can become, we only need to look at Austria for evidence of how far these criminals will push their KILL SHOTS into the unwilling.. There have been claims that as many as 40% of all Austrian citizens are ‘unvaccinated’ which absolutely flies in the faces of the criminals that want their garbage rammed down everyones’ throats.. Thus we find the latest horrific ‘mandates’ launched by the Vienna criminal regime calling for EVERYONE in Austria to be ‘forced inoculated’ with the KILL SHOTS by the beginning of February 2022… And the result has been so pleasing to see as the Austrian people are now in open revolt against the Vienna regime, demanding that they stand down and withdraw these ‘mandates’ immediately…

It has been so wonderful to see the MILLIONS of people that have been marching all across the planet against these KILL SHOT ‘mandates’ and ‘restrictions’… BUT I have to state again that protests ARE NOT ENOUGH, as the fact remains that our criminal governments are just ignoring protestors and showing that they have pure hatred for the very people that stupidly ‘elected’ them into power in the first place…. Some have also said that ‘voluntary non-compliance’ is a valid solution to stopping these criminals in their tracks, but the time for ‘voluntary non-compliance’ is long past as the majority of sheep out there have indeed taken their KILL SHOTS and are so badly brainwashed now into supporting the criminal aspects of the entire scam-demic, that they will never support ‘voluntary non-compliance’ at all… The time for ‘voluntary non-compliance’ was logically and rationally BEFORE most everyone got these KILL SHOTS into their bodies, meaning earlier this year… But now, even that idea of non-compliance is obviously long past and impossible now..

To me, the solution is obvious, which has to be full blown revolution and take down of these crooked governments by force… BUT to blindly launch revolutions across the planet without a focus is exactly what these criminals would love to see so they could use that blindness to unleash military and police forces and use their compliant lying whore media outlets to claim such revolution as ‘terrorism’… The way to do a true and meaningful revolution is to properly organize, plan, and focus in on exactly what has to be achieved and against the right criminal elements responsible for the entire scam-demic charade….. And such resistance needs the right leadership and a leadership that is not ‘infiltrated’ by elements put there by the very criminals that we need to see overthrown….. We must rise up against these monsters and stay focused at all times so as to not allow these foul creatures to use and exploit any weaknesses against all of us…..And honestly, this has to be done and soon as these monsters are indeed ready to expand their criminal scam-demic into the even more dangerous fraud of ‘Climate Change’….

Just the other day, I watched the latest Max Igan ‘Crowsnest’ videos via BRANDNEWTUBE, and I did notice how Max has been attacking many who have been against the Jewish criminals claiming that to say that the Jews are responsible for everything that we are witnessing now is false, as the power elite have now nearly fully established their surveillance and artificial intelligence networks world wide and the trouble is now much more and beyond the ‘Jewish problem”…. Granted, Max is right about some aspects as the problems facing us all now is well beyond anything the Jews could have done and that we have allowed it to happen to ourselves with our ‘smart technology’ dependencies….. But the fact does remain that the Jewish criminal elite is still sitting there at the top of the pyramid and still overseeing nearly all aspects of the entire scam-demic, as well as being in full control of the Pharmaceutical Industries involved in this massive charade…. Thus the Jewish criminal problem still exists and these criminals still are gunning for their long time aspiration for world domination… Thus that problem will still have to be solved if we are ever able to survive this hell on Earth and come out on the other side as a viable species…. Therefore I do like Max and his works in fighting this scam-demic, but some aspects, especially the Jewish problem, I will continue to be at odds with his statements.

Well.. I guess that is enough for the moment… As usual, I always leave so much ‘on the table’ and will try my best to cover those other issues right here in my usual closing ‘last minute tidbits’…….The constant up and down rhetoric of a possible ‘war’ between the US and China over the island nation of Taiwan was in the news earlier last week and yet by the end of the week, such news suddenly disappeared. This is exactly what I have been saying, as this is all ‘fluff’ and nonsense to consume the minds of the gullible as China has NO aspirations of attacking Taiwan at all as they are almost in full control of America already!….. And of course we have that walking dementia filled moron that keeps shitting himself, so called ‘President’ Joe Biden (usually played by actor Arthur Roberts) still making non-sensical speeches everywhere he goes and making himself look like a buffoon. It still marvels me as to how much longer this fool will be allowed by the Communists in charge to occupy the ‘White House’ for the fact that this clown is way past his expiry date already!…… And of course we have Kamala Harris, who is an insane blathering bitch at the best of times making psychotic statements and just a Joe Biden heart attack away from being the President. Some news came out saying that Harris is about to be forced out as Vice President, but what worries me is what kind of psycho the Commies have ready to take her place?……….And about all of this stupidity coming in the alternative media of former President Donald Drumpf about to step in as President? Sorry, but that is bullshit news and the idea that Drumpf is coming back is long past as that ‘ship has sailed’. Time for the ‘Republicans’ to start thinking about who will take the leadership into the upcoming ‘mid-terms’ as well as 2024…….Food shortages are how very apparent across America, and of course they are all ARTIFICIALLY created and purposely. The Commies in charge are still using the lying whore media outlets to make the insane claims that the food shortages are caused by the ‘unvaccinated’ which is such sheer lunacy indeed…….About that Kyle Rittenhouse ‘trial’ that was just concluded in Michigan the other day with Kyle found rightfully ‘not guilty’? To me, the travesty is how the lying whore media has mistakenly pictured and pushed the propaganda that this young man was somehow ‘guilty’ when he was absolutely not. I do hope that Kyle and his family do proceed now in suing most lying whore media outlets out of existence, which is about fucking time!……The Cumbre Vieja volcano over in the Spanish Canary Islands is still erupting. Nothing new here though, as evidence now shows that in spite of the violent eruptions that have filled the lying whore media news for weeks, still will not trigger that massive ‘landslide’ that everyone has been expecting any time soon. I have watched some of the videos though and they do make for a great show in the meantime……I have been asked again about the ‘isolation’ of the COVID-19 ‘virus’ and I will leave it here with some simple logic; Sequencing does not equal isolation by any means. There, now that is cleared up, we can see why there is still zero evidence that this COVID-19 ‘virus’ even exists to this day………Athletes around the world continue to fall over DEAD from the result of taking these KILL SHOTS, and we are supposed to ignore that problem that is getting worse by the day? Hopefully people are now ignoring the lying whore media lies and finally taking notice…… The war in Syria continues to be in a stalemate position, with nearly no changes in terms of the fighting against the terrorist groups run by the US. The only news continues to be the sickos in Israel still pushing for a fight by lobbing missiles at targets inside Syria itself. Again, and luckily, the Syrians will not take the bait here………Meanwhile down in Yemen, we have news that the Commie Biden regime is trying to get Saudi Arabia to stop their war in that nation to try to end the bloodshed against Yemen civilians. BUT on the other hand, the Commie Biden Administration continues to send weapons to Saudi Arabia to continue the conflict? Shows once again how two-faced these bastards in Washington truly are……Meanwhile over in the Horn of Africa, the Tigrayan ‘rebels’ are still sitting on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, just awaiting to see if the regime in control will step down rather than face more bloodshed. I have wondered about WHO exactly has been arming these Tigrayan forces, and I found evidence that the US is behind this push for ‘regime change’ that may have something to do with the Ethiopian government wanting to dam up the Nile River in Ethiopia in clear defiance of both Sudan and Egypt downstream. This makes more sense than what I have seen via the lying whore media outlets………Anyone else notice how ‘Antifa’ has suddenly ‘disappeared’ from the lying whore media that was so focused on this COMMIE run group some two years ago? Obviously the American people are no longer fooled any more, which explains this mysterious ‘disappearance’….Thanksgiving coming this week in the US, and what better way to further polarize and destroy families by putting out the notion that the ‘unvaccinated’ should not be allowed to attend family gatherings. Yes, this is all by design of course, and being done to further vilify those who have smartly not taken these KILL SHOTS……..My team, Arsenal, lost a game yesterday against powerful Liverpool, by a 4-0 drubbing. This is expected, as Arsenal is still a very young team that still does not match up well talent wise to Liverpool. Just give them time for they are improving….. And yes, I saw the big news where Manchester United finally fired their manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, yesterday. This was coming, as anyone made manager of Man U is automatically put on the hot seat and is demanded to win nearly all the time. Solskjaer apparently lost the confidence of both owners and players and he knew his days were numbered…..And apparently that horror show called the Meagan and former Prince ‘Harry’ circus made some news as apparently the French media has now turned on these foul creatures and has been lambasting them incessantly. Hey, obviously the French can see what I see, which is two parasitic losers that truly need to get real lives and stop being burdens on society instead……And in the stomach turning world of Kardashian, we have the ‘news’ that comedian Pete Davidson, from that nonsensical and long washed up ‘show’ called “Saturday Night Live” has indeed begun dating main skank Kim. Honestly, besides the fact that Kim is some 13 years older than Pete, I do wonder how brain damaged anyone has to be to be dating that useless trollop in the first place? How long will it be before that skank destroys yet another life and permanently is the bigger question?

More to come


2 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 21st, 2021

  1. NTS,

    Isn’t a coincidence that THEY found smallpox in a freezer in Pennsylvania. Right after Bill Gates wanted billions for smallpox!

    Now they claim that the vials are the smallpox vaccine!!

    What absolute bullshit. There can be no mistaking smallpox from the vaccine! PERIOD.

    The vials of pure smallpox are guarded by lethal force and very few people can access them and they are very clearly labeled and can never be transported anywhere!!!

    I’m sure Bill Gates is really suffering now. His wife cleaned him out for raping little girls. That’s why he was kicked off the boards of numerous corporations. Not good to have a child rapist representing corporate interests!

    On another note being a long time Public Servant (I hate the label bureaucrat). Poopy pants Biden’s vaccine mandate is DOA (Dead on Arrival). The OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) cannot and never will be able to enforces Poopy pant’s mandates.

    If OSHA is bullied then the long time employees will get the poor loser new employees to go out and enforce this!

    There are so many escapes from this mandate it’s comical. ‘Well we broke off into 100 new companies.’ ‘We put 100 employees on temporary status {EVEN THEY ARE EARNING FULL PAY AND BENEFITS!!].

    During my long career I dealt with OSHA – and all they are is a work place safety administration. They have no medical authority whatsoever!


  2. Violent revolution is the only way forward. The rioters in Brussels should be attacking the European Parliament.

    To counter businesses that ask for vaccine passports we the UNVAXXED should enter wearing the yellow star.

    A yellow star with a sign saying UNVAXXED AND PROUD will strike fear into the dumb fucks co-operating with this obscene discrimination.

    The psychopathic cabal running the COVID and Climate SCAMS must be desperate if they think they can defeat the UNVAXXED by sponsoring hatred for us among the feckless sheeple who’ve been asinine enough to take the KILL-SHOTS.

    Spoke to a barmaid last week. She’d had 2 shots and proceeded to suffer a cold that lasted 3 weeks and contracted tonsillitis to boot. All her jabbed friends had gone on to get sick too.

    Was she glad she got the shots? Yes, she had no doubts on that score – it was the right thing to do (sic)!

    It doesn’t end there.

    She then proceeded to read out the questions (: when had she last had intercourse? Did she have tattoos?) she was filling in on her – wait for it – application to become a blood donor!

    The sick psychopaths running this SCAMDEMIC must be pissing themselves laughing. The sheeple are only too pleased not just to kill themselves by stepping up for the jab. They’re also ready to poison the blood banks and genocide even more people to please the psychopaths pulling their strings!


    Did the world just go BAT-SHIT fucking CRAZY?


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