Immune To Logic: The First Goal Of These KILL SHOTS AKA ‘Vaccines’ Is To Damage The Brains Of The “Vaccinated” So They Keep Blindly Taking MORE Shots Of Certain Death!

I was out and about this morning up here in what I have commonly called COVID-land central aka the formerly free province of Manitoba in this formerly free nation called ‘Canada’…. And I just continue to be so amazed at the sheer ignorance and stupidity of what used to be called ‘humanity’ around me as those retarded morons continue to wear their health destroying face diapers so tightly on their faces STILL believing that there is this ‘big bad’ and ‘deadly’ ludicrous ‘virus’ out there that somehow will kill us all…. I used to shake my head in disgust at these retards, but now all I can do is barely hold myself from laughing in all of their faces….

And yes, I have tried my best over these last few weeks to tell everyone that I meet that the so called ‘state of emergency’ in this province actually ended early last month… I get that constant ‘deer in headlight’ look when I give these morons that fact and the fact that with that fraud ’emergency’ now ended, nobody actually has to follow any of the so called provincial ‘guidelines’ any more… BUT instead all I see is these brain damaged and ‘vaccine damaged’ retards just ignore that fact and continue on their path to their own destruction… Apparently the damage is now done and done so thoroughly to these retards that there is NO hope now in bringing many of them back to any sense of reality.

Well, I have come under fire by my stand in calling those who have taken these shots of certain death aka ‘KILL SHOTS’ the most stupidest people imaginable…. And yes I am not going to regress from calling these fucking retards ‘STUPID’ for that is better than flat out calling them all a bunch of fucking retarded losers that deserve to die… And so what if telling the truth that these idiots are STUPID is somehow being harsh, and therefore losing a few of my audience in the process?… I will never lie in this blog and calling a spade a spade is what I have always been all about..

OK, Onto the business at hand, and I want to tackle the damage done to the logic of those who have taken these KILL SHOTS, and therefore want to present the following report that comes from the “Crack Newz” website at, that is entitled: “IMMUNE TO LOGIC: The first goal of vaccines is to damage the brains of the vaccinated so they keep blindly taking more shots”… This article does indeed take a look at the lack of logic of those who have taken these shots of certain death in their bodies with some interesting aspects and logical reasoning as to why people can indeed be so willing to line up to take shots into their bodies that will certainly kill them all… Here is that article in its entirety, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

IMMUNE TO LOGIC: The first goal of vaccines is to damage the brains of the vaccinated so they keep blindly taking more shots

 Sure, some vaccines may have saved some lives over the past six decades, including the measles vaccine and possibly the polio vaccine. Yet, with vaccination comes corrupt pathogens, brewed and bred in laboratories to break down the human immune system, the central nervous system, and yes, systemic brain function. We’ve seen deadly pig viruses (called circovirus) purposely inserted into rotavirus vaccines for children. We’ve seen sterilization chemicals (hCG) put in vaccines promoted in Kenya, Africa, and polio vaccines that literally spread polio.

We’ve witnessed decades of multi-dose influenza vaccines, a.k.a. “flu shots” that contain overloads of mercury, known to cause brain damage. After all, mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth. Now, we’ve introduced mRNA technology in vaccines, where your own cells are tricked into creating billions of toxic spike proteins that flood the vascular system, restricting oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain.

The first goal of vaccines is to damage brains

The CDC and CCP are creating immunity for the vaccinated, but it’s not the kind you’re thinking about. Vaccines create an immunity to logic, and that’s the only immunity they really offer. Any immunity to the Covid virus has not been proven, and the little that is suspected to exist wanes within a few months, rendering the whole vaccination campaign more than worthless, and outright harmful.

The main reasons people get vaccinated regularly, and get their children vaccinated, are because the mass media has convinced them it’s the only safe thing to do, while the contents of those very vaccines keep them in a medical stupor–a culled state of mind that’s easily convinced of the concocted, warped and falsified “safe and effective” mantra.

Covid vaccines DO NOT prevent contraction and transmission of the virus, despite what nearly all vaccinated sheeple believe

One thing is for sure, nearly every American who takes every vaccine the FDA and CDC recommends believes 100 percent that the vaccines are totally safe and highly effective, without ever seeing a lick of science to prove it. Millions of vaccine fanatics claim to be very “science-based” when it comes to medicine, but just because their MDs are selling them on full compliance, doesn’t mean it’s science-based compliance.

Just take a look at the opioid epidemic. Is that “science” for the betterment of mankind? Are opioids “safe and effective?” Are they prescribed for the greater good? Are they good for your heart and brain? It’s time to take a closer look at vaccines now, specifically the Covid jabs, and their true function.

At first, the logic was to take the Covid vaccines to prevent catching Covid, and thus prevent the spread of it. Then science shredded that ‘fake fact.’ Then, the thinking was that the vaccines would protect the vaccinated if they just herded together, but that narrative fell to pieces with science.

The CDC needed a new narrative. Next came the theory that the vaccine prevents you from getting a severe case of Covid. That’s why vaccines make you dumb (immune to logic), so you won’t remember all the mistakes the vaccine industry JUST MADE, and you’ll believe the next big lie.

Remember, fluoridated water lowers IQ, mercury in flu shots damages brain function, and now clot shots starve the brain of oxygen. Indirectly, these planned toxins cause the victims to become immune to logic so they will continue ingesting and injecting them. Now come the “mandatory” Covid “booster” shots, which aren’t vaccines at all, just gene therapy that prevents your body from fighting disease, including cancer.

NTS Notes: Yes, I too have said for the last nearly 2 full years that the LYING WHORE MEDIA is responsible for turning suckers and brain dead idiots’ brains to mush, and I have yet to be proven wrong in that aspect…

And I covered in several articles at my old blog about how the criminal GATES foundation ran a program that ‘ended’ in 2016 in east Africa and especially in Kenya, where they injected tens of thousands of people with a ‘vaccine’ that was supposed to be used to combat a ‘tetanus outbreak’ that did not exist, but was actually being used to experiment on these poor victims using STERILIZATION agents…. These criminals did their damage to so many in Kenya that have now been sterilized permanently by their ‘shots’ and they had to pay the Kenyan government billions in reparations for the damage they did then…

And yes, it is indeed primarily through the incessant brainwashing of the lying whore media that so many have been fooled into the false belief that ‘vaccines’ are good for you… BUT my own research for years has shown a different story in that so called ‘vaccines’ are actually trigger mechanisms for so many of the diseases that they are supposed to combat!

Which leads us of course to this so called ‘vaccine’ that has now been shot into billions of people world wide for a ‘virus’ that does not exist, and is being used for a grand ‘experiment’ on humanity with results that even these pricks running this scam have no clue as to what the ultimate outcome will be… This ‘experiment’ is in in fact not supposed to end until sometime in the year 2024!..

The bottom line is this.. ONLY those who have NO brain cells can be this stupid as to blindly take these deadly shots into their bodies and sign waver forms in the process that prevents them from ever seeking legal action against those who have done the permanent damage to their bodies…. Many have said that even ‘smart’ people have been hoodwinked into this, but I do not see it… Those with real critical thinking skills are the ones who logically and smartly ask questions first and say ‘NO THANKS’ to doing this type of harm to their systems. Those who have instead surrendered themselves and their bodies to such evil are IDIOTS, MORONS, RETARDS, and the most stupidest people on the planet and after a year of exasperating myself in pleading and begging people to not be this brain dead, I have finally given up on them and can only conclude that most deserve what is coming to them in the next while… There is no room on this planet any more for such ignorance, and we the pure humans who are “unvaccinated” will be the ones around to create a whole new and smarter society.

More to come


9 thoughts on “Immune To Logic: The First Goal Of These KILL SHOTS AKA ‘Vaccines’ Is To Damage The Brains Of The “Vaccinated” So They Keep Blindly Taking MORE Shots Of Certain Death!

  1. Bravo!

    Agree 100%.

    We R wasting our time trying to reason with the sheeple now lining up to take the booster shots. Just say to them sarcastically that the vaccines must be “working” and they go ape-shit. They hit the mute button and delete u from the conversation.

    Their extreme sensitivity on the vaccine question lays bare their real feelings. In their heart of hearts they know they have made a terrible and fatal mistake. They simply can’t face the fact that they have been utterly deceived and duped. Cognitive dissonance and progressive mental and physical deterioration R all that’s left of their lives.

    When they’re gone, WE – the unvaccinated sentient humans who remain – can start from scratch to build a better world for our children. A world where debt slavery and totalitarian government have been extinguished from the Earth for good.


  2. Freeborn… We do periodically never see ‘eye to eye’, but in this regard we are on the same page..

    I too have been utterly and thoroughly disgusted by trying to knock some sense into these retards, morons, idiots, brain dead zombies, shit for brain losers, etc, etc and HAVE HAD ENOUGH of their behaviours…

    We can only hope now that they all die and get out of our way as quickly as possible so that WE can take on the bastards responsible for their demise head on and with no hindrance…


    1. This is really Terrible and heartbreaking. What a agressivity and Total lack of compassion. YOU must be ashamed of yourself.
      If many people have to die, I am not looking forward to a planet filled with people like you.
      I hope for you someone, or something, opens your eyes.
      Your heart, better to say.
      I am unvaccinated but you make me feel ashamed. Ashamed for people like you.


      1. You ‘thea’ are the one that should be ashamed…As an ‘unvaccinated’ person, you are along with the rest of us having to endure the WRATH of those who have taken the KILL SHOTS and have attempted to shun us from society all together…


      2. >Now that I am
        >proven 100%
        >right, I look
        >at these fools
        >as some of the
        >most brain dead
        >imaginable and
        >I do hope that
        >most of them do
        >die as it will
        >remove their
        >bad genes from
        >the human genetic
        >pool permanently
        >… Sorry, but
        >sometimes REALITY
        >is indeed a bitch!

        Excellent, NTS! MOST EXCELLENT, NTS!
        Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom,
        must sometimes weed what she has sown.
        The kill shots are indeed a blessing
        in disguise. The stupid and brain-dead
        are doing Mother Nature’s bidding by
        taking more and more of the kill shots.
        Do not attempt to stand in Mother
        Nature’s way of weeding out the brain-
        dead. Let the “vaccinations” continue,
        until the last of the morons are rotting
        in their graves! The only ones I have
        any compassion for are the ones who
        took the kill shots on pain of
        unemployment. I have seen in my own
        lifetime the human wreckage accumulate
        over each and every “recession.” This
        is war, and only the strong will survive.
        I am along with Kaminsky who correctly
        sees the system unraveling before our
        own eyes. This is a hell of a time to
        be alive, but it beats being dead.


  3. Hi,
    Yeah I agree The Vaccinated People Have Zero Logic Critical Thinking Ability.
    I used to laugh at mask wearing people driving alone in their car with the windows rolled or the mask people just walking while wearing a mask outdoors.
    Now I look at those people and sometimes I looked directly in their eyes and think it’s very sad you so stupid to keep wearing a mask.
    Only one store by me makes me wear a mask while grocery shopping.
    It’s a pricey food store so I only buy very very little and go shopping at my other local stores without the mask.
    I am in Chicago IL still , on the Northwest side in Chicago.
    I talk bus drivers who got vaccinated and once in a blue moon a vaccinated person admits that they only did it for their job.
    I tell them that’s dumb , you should have quit your job ,
    Then I say cause I’m still on the bus ,
    I say as much as I can until my stop comes up ,
    I tell them honestly you can Put A Gun to my head and punch me in the face at the same time and I Still Won’t Take The vaccine.
    Then depending on what I remember from all my research ,
    I say: The CDC in June of 2021 admitted the PCR Test is Not Accurate And Totally Invalid.
    I tell them Dr. Cowan who helped create the mRNA Vaccine said: Do Not Give These Covid-19 Vaccines to people.
    I tell them big Pharma is Run By Rockefeller.
    I say: people have taken vials of the Vaccines to university to examine the contents , and
    Found Parasites , Hydras and Chigas which come from South America are in the vaccine.
    Graphene Oxide which is what pencil lead is is inside the vaccine ,, think about I say.
    I even say you wanna exchange phone number I can send you lots of Information.
    Only one person asked for information that was back in early March of 2021 ,
    And he was interested in an article about the Fraud and Lies of HIV AIDS that Dr. Robert Willner Proved in the 1990s.
    I’m basically waiting until 2023 /2024 when supposedly the Covid-19 experiment ends.
    But I looked up and found information about a law Trump Signed in June of 2019 that allows big Pharma to have Fake PrePlanned Pandemics gives the elites power to pull this crap again and again.
    It’s only going stop when enough people wake up to The Fraud and Lies of Covid-19. ,,
    I also say: All ten of the Nuremberg Laws / Codes are being ignored with this Fake Scamdemic.
    People never heard of the Nuremberg Laws Codes , I shake my head and say: Why Are people so stupid God ?
    Jesus said: Be Wise As Serpents.
    Anyway either the vaccinated people die in 1 to 3 years or they probably get cancer and die in 10 years.
    It will never look like the vaccine caused the deaths to the Stupid people..


  4. I’ve asked at least 15 people to date who’ve taken the jab if they did any investigating at all of what’s in the “vaccine.” Not one said they had. My 75 year old neighbor remarked, “Just what I’ve seen on TV.”

    A woman in a grocery store will stop and take the time to scrutinize the label on a can of sliced carrots, but then lets a total stranger shoot she-has-no-idea-what into her body with a syringe. “Go figure.”


  5. 100% in agreement here too, NTS, PLUS there’s the hypnosis by tv. My “other half” switches the brainwashing box on first thing every morning. She never did that before.

    Also mentioned briefly above was the harmful effects of opiates, something I could tell a few stories about.

    About 30 years ago, I suffered a ruptured (=”slipped”) disc in my lower spine. I forced myself to go back to work after about six weeks, but the pain was still pretty bad. I fought it for several more years, and ultimately ended up on prescribed opiate “painkillers”.

    After about ten years on opiates, I lost part of a toe to gangrene. For some time I’d “seen” in my mind the “doorway” into the next world, but had been too drugged-up to care that I was that close to death.

    I was then put on Morphine, which nearly killed me.

    Preferring to endure the pain and have my mind back, I eventually managed to break my addiction to opiates.

    About a year later, almost certainly due to having been on opiates for so long, I lost around 50 pounds in weight and ended up in hospital suffering from heart failure.

    Another effect of opiates is that it destroys the joints, leading to arthritis or making existing arthritic conditions much worse.

    As a result of all this, I can’t stand unsupported, and can barely cross the road, even using a walking stick. I have to use an electric mobility vehicle to go anywhere at all.

    I’ve never used illegal drugs. All this and more was done to me by members of the medical mafia.

    Now (((they))) want to kill me with a fake “vaccine” for a “killer plague” that DOESN’T EXIST.

    NOT LIKELY! They can stick it “where the sun don’t shine”.


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