Tyranny In Canada: Status Of Brave Canadian Patriot, Artur Pawlowski

It was a few months back over at that horror show called ‘Blogger’ that I posted an amazing video where Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, was blatantly arrested by the Canadian thought police in Calgary Alberta some 800 miles west of here, for the ‘crime’ of conducting a church service…. That was so appalling and showed how far down the slippery slope to tyranny this once proud and free nation called ‘Canada’ was falling….. And just in case anyone missed that horror of an illegal arrest, here is the bitchute video here:

Well, now some 5 months since that illegal ‘arrest’ that saw Artur Pawlowski thrown into a Canadian ‘prison’ where he was stripped and forced to reside on a concrete floor for 5 days in what was basically a form of torture through ‘solitary confinement’…. And after he was ‘released’ he continued to be brutalized by the Alberta ‘criminal court’ with demands that he cease and desist in his desires to only preach to his congregations….. Such is the horrific standard of ‘medical tyranny’ that we are increasingly suffering from right up here in this nation that I truly used to love…

Over the last nearly 4 months since Artur was ‘arrested’ and put into basically a kangaroo court in Canada, he decided to leave Canada and tour across the United States to let Americans know about the tyrannical state of this once free nation… He was in fact well received across America with very few ‘incidents’ unlike what he was experiencing up here in Canada…

But of course he wanted to return to Canada as he is still a Canadian citizen, and he did the right thing in checking ahead with ‘authorities’ to make sure that he had NO ‘arrest warrants’ ready for his return… He was informed at that time just around a month ago, that there were NO ‘warrants’ and that he could safely come back to Canada…

However, those criminal Canadian ‘authorities’ LIED to Artur, and when he did return to Calgary via air flight, they were waiting for him and arrested him the moment he came to ‘Canadian customs’ on bullshit and trumped up charges of ‘illegally conducting church services’ and a whole lot of other false pretense…. He was subsequently put on ‘trial’ in ludicrous Kangaroo court once again where a psychotic ‘Judge’ had the nerve to lay out his sentencing where he was told to ‘spew the government lies’ about this fraud scam-demic every time he was going to make a speech first and foremost BEFORE he was allowed to say anything else…. Such a horrific and illegal ‘sentence’ is reminiscent of COMMUNISM at its worse…

To help readers fully understand what Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been up to since that kangaroo court and that 100% insanity of a ludicrous ‘sentence’… I want to once again turn to yet another BITCHUTE video, where Mike Adams did a recent interview to discuss his status and how Artur now perceives and very correctly what Canada has now become… Here is that video:

NTS Notes: To me, this is beyond shocking and does show that this nation of mine is no longer a ‘free country’ as many of the mindless sheep out there still strangely perceive…

Canada has fallen… This is now a dictatorship that is in reality much much worse than anything the Communists that ruined so many nations could have ever dreamed of… And all this over MEDICAL TYRANNY based on a ‘virus’ that still to this day has never been proven to exist at all….. From what I am seeing more and more is the fact that the criminals running this fraud had indeed planned for years for this to happen and a long time before this entire ‘scam-demic’ was unleashed….

I will continue to keep tabs from now on in terms of the status of Artur Pawlowski…. He is indeed a true patriot and one heck of a fighter for freedom and common sense….. His message is so important and I do hope that others and especially my fellow Canadians do heed his warnings..

More to come


9 thoughts on “Tyranny In Canada: Status Of Brave Canadian Patriot, Artur Pawlowski

  1. Hi,,
    Yes I agree it’s aweful for a pastor to loose his freedom of speech and be put in Jail for 5 days.
    Back in the 1990s I read the book : Tortured For Christ By Richard Wurmbrandt.
    A True Story of a Romanian Catholic Priest During World War II.
    Richard Wurmbrandt was allowed to give his Church Sermons but was Ordered Not To Mention Jesus.
    The Communist Government Put Richard Wurmbrandt in Prison Twice For Speaking Out and During Sermons that included Jesus Christ.
    He Served A Total OF 14 years in Prison.
    Was In Solitary Confinement For years and Tortured By the Prison Gaurds “Officers” ,
    Richard Wurmbrandt had so much love of Jesus inside him he prayed for the Gaurds who tortured him.
    He kept his sanity in solitary confinement by realizing God Created Everything From Nothing and Richard Wurmbrandt said: I have wonderful and amazing gaurds who know nothing about Jesus , but they the gaurds are so wonderful cause they have brought me even closer to God & Jesus by being in Solitary confinement I Richard Wurmbrandt have nothing , nothing is exactly where God Started it all from said Richard Wurmbrandt.
    To bellyache about 5 days compared to Richard Wurmbrandt he looks like a snowflake.
    But consideration also must be into account men of years ago had more testosterone than today’s men.


  2. NTS,

    I visited my mother yesterday. She hasn’t been ‘vaccinated’ nor will she. She is still really ‘in your face’ at 93! She hates her physical therapist.

    The Colin-oscopy’ Powell died from comorbidity after receiving the ‘vaccine’! Wow what a coincidence.

    GOOD! George W Bush’s little shoe shine boy bites the dust!

    I’ve noticed that male dogs are pissing like females up her in NOVA (Norther Virginia). I’ve never seen this behavior EVER.


  3. Hi NTS:

    Haven’t heard from you for a couple of days…everything ok? Also, could you advise me now I can add my stats and sidebar with favourites like you have on your blog? Love the setup you have.



    1. Sorry, young lady… been busy once again with yesterday and earlier today having meetings with union representatives and others in my company about what we are going to do starting next week Friday when the bastards ‘demand’ that we all be shot up ‘or else’…..

      That and I finally took delivery yesterday of my new computer… A ‘brand new’ (2021 model) iMac….. I have been working on finally rearranging my den area for this new unit as that alone is long overdue… That and I have been tied up with my ‘better half’ and her wanting me to assist her in getting our home ready for this upcoming and apparently very brutal winter that is right around the corner…

      I have not forgotten you…. I have been having a dickens of a time in figuring out how to do that once again myself… The last time I did it was some 6 months ago, and I am in need of getting that updated… Once I figure it out, I will do my best to send you some details.


  4. Thank you for sharing this, NTS. If you don’t mind, I’ll just share it, too. Although I believe Artur goes way off base when he starts getting political. This war will never be won in the political arena; it must remain in the spiritual arena where it belongs. (Not to mention, he seems to support the jews, who are behind all this communism…maybe he doesn’t realize that…?)


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