The US Military Is Being Destroyed By The KILL SHOTS, And Other News

First, a quick apology to readers… I had some personal business and other matters to take care of yesterday, and could not get around to even surfing the INTERNET yesterday…. I finished all of that business late last night and rather than sit down at my computer to see what has been happening in our sick world, I decided to turn in for the night and do some serious blogging today… Once again, thanks everyone for their patience with me!

One other note, and I knew this was coming…. My fellow Canadian colleague and real truth seeker, Greencrow, has been removed from that horrendous site “Blogger”…. We could see this coming for she is like myself and on their hit list for speaking the truth…. I was removed from that horror show some 3+ months ago, and Greencrow knew that her own clock was ticking before those bastards removed her as well…. Just like myself and Penny over at Penny For Your Thoughts, I hope that Greencrow comes over to the ‘dark side’ and joins us here at WordPress…

Meanwhile, I have been watching something horrendous happening now in the United States, where the US Military has been given their “orders” to have each and every soldier ‘inoculated’ with these horrible KILL SHOTS by the beginning of November, or those who rightfully refuse to take these lethal injections will receive ‘dishonorable discharges’ and be booted out of the military in ‘shame’…….

I have been watching that horrendous action being done by the criminal Biden COMMUNIST government now in control of the formerly free United States closely… And to me this horrendous and illegal act by these criminals against their own military does indeed signal the downfall of the entire republic, for such an act is basically an act of WAR against the American people, for MOST members of the US military are not this stupid to take these KILL SHOTS, and apparently as much as 50% of the ENTIRE US Military force will be quitting by the middle of next month….. Losing 50% of the entire US military will DEVASTATE the US and possibly permanently cripple their own ability to even defend what remains of the republic…. To me, this is exactly what these COMMUNIST bastards now in control in Washington DC want to see happen, for their plans have always been the total destruction of the American nation..

And where the hell are the US military while all this is happening? They do realize that when they joined, they swore a DUTY to uphold the US constitution and to defend the rights of the American people against all enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC…. Thus, there should rightfully be a total revolt going on right now by the US military personnel against the COMMIES in charge and most should be working right now on the forceful takedown of the Biden COMMIES in Washington DC right now… But instead we find nearly zero reports of any resistance to the horrors of being forced to take the KILL SHOTS other than word about ‘some’ quitting the military all together…

But luckily there is a lot of news via the alternative media about the horror show that is now the US military in regards to these KILL SHOTS…. And someone sent me the following Bitchute video the other day that shows that many soldiers in the US military are indeed angry about this demand that they take these KILL SHOTS and are speaking out via ‘social media’ about their anger… Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves:

I for one am NOT surprised at all… Many in the military are not brain dead boneheads that are so brainwashed to believe everything that they are subjected to during ‘military training’ and are well aware of what is really happening in terms of these shots of certain death…

And of course I am not alone in seeing how these COMMIE bastards in Washington are absolutely dismantling the US military via these damn lethal injections…. For Jim Stone over at his website at has put up a slew of articles over the last few weeks discussing how these bastards are purposely destroying the US military for their planned takedown of the entire nation. I do in fact want to share a few of his recent articles here:

They are killing the military NOW. This FOX report makes it obvious:

“Rash of military deaths” with dead and missing soldiers all over base??? Looks like FOX reported the symptom without finding the cause (to be expected when the MSM is all an enemy con)


It is easy to hide in the civilian sector, every employer knows sometimes employees quit without a word and it does not mean they are dead!

Military vets getting dishonorably discharged for no vax

I could only handle five minutes before my blood boiled. Ditching these people is a full on act of war, committed by criminals who stole an election. BEYOND APPALLING.It could not possibly be more clear – the people who stole the election want nothing other than to finish America off. This is the stuff the fall of empires is made of.Direct link. Pass it on.Total number subjected to this? 546,000 which was calculated by adding up all armed forces and multiplying by .40 because the official stat of .33 is bullshit and needs an upwards estimate, which is probably, in reality, .50 or half the military.

NTS Note: AND this one just published yesterday:

Make no mistake, America is being permanently dismantled like a cow in a meat packing plant

Heard frequently: “They cannot replace all these professionals with third worlders”

I have seen this comment going around, as if it was a self evident truth that will save us.

This reality will not save us.

The people behind the jab have no intention whatsoever of EVER replacing 30,000 pilots that walk out, 600,000 medical workers that walk out or ANYONE ELSE including the military that walks out because this is the end of America, they are dismantling the country. No, these people will not be replaced and they are never going to work again.Worse, when the people behind the jab create the next wave of emergencies, the pilots that DO get the jab will be crashing frequently creating even more chaos and the medical workers that got it are going to be stroking out and screwing up left and right in a system that has been totally set up to fail. Soldiers who were jabbed will be on the low end of the intellect to begin with, who will crack under pressure rather than think rationally like the talent that had the picture well enough to walk out – and they will be further diminished beyond their already previously lower intellect. China is going to pummel America into the ground. It is all by design.The shot is the greatest weapon ever wielded. Nothing in history has done so much damage. It is not only the deaths and maimings of those jabbed, the damage is so much worse than a pile of deaths and maimings because it has hit the top intellectual backbone of the United States harder than any attack on the country ever has just by causing such massive walk outs. Those who hate America, including Pelosi, Soros, Biden and more – the “elite” are absolutely thrilled by the rampant destruction their mandates are causing. They knew it would happen and as an act of hatred against America, they did it on purpose.If you wanted to destroy America’s military, what better way could there possibly be than to cause a mass walk out of the top 40 percent of the armed forces while the rest of them get a shot that kills and maims a lot of them while it diminishes the rest? No battle, – no entire war has damaged the American military as badly as this shot and the mandate. The military has been annihilated ON PURPOSE.What attack on ANY country has been so serious it took out 600,000 nurses and doctors? The jab and the mandate did. That’s the final number, with 40,000 lost in New York state alone. How much worse could an attack have possibly been?People had better wake up and smell the coffee. “They can’t do that because” does not cut it when if their only objective is to cause the collapse of the nation, there could not possibly be a better play.America’s pilots, engineers, front line medical, emergency response, shipping and everything else critical is being de-platformed right now, and every last thing these people worked for is going straight to the shredder, never to be returned to. It is so far past the time to shoot the bastards causing it that it might be too late already, what good is it going to do to “take the country back” when all of the top people have already been wiped out and probably buried behind a camp? That’s the objective, if it was not, then explain why the top is getting taken down first.

NTS Notes: I for one am not in the least bit surprised by this… The whole agenda of these COMMUNISTS in Washington DC has always been for the destruction of the American republic and turn the entire nation into a full blown dictatorship… Once these intelligent military personnel are gone, the brain dead ones remaining that are having their bodies and minds destroyed by these KILL SHOTS will be obedient servants to such evil and possibly WILL take action against the American people themselves including SHOOTING them !

To me, this shows that BIDEN and every single member of the US congress and senate that are allowing this to happen are TRAITORS to the American nation, and therefore it is up to the US military personnel to uphold their duty to the republic and take action to restore the nation immediately before it is too late…

And what about up here in Canada? We have a much smaller military than the US, and recent reports show that some 85-90% of the entire force has now been ‘inoculated’ by the KILL SHOTS, which means our own forces are now crippled and permanently…. And it does appear that the military leadership in this nation is now too ‘pussified’ and will NOT take the appropriate actions necessary to save this nation from the evils of the Trudeau dictatorship……Thus Canadians cannot expect the Canadian armed forces to come to their aid when that criminal COMMUNIST now in control in Ottawa unleashed hell on Earth for Canadian people that is expected very soon.

More to come


11 thoughts on “The US Military Is Being Destroyed By The KILL SHOTS, And Other News

      1. Apologies NTS, I hadn’t got around to reading your latest post yet and I just wanted to give a quick heads-up.
        This post looks good and much I’m already aware of as I’ve been following military happenings for awhile being that I’m also ex military.


  1. Good to see people standing up to the tyrant, but why do some people think they have to add noise to a video? Even beautiful music would detract from the message, and in most cases, the added background noise hardly qualifies as music.

    Yes, I know I’m objecting to trivia, but this “anti-music” makes the speech difficult to hear.


  2. NTS,

    It’s Octoberfest here and I have a Meetup this evening with my cooking group.

    It’s all young women! No guys except me. It is so stupid! A 60+ man! With 5 attractive young girls?!

    Oh well! I made mustard for the German Pretzals.

    That filth Biden is not granting honerable discharges for military people who refuse to get the ‘vaccine’. Their lives are damaged forever!


    1. “That filth Biden is not granting honerable discharges for military people who refuse to get the ‘vaccine’. Their lives are damaged forever!”

      I wouldn’t worry about that too much Bob because I think history will record that those soldiers will be some of the biggest heroes in our fight back against the tyrants. According to investigative writer Mitch Henderson there are many American Patriots, who he interviewed in the past 5 years or so, who will be doing something about this Marxist government that’s destroying America. It’s been estimated that this group of Patriots exceeds 10 million “easily” and now they’ll probably be picking up more “anti-vax” soldiers that of course should swell the ranks. Time will tell as to how this will all play out here in the States but I feel something BIG is going to coalesce soon, there’s just too much insanity going down right now!


  3. Hi Northerntruthseeker:

    Hallelujah! I have finally been elevated past the Blogger Dead End Platform! I learned about it from going to your post above and reading it and then checking and, sure enough, my blog is open to “authors only”. Is that the same thing that happened to you and Penny? Were you allowed to see your blog but nobody else??? lololololol.

    I reel only relief at this point. A huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders! All the posts I was forced by the events of the recent past to post were getting more and more horrific. The one I had on the launching pad for today was again about how our military is being attacked like rats…from within. Here is a link I was going to use:

    The MZM is conducting a campaign of villification of the entire military. As the head photo I was going to post a photo of the Turd in blackface staring out at the camera. The headline was going to read: “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.”

    The thesis of the post was going to be that the patsy Turd gubermint and the military are locked in a game of chicken where each is daring the other to make the first move. There is a hard core minority in the military who WILL NOT TAKE THE SHOT and the gubermint is daring this group to attack so they can then villify them even more, round them up and take them to internment camps.

    The resisters, on the other hand…are hoping that the gubermint will so so far in its oppression against the population that even the sheeple will wake up and withdraw what little support [32%] remains for the Turd and his flunkies.

    It is a very stressful situation in the military these days, to say the least. It’s like those few seconds that happened before every battle in the Revolutionary War where the opposing sides were lined up facing each other on the battlefield and, in order to get the best shots away….they needed to inch closer and closer to one another while holding their musket fire.

    Thus, was born the phrase spoken by the General : “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes”. And of course…the kicker is that the photo at the top of the post shows the Turd in blackface…with his white eyes staring at the camera!…shall we call it “Black” humoUr????

    Now I have to figure out that damned Word Press Platform!

    See ya soon. But I will take a bit of a rest first. We’re up to our eyeballs in preparation for “Winter in the Mountains”.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. When you get a new platform on WordPress let me know. I love your blogging. WordPress is easy to work with. I have been using it since 2007 and have never had a problem with it. So far no censorship either. I hope it stays that way. I saw you missing this morning. You always have great content. Blogger is become a useless tool.


  4. Hi NTS again:

    Hopefully I can maintain communications with our readers via comments put on your website while I set up my Word Press Blog.

    Here is a very good link sent to me just this morning by my regular source, Dennis:

    I see the province of Quebec gubermint “blinked” yesterday in the face of 10,000 hospital workers being ready to walk off the job tomorrow.. They “postponed” the firing of the non-injected workers to the middle of November. This makes me think there’s going to be a huge “event” between now and then that they hope will…push the Quebec hospital employees to play Russian Roulette with the jab protocols until they finally click on the “live” chamber…i.e. the “Booster” shot.


    Liked by 1 person

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