Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Sunday… And time once again for my weekend rant..

I had several commentators and one email sent my way asking if there were going to be MORE of these ‘freedom rallies’ here in my hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba over the next while…. As far as I know these will indeed continue on Saturdays for the foreseeable future, weather permitting, and as long as the criminals in charge decide to not be assholes and try to ‘crack down’ on the protestors in attendance…. If there is one this coming weekend, I will let readers and especially those here in central Canada know the where and when….

But honestly…. Are these protests and in fact any and ALL protests worldwide having the desired effect of trying to get the criminals in charge stop and notice at least? Not a chance as far as I am concerned, for most of them have been bought and paid for and are firmly behind this entire program of never ending enslavement for ALL humanity…. Basically these pricks and assholes are going to 100% ignore the protest rallies and will go full steam ahead with destroying our lives through their KILL SHOTS and want for destruction of our freedoms..

So what do we do to stop this tyranny? Honestly, the time for peaceful revolution is now long gone… Peaceful revolution has lost its effectiveness in the face of the overwhelming tyranny that we now face, and therefore the time for VIOLENT revolution is now upon us… YES, I am no longer going to pussy foot around this issue, for I have watched freedom and liberties now dissolve in other nations and the erosion of freedom and liberty is now at the doorstep of Canadians…. Therefore people need to start making plans for their defence of their rights, liberties, and freedoms now…..

And if it does come down to having to defend our rights through force, then that force MUST stay focused in on the criminals and their evil ways… We cannot afford to have a revolution that becomes widespread and is used to attack the innocent… Focus is the key and that focus must be directly against these criminals and must be well organized… This is why people need to start forming groups and make detailed plans as to what exactly has to be done against these criminals and only these criminals…. If we lose sight of that focus, then it would give these monsters their justification for cracking down on all of us as they will use their lying whore media outlets as a means of getting the brainwashed hybrid humans out there to attack the revolutionaries and stop the fight for freedom..

All we have to do to see what will happen here if people do nothing is to look directly at the situation in Australia….. The nation of Australia has basically turned into hell on Earth now, as the citizens are in open revolt across the nation and yet have NO real defence against the well armed ‘police forces’ that are directed by the criminals in charge to brutalize anyone who opposes their tyranny…. I have seen too many videos over the last few days that shows what happens when people give up their guns for defence as the criminal goons aka ‘police forces’ are now shooting at unarmed Australian civilians with ‘rubber bullets’, even as those citizens are fleeing for their very lives….. To me, it is only a matter of time now before those ‘rubber bullets’ become LIVE AMMUNITION and people are MURDERED by the criminals in charge…

Yes, it is so amazing that when you turn on any lying whore media outlet, you see ZERO news about the REAL situation in Australia right now… That to me is blatant suppression of news and outright censorship to an extreme… That, and a lot of real news about the situation in Australia is not being told due to the criminals now trying to suppress and even shut down INTERNET outlets to prevent the REAL situation from being seen elsewhere across the planet… Australia therefore is basically in a civil war and one that is not being seen elsewhere across the planet except over the alternative media sites that have the guts to tell everyone the truth…

Last week, my good friend Greencrow out of British Columbia came out at her blog with an interesting point that we can no longer call those who have taken these KILL SHOTS human any longer… She said that since these deadly injections have now modified these RETARDS’ genome and permanently, then they are indeed NO LONGER human beings… And yes, she is absolutely correct in that contention, and I in fact will be joining her statement in calling these fools HYBRID humans from now on….. These fools and morons have indeed surrendered their very humanity by voluntarily taking these lethal injections into their bodies and therefore have absolutely surrendered their very humanity as a result…

Yes, I have no qualms in stating that these KILL SHOTS are indeed a 100% path to total destruction of humanity…. There is NOTHING good to say at all about these lethal injections other than to readers to NOT take them no matter what kind of hell on Earth in terms of coercion and threats that you are being subjected to…. To me, to believe that taking these shots is your way out of this tyranny is such a bold faced lie, as there is NO freedom if you are suddenly finding yourselves sick and dying within the next year by taking these shots…. I would rather reject this insanity outright and want to live to a ripe old age rather than become a hybrid human with barely 2 years left to live by a long shot…

Some people have been asking me how I have been holding up with all of this hell on Earth happening around me, and honestly it has been EXTREMELY stressful on my own health… I have suffered over the last while with the stress of this hell on Earth scam-demic that is getting worse and worse all the time… That and with the combination of the recent passing of my own mother as well as my employer now threatening me with termination if I do not take the shot, it has indeed caused my insomnia to increase and I have had to take more step backs all the time from this madness just to try to maintain my own sanity…

And yes, my own employer is indeed now threatening all those who work in my corporation with ‘termination’ as of October 31st if we do not ‘agree’ to have these shots of certain death in our bodies…. To me this is indeed MEDICAL TYRANNY to an extreme and there are many within my corporation that have been working together to try to fight this form of coercion in courts of law… Sadly, we have reached roadblock after roadblocks as we have been informed that this corporation has the ‘right’ to try to force jab us with this experimental poison! I constantly have to think about the ‘Nuremberg Codes’ as well as Canada’s own Charter of Rights in this regard, but apparently NONE of those laws and rights are valid any more, as businesses are indeed proceeding forward with medical tyranny instead….

On top of that, the evil monsters that now run my corporation are demanding that employees sign an ‘Attestation’ form by October 1st to tell these ghouls if we will all be ‘complying’ to their medical tyranny and are ‘eligible’ for taking these KILL SHOTS into our bodies.. .Failure to file this form, according to these monsters, is ‘insubordination’ and could be grounds for dismissal… And honestly, I am NOT going to sign any gawd damn form that will defy my own rights to my medical freedom and therefore it will be interesting to see what these monsters do to myself and others as of the end of next week….. I have to have faith and believe in freedom and liberty and therefore will tell these pricks to take their ‘form’ and shove it up their asses….

Now readers know what I am up against in terms of my own living hell here in central Canada… I know that I can take ‘retirement’ as an option, but honestly I am standing firm and want to have them try to fire me as well as others who are in defiance of their tyrannical ways, as we must leave a firm message that we WILL NOT COMPLY and that we are standing together for what it right in this entire regard….. We who have not taken these KILL SHOTS are now bonding together and a massive lawsuit against our corporation is in the works even as I type this rant…

OK, Onto other business… Someone asked me to give some of my own insight into the situation at La Palma Island, in the Canary Island group, out in the eastern Atlantic Ocean where the long dormant volcano has now been erupting nearly non stop over the last week….. I have watched it with some interest, as there is danger that a large portion of the entire island of La Palma could ‘slide’ into the Atlantic Ocean and cause a ‘tsunami’ effect that could hit both Europe and even as far west as the seashore of the United States…… This threat of tsunami is real, and is exactly why so many nations along the Atlantic Ocean are watching the volcanic eruptions on La Palma with great interest…

In terms of a worst case scenario in regards to a possible La Palma tsunami? The nearby other Canary Islands are at the greatest risk at the moment, along with the nearby shores of Portugal, Spain, and Morocco…. And yes, in a worst case scenario a large wave aka tsunami could indeed move across the Atlantic to hit Bermuda and the eastern seacoast of the United States…But as the wave moves out, it becomes progressively lower in size and weaker as it spreads out as all waves naturally do, and to the point that the highest surge that could hit the US would be several feet high at the most…. Therefore to me, all of the lying whore media claims about how ‘bad’ a tsunami will be to the continental US is very much overblown…. The real threat is to the countries and islands closer to La Palma itself….

Well, I guess that is enough of the main part of this week’s rant… I am indeed doing my utmost to ‘hang in there’ and continue to fight for not only the rights and freedoms of everyone, but my own rights and freedoms in ever increasing medical tyranny right where I live… And as I said before, the stress has been exasperating and has indeed affected my own health immensely…. It may come down to my having to take a break from all this madness for a while just to clear my head and work on what is necessary for my own future….. I do hope readers understand this, for the toll has been enormous…

OK, Onto my usual closing ‘last minute tidbits’ to cover some of the other madness and insanity that I see happening in our sick world….. I was informed the other day that my neighbouring province of Saskatchewan here in central Canada has just passed a ‘law’ that will allow criminals to enter private residences without a proper warrant? This is so alarming and shows that these pricks are indeed upping the ante now as they will try to force their KILL SHOTS into everyone by going door to door with forced inoculations!………I also saw a shocking report from Oakville Ontario the other day, where apparently as of NOW, if you want to get ‘married’ in that city and do not have your KILL SHOTS in your bodies, you are shit out of luck. To me, this level of tyranny is now out of control, and I say to the people of Oakville to either fight back or get the fuck out now……..And now over in Alberta Canada, the criminal Provincial government is wanting to increase their ‘restrictions’ against the ‘unvaccinated’ by even denying them their rights to shop nearly anywhere across that province? Where are the good citizens of Alberta while this is happening? I know that Alberta residents have more guns than any other province in Canada per capita, and maybe its time to get them lock and loaded against this increasing tyranny………Do not even get me started about the criminality of that buffoon who still has the nerve to call himself ‘President’, criminal psycho and dementia filled Joe Biden. That prick is now nothing but a blithering idiot that continues to destroy the American republic, while most Americans just stand idly by and allow it to happen!……..And now that the TURD, Justin Trudeau has once again stolen another ‘election’ here in Canada, the word is out that he will unleash HELL on Earth for all Canadians starting in early October by implementing further restrictions against the ‘unvaccinated’ with pushing QR codes and other forms of control on EVERYONE here in Canada. Yes, my fellow Canadians, you are getting exactly what your numbskulls voted for with this maniac in charge……. I am watching an ever increasing amount of videos about the horrible effects these KILL SHOTS are having on children, and I could almost cry. How in the fuck could any parent in their right minds even think about injecting their children with that garbage? Parents that subject their children to such tyranny should be arrested for attempted murder IMHO…….. There still has been NO CHANGE in the situation in the ‘war’ in Syria, with the only news this last week is where the criminal US/NATO/Israel cabal supposedly is willing to ‘accept’ Bashar al-Assad in charge of Syria. To me, this is just fluff as these criminals are never going to really accept Assad running Syria and will continue to do everything possible to undermine his Presidency. Sadly, the good people of Syria will only continue to suffer……..The war in Yemen continues unabated, as the Saudi criminals continue to lose ground against the good guys aka the Houthi freedom fighters. Sadly, the more this stupid war continues, the more Yemen civilians continue to die from mass starvation, which to me is nothing less than genocide……….There is a new war brewing in Ethiopia, but what else is new? The fighting in the horn of Africa has been going on for the last century, as outside forces continue to interfere in tribal conflicts…. A good example of interference in Ethiopia is of course the lie of ‘Live Aid’ back in 1985 when the world ‘got together’ to try to stave off massive famine in the region by sending hundreds of millions of dollars in ‘aid’ that was actually used by the Ethiopian government at that time to buy weapons to slaughter even more starving civilians. Therefore ‘Live Aid’ in spite of its good intentions, was a massive fraud………I came under fire a while back because of my firm stance against the retards in the LBGTQ-EIEIO garbage community, and I am not backing down in stating that those morons should all be put back into the closets and have the closets nailed shut. They have been ruining societies, and their stupidity has to stop……..I see the pricks running the lying whore media are going nonstop against Nicki Minaj for her coming out firmly against the fuckers wanting us all jabbed with their KILL SHOTS, and that is expected as those liars have their criminal agenda and will do everything they can to suppress the truth. I therefore am in support of Miss Minaj and her wanting to have everyone open their eyes to the entire scam-demic……It is interesting to see how Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, and other nations are now wanting to end the scam-demic madness in their nations immediately, while the sickness is increasing here in Canada, the US, and elsewhere. It just shows that some nations have had enough and want their people free while others want their citizens brutalized!…… Someone asked me about the supposed ‘8’ new US made nuclear submarines that Australia is buying to ‘oppose Chinese expansionism’, and I have to shake my head. This is sheer stupidity on the part of the Canberra criminals as all it will do is create MORE tension between Australia and China that could indeed lead to open war. But considering how much the lunatics in Canberra are now destroying their own nation and its people through medical tyranny, then it makes sense they would make a lunacy decision on submarines……A new civil war in Afghanistan brewing? If there is one, then it will be the US once again back meddling in Afghanistan’s affairs as well being sore losers to the Taliban. Yes, after 20 years and losing 3.5 TRILLION dollars in an un-winnable war, I could see the criminals in the US stirring up trouble again in that war torn nation, definitely……..I see reports about hospitals ‘filling up with unvaccinated patients’ which is an outright lie. The real truth is that the hospitals are now becoming loaded with those who have taken these KILL SHOTS, and hospital workers are at a loss as to how to treat them for what they are suffering from is a genetic problem that will only get worse over the next while. But what the heck, the criminals in charge of the entire scam-demic have to blame the unvaccinated for all of the problems, right?…….Arsenal is playing Tottenham right now as I type this report. I am crossing my fingers on a Gunner victory, which will put them in the top 10 in the table finally!………Nothing new on the Meaghan/Harry madness to write about this week, thank goodness. Honestly, these two ass clowns truly do need to get real lives and stop being parasites on society……..And my stomach turned this last week as news came out that main skank and trollop, Kim Kardashian is now hinting at starting a ‘new reality show’ very soon. Have we not vomited long enough with this psycho and her ‘family’ antics for the last decade? Hopefully others feel this way and should send this creature a message of HELL NO! to subjecting everyone to more brain damage.

More to come


7 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 26th, 2021

  1. Great Rant, NTS. Will link it to my next post which will be more updates on the War on Humanity via the three-pronged attacks: the bioweapon injections, economic collapse and weaponized weather/geological False flags..


  2. Hi,
    I noticed you said: The vaccinated people are becoming Hybrids.
    I agree with This.
    But I also Believe / Think lots will die from the Gene Therapy Covid-19 Shot that’s called a vaccine.
    But I also Believe / Think those who don’t die are loosing their ability to be spiritual humans.
    Robert Stiener said in 1917 There will come a day when the human Soul is destroyed / wiped out by medicine mainly vaccines.
    Dr. Gilbert Pierre Lecture in 1995 , spoke of low Frequency Waves Technology Pointed at Vaccinated People To Control The Masses of Vaccinated People.
    Operation Crimson Mist Happened in Rawanda in 1994 and again in Iraq in 2003,
    Controlling The vaccinated people with low frequency waves.
    The Democrats push the Vaccine the most !
    The Democrats are mostly Atheists and other False Religions and beliefs.
    I know a few people who took the shot “Covid-19 Vaccine” and so far nothing happened to them,,
    Which leads me to believe that this Covid-19 Vaccine Is willing being taken by people who don’t use critical thinking skills is another thing I noticed.

    I came across an article about how Scientists are working on Combining Lettuce and Spinach with mRNA Vaccines,, in a few short years eating a salad will be like taking the Covid-19 Vaccine.

    Expanding Awareness website did an article about how Covid-19 Variants and
    5G Towers and Brain Waves All Three Have At least 15 to 20 Similar Greek Names ,
    Coincidence or Planned ?

    There’s A Pdf Format link at bottom of this article.
    Turns out Judge Scalia who died suddenly in Texas years ago , Judge Scalia Signed off on mRNA Vaccine Patent Holder Becomes Owner of the mRNA Vaccine Recipient ,
    The vaccinated people become Property of the mRNA Vaccine Patent Holder.
    This also leads me to believe it’s a Spiritual Mental Battle and
    The Beginning Stages of TransHumanism.

    Plus Considering how Ovid Equals Sheep
    And 19 = Slaughter and Surrender.

    It’s A Spiritual Mental Battle ,
    We’re at the Early hours of people’s souls be squashed ,
    The God Gene was discovered years ago in studies and can be researched.
    Chromosome 8 somehow is Effected by the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine.

    I had a better chromosome 8 article by can no longer find it buried in my email.

    Plus it’s got to be a Spiritual Mental Battle IF they Really are Purposely killing people during this Scamdemic.

    And Considering How A Virus Actually Works , and
    How it the human body’s exosomes actually get rid of Toxins From The Body..
    And viruses Can Only Come From A Vaccine.

    It’s A Spiritual Mental Battle ,

    It also explains how Klaus Shawb Can Say you will own nothing and be happy.
    Cause the mRNA Vaccine will turn a human into a spiritless being.

    It’s A Messed Up World.


  3. NTS,

    Make your employer suffer.

    I’ve seen it done. You need a legal representation.


    The penalty is death, and they and their families will be impoverished to make those cruelly injured or killed by the vaccines compensated for their suffering.


    1. Repost the comment , I’m Curious now.
      I know I sometimes hit the homepage button when I type en email ,
      And then I have to type it all over again…
      That’s life with a 3″×6″ CellPhone .
      I’m buy a Tablet 1 day.


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