Northerntruthseeker At Freedom Rally, Winnipeg Manitoba, Saturday September 25th, 2021

I just got back from yet another ‘freedom rally’ that took place in downtown Winnipeg, my hometown, today September 25th, 2021… I figured I would give a brief report on what happened at that march that just concluded a short time ago…

The rally began today at 2PM CDT at the ‘Forks’ in downtown Winnipeg… I arrived at about 140PM CDT and there were a few hundred protestors milling around, talking amongst each other, and carrying a wide assortment of signs slamming and damning both the horrific KILL SHOTS, but also this province’s push for vaccine passports….

By the time 2PM rolled around this afternoon, there were nearly 1000 people in attendance, which was a bit smaller than the nearly 3000 that rallied last weekend, but it was just as lively and essential as the larger one the week before… The theme of this one was focused on so many in attendance about to lose their jobs due to their employers now openly threatening them with termination if they did not go out and take these shots of certain death into their bodies, myself included…

I did meet with some different people this time around from last weekend’s rally, and we exchanged so many details and facts about the KILL SHOTS as well as discussing our employment status…. I was indeed amazed to find so many felt exactly like I did that we would not be coerced or FORCED into taking these lethal injections into our bodies and to hell with our work if these numbskulls in charge are so hell bent into destroying lives just to keep people ’employed’…. It is not worth it at all to work in such an environment…

At about 220PM the group began the march from the Forks to the Manitoba Legislature, and this time we actually had a ‘police escort’ to help guide traffic and to allow us to march peacefully through downtown Winnipeg….. It was indeed interesting to watch as ‘Winnipeg’s finest’ actually let us do this march with NO conflict at all…. I found out later that most of Winnipeg’s Police force is actually in full support of our rallies as they too have been ‘told’ by the City of Winnipeg that they had to have the KILL SHOTS in their bodies as well by sometime in October or they also faced ‘disciplinary actions’ or outright ‘dismissal’…. Obviously the police here in Winnipeg are seeing what is happening and are at least no longer trying to disrupt these rallies like they used to…

After about a 40 minute slow walk through downtown Winnipeg, we arrived at the Manitoba Legislature, where many great speakers talked about Freedom and Liberty, and the need for all of us to stand our ground and not accept tyranny….. I stayed for the majority of speeches, and then as the crowd disbursed, I left knowing that I did my part and that I was able to discuss so much with like minded individuals once again…. It was so great once again to reach out to others and let them know that they are not alone…

The reality is of course that the criminals in charge in both the Manitoba Government and the City of Winnipeg have already been bought off and are fully behind seeing everyone shot up with their deadly poisons…. These rallies are essential in showing that there is opposition out there against their criminal acts, but sadly the majority of Manitobans just continue to ignore our efforts and thanks to the lying whore media, we will of course once again be pictured as ‘conspiracy nuts’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’….. It is indeed an uphill battle therefore just to reach people to get them to understand that this is about their freedoms and the right to CHOOSE…..

I will continue to attend these rallies, as I do understand what is at stake here…. My own job is now about to be terminated due to my not wanting to subject my body to medical tyranny, and I will do everything possible to fight such illegal action… I also want to continue to try to reach those who do have true freedom of thought so as to let them know that I am out there trying to reach everyone that I can and to let them know to not be afraid, as you are not alone…

The bottom line is this… To do nothing now will be acceptance of tyranny and enslavement… WE ALL must do our parts to say ‘HELL NO’ to these tyrants and to not buckle under their nearly incessant pressure… Our lives and the lives of our children now depend on our actions, and I say that fighting back is the only thing left for us as rationally trying to reach these criminals is now out the door, definitely… Stand your ground everyone, and be prepared to FIGHT!

More to come


4 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker At Freedom Rally, Winnipeg Manitoba, Saturday September 25th, 2021

  1. are these protests every weekend in winnipeg?? I am a couple hours drive away but it is definitely worth it to drive there one weekend i just never know when or where they are meant to take place.


    1. Every Sarurday at 1400 next to the Cdn Museum for Human Rights (Ghandi sculpture). Peaceful vibe, but some bad language, which makes the event not so kid friendly unfortunately.


    2. sounds good thank you, not sure if i will be able to make it this weekend if there is one or not but would still appreciate knowing. I will try to make it there for atleast one forsure though.


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