Confirmed: These KILL SHOTS Are Classified Weapons! Updated And Updated Again With Confirmation!

For the longest time, I and others have looked at these horrific KILL SHOTS as ‘bio-weapons’… AND just like everyone else in the real truth movement, we are always asked to ‘prove it’ and show the evidence that these things are indeed weapons of mass genocide….

Well…. We may finally have proof positive that these things were indeed created to be weapons of mass destruction against all humanity… For I want to present the following most scathing report from Jim Stone, through his site at, that is entitled; “Confirmed: This Jab Is A Classified Weapon”, for everyone to see for themselves… Here is that report, with of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Much of America is already hopelessly screwed. This information is for those who have not been vaxxed and still have a chance, and it is 100 percent documented in official government documents. It always was a weapons system, and now we have proof Here it is, and how we got the proof:

Practically everything about the shot’s contents and how it is made is redacted with code (b)(4), which is a redaction code that is specifically for “3.3 (b) (4) Reveal information that would impair the application of state-of-the-art technology within a U.S. weapon system

This is not made up, the document which outlines the manufacturing and contents of the vax that is heavily redacted with code (b)(4) is HERE and the separate government document which explains what code (b)(4) is, is HERE.

Here are captures that explain what code (b)(4) is, AND a few (b)(4) redactions in Pfizer’s Comirnaty shot document.

AAAH YES, BUT I MADE THIS UP, RIGHT? Well, some might want to believe that, but the fact remains that THIS IS THE DOCUMENT and what that redaction code means is on another government web site RIGHT HERE. Yep. It is for real. The pfizer shot really is a “classified state of the art U.S. weapons system.”

NTS Notes: Honestly, is there any doubt any more that these things were created as weapons to be used to destroy humanity?

I for one am not in the least bit surprised by this report… I and others that know our biology and understand the entire nature of ‘vaccines’ have said for the last year and a half to everyone to NEVER EVER take these jabs into your bodies… AND all we got for the longest time has been ridicule, slander, and in my case having my old blog taken down due to my attacks against this entire scam-demic…. And now we are proven RIGHT once again..

I simply can not understand humanity any more… I have constantly seen now people that used to be ‘human’ just believe ANYTHING that these pricks are throwing at them as they continue to live their sad lives in such fear and panic over BASICALLY NOTHING… There is no ‘COVID-19’ out there at all and probably never has…. There is NO need to wear face diapers at all, and there is no need to ever believe in ‘social distancing’ for both of these also are frauds and lies…. But instead we have a society now that is so brain dead and so fucked up thanks to this entire scam that they actually believe that we the LUCKY ONES aka the “UNVACCINATED’ are now the dangerous ones? I honestly have lost all trust in humanity and see only darkness now on the horizon….

And one other note… There is another FREEDOM RALLY taking place here in Winnipeg Manitoba, tomorrow Saturday September 25th, 2021 starting at 2PM CDT…. People are being asked to gather this time at ‘The Forks’ in downtown Winnipeg, and we want to have more than the 3000 that came last weekend to the rally at St Boniface Cathedral….. If you are indeed a reader here in Manitoba, spread the word and come down to attend… I will be there and will be wanting to meet so many like minded people in person…. Please come down if you love freedom and liberty and want to put an end to this scam-demic madness…

More to come


*UPDATE September 24th, 2021: Apparently Jim is now having ‘second thoughts’ about this entire article…. I will present his statement here:

I have removed the Pfizer (b)(4) post and it may or may not be put back up again in the same form. It might have been a waste of an entire day.What happened? The FBI had a document on their web site that did a “good enough” job of refuting my report, and though I still believe the shot is officially a weapon it is going to be hard to prove.

The FBI document worked backwards in the Wayback machine. I think they probably lied and switched things on both sites but I cannot refute it. For a substantial portion of my origial post on this, (which has a good chance of being an error, especially if they did not change anything) Click here, I am upset and do not trust the FBI with their “other document” that “debunks this” nor do I trust what the document I originally quoted states now, but either way a large part of the report is dead. After 911, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and the stolen election, I don’t trust the FBI AT ALL. But their rebut seems to be a straightforward document so there’s that.

There are still serious problems with the third document that started all of this however, because ingredients cannot be classified and hidden from the public via redaction when it comes to anything medical and we are not being allowed to know what is actually in the pfizer shot. Not even the doctors get to know, and I beg to question why not?

Here is the original third document everything I posted earlier was about, WHY THE REDACTIONS? 

Clearly there are redactions in this document that should not be for ANYTHING that is going to be injected into people.

NTS Notes: I will leave this one up for the time being… I too do not like being deceived and if this does prove false, I will pull down this entire article…..But what the American FBI may in fact be doing is exactly what Jim is implying which is to try to ‘discredit’ this information….

Definitely more to come on this one…. IF it is found to be accurate, it stays… IF it is proven false, it goes….

Thanks to several readers for alerting me to this vital updated information from Jim Stone.

Update, September 25th, 2021: Apparently, Jim Stone has been proven with his original assumptions being correct… Here is the further update from his website:


Obviously they tainted the page I linked also, and backdated the archive sites with falsified documents and did other corruptive “clean up” elsewhere on .gov sites but it does appear that genuinely busted them. Judgedredd wrote:

Yes, this proves that these criminals are fully aware that their ‘vaccines’ are nothing more than weapons of mass destruction against humanity…. I just hope that we are not too late in stopping further damage to what is left of human beings as those taking these KILL SHOTS are indeed being turned into ‘Hybrids’ who are NO LONGER human at all.

More to come



One thought on “Confirmed: These KILL SHOTS Are Classified Weapons! Updated And Updated Again With Confirmation!

  1. Northern you are not gonna like this.

    The way Jim Stone wrote it down. Makes the reader think that (b) (4) is considered a US army secret technology.

    However, the part he conveniently left out which was at the very top describing the sections 3.3 is.

    “Second, for information contained in records over 25 years old, one or more of the declassification exemption categories from section 3.3(b) of the Order will be applied. These categories are for information the release of which should clearly and demonstrably be expected to:”

    Specifically the records over 25 years old. So I went looking what its new definition since, well Mrna is not that old so far I know. And this is what I found in another agency site :

    Information deserving protected treatment under exemption (b)(4) has four characteristics. First, it is “private” information; the records in the government’s possession were created by a “person” and submitted to the government, rather than generated internally within an agency.1

    so yeah……..


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