Situation In Australia: It Is Now A War To Save Humanity From Being Turned Into Hybrid Creatures Who Are No Longer Humans Via The KILL SHOTS

I have continued to receive so many great video and article links from so many outstanding individuals out there that feel the same way that I and others feel; That this is now a war for our survival for humanity as the bastards pushing their insidious KILL SHOTS are indeed hell bent into turning human beings into something else that is NO LONGER human at all…

Heck, I saw several alarming reports and videos over the last few days where apparently the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that those taking these shots of certain death are in FACT no longer classified as human beings, leaving the door open for the criminals behind Big Pharma to OWN the ‘vaccinated’! I thought this was a joke, but this is serious business, as the ‘survivors’ of these KILL SHOTS will indeed not only no longer be human beings, but will be owned by BIG PHARMA and lose ALL of their ‘rights’ as human beings permanently.

But of course the other troubling situation that I have been ‘under-reporting’ at this blog is the intensely escalating war in Australia, where the ‘un-vaccinated’ have indeed been openly rioting in the streets of major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, against the tyrannical rules put out by the despot dictators running their governments in not only the federal capital of Canberra, but also down to state level tyranny against citizens at state level…… The people of Australia have basically had enough of the tyranny and are indeed wanting their nation back, and now apparently by force if necessary….

In fact, I cannot overlook the following fabulous report that was just issued earlier today that primarily concerns this rapidly escalating situation in Australia, by my great fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow…. Her report is outstanding, and I do want to share it right here from her website at …. Here is Greencrow’s article, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, September 23, 2021

War on Humanity SITREP – Australia has been pushed past the breaking point – Humans, after being locked down for months by “Hybrids”…finally in streets fighting back

Humans under Hybrid Oppression in Australia
Good morning readers.  I have been saving links about the situation in Australia for a few days now and the situation there is dire indeed.  Each one of the URL’s below is important and marks an escalation in the war for humanity battleground–that is now the continent of Australia. Starting today, I am going to refer to the so-called “anti-vaxxers” as “The Humans”.  Strictly speaking…as more and more of our species become “HybridiZed” via the mRNA DNA-altering vaxZines…We unVaxZinated will become the only remaining “Pureblood” Humans on this planet.  But, let’s get to the Battle for Australia:
First, we have the list of demands put forward by Australians Humans who are aware of the dangers of the CovID vaxZines and who refuse the mandatory Experimental mRNA Graphene Oxide nanoparticle, metallic, parasitic injections.
No matter what the lying MZM says about the rates of vaxZination…actions speak louder than words and the actions say that the PerpZ are not getting the compliance they want or NEED to further their genocidal agenda.  Here is the list of demands made by the Humans:

Click on Image for Larger View“When You Ain’t Got Nothin’You Got Nothin’ to Lose”Australian construction workers pushed past breaking point

This latest escalation resulted from the Aussie construction workers Union abandoning the workers and pushing the genocidal vaxZines on their members.  The workers then attacked the union headquarters and caused destruction to it [which is actually their own property as they are the owners of the union infrastructure] .  The government of the Satanic gargoyle “Prime Minister” Dan Andrews then closed down the construction industry for two weeks…forcing the workers out of their employment.  One of the workers put down his tools and immediately jumped off the roof of the building he was working on, committing suicide.  This impulsive move sparked mass demonstrations amongst his fellow workers and the people joined forces.  These are citizens who have been locked in their homes for months over a totally false official narrative of covID “cases” which all sentients are aware are cooked up using the now WHO discredited PCR test.  Max Igan with one of his reports:

Max Igan Reports on the Latest News from Australia as… 

The Rule of Law is Gone in Australia it is Now Under The Rule of Thuggery

The Rule of Law is Gone in Australia it is Now Under The Rule of Thuggery | The Truthseeker

SeemoreRocks Video Montage of Australian Humansbattling Perp Hybrids

Seemorerocks blog has put out a Video Montage of Demonstrations in Australia – Australian Humans are at last finding their courage and are beginning to fight back.  The scenes in these videos are harrowing.  Can you imagine StaZi police chasing unarmed youngsters through a park, shooting them from behind with rubber bullets out of high powered rifles?

Watch to the end, and see Monica Schmidt‘s first video address to her followers after being released from 22 days in prison for demonstrating against the criminal government.  Finally, watch the ONLY Human Member of Parliament in the whole of Australia as he speaks out in Parliament about the “Police on Horseback” attacking the demonstrators who are “just exercising their right to demonstrate”.  Watch as he eloquently lays responsibility for the future blood that will be spilled “On Your Hands!”

Melbourne, Australia, under the fascist jackboot – Seemorerocks

Overwhelmed by furious anti-government protestors Police agents run for their lives  – Europe Renaissance

IMO, the PerpZ are so frustrated with the long-delayed push back by the Humans in Australia that they’ve even resorted to False Flag attacks via Geological Events [i.e. an earthquake in Melbourne]:

Further Proof that the PerpZ are systematically blackmailing the so-called national leaders with weather weaponization and other geological “events”.

Footage of damaged buildings surfaces after 6.0-magnitude quake strikes Australia (VIDEO) — RT World News

If the Australian  Humans are unsuccessful in turning the tide in Melbourne and other centres then Australia will end up Full Fascist and totally HybridiZed…like what’s happened in IsraHELL…of all places:


The Plan is Set in Motion in Israel With an Iron FistThe Plan is Set in Motion in Israel With an Iron Fist | The Truthseeker

The Israeli government has implemented a clampdown on the unvaccinated. Among other measures: medical care will be withheld from them. And, they will not be able to buy or sell, as in “that none may buy or sell unless they bear the mark of the beast”.  


The End Game

The end game, of course is the One World Government run by the handful of mafia-style anonymous ‘Usual Suspect PerpZ’ that are now ‘going for broke’ all over the West.  Here is more information on that:

UN Security Council – Canada Just Had a Tinpot DiktatorImposed on it.  Can You Imagine what will happen when oneof these puerile fools gets Imposed on the United Nations?
The End Game is to impose a Chinese-style Communist System on all nations of the West and cull [mass murder/sterilize] millions according to the Deagle Forecast.  This attack on humanity was kicked off, appropriately enough, via a bioweapon False Flag attack ordered by the “usual suspects” at the 2019 Global Military Games in Wuhan, China in 2019

Chinese whistleblower claims COVID-19 was deliberately spread at October 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan – Rebel News

Here is the directive for the future agenda sent to me by regular contributor H/T Renate:

Conspiracy users have found a very strange document entitled UN Directive 001, dated July 4, 2025.Conspiracy users have found a very strange document entitled UN Directive 001, dated July 4, 2025. – Tales from out there (
I have seen the above information elsewhere and believe it is the truth.  There will be no more “nations” only “environmental regions” that will be accessed [if at all] only via a “social credit score digital biometric passport”.  The days of human travel are OVER.  In fact, the days of “HUMANS” is almost at an end.  The “Hybrids” are coming…you might already have some amongst your friends, family and co-workers.  The “Hybrids” aka the vaxZed.

Dennis sent me this just yesterday:

“Ever since WHO mandated worldwide vaxx-certificates – a move directed and funded by the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, not by WHO’s member states – the rope is tightening around the necks of those who decide not to go for the experimental not approved gene-therapy jab: They are not allowed in restaurants, or attending any indoor activity, be it sports or cultural events – not even the zoo.[gc adds: Just saw this: Hockey [and all professional sports] is at an end. I certainly do not want to watch compliant “Hybrids” skating around like the drones slaves/drones/robots that they are.]

All 193 UN member countries are dancing to the same tune, the tune of a deep dark ultra-wealthy state. How strange! Is anybody still believing that the covid circus is about health protection?” 


Finally, Dennis also sent me this this morning…about the Police Counter Attack on the Humans in Australia:

EXCLUSIVE: Police deploy counter-terror squad on construction workers in Melbourne (


Greencrow concludes:   Did the Australian Humans take too long to wake up and begin to fight back?  We will know soon enough.  Listen to the discussion between Jeff Rense and David Icke for more background/clues on the powers in play during this End Game for Humanity.  They both agree that those who’ve taken and who will take the “Jab”–including now our children–will no longer be Human.  They will, rather, be “Hybrids”–their DNA having been permanently altered/compromised. 

Will Pureblood Humans be wiped from the face of the earth?

Is that what has happened over and over again throughout the long lost history on this planet?  Was intelligent life dumbed down, over and over again over the eons?  Sentients are familiar with stories about how our once powerful “Pineal Gland”, which once allowed us to access other “frequencies”, has been destroyed/shrunk/atrophied by fluoride, radiation and other contaminants.  Is this current War on our Species…this attack via “HybridiZation vaxZination”…just another step down the rung of intelligence?  Stay tuned…and prepare.Posted by greencrow at 11:02 AM

NTS Notes: When I look across the alternative media these days and read up on this horrific situation in Australia, I feel so sick..

I do have to give full kudos to Greencrow, for she is one heck of a fine writer, and I do hope that readers to add her site to your lists of bloggers, AND to take a look at her other fine work at her site as well…. I know that she is now being targeted by the assholes at Blogger, who will indeed most probably pull her site down like they did to my old site there….. If that happens, she will be a welcome addition indeed to the Word Press family….

I have watched so many of the recent videos about the riots in Melbourne in fact, where the criminal thugs called ‘police’ have indeed been using ‘rubber bullets’ against UNARMED citizens, causing a LOT of injuries… Luckily there are no reported ‘deaths’ yet from these confrontations, but I am indeed worried as the next step in tyranny will be to replace the ‘rubber bullets’ with LIVE AMMUNITION and cause these protestors to be MURDERED by these thugs..AND do not kid yourselves, for that is coming!

I too have also wondered about the recent reports of an ‘earthquake’ in southern Australia, and I too am wondering if it was actually man-made… In fact, Jim Stone did release a report today talking about how that ‘quake’ may not have been a quake at all, but a man made result of using HAARP to generate the massive ground shaking effects… Here is that report:

An Australian states he ran outside during the “earthquake” and the ground was not shaking, only the houses were. He adds that his horses which usually run when there is any type of earthquake did not react to this one at all. He insists it all came from the sky. And if this is true, there would be no seismogram for it, which is something I mentioned yesterday – no seismo, only pictures of them from other quakes. You cannot have one if there was no quake and you instead used a weapon and claimed it was a quake.

I cannot overlook what Jim Stone is stating…And if animals that are usually one of the best indicators of impending earthquakes were zero percent disturbed by this action as what Jim states is true, then that recent ‘ quake’ in Australia was NOT an earthquake at all…

I am so sickened by what I see happening now to our world…. We are now watching more and more of the dumb asses out there take these KILL SHOTS and allow themselves to be either murdered by these injections or to be PERMANENTLY turned into something that is indeed NO LONGER HUMAN! Greencrow calls them ‘human hybrids’ and sadly she may indeed be 100% correct..

It is also so sad to see the LYING WHORE MEDIA do their utmost to avoid at all cost exactly what is happening down in Australia right now… And in fact, as of earlier today, the INTERNET across much of Australia itself suddenly ‘went down’, which is no surprise to me at all as these monsters would only do that for one thing and one thing only, which is to launch a massive ‘crackdown’ on the people of Australia which will probably include outright MURDERING thousands in the process…. THIS therefore is the ‘make or break’ time for all AUSSIES as they are indeed in a full blown civil war against their criminal dictators that will decide the fate of the land down under for the future….

And yes, lets not kid ourselves here, for what is happening in Australia is slated to come here to Canada next, followed by every other nation on the planet afterwards… Therefore the fate of the planet right now hinges on what the Australian people do in their nation…. Let us all support them in their efforts as much as we can!

More to come


4 thoughts on “Situation In Australia: It Is Now A War To Save Humanity From Being Turned Into Hybrid Creatures Who Are No Longer Humans Via The KILL SHOTS

  1. The question is not about covid, the vaccines, the death rate , if the jig is up, how insideous this is, or who is eligible for a death penalty.
    Those are moot, a day late and a dollar short.
    We are in for a really really bad time. To those that think we will just talk our way to victory or mearly to survive.
    Sorry , it’s never been that way. There is shit coming at us that will have us all reminiscing about the “Days of COVID19” and the shitshot.


  2. I still do not think this will happen in Canada. First, we have guns, and lots of them. And dumb ass Canadians were tripping over each other to get the shot. The Aussies STILL aren’t taking it, after all this lockdowns and abuse. I think they aren’t going down, and I think the cops there are going to start quitting. Gotta have some optimism in these times.


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