COVID Jig Is Up!

Yes, I am back going full bore into attacking the fraud scam-demic…. The Canadian Federal Election that concluded on Monday with this nation’s people basically surrendering their souls as well as their bodies to medical tyranny, took a lot out of me as I was out there constantly over the last few weeks trying so desperately to reach as many of my fellow Canadians with the need to vote against evil… It was to me not a wasted effort, for so many that I talked to are now at least a bit more ‘enlightened’ to the truth about the entire scam-demic…. But of course with the ‘TURD’ back into power, the next steps towards total tyranny are coming up and we as Canadians will probably be just as fucked as the people down in Australia!

OK, I was informed just a while ago by my good friend and colleague in the formerly free nation called the “United States”, John Kaminski, that he posted a brand new article at his website, over at…. I do want to share John’s latest article with my own readers right here, and of course I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID jig is up

 Published: Wednesday, 22 September 2021 15:10

Suppression of Ivermectin
reveals mass murder plot,
mega profits for Big Pharma


Trump, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are all eligible for the death penalty as accessories to the premeditated mass murder of a substantial proportion of the world’s population is that emergency use vaccine authorizations are only legal if no other available cures for the disease in question exist which necessitate such emergency authorizations in the first place.

Now the news is out that the drug Ivermectin, invented by two Nobel Prize winners in 1980, has always been available and proven to cure this mysterious COVID disease, making those who have prevented its use and suppressed its distribution guilty of what is probably the greatest crime in human history, not only the needless murder of millions through use of unnecessary and poisonous experimental substances, but of the total disruption of world society for purposes other than combatting a suspicious disease.

The revelation that the commonly used drug Ivermectin has not only been widely available but also proven to cure this suspicious ailment apparently invented in a Chinese lab funded by U.S. money has suddenly and irrevocably revealed the consensus treatment recommended by the government and mainstream media has now not only killed more than a million people but totally disrupted world society by draconian government responses that have now be proven to be totally unnecessary

Throughout this alleged pandemic, all four of the above named hypocrites, as well as top officials in government, media and academia, KNEW that this over-the-counter nostrum was both available and effective at curing this deliberately manufactured disease. There can no longer by any question about their insanely homicidal intentions to reduce the world’s population by this premeditated diabolical strategy.

The governments of the world have gone to extreme lengths to suppress this proven and inexpensive cure to the so-called COVID menace. Intelligent people have always realized this tactic was a transparent ruse to lend legitimacy to Big Pharma’s costly and ineffective concoctions that have reaped billions in profits for these sinister Jewish manufacturing conspiracies.

These warped leaders and millions of otherwise seemingly respectable doctors, politicians and government officials worked to disparage and embargo this simple and widely available cure for this flulike invention of Fauci and his grim group of government ghouls, and by criminalizing their distribution and usage made possible the nightmare practice of mRNA injections that have deprived millions of unsuspecting recipients of their lives and left us with the bitter promise of billions more dying from this diabolical deception.

In addition, doctors and hospitals everywhere were granted substantial bonuses for maximizing COVID diagnoses and profiting from COVID deaths in people with other medical problems, as well as murdering people who were given drugs causing breathing problems followed by treatment on ventilators that suffocated them in short order. New York’s disgraced Governor Cuomo, who was forced to resign for moral turpitude, notably facilitated that death formula, which medical facilities eagerly practiced for the substantial government bonuses they received for doing it.

How warped civilization has become is clearly demonstrated by the deranged behavior of Australian authorities who violently batter their own citizens who only wish to come out of their houses and breathe fresh air but instead are clubbed and gassed by police for violating government mandates which are not backed up by either scientific facts or a sane government behavior.

The whole ugly story is clearly revealed in this tell-all demonstration of government gone mad and doctors participating in a willful scam to kill their own patients.

The Ivermectin Story

Watch it carefully at least once. Memorize its disturbing contents.

Especially these two items.

Gilead Sciences was the inventor of Remdesivir, the drug advocated by Fauci since the beginning of the pandemic. Gilled was formerly chaired by Donald Rumsfeld, who later became Secretary of Defense and intimately involved with the events of 9/11 and the Iraq war. Seven of 12 members of the government’s COVID 19 Treatment Panel received funding from Gilead. Also implicated in this plot is former president George W. Bush, since Gilead’s directors were part of Bush’s staff during his stay in the White House.

But the most telling piece of evidence is the statistical comparison of COVID deaths in the U.S., where Ivermectin was mostly prohibited, and the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where Ivermectin was used widely. Uttar Pradesh’s population of 231 million is 70 percent of the U.S. total, 328 million

In August 2020, Utter Pradesh authorized the used of Ivermectin treatment for COVID 19 among those who tested positive as well as health care workers. By January 2021, deaths were averaging fewer than 10 death per day.

Who are the victims of the COVID 19 pandemic? Not just the people who died, but their relatives, the people who’ve lost their jobs, elderly kept from children by lockdowns, and all those who have suffered from a government gone mad on the basis of lies told by those with the power to influence everyone.

Big teach and mainstream media could have ended the pandemic last summer, but that was not their plan.

Now it’s time for an outraged public to decide what is our plan for them.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: OK, Over the last year so many readers have asked me my own impression of both ‘Ivermectin’ and of course “Hydroxychloroquine” and yes, if you want to help your body to ward off the common cold and even variations of Influenza as well as bacterial infections, which are most probably what this entire COVID-19 scam bug truly are, Then by all means use these instead of taking their gawd awful KILL SHOTS….. The fact that these two chemicals do indeed do wonders to fight off infections and symptoms of this fraud of ‘COVID-19’ is proven in so many medical journals and are a LOT safer to take rather than the experimental genetic therapy garbage in the ‘COVID-19’ FRAUD ‘vaccines’ that will definitely KILL YOU…

And yes, I too have looked at the ‘alternative’ and ‘approved’ drug called ‘Remdesivir’ and to me this crap is a true horror show that causes the patient’s own kidneys to leak out water and urine into their blood stream and cause a horrific build up of water in the patient’s lungs… Thus causing patients to be submitted into ‘hospitals’ with PNEUMONIA type symptoms due to the water build up in their lungs…. The hospitals then gladly put these patients onto ‘respirators’ that KILL the patient allowing these criminal hospital administrators to classify these deaths falsely as ‘COVID-19’…..

And thus we see what is really going on here… The fuckers running this KILL SHOT program are able to get away with jabbing billions around the planet as they FALSELY claim that there is NO OTHER ‘treatment’ for this non-existent ‘deadly virus’ without even bothering to tell the public that IVERMECTIN and others are out there that are actually effective treatments….. Basically as long as they can suppress Ivermectin from being used as a proper treatment, they will continue to get away with injecting their deadly poisons into the suckers out there potentially causing the deaths of BILLIONS world wide…

More to come


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