Oh Canada: On The Eve Of Change, Or Destruction!

Yes today is that day that ALL Canadians, and even future generations, will remember… Today, some 28 Million eligible voters will have their civic duty to go and VOTE for what will be a future of freedom, or a future of tyranny, for this nation and its people….. I have long said that THIS federal election is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN THE HISTORY OF CANADA, and I am not kidding…

Yes, my fellow Canadians, you DO have a choice and YOU CAN change the course that this nation has taken over the last 20 months with the entire fraud scam-demic… You all just need to get to the polls and mark an X on a ballot for freedom and liberty…. If you do want freedom, liberty, and a nation free of the tyrannical aspirations of the so called ‘main political parties’ then you must have the courage and the fortitude to vote for the ONLY party that is out there right now wanting to restore freedom and liberty to all Canadians, the PEOPLE’S PARTY of CANADA.

Well, I continue to get a barrage of emails sent my way, and one in particular was sent to me by Arthur Topham, who of course is the Editor in Chief at a small town newspaper out of Quesnel, British Columbia, the Cariboo Sentinel at http://www.cariboosentinel.ca, and I do want to share the article that was enclosed in that email with everyone here… It is entitled: “Oh Canada: On The Eve Of Change, Or Destruction” and I have it right here for everyone to read for themselves, with of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Oh Canada: On the Eve of Change or Destruction?


Oh Canada: On the Eve of Change or Destruction?


Sunday, September 19th, 2020

“If it were possible for any nation to fathom another people’s bitter experience through a book, how much easier its future fate would become and how many calamities and mistakes it could avoid. But it is very difficult. There always is this fallacious belief: ‘It would not be the same here; here such things are impossible.’

Alas, all the evil of the twentieth century is possible everywhere on earth.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

Tomorrow, September 20th, 2021, Canadians will go to the polls to vote, in what very well may be the most important federal election in the history of our nation. At no other time in Canada’s relatively short existence has the country stood in such dire danger of being plunged into an abyss of chaos and destruction due to a global phenomenon wrought by international forces inimical to individual freedom, democracy and the actual survival of the human race as we’ve always conceived it to be.

This global crisis, manufactured with knowing and full intent by the conspiring machinations of a small cabal of psychopathic multi-billionaires prior to the turn of the 21st century and then finally let loose upon the human community at large in 2020 with full complicity of the bulk of national governments plus the mainstream media (which the cabal owns and/or controls), has, over the past year and a half, spread throughout the global body politic like some aberrant, deadly cancer turning normally decent people and politicians into headstrong, arrogant, narcissistic, conscienceless control freaks who appear to have suddenly sold (or lost) their souls to the Devil himself in their collective efforts to do the bidding of these vicious, blood-thirsty vampires who see nothing immoral or unusual in murdering millions, if not billions of innocent human beings around the world.

The sudden subservience to the suspect international criminal cartel by so many otherwise sensible people who have suddenly pulled out their prayer mats and are now bowing down in utter obeisance to their new masters is as strange a phenomenon to behold as the genocidal program itself. The whole sordid thing, viewed from a distance, leads one to think of it as a form of mass hypnosis that bears a striking resemblance to occult arts such as sorcery. Then again it could all boil down to the final outcome of the past 75 years of television indoctrination which so much of the world has been subjected to. 

Whatever it is that has thrown the world into the greatest calamity it has ever faced one thing is perfectly clear; this covert operation by the world’s wealthiest group must be stopped as soon as possible if Canada and the rest of the democracies around the world are to survive. And so when we look at all the political parties who are vying for control of the helm of Canada’s ship of state tomorrow we should bear in mind the importance of electing representatives who are cognizant of these factors; people who you can trust will take on the task of taking back our country from the present swamp rats who’ve infested the nation with fear, blackmail and toxic chemical programs all designed to create a form of Bolshevik communist control that, if not removed, will ultimately result in the same casualties that Russia incurred during the era of Soviet rule from 1917 to 1989.

Oh Canada will we stand on guard for thee?

NTS Notes: I once again want to thank Arthur Topham for this fabulous article..

And yes, I whole heartedly agree with what Arthur is expressing in this article…. I have seen my once great nation, Canada, that I have always loved with pride, now turned into a cesspool of evil and tyranny under the present Trudeau regime…. And this tyrant is definitely wanting to get a full mandate now to further his evil intentions and turn Canada into the same level of living hell that we are witnessing in Australia…

Basically, this is very possibly our LAST opportunity to defeat these bastards and their media fraud tyranny…. I for one have looked at the so called ‘5 major political parties’ that the lying whore media portrays as the only ones running in this election, with disdain and total disgust… ALL of their mindless and brain dead leaders are all singing the ‘vaccine’ song constantly now, and Canadians voting for ANY of them will get what they deserve, unending tyranny and genocide via the KILL SHOTS…..

Therefore, and once again there is ONLY ONE CHOICE for all Canadians if they want this nation free from such tyranny, and that it to get to the polls and vote for your People’s Party of Canada candidates……

I will of course be watching this evening’s results closely….. I want freedom for this nation, definitely…

More to come


4 thoughts on “Oh Canada: On The Eve Of Change, Or Destruction!

  1. I found Arthur’s work again a few months ago. NO ONE writes like he does; Grade A literate rabble rouser with intellect and common sense.

    Found your post just as I head out the door to vote. Get it over with and then go jump in the pool. Election results? I will tune in off and on during the evening. It is out of my hands. Que sera sera. I will be honest, I am terrified of the results.

    Grins. BTW. Give Kim K a break! At least she had clothes on! I see some of those outfits and remember the Biblical proclamation of end times including ” Clothing that shows off most of the body.”

    Wishing you well as always.


  2. Hello from the UK

    Thank you for your post. I have not looked to see what is happening re the vote, but you have my support for what it is worth.

    You are right about the TV indoctrination, although the lies are much broader than that. The extent of Satan’s lies is so vast it is almost incomprehensible. Still, now I have woken up since last year I can add my pennies worth, and every little helps.

    I had pointed out to me that the film ‘Contagion’ mirrors what is going on today. But believe it or not so does Monsters Inc! This is because the children were scared by the Monsters but when the little girl laughed at the antics of the monsters there was way more energy than when she screamed.

    So I do my best to ridicule the ridiculous on my website and I have no fear, not any more. Make people laugh is therefore my advice.

    As regards the wretched vaccines I have the following link. I explain matters further in my Covid 19 summary.


    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


  3. NTS,

    I viewed a great video from the brilliant Canadian Economist, Michel Chossudovsky over at Global Research. His depth of analysis of this Covid fraud is unrivaled.

    His main theme is the economic global chaos caused by this Covid fraud, but he does discuss the Covid vaccine and unequivically states that the vaccines are poison. He won’t discuss the motive though.


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