Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Sunday….. And time once again for my weekend rant..

Yes, I have been having some computer problems over the last while… My main computer aka my 12 year old iMAC is finally biting the dust and I am going to be out shopping this week for a new main computer for my household and what I use for this blog….. It has been amazing to see that computer last 12 years and I do have to give kudos to the people of Apple for the robustness of their units considering how much my unit has endured all this time…

Anyways…. It has been a colder than usual mid September up in these parts, and once again it just shows how after these criminals have manipulated our weather so badly over the last 4 months, they have stopped the weather modification program now as they have achieved their goal of the destruction of the major agricultural crops up in this region….. NOW they will let the temperatures slide down into what I do expect to be a colder than usual winter coming up…..And oh yes, the numbskulls in the ‘Global Warming’ fraud community are indeed now out in full force once again with their cries that the planet is somehow ‘overheating’. Apparently if their entire scam-demic fraud does indeed fall apart as it should, they will just fall back to their ‘plan B’ and drive the fear in the ignorant and retarded public through the ‘Climate Change’ fraud instead….

Well, I did indeed participate in a fabulous freedom march through my hometown of Winnipeg yesterday, and it was a great opportunity to see how others are perceiving this massive scam-demic now… And honestly I was very impressed… People that know the truth about these fraud ‘Vaccines’ that are absolutely KILL SHOTS are indeed out there, and it was essential to try to leave a message to these criminals in charge that we will NOT comply with their push for ‘Vaccine passports’ and of course forced ‘Vaccinations’ of a deadly poison…… The 3000 people in attendance yesterday all united in a firm stand against evil and basically voiced a resounding ‘Hell No’ to these criminal bastards….

I did not mention yesterday in my article about this march, but it must be noted here… The Nurses that I spoke to yesterday were indeed absolutely SCARED about what they are now witnessing in our hospitals… I could see it in their eyes as they spoke to me in fact…..They are getting a constant and increasing flow of patients coming in suffering from the horrific adverse effects of these KILL SHOTS, and most are at a loss of what they can possibly do to alleviate the suffering…. And the few that I talked to yesterday were indeed very intelligent and KNEW that there was not a damn thing that they could possibly do to stop the disintegration of their patients towards death as what they are now dealing with is a GENETIC problem and one that cannot possibly be ‘cured’ by chemicals at all… It it therefore no wonder that they are scared, and heck even I would be if put in their shoes….

Yes, I have read so much over the last while about ‘treatments’ for those who are now having ‘second thoughts’ AFTER taking these KILL SHOTS….. And honestly, there is NOTHING that can be done to stop the eventual death of ALL of those who have ‘vaccine remorse’ as again we are dealing with a genetic manipulation problem that would require MORE genetic manipulation to reverse the entire process…. And do you or anyone else for that matter actually think that these criminal pricks responsible for this mass culling would have conducted the right tests and experiments into means of reversing this damage? Hell no, for most of the fools that have and are still taking these experimental jabs do not even realize that THEY are the experiment! And yes, this ‘phase’ of this horrible experimentation using human guinea pigs is not slated to end until 2025…

Thus the reality remains that if you take these experimental jabs, then tough luck to you and start writing your will and last testaments now… There is NO ‘reversal’ at all for the damage that is being done that will eventually kill you all… Therefore common sense is the rule of the day here, and that common sense states to NEVER EVER allow yourselves to take these KILL SHOTS in the first place…. Always remember that you have signed your own death warrant by ‘volunteering’ for this experiment and that you made your choice badly….

Yes, tomorrow is basically THE DAY where Canadians decide their future as a nation…..It basically boils down to everyone going to the polls and making the decision between freedom and tyranny….. And the choice is so blatantly obvious that nobody in their right minds in this nation should be voting for ANY of the so called ‘main political parties’ that have ALL partaken in this reign of destruction via this fraud scam-demic, and should choose to take the path towards true freedom for this nation by marking their ‘X’ on the ballot for the ONLY party that is 100% ending this entire scam-demic fraud, the People’s Party of Canada…

Look, I have seldomly used my writings at my blogs for ‘political’ reasons… But this ‘election’ here in Canada is SO IMPORTANT and one that will decide the fate of this nation, that I could not sit idly by and watch my fellow Canadians make the gravest mistakes of their lives…. We as a nation called ‘Canada’ have suffered immensely over the last 20+ months with this fraud scam-demic and its repercussions, that I cannot even recognize this country any more…. All I see are scared sheep that are so brainwashed and indoctrinated with the bullshit propaganda of a ‘deadly virus’ out there (and one that to this day still has never been proven to exist at all..) that will somehow ‘kill us all’ and that sickens my stomach tremendously… This has turned into a nation of nothing but FEAR driven by bullshit fear propaganda coming from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets, and that FEAR has to be destroyed immediately or there is no hope for recovery from the damage done….. Therefore the right choice has to be made tomorrow to put an end to this madness, or to see our nation become a despotic dictatorship for the rest of our lives…

And yes, I have not held back on my disdain and outright hatred of that sinister prick that has the gall and nerve to call himself ‘Prime Minister’ of this once great nation called Canada, the son of Fidel Castro Justin Trudeau…. People have to wake the fuck up and see that this monster is indeed a brainwashed Tavistock and Frankfurt schools of global tyranny graduate that was selected by the JEWISH global ‘elite’ to be “Prime Minister’ of this nation years ago, and he has done NOTHING while in power other than to hammer Canadians with that tyrannical globalist agenda….. And of course along the way of Trudeau’s path of destruction, he has destroyed the livelihoods of thousands if not millions of Canadians with his corrupt policies that have done nothing except destroy Canada’s already fragile economy..

Oh, and I cannot avoid mentioning the massive corruption and long list of crimes that Justin Trudeau has been involved in… We as Canadians are still aware of the SNC-Lavalin scandal that rocked the Liberal government a few years back and forced the resignation of several Liberal members of parliament… That was bad enough, but we also have the ‘WE’ garbage of a few years ago where the Trudeau Liberals gave that horribly corrupt organization nearly 1 BILLION dollars of Canadian taxpayer money and along the way how Trudeau’s own family members padded their wallets with some of the kickback from that ‘donation’. It was only after that that a full international investigation went into the entire ‘WE’ organization that discovered that it was a front for world wide child slavery and pedophilia….. These are just two of the major scandals in just the last few years with this prick, and there are dozens more going back years including how Trudeau was caught having underaged sex with students when he was a failed substitute teacher in southern Ontario! And Canadians are actually considering voting this monster back into office????

Ah yes, Trudeau is indeed a horror show in itself.. .But what about the other ‘main parties’ in this ‘election’? Well, if you or anyone else here in Canada actually thinks that things will be better if any of those other ass clowns get into office, you can forget it….. EVERY other ‘party’ all the way from the Conservatives, the NDP, the separatist ‘Bloc Quebecois’, to the buffoons in the ‘Green Party’ are ALL firmly behind wanting to make sure ALL Canadians have to take these KILL SHOTS, and even had the gall to express that goal with a recent video called ‘We are all in this together’…… I watched that video and just wanted to puke as it should be sending a clear message to every Canadian that a ‘vote’ for ANY of these ass clowns is a vote for more tyranny…

Therefore the choice is clear for Canadians…. I cannot emphasize it enough that if you truly do love this great nation, Canada, and you want all of the fear mongering and blatant tyranny to end, then you must logically and rationally cast your vote for the ONLY HOPE that we have right now in ending this horror show called the scam-demic, and go to the booths tomorrow at the poll stations and proudly mark an ‘X’ for your PEOPLE’S PARTY of CANADA representative…..Hold your heads high and be proud that you have indeed made a statement for freedom in doing so…

Honestly, I have said enough in nearly 1800 articles at this blog and my former blog at that horror show called ‘BLOGGER’ about this entire scam-demic…. I had hoped that by this point in time that most people around the world would have had enough of this lie and the constant lies from the lying whore media outlets…. But sadly in spite of my efforts and the efforts of so many others in this fight for humanity, the criminals running this horror show are proceeding full steam ahead with their plans for world wide enslavement of nations and to force even MORE of their KILL SHOTS into all of us in the form of ‘booster shots’ that they are ready to roll out starting as early as next month…. And to me the real astonishing thing is the level of ignorance in the general public that continues to believe the non stop horse shit about this ‘virus’ and the multitude of even more horse shit ‘variants’…… I can only look at the dumb asses around me and ask myself ‘Are people truly this stupid?’….. AND sadly the answer, though very sadly to state, is a resounding “YES”….

The sad part happening now is how these criminal monsters have been changing the entire nature of their game by claiming that the sudden ‘danger’ to those who have taken these KILL SHOTS are the so called ‘UN-vaccinated’…… And how stupid can people be to actually believe that a person who is unvaccinated is now a ‘danger’ when clearly logic should dictate here that a person that has taken these ‘vaccines’ should be IMMUNE to any of these ‘viruses’ and therefore are immune to anything that the ‘unvaccinated’ could possibly carry that could hurt them… Yes, this is indeed common sense and logic here, but apparently that has gone ‘out the door’ as the lying whore media and the criminal governments are hell bent on the destruction of those who are not shot up with their deadly concoctions by all means necessary.. Thus we have now the never ending vilification of the ‘unvaccinated’ and the now ever increasing segregation of our populace..

The fact remains that if anyone with common sense wants to see how a nation can be thoroughly destroyed through this scam-demic medical tyranny, they only need to look at Australia as the prime example…. I as a Canadian can only look from a distance at the level of tyranny that the Canberra criminal government has unleashed on the good Aussie people, who are now in a world of hurt…. The fact that the lying whore media in these parts does NOT even bother to say ANYTHING about the level of destruction being inflicted on Australian citizens should not stop them at all from simply surfing online to see that horror show take place… AND obviously the reason why the lying whore media here does not discuss Australia at all is so simple, for they are all banking on a TRUDEAU victory tomorrow and the full unleashing of the same hell on Earth for Canadians right afterwards…..This is just yet another reason to make sure that we as Canadians throw Trudeau’s sorry ass along with his fellow henchmen, out of power tomorrow….

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment… I have left a LOT on the table and such a wide range of other topics to talk about, that I will do my utmost to cover as many as I can right here in my closing and usual ‘last minute tidbits’……….Yes, the US has been defeated badly in Afghanistan, and Americans have to accept that loss. I for one must reiterate that I have called Afghanistan a “no win” situation for the US for over a decade in all of my articles, and I will not gloat that I was right all along. Simple logic showed from the start that the US should have NEVER gotten involved in that nation, period as it has indeed been nothing more than a 3 TRILLION dollar boondoggle………And yes, no surprise that with the US forced out of Afghanistan, in come the Chinese to fill the void. Honestly, did anyone expect anything different? Has this not been one of the goals all along with the criminal Biden Communist regime? Wake up, America…….And about all of this rhetoric with Donald Drumpf about to be put back into the White House thanks to the vote fraud in Arizona, Georgia, and possibly Wisconsin and Pennsylvania? Sorry, but that ‘ship has sailed’ and the Communist coup for the take over of the Federal government in Washington DC is now complete, and the COMMIES will do everything possible to make sure their grip on America now is not taken away from them…….And of course we have Commie FAKE President and retard, Joe Biden, now doing as he has been ordered by his Commie overlords to demand ALL Americans take their death jabs or be terminated from their jobs. And where is the outcry about this, America? Too many Americans have now been turned into PUSSIES to do anything to stop this ever increasing level of tyranny….And about that ‘tab’ around the ear of Commie Biden in those photographs circulating around the internet? It should be obvious that probably Joe Biden is truly now a vegetable and the ‘Bidens’ that we keep seeing on the lying whore media outlets are ‘stand in doubles’ to take his place and just do exactly as the Commie overlords demand. The tabs on the ears are clearly indications of face masks and shows that the person called ‘Biden’ in those pictures is indeed wearing a mask and NOT the fake President at all…….The war in Syria continues to be a stalemate, with little action at all on both sides of the conflict. This situation has become basically stagnant for the last 2 years plus, and there is zero news coming out showing that the situation is going to change any time soon. I just continue to feel so bad for the Syrian people that have endured this living hell thanks to the US/ISRAEL/NATO criminal cabal that continues to want to see their nation utterly destroyed by all means necessary!………Speaking of stolen elections that the US has now turned out to be the master of and thus the laughing stock of the planet, but the recent ‘recall’ vote in California was stolen to allow the criminal ‘governor’ Newsome to remain in power and continue to fulfill his criminal globalist elite controllers agenda for that ruined state. Sadly, the good people of California do know that Newsome stole the recall vote and are doing NOTHING about it at all…….The war in Yemen is still going strong even though the Saudis continue to be the losers. Obviously even with the US and UK now firmly behind the Saudi tyranny against Yemen, the Houthi freedom fighters continue to maintain the upper hand and have Saudi forces on the run everywhere in Yemen itself. On top of that the Houthis have only increased their rocket barrages against Saudi Arabian targets and are now inflicting serious damage to Saudi infrastructure. The fact remains that Yemen is a disaster for Saudi Arabia, and they should have pulled out years ago and tried to sue for peace with the Houthis. But years later and thousands more Saudi fighters dead, obviously the Saudi government is simply too stupid to accept defeat!…… OK, about the situation and bombshell about female singer and ‘rapper’ star Nicki Minaj, making headlines everywhere as she bravely came out as an ‘anti-vaxxer’ as well as fully unvaccinated. Honestly, if this was somehow a scam and a planned contrivance, then the people behind it blew it big time. To me, Nicki is brave enough to come out and show her supporters the TRUTH about the entire scam-demic and hopefully awaken so many young people around the world to absolutely REFUSE these death jabs. I just hope she survives long enough, for the lying whore media is out there trying so desperately to destroy her entire career and to shut her up………Yes, food shortages as expected due to this drought over the summer are indeed happening as I have seen countless counters in the local supermarkets now barren of any products. AND it will only get much much worse as the supply chain breaks down this Autumn and stores do indeed begin to run out of food. I just hope that many who read this blog have been preparing for this very possible and very real disaster……….Yes, apparently Health Canada did indeed come up with their new name for the horrible Moderna KILL SHOTS, and they are calling it ‘SPIKEVAX’. I saw this name and I had to howl and think that they are basically telling everyone about how this garbage generates spike proteins that destroy bodies right in everyone’s faces!…….I see that my favourite sports team, Arsenal, won their game against lowly Burnley yesterday by the score of 1-0. This raised the Gunners’ record to 2-0-3 in the table, but again shows that there is a long way to go for the team, especially when they have to play more of the ‘heavyweights’ in the entire table over the next while. A title for the Gunners this year? Not a chance in hell……….. OK, I had to see it to believe it, but apparently that rag called ‘Time magazine’ has just named those asinine parasitic freeloaders Meaghan and the ‘former prince’ Harry, as their most influential people of the year. Two things come to mind here, WHO still reads ‘Time magazine’ at all? And why would these ass clowns be named to this title when they both are nothing but mindless and useless losers?……..And after last week’s interesting report about how skank Kim Kardashian was wearing that most outrageous and hideous black putrid ‘outfit’ last week much to the papparazzi’s delight, the entire clan of skanks and trollops are strangely quiet this week. Yes, until a real replacement comes out of the woodwork for these losers to be my weekly target for closing these rants, I will continue to use them instead for they indeed are dregs to society indeed…

More to come


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