The Real Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, August 4th, 2021: 15 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases And 0 Deaths NOT From This Phantom Contagion: Alberta Has Now Proven This Is ALL A Hoax, So WHY Continue The Charade?

Yes, the last article at this blog, that included that fabulous video showing how a patriot in nearby Alberta, Canada, shows proof positive that these assholes running this charade have NOTHING to base their entire scam-demic on…. So why continue the charade? Obviously because this entire scam-demic was NEVER about any non-existent ‘deadly virus’ but to PRIME the gullible sheep out there into accepting lethal KILL SHOTS into their bodies…. And from my perspective; These fuckers have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams indeed!

Meanwhile, here is my home province of Manitoba, where the retarded dumb ass sheep continue to cower in 100% unwarranted ‘fear’, and the fuckers running this scam are continuing their charade here that has been going on for nearly 72 fucking weeks…. Yes, I am dealing with mutton brains here in this province, and as I have always said, you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try!

OK, Onto the charade and their ludicrous ‘numbers game’… Once again I have the daily dose of horseshit right in front of me that was just released a short time ago by the Pallister criminals, and I want to present those numbers, broken down as usual, right here for everyone to have a good laugh about:


(a) 15 new ‘cases’ over last 24 hours. Overall total for nearly 72 weeks now sits at 57706.

(b) 33 active hospital ‘cases’, with 5 active ICU cases, as of today.

(c) 0 new deaths in last 24 hours. Overall ‘death toll’ still sits at 1181,’

(d) 56010 recovered cases as of today. An increase of ’28’ from yesterday’s report of 55978.

(e) 515 active cases. Decrease of ONLY ’13’ from yesterday’s report of ‘528’.

(f) 7 new fraud ‘variant cases’ since yesterday. 16720 ‘variant cases’ since January 1st. Active ‘variant cases’ listed as ‘313’ as of today.

Now to rip and tear their fraud ‘data’ listed above to smithereens. And in the same order right here:


(a) Once again absolutely 100% fraudulent as PCR is not even a ‘test’ and the ‘virus’ has been 100% proven to not even exist. Therefore their entire ‘57708’ cases number for the last 72 weeks is a total sham.

(b) Seriously? Of course all of these ‘hospital cases’ come ONLY via the fraud usage of PCR that is not a ‘test’ at all and therefore 100% invalid, but to claim there is a ‘pandemic’ when the hospital cases are such a joke is beyond revolting… AND with my sinuses now healed I have resumed my walks to the nearby hospital to observe that facility and it remains nothing but an empty shell with ZERO patients of any type….

(c) Of course there are no deaths , for nobody has EVER died from this non-existent ‘deadly virus’ at all… EVERY one of the ‘1181’ so called deaths that they claim ALL died from other causes.

(d) Well, as usual a massive shortfall in the true number of ‘recovered cases’ and that shortfall is now at about ‘225’ and climbing steadily by the day. Those missing ‘225’ in this category are of course being kept purposely in the ‘active cases’ file instead, and continues to be a criminal offense.

(e) The shortfall in (d) signals that that the REAL ‘active cases’ number is now barely ‘225’ and continuing to fall rapidly… But no matter, as ALL of the ‘active cases’ come from the fraud use of ‘PCR’ AND therefore are 100% invalid… None of the ‘active cases’ have this illness and those who are truly sick right now have other REAL illnesses.

(f) FINALLY, some ‘data’ today on the fraud ‘new variant’ cases…. Every case here is also 100% invalid and an illusion as they too come only through the fraud usage of PCR…. BUT I can guarantee the ‘delta variant’ numbers will of course rise as these pricks so desperately need that fraud to keep their scam going…

Well, what did anyone expect in seeing this entire charade today? The fact that ALBERTA has now proven the scam to be a total facade does not matter to these lying sacks of shit as they continue with their myth of this entire numbers game..

And yes, this has always been about the KILL SHOTS that are NOT ‘vaccines’… They pushed this scam demic of fear for nearly a year at first just to prime the gullible into the massive lie that the ONLY way out of this fraud was through their KILL SHOTS that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any ‘virus’ at all…. And the sheep out there fell for it without any thinking at all!

Therefore here we stand, with the fraud still going here in Manitoba, while elsewhere it is falling to pieces.. And we can thank the power of the propaganda of the lying whore media for this, as they will never divulge the truth that the entire fraud has now been proven a lie… They have their agenda of evil as well as our crooked government officials in this fraud ,definitely.

And in closing, I am once again going to state that when the truth does come out and the sheep stop being sheep, then there must be hell to pay…. We must make sure that there is no where to run for these criminals responsible and they all must face tribunals for this genocide… The only appropriate sentence for all of them for this crime MUST be the death penalty, with zero exceptions.

More to come


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