Absolute BOMBSHELL: Canadian Patriot Has DEFEATED Scam-demic In Alberta, Canada! Opens Door For EVERYONE To Defeat This Scam As Well!

I have been like everyone else who knows the TRUTH about this entire scam-demic, in wanting to have the criminals responsible for the HELL they have done to everyone put into court trials and DEFEATED in their attempts to destroy our lives, our societies, and our very future…. And what was sent to me earlier today shows that WE can defeat these bastards and end this entire Scam-demic IMMEDIATELY!

I want to present the following link to a fabulous BRANDNEWTUBE vide, where Canadian patriot Patrick King, has DEFEATED the entire Scam-demic in Alberta, Canada, some 800 miles west of here, has just DEFEATED the entire Alberta provincial ‘health orders’ based upon a ‘deadly virus’ that simply does NOT exist… Please watch this video carefully, and I have more information to follow:


NTS Notes: Bravo to this man for what he has done for not only Albertans, but ALL Canadians and ALL humanity by showing clear evidence that the entire scam-demic is a massive hoax..

And yes, yours truly has watched this video carefully and has been taking careful notes… I for one want to be able to USE the information that this patriot has provided to go after the sinister frog faced boy, Brent Roussin, who is a reject from clown college and has the audacity to call himself ‘Manitoba’s Chief Health Officer’… I want to see this toad of a criminal asshole absolutely SQUIRM in a court of law as I demand that he and his cronies also prove that COVID–19 has been ‘isolated’ and actually even exists..

Yes, I do hope this video gets spread far and wide.. For I have been checking into the lying whore media outlets over the last while and not one PEEP of a word about this defeat for the criminals behind this entire scam-demic in Alberta….. This is why we also must see these bastards in the lying whore media also face criminal charges for their LYING to everyone and being the ones propagating the entire fraud..

This is one of the major ‘breakthroughs’ indeed in this entire war for our futures…. Please take this video and show it to everyone, as it paves the way for us all to challenge these fuckers in courts to make them just fall to pieces as they are unable to prove their ‘virus’ even exists!

More to come


2 thoughts on “Absolute BOMBSHELL: Canadian Patriot Has DEFEATED Scam-demic In Alberta, Canada! Opens Door For EVERYONE To Defeat This Scam As Well!

  1. Great news NTS. Looks like the bottom just fell out of the CovID Plandemic HOAX caper. Can’t wait to see the Canadian Perp ASSets squirm as they try to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Watch for major distractions to divert attention…that is their ONLY recourse at this stage.


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