The Real Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021: 98 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases And 3 New Deaths NOT From This Phantom Contagion Since Last Friday – Criminals To Lift Most Horrid “Restrictions” This Saturday?

I was just floored when I saw the ‘news’ come out earlier this morning that the criminal Pallister regime that has tortured and brutalized this province for that last nearly 18 fucking months with their fraud ‘2 week state of emergency’ back in mid-March of last year, has suddenly decided to ‘lift’ nearly ALL restrictions on the people of Manitoba starting this coming Saturday…. And being the skeptic that I always am, I cannot help but think that this asshole in charge has a ‘trick up his sleeve’ and that this ‘reprieve’ is only going to be temporary as coming as soon as THIS September, he and his cronies will lock this province up once again based on the FRAUD ‘Delta Variant’! We shall indeed see soon enough..

Meanwhile, I have today’s most ludicrous “Official Manitoba COVID-19 report” and after this non-existent ‘deadly virus’ taking the long weekend off for ‘good behavior’, they are back at it with huge distortions of ‘data’…. I am not surprised, as once again all of their ‘cases’ and in fact ALL of their ‘data’ is nothing but pure lies and complete hogwash.

OK, Onto their ‘numbers game’ and I once again have their ‘data’ broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 22 new cases in the last 24 hours, and 76 others over the ‘long weekend’. Total for 71.5 weeks now sits at 57691 overall.

(b) 35 active hospital cases, and 6 active ICU cases, as of today.

(c) 3 new deaths since last Friday… Overall death count for 71.5 weeks now sits at 1181.

(d) 55982 ‘recovered’ cases as of today. An increase of ONLY ‘109’ since Friday.

(e) 528 ‘active’ cases as of today. A decrease of ONLY ’14’ since Friday.

(f) New fraud ‘variant’ cases report pending. Will update when this becomes available.

And now, once again I will tear their ‘data’ to smithereens. And in the same order here as shown above:


(a) Once again, 100% absolutely a fraud, as the PCR ‘test’ is 100% invalid. AND since ALL ‘cases’ come courtesy of that fraudulent ‘test’ then ALL ‘57691 cases’ for 72 weeks are 100% fraudulent as well.

(b) Just like in (a) ALL hospital ‘cases’ come only through the use of “PCR’ and are 100% invalid. And the hospitals continue to be nothing but empty shells here in Manitoba with ZERO patients at all.

(c) 3 More ‘deaths’ that are NOT from this non-existent ‘deadly virus’ at all…. In fact I STILL have found zero evidence of ANY deaths in the entire 72 weeks of this madness that can be attributed to this ‘virus’ for there are NONE!

(d) Again with the manipulation of data here… Exactly 2 weeks ago and over the same 3 day period of time, there were 130+ “new cases’ and after 2 weeks of being considered ‘active’ they ALL must be either ‘dead’ (we can attribute maybe ‘4’ deaths at most) or in this category as ‘recovered’… BUT instead we see the shortfall here continue to grow and is now fast approaching 200 in total… Those 200 are being classified falsely as ‘active’… And yes, this is a criminal offence of course, but since the Pallister government is doing this falsification, then they are ‘above the law’ and getting away with this crime.

(e) The REAL ‘active cases’ number is now around ‘330’ and continues to fall rapidly as shown in (d)…. But no matter, as once again ALL ‘ active cases’ are false positives from PCR… Therefore there is actually NOBODY here in Manitoba that has this phantom ‘disease’ at all, and those who are sick right now have other REAL ailments…

(f) EVERYTHING is now hinged on how fast these pricks can push the fraud ‘delta variant’ on the suckers in this province… AND always remember that there are NO “variants” as the ‘virus’ itself is a phantom… Any ‘variants’ are and always will be the effect of the deadly KILL SHOTS on the retards out there stupid enough to take into their bodies and nothing else..

Yes, the numbers game continues to collapse as I had expected… BUT again, there is that phantom ‘delta variant’ that is going to be used as a weapon this coming Autumn to lock everyone down once again and try to push for ‘mandatory’ KILL SHOTS for everyone….

And yes, I continue to be alarmed at the reported level of stupidity of the people in this province, as these criminals are now absolutely gloating about the ‘fact’ that they now have 80% of the citizens of this province injected with their first KILL SHOTS, while a further 72% as of today have had their second doses of certain death… I again cannot even imagine what the population demographics will look like for Manitoba this time next year with easily 1/2 million people DEAD by their own stupidity.

This is why I am never ever giving up on my statement that we, the survivors of this genocide, must never allow these criminals to escape the justice that they all deserve for this mass murder of humanity… Having them all arrested is just a start, as we must put them all into tribunals and have them all sentenced to death for this genocide… There can be NO other justice for all of them, and none must be allowed to escape the fate that they all deserve for this crime.

More to come


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