The COVID-19 Hoax: American Doctors Speak Out Against COVID-19 Bullshit

I have figured out what I will use my WordPress site for… And it will be for some additional information and especially videos from sites such as Bitchute and Brandnewtube for readers to look at..

I was sent a Brandnewtube video earlier this week that I want to share with readers.. .This one has a group of brave American doctors speaking out against this entire COVID-19 hoax that is a must see by everyone… Here is the link to that Brandnewtube video here:

NTS Notes: I do want to see this video spread around for everyone to see for themselves that doctors around the world are indeed speaking out against this entire bullshit….

Yes, it is time to end this fraud… I have posted some 550 articles now over at “Blogger” and I am continuing my constant assault on that fraud with amazing articles there… Please take a look at all of that material when you get the chance and please spread it around to others…

We indeed can win this war… But it will take the courage of so many to stop living in false fear and get ANGRY… THAT time to stand up and stop this fraud is NOW!

More to come


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