The COVID-19 Hoax: How Are Those Clinical Trials For The DNA Destroying Vaccines Going? Devastating Results For The Suckers Stupid Enough To Be The Human Guinea Pigs For These Trials!

I am continuing my assault on the entire COVID-19 hoax, or as it properly should be called these days as the “PCR Test Hoax”, as ALL of their bullshit ‘numbers’ that they claim are those who are ‘suffering’ from this ‘deadly virus’ are derived from FALSE and 100% inaccurate test results!

But I cannot help but to wonder how the criminals are doing with their ‘clinical trials’ for that DNA destroying ‘vaccine’ that they are concocting…. And I do wonder about the SUCKERS AND RETARDS that have been stupid enough to line up like dumb ass guinea pigs (guinea pigs are actually smarter..) and allowing themselves to be “injected” with these deadly concoctions?

Well… I have some interesting news for everyone, and it comes courtesy of a most interesting article from an amazing website called “Vaccine Injury News” at…. For apparently these bullshit ‘trials’ are having DEVASTATING consequences for the fucking retards that have been indeed stupid enough to take their ‘experimental vaccines’… I have that article right here for everyone to see, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Covid-19 vaccines cause trial participants to suffer day-long exhaustion, cracked teeth, headaches and high fever

10/02/2020 / By Ethan Huff

Things are going exceptionally poorly for the four major drug companies rushing to be the first to introduce a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19). Trial participants are reportedly coming down with all sorts of bizarre side effects that, quite honestly, sound far worse than what the virus itself could ever do to most people.

Luke Hutchison, a 44-year-old computational biologist from Utah, is one such participant who, after receiving a “booster” dose of Moderna’s controversial mRNA vaccine, developed a fever of over 101, along with shakes, chills, a “pounding headache” and shortness of breath. He also experienced severe pain in his arm where the injection was given, describing it as feeling like a “goose egg on my shoulder.”

Twelve hours later, Hutchison says he felt mostly back to normal, but described his horrific experience in a tweet as being “full on Covid-like symptoms” – meaning the jab caused just as much, if not more, harm than the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) itself would have in the event that Hutchison contracted it naturally.

Participants in Pfizer’s trials are reporting similar side effects, high fever, severe exhaustion and bad headaches being among the most common. In one case, a person who took Pfizer’s vaccine candidate woke up with chills so severe that he cracked a tooth while his teeth were chattering uncontrollably.

In another trial, an individual woke up with a fever of 104 degrees, which is dangerously high and possibly life-threatening. Others said the jab left their arms feeling like they had just gotten a tetanus shot, with lingering pain that persists for days on end.

“If this proves to work, people are going to have to toughen up,” one participant stated, noting that “you’re not going to be lifting weights or working out” after getting vaccinated.

“The first dose is no big deal,” she added. “And then the second dose will definitely put you down for the day for sure … You will need to take a day off after the second dose.”

Amazingly, all five of the participants who experienced these and other nasty side effects, and who were interviewed, stated that despite the horrors endured, they still believe it was worth it to protect themselves against the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19).

More news like this can be found at

Most Americans distrust covid-19 vaccines

And to think that all of this is taking place in response to an alleged “pandemic” that is, quite frankly, already over, according to a former executive at Pfizer who says that the only “second wave” to strike will be the one based on false positives and phony data.

Even so, some people continue to line right up to get jabbed, believing that by doing so they are protecting themselves and others from a dreaded contagion that is barely affecting anyone, except for those whose lives and livelihoods are being destroyed by having their businesses shut down and their social lives decimated due to continued restrictions.

The good news is that nearly half of all Americans are questioning the safety of such vaccines, and will more than likely not take any of them once they become available. This has led the drug industry to scramble for a public relations solution to quell their fears and encourage them to “stand with science.”

“I’m hearing from people who say they want other people to test it (the vaccine) first,” stated Kolina Koltai, a vaccine researcher from the Center for an Informed Public at the University of Washington.

In Koltai’s view, President Trump’s use of the word “speed” to describe the vaccine development process is not going over so well with many people, and has caused “a lot of uncertainty.”

Sources for this article include:

NTS Notes: Honestly, I am NOT in the least bit surprised by this report and how the most stupidest people alive that have taken these deadly ‘vaccines’ have had horrible side effects as a result of their own stupidity…

And I do wonder what these fuckers in Big Pharma that are testing these ‘vaccines’ are not telling us? Their reports only talk about a few ‘side effects’, and I will bet anything that the actual results are so devastating that these fools that took the experimental ‘vaccines’ are now damaged permanently for life!

And lets fact reality here, for this ‘deadly virus’ has been NOTHING of the sort, period… If there was a ‘virus’, it was so weak and it ran its course back last spring… What we have now is nothing more than a “PCR test scam-demic” where NOBODY has this ‘deadly virus’ at all, and is based upon ‘false positive’ test results exclusively….

Thus, we have more proof positive that these criminals are indeed out to kill us all with their ‘vaccines’….. I have said hundreds of times before at my old website that NOBODY in their right minds should ever take one of their ‘vaccines’ and I am standing firm behind that statement…

If and when these fuckers announce that their ‘vaccine’ for this non-existent ‘pandemic’ is ready, do not buy it at all and do everything necessary to REFUSE to take it, even if they try to make it “mandatory”…. Our very lives are at stake!

More to come


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