The COVID-19 Hoax: The Horrors Of Wearing Face Masks – Medical Doctor Warns That Bacterial Pneumonias Are On The Rise Due To Wearing Face Diapers!

I am so sickened by watching so many RETARDED people out there wear those gawd awful FACE DIAPERS everywhere I look! You cannot go into a premise these days here in central Canada without some jackass at the door screaming at you to “wear your face mask properly” and will refuse to even listen to those who state that they can NOT wear the fucking useless health destroying coverings due to health issues! It is madness to the extreme IMHO!

But it gets even better, for I was sent by another astute reader the following report from the Global Research team out of Canada, where apparently a medical doctor has come out and is showing evidence that there is a massive rise in Bacterial Pneumonia cases due to the stupidity of wearing fucking face diapers! I absolutely want to share that report here with my own readers, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing

By John C. A. Manley

Global Research, October 06, 2020

“A group is suing Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and Tulsa Health Department Executive Director Bruce Dart, saying the city’s mask mandate is harmful to healthy people,” reports Activist Post. The group includes business owners and two doctors who “are asking the city to immediately repeal the mask mandate which was passed by city council last month.”

At a press conference, optometrist Robert Zoellner said:

“…the fear factor has got to step back. This idea that I don’t want to give you something that I don’t even know that I have is almost at the point of ridiculous. Let’s use some common sense.”

Dr. James Meehan, MD followed by warning that mask wearing has “well-known risks that have been well-studied and they’re not being discussed in the risk analysis.

“I’m seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. Reports coming from my colleagues, all over the world, are suggesting that the bacterial pneumonias are on the rise.

“Why might that be? Because untrained members of the public are wearing medical masks, repeatedly… in a non-sterile fashion… They’re becoming contaminated. They’re pulling them off of their car seat, off the rearview mirror, out of their pocket, from their countertop, and they’re reapplying a mask that should be worn fresh and sterile every single time.”

Dr. Meehan adds:

“New research is showing that cloth masks may be increasing the aerosolization of the SARS-COV-2 virus into the environment causing an increased transmission of the disease…”

In conclusion, Dr. Meehan states:

“In February and March we were told not to wear masks. What changed? The science didn’t change. The politics did. This is about compliance. It’s not about science… Our opposition is using low-level retrospective observational studies that should not be the basis for making a medical decision of this nature.”


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John C. A. Manley has spent over a decade ghostwriting for medical doctors, as well as naturopaths, chiropractors and Ayurvedic physicians. He publishes the COVID-19(84) Red Pill Briefs – an email-based newsletter dedicated to preventing the governments of the world from using an exaggerated pandemic as an excuse to violate our freedom, health, privacy, livelihood and humanity. He is also writing a novel, Brave New Normal: A Dystopian Love Story. Visit his website at: He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is by Engin Akyurt from PixabayThe original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © John C. A. Manley, Global Research, 2020

NTS Notes: WHY should anyone with any brain cells be even surprised by the findings in this report?

Lets use common sense here, as we can easily see that wearing gawd damn face diapers do NOTHING to halt the spread or contact of any ‘viruses’ period… And instead all they do is prohibit our own bodies’ ability to expel harmful bacteria which is naturally done by the simple act of exhalation of your breath…

Thus wearing a face diaper prevents those dangerous ‘viruses’ and bacteria from exiting our bodies and instead we are re-inhaling those germs that will do harm to our bodies…. We see the proof of that in this article that shows that there is now a rise in BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA cases!

One other note: I for one have been forced now to wear a face covering at most establishments that I go to these days, and have been threatened with being banned from several establishments if I continue my ‘resistance’ to their rules….. It does seem that the criminals are indeed wanting to enslave us all to their ‘rules’ and have indeed made enforcement of this ‘face diaper’ wearing their top priority these days!

More to come


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