The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 – Even More Fraudulent Cases, And One New Death Of An Elderly Person Of Course. The Beat Goes On!

I have long come to the sickening conclusion that this is NOT a ‘deadly virus’ pandemic at all, but is indeed a “PCR Test” SCAM-DEMIC instead! EVERYWHERE we look across the planet, the criminals in charge of this fraud are adding more ‘positive cases’ to their lies that there is a ‘deadly virus’ but in fact those ‘positive cases’ are nothing but pure bunk and bullshit as they are ALL hopelessly inaccurate and 100% WRONG as they are indeed derived exclusively by the fraud ‘PCR tests’!

Well, it is apparent by now that the criminals in charge of this massive fraud here in Manitoba are going to continue with their charade and are going to drive up the ‘numbers’ here in this province exclusively by the fraud ‘PCR tests’…. I have been watching a slow ‘escalation’ of their “numbers” through that fraud ‘test’ and it is being done purposely to further scare the gullible and most stupid of those living here into more FEAR and PANIC….. I honestly do hope that when this fraud ends that these fuckers responsible for this crime against humanity DO GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY DESERVE and that the people of this province show them NO MERCY for this horrendous criminal act!

OK, I have rambled enough… Time to take a look at today’s “official numbers” for Manitoba in regards to this COVID-19 bullshit… And of course I want to begin my analysis by presenting their ‘numbers’ here as I always do in alphabetical order:

(a) Now there is a grand total of “2246” cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in nearly a full 29 weeks since the criminals in charge in Manitoba unleashed their ‘state of emergency’ back in mid-March. This is an increase of “55” new ‘cases’ from yesterday’s grand total of ‘2191’….

(b) Now there are “28” cases of this ‘deadly virus’ sitting in all of Manitoba’s hospitals, and there are ‘7’ out of that ’28’ in Intensive care units as well.. This is an increase of ‘5’ hospital patients from yesterday’s total of ’23’ and an increase of “1” in the ICU unites from yesterday’s total of “6”…

(c) NOW they are reporting a ’24th’ death from this ‘deadly virus’, which is an increase of ‘1’ from yesterday’s total death toll in nearly 29 weeks time of ’23’….. And of course this latest ‘death’ was an elderly woman in her 70’s that was already suffering from other health issues…. ALL ’24’ deaths in fact ALL suffered from other severe health issues as well…

(d) Now there are “1441” recovered cases in total for the nearly 29 weeks time since the state of emergency declaration for Manitoba.. This is an increase of ’12’ recovered cases from yesterday’s grand total of ‘1429’ recovered cases in that same time frame…

(e) Now they are reporting some ‘781’ active cases of this ‘deadly virus’… This is an increase of ’42’ active cases from yesterday’s total of ‘739’ active cases for all of Manitoba… And of course ALL of these ‘active cases’ are suspect at best as they were ALL derived from that fraud “PCR testing” that gives 100% false positive results!

Well, there you go… Once again driving up the ‘active cases’ as I had expected to drive the FEAR PORN into the gullible people living here in Manitoba… And they are once again claiming a new ‘death’, but the reality is that this new victim did NOT die from this ‘deadly virus’ at all!

OK, time to once again take a much closer look at their ‘official numbers’ and tear them all to smithereens here as I always do…. And of course in the same alphabetical order as listed above:

(a) Yes, pumping up this ‘number’ once again as I have always expected them to do… They need to drive this number up artificially of course to continue with the illusion that we are in this ‘second wave’ of this ‘deadly virus’, when the reality is that we are absolutely NOT! And no matter how you look at it, this ‘2246’ total case number in nearly 29 weeks time is still pathetic in itself… If there was a REAL ‘deadly virus’ out there, this number alone would be easily in the TENS OF THOUSANDS…..

(b) As I had expected, they are now trying to pump up the ‘hospital number’ of cases by throwing a few SUCKERS that were stupid enough to go for that “PCR test” into the hospitals for good measure… But once again this number is such a fraud and if this was a REAL ‘health crisis’ from a ‘deadly virus’, the hospitals would be overflowing with ‘patients’….. Using the word ‘pathetic’ to describe this number is indeed such an understatement.

(c) Once again we have the situation where they are taking an elderly person who was already suffering from one or more serious illnesses and classifying her death as ‘from COVID-19’… BUT AGAIN this is just an illusion and an outright lie…. And thus it adds to the fact that ALL of the ’24’ deaths so far in the last 29 weeks of this entire fraud were NOT caused by this ‘deadly virus’, but from other serious health issues that each victim definitely suffered from!

(d) Yes, this number continues to be grossly manipulated to drive up the ‘active cases’ number… In reality, this number should be at least hundreds more, as in all ‘cases’ of this ‘deadly virus’ the patients absolutely do fully recover… If the patient dies, it is NOT from this ‘deadly virus’ at all but from other issues!

(e) Pathetic is indeed the term to use here… They are purposely driving up this ‘active cases’ number through that fraud ‘PCR testing’ and throwing this number out there to try to frighten the suckers and idiots living in this province… And to call these ‘active cases’ suspect at best is indeed an understatement, for I am sticking to the reality that since the ‘PCR tests’ are NOT ‘detecting’ this ‘deadly virus’ at all, then there is NO ONE in Manitoba that is right now suffering from this ‘deadly virus’ at all!

Well, what else is new? The liars in the Pallister regime are definitely hell bent on pumping up their fraud numbers and are now trying to put new draconian ‘restrictions’ back in place for the good citizens here…. And those new ‘restrictions’ will only do more damage to the failing economy of this province and destroy businesses in the process..

I therefore do wonder what the payoff was to Premier Brian Pallister and his henchmen for running this horrendous scam in this province? It has to be a shit load of money, for this fucker in charge has basically sold his soul to the devil itself for perpetuating this scam…. Again, when this is all over I want to make sure Pallister himself gets a swift trial for this crime against humanity before the citizens of Manitoba hang him high!

And yes many say I am a ‘broken record’ for closing these reports with the same statement about the number of those who have perished through suicides… But we all must remember that these REAL deaths came about thanks to the horrendous propaganda, fear, and anxiety, generated by this entire hoax…. I therefore will stick to my guns in stating that those responsible for destroying this province must never escape justice… And just like seeing Brian Pallister hanging for leading this fraud, we can add the liars in the Jewish controlled media, and of course Brian Pallister’s hence-men to the list of those we want sent to the gallows! Always remember those who have perished from this fraud!

More to come


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