The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, October 5th, 2020 – CDC Admits COVID-19 Is A Fraud As Shown In Last Article’s Video. So Why Is This Province Continuing With The Bullshit At All?

My last article at WordPress showed DEFINITIVE PROOF that the CDC itself has admitted that this scam-demic is nothing but pure hogwash! And yet, here we are at the start of a NEW week, and our governments are continuing with their fear porn of LIES, FALSEHOODS, and of course their ‘numbers’ just to further drive people into panic and despair! I for one want to see every one of these pricks running this scam now definitely face trials with SEVERE penalties for their continuation of this fraud!

Never the less, here I am in Manitoba, and the propaganda is still running 24/7 nonstop with this COVID-19 bullshit…. And I am especially shocked when I continue to see morons, idiots, and RETARDS continue to line up at those fraudulent ‘testing centres’ to be ‘tested’ for a ‘VIRUS’ that is now proven to be 100% a total fraud! Honestly, as I have said so many times before, you simply cannot fix stupid!

Thus I have to continue to attack this entire fraud in the hope of waking at least a few people up, for the majority are simply now too lost in this scam-demic and are too stupid to live…. And I just got a look at today’s bullshit ‘Manitoba COVID-19 report’ from these criminals, and once again I want to present their ‘numbers’ as I usually do in alphabetical order here:

(a) Now there are “2191” total cases of this fraud scam-demic for the last nearly 29 weeks since the criminals in charge here in Manitoba issued their fraud “state of emergency” back in mid-March… This is an increase of ’51’ cases from yesterday’s report of “2140” cases in that same time frame..

(b) Now there are “23” total cases in all of Manitoba’s hospitals, and ‘6’ of those cases are in intensive care units at those hospitals as well… This is an increase of ‘3’ cases in the hospitals from yesterday’s total of ’20’, and an increase of ‘1’ case in the ICU units as well…

(c) STILL only ’23’ deaths that these lying sacks of shit are trying to claim are ‘from’ this supposedly ‘deadly virus’…NO increase in this number from yesterday, and ALL ’23’ deaths were caused by other serious underlying issues that each victim suffered from!

(d) Now there are ‘1429’ recovered cases of this supposedly ‘deadly virus’ for the entire nearly 29 weeks’ time… This is an increase of only (!) “8” recovered cases from yesterday’s report of ‘1421’ recovered cases…

(e) Now there are ‘739’ supposedly ‘active cases’ of this ‘deadly virus’ for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of ’43’ active cases from yesterday’s report of ‘696’ active cases.. And of course each and every one of these ‘active cases’ were derived from the FRAUD “PCR tests” that are criminally 100% inaccurate!

OK, I am not surprised by the outright manipulation that we see once again above… And to me it is now absolutely 100% criminal that these pricks continue to sell this ‘scam-demic’ to the fucking retards living here in Manitoba and do so by getting more ‘cases’ via the scam of the “PCR tests”…

Well… Lets get this over with…. I will once again tear each and every ‘number’ that these pricks are claiming above, right here as I always do in the same alphabetical order to expose them all as frauds:

(a) Yes, pumping up this overall ‘number’ via the fraud “PCR tests” is indeed truly criminal… Sadly the gullible morons here in Manitoba are accepting this bullshit and have put their stupid lives in the hands of these bastards without rationalizing this whole scam to see that it is a fraud… And lets face reality here, for ‘2191’ cases for a province of 1.35 million people over a nearly 29 week period is still a real laugher and so ludicrous as it pales in comparison to the REAL respiratory numbers over the last 29 weeks alone….

(b) I knew these pricks would eventually see that they have to pump up the number of ‘hospital cases’, but even throwing 3 more suckers into the hospitals is such a terrible joke on their part… If this was a REAL ‘deadly virus’ hitting this province then there would be HUNDREDS of patients in the hospitals right now and NOT this pitiful ’23’…. And of course ALL of these ‘hospital cases’ most definitely do NOT have this ‘virus’ at all, as each and every one of these ‘cases’ were derived from the fraud ‘PCR tests’!

(c) THIS is now getting beyond pathetic… These pricks in charge have had the gall to claim that there are ’23’ deaths from this supposedly ‘deadly virus’ when upon examination of each and every one of these ‘deaths’ we find the victim died from OTHER serious illnesses and NOT from this ‘virus’ at all.. And we also know that some 21/23 of these ‘deaths’ were extremely elderly with a lot of other health issues and the other 2 deaths were also caused by serious illnesses as well…. You can only conclude that NOBODY is really ‘dying’ from this ‘deadly virus’, period!

(d) These criminals are getting pathetic in their clear manipulation of this number of ‘recovered cases’…Holding back this number just to prop up the ‘active cases’ is beyond criminal and does indeed show that we are dealing with scoundrels, liars, and crooks…… AND again I must point out that EVERYONE that supposedly comes down with this ‘deadly virus’ all do eventually fully recover, unless they are indeed suffering from other critical health issues….

(e) These pricks are out there again today with their outright lying propaganda that Manitoba now has a ‘record’ number of ‘active cases’ of this ‘deadly virus’… But upon further review and a reality check, we find that each and every one of these ‘active cases’ have ALL been derived from the 100% fraudulent “PCR tests” , and thus I can continue to state with the facts behind me that NOBODY in Manitoba is suffering from this ‘ deadly virus’ at all !

Yes, the beat goes on…. And in spite of the truth as shown by that amazing video in my last article, the people of this province are still asleep and like zombies in believing this entire scam-demic to be real…. It is a pity but it continues to show the power of manipulation of the minds via the Jewish controlled media of lies…

And I am not shocked when I saw in today’s report that some “6118” fraud “PCR tests” were conducted here in Manitoba over the last weekend alone…. Sadly you simply cannot fix stupid, and each and every one of the suckers who allowed the fuckers to wreck their nasal passageways with the fraud testing are basically putting their lives in jeopardy by allowing these fuckers in charge to decide randomly who is ‘positive’ when ALL tests are in fact NEGATIVE!

I therefore have to ask what the Pallister criminals have to gain from continuing with this hoax at all? Do they not even contemplate the fact that when the people here wise up and see that they have had their lives destroyed by their criminal antics that there will be nowhere to run for all of them? It is either sheer stupidity or sheer gall that these criminals are continuing their lies on a daily basis…

YES, we are fast approaching a full 29 weeks of this massive hoax, and sadly I have seen more and more anxiety and despair in the people around me on a daily basis….. I again cannot even fathom how many have reached such a terrible level of despair that they have indeed taken their own lives via suicides…… That is why I want to make sure that NONE of the scoundrels and liars in the Pallister regime here in Manitoba escape justice for this massive crime against humanity, and a good hanging of them all would be a decent start for what they have done to the innocent people living here!

More to come


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