The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Sunday, October 4th, 2020 – A New Twist As The Criminals Report A 23rd “Death” from This “Deadly Virus”

Well…. I knew that the criminals in charge were getting the vast majority of their ‘deaths’ that they are trying to attribute to this ‘deadly virus’ from elderly people in senior citizen homes.. ALL of THOSE deaths can actually be stated to be FROM other causes which each of those elderly people were suffering from….

But now there is a new ‘twist’ for apparently a ‘patient’ who is in his 50’s had been previously diagnosed as being “positive” for this ‘deadly virus’ via the fraud “PCR tests” and then was subsequently released as ‘recovered’ has now suddenly ‘died’! AND these criminals are now attributing this ”previous patient’s” death as ‘from’ this ‘deadly virus’? This is astounding and I will bet anything that this latest ’23rd death’ had other serious health issues that actually took his life, but these scoundrels did indeed pass him off as a ‘positive case’ some time ago, and thus are quick to label his sudden death now as ‘from’ this ‘virus’ to pump up their death toll! To me this is absolute proof of diabolical manipulation at its worse, even for these pricks in charge!

Well… Onto their “numbers” and once again I do want to present them broken down in alphabetical order as I always do right here:

(a) Now “2140” total cases in the nearly 29 weeks since the pricks in charge declared their ‘state of emergency back in mid-March… This is an increase of ’32’ new cases from yesterday’s grand total of ‘2108’ cases..

(b) Finally a report from the “hospitals’ where we now have ’20’ cases in all of Manitoba’s hospitals, which is an increase of ‘2’ hospital cases from Friday’s total of “18”… BUT we now have ‘5’ of those cases in the Intensive care units in Manitoba’s hospitals, which is a decrease of ‘2’ from Friday’s total of ‘7’ cases in the ICU units…

(c) Now they are reporting ’23’ total deaths in the nearly 29 weeks since the state of emergency declaration.. This is an increase of ‘1’ death from yesterday’s total of “22” deaths… And ALL of these ‘deaths’ had serious underlying health issues which were the real cause of each and every one of their demise…

(d) Now there are ‘1421’ total recovered cases for Manitoba in the nearly 29 week time frame.. This is an increase of ’12’ recovered cases from yesterday’s total of ‘1409’ recovered cases…

(e) Now there are ‘696’ supposedly active cases in all of Manitoba with this ‘deadly virus’.. .This is an increase of “19” active cases from yesterday’s total of ‘677’ active cases.. And of course ALL of these ‘active cases’ are suspect at best due to the fraudulent ‘PCR tests’ that generate this number and is absolutely 100% inaccurate…

Yes, the Jewish controlled media is screaming out there that we now have a ’23rd’ death and THIS time a younger man in his 50’s…. But of course they fail to tell the full story that this ’23rd’ death was PREVIOUSLY a ‘COVID-19’ patient that had ‘recovered’ and then suddenly dies later… Anyone else see the problem here??

Well.. .Time to do my usual due diligence and look closely at each of their ‘numbers’ and rip them to shreds as I always do.. And of course in the same alphabetical order as listed above, right here:

(a) This is a continuing trend as they are pumping up the ‘cases’ numbers as high as they can through their fraud ‘testing’ just to use these ‘cases’ number as propaganda to drive the fraud that we are in this ‘second wave’…… But no matter how you slice it, this ‘2140’ number is such a bad joke as it does indeed pale in comparison to the tens of thousands of real patients with real respiratory diseases in just the last 28+ week time frame alone…. And people continue to swallow this garbage??

(b) Interesting that they are basically grabbing a few suckers who went stupidly for that “PCR testing” and claim them to be ‘positive’ and then subsequently as always throw them in the hospitals for good measure to try to pump up this ‘hospital cases’ number… But it is still a bad joke, for a REAL deadly virus would have the hospitals brimming with patients….. And they fail miserably at this scam by allowing two of their intensive care subjects to be released as well, when instead they should be having the ICU patient count rising as well…

(c) To me it is diabolical and an insult to my intelligence that they claim someone that they had ‘released’ as ‘recovered’, is now being claimed to have ‘died from COVID-19’….. Did this person catch this virus again, which is absolutely unlikely??? But when you examine ALL ’23 deaths’ more closely you still find ALL cases had severe underlying health issues that definitely took their lives and NOT this supposedly ‘deadly virus’ at all..

(d) I see they are still heavily manipulating this ‘recovered cases’ number so that they can drive up the other numbers…. And I will bet anything that once again we will see a sudden upsurge in this ‘recovered cases’ number over the next few days, until they decide to try to manipulate it once again… This is a continuing pattern and shows definitive evidence that this is all a fraud..

(e) Yes, a ‘record’ number of ‘active cases’ that the Jewish controlled media is now harping heavily to drive the fear porn into everyone… But once again we have ALL of these active cases derived from the fraud ‘PCR tests’ that are 100% inaccurate… Thus I am standing behind my contention that nobody in Manitoba actually has this ‘deadly virus’ at all!

Well… There you go…. The end of another long week where we see the liars in the Pallister government continue to push this fraud as badly as they can to scare the shit out of suckers, morons, and RETARDS out there…..

And I am no longer surprised when I see the report that just over 2100 (2103 to be exact..) suckers and RETARDS out there went just in the last 24 hours before their official report was filed, to be ‘ tested’ at those heinous ‘testing facilities’ where they stupidly put their lives in the hands of criminals that want to randomly choose who is ‘positive’ or not via the notoriously inaccurate PCR tests….. It is truly diabolical and sadly the people here in Manitoba have swallowed it without any thoughts at all… Yes, you really can NOT fix stupid!

But as always, I cannot emphasize enough that we must remember those who had succumbed to the constant propaganda of fear and panic and sadly took their own lives via suicide as a result…. I will NOT rest at all until I see each and every one of the criminals in the Pallister regime be put on trial for these REAL deaths…. True justice served would be to see them all hanging for this horrific crime against the citizens of this province…

More to come


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