Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 4th, 2020

Sunday….And time once again for my weekend rant..

I know, I know, it feels weird doing this ‘rant’ at WordPress, not only for the fact that I did it every Sunday for over 6 years now over at that heinous ‘Blogger’…. I am still getting used to the odd ball settings that “WordPress” uses for its blog writings, and especially some of the auxiliary settings as well… It is a learning curve and thus I am still working on it! Hopefully with time I will master it here at this site…

I caught a ‘bug’ the other day and I have a massive head cold that simply will not go away right now.. I have been popping some over the counter medicine and have upped my daily Vitamin C intake to fight it off…. And NO it is not “COVID-19” at all, as I seem to be so susceptible to colds and bronchitis this time of year with the massive change of weather…. I am presently running a bit of a high fever at this moment even though I am a stubborn mule and felt I had to get this rant sent off….

OK, I honestly want to spill my guts on how I feel after spending 11+ years over at “blogger” writing nearly 6000 articles that reached well over 7+ million readers during that time frame… If you guess that I am PISSED OFF, You are absolutely right! I have had the courage when so many others have buckled under to stand firm in my convictions of getting the truth out no matter what the consequences and I have never ever changed that stance for the last 11+ years, period! I have said that if people cannot handle the truth, then simply piss off and stop reading my material!

Well, it is apparent now the the criminal Jewish pricks that run “Blogger” had had enough of my writings as I was definitely a thorn in their sides for years now…. And apparently I was right in my assumption that the article that finally got me “banned” was the one that exposed the Jewish heinous activity of abducting and murdering children to extract their ‘Adrenochrome’….. I knew that when I published that article over a week ago at “Blogger” it would piss off a lot of those lunatics as I was showing the world exactly what kind of psychotic freakish ghouls they really are! And again, I seemed to be the ONLY one in the ‘real truth movement’ that had the GUTS AND THE GALL to publish that revealing report! It caused me to ponder about others that are out there that call themselves ‘real truth seekers’ and how so many seem to be a bunch of PUSSIES that are too scared to get out there and tell the TRUTH to everyone… “Blogger” and its horrendous censorship be damned as far as I am concerned!

Therefore here I am …. And NOT going to back down at all about the fact that we are indeed dealing with monsters that are murdering children for their own delight and for what they perceive is their ‘fountain of youth’ via the insane usage of Adrenochrome that has horrendous side effect such as making anyone taking that chemical for an extended period of time PSYCHOTIC and MENTALLY DAMAGED beyond repair… .But we are of course dealing with the freakish ‘Jewish elite’ that is already so heavily brain damaged already, so them taking that chemical is par for the course for those pricks!

Anyways.. That is my story and I am sticking to it….. I honestly want to thank so many out there once again for their support and I hope that I will not let them down by my continuing to write here at WordPress….. I want everyone to continue to send material my way, and of course to not be scared to add the link at WordPress to their list of bloggers as well….. I do hope that given time I will have as great an audience here that I had at that Jewish prick of a blog site that does nothing more than fucking censor anyone that has the guts to stand up to their crimes against humanity!

OK, I have rambled on enough about that subject… I was asked over the last few days my honest opinion about what happened to US President Donald Drumpf and his coming down with “COVID-19″… And I will lay it out right here that I absolutely do NOT think he has that ‘deadly virus’ at all, since the “PCR Tests” are nothing but scams and frauds to begin with! I do believe that something else happened to Drumpf, and he may have been poisoned with a chemical that simulates “COVID-19” symptoms, and we all know that the DEMON-rats that are so wanting to have him either dead or to lose the upcoming November selection in the US may indeed have been the ones spearheading this evil action….

One thing that is also missing that people have overlooked with Drumpf suddenly “contracting” this ‘deadly virus’ was in the timing of that announcement… It happened EXACTLY 33 DAYS before the upcoming November 4th voting day! Ok, I have never been once to put a lot of faith into “numerology” but does anyone else see the ’33’ number being used again here? And we all know that when these monsters use their ’33’ number in carrying out their nefarious acts, that it instantly points to their responsibility for the evil deeds! The number ’33’ is absolutely used by the “Free Masons” and other criminals that throw it right in our faces as a sign of their handiwork… Therefore when I saw the ’33’ in regards to Drumpf’s sudden ‘sickness’, I had to stop and say “Hmmmmm…” as others should as well…

So, what happens now? We shall see over the next week if Drumpf starts to ‘recover’ or if he truly was set up to die by these fucking bastards that want him OUT of the running for November or to see him outright DEAD….. AND if this is the case, then I am truly puzzled, for the fact that Drumpf has done MORE for the Jewish pricks in charge in America than any previous US President has ever had! And of course we have the propaganda being thrown out there now 24/7 that is harping the fraud ‘COVID-19’ fraud scare even harder than before… Something is indeed behind all this, and when I find it I will update with a future article at this blog, definitely!

Someone also asked me about my thoughts on last Tuesday’s “Presidential Debate” between Drumpf and that sickness suffering from dementia, creepy Joe Biden…. I absolutely could not be bothered in watching that circus live, for I knew it would be a fiasco, and lo and behold but that is exactly what it turned out to be…. Drumpf was NEVER going to debate Biden directly on the crucial matters that should have happened in any debate, as the hosts of that fraud and the Jewish controlled media networks were hell bent on making Drumpf look as bad as possible simply because ALL of those criminals are hell bent on the Communist takeover of America come November….. But from what I saw, Drumpf did try to nail Biden on so much of that sickness’ own criminal antics, but failed to hit a home run on the major news of Biden’s involvement with his crooked son in the Ukrainian fiasco they were involved with a few years back…. IMHO, Drumpf did win that sham of a ‘debate’, in spite of the criminal poodles and pricks in the Jewish media outlets trying to show otherwise…

And of course there is the “COVID-19” fraud scam-demic that is still running red hot with the liars in the Jewish controlled media and many governments running the 24/7 non-stop fear porn to continue to destroy so many lives out there…. The facts continue to remain that the “PCR tests” are absolutely 100% fraudulent, and what we are seeing from the ‘positive cases’ that these criminals are pumping out non stop once again is the fact that NOBODY is really ‘dying’ from that ‘deadly virus’ at all…. In fact when you do look at the REAL so called ‘curves’ that these criminals keep showing to the mutton heads out there, you see cases but a rapidly declining number of deaths!

Thus when they scream that we are well into this ‘ second wave’ bullshit, these criminals try so desperately to avoid the issue of ‘WHERE ARE THE DEATHS?'” from this supposedly ‘deadly virus’? Oh, but they are screaming that the elderly are dying from this ‘virus’ right? But not so fast, as I have pointed out even with my daily Manitoba COVID reports, the facts are that every single elderly person that they continue to claim has ‘died’ from this ‘deadly virus’ has had a MULTITUDE of other diseases and illnesses… And in each ‘death’ we find these elderly people dying FROM those other illnesses, but are having the death certificates continue to be labeled as ‘death by COVID-19’! It is indeed the art of manipulation and false propaganda at its worse….

Meanwhile, while everyone continues to have their minds turned to mush via the COVID-19 bullshit, we are seeing a new war taking place between Armenia and neighbouring Azerbaijan, which is now over a week old and has the world’s major ‘superpowers’ sending in their ‘proxy forces’ to bolster both sides in the conflict…. I have looked at some aspects of this ‘war’ and it does centre around the continuing ethnic divisions in the Azerbaijan region of ‘Nagorno-Karabakh’ that flared up once before in a major conflict in the early 1990’s and has been a point of contention on both sides in this new conflict ever since…. This ‘war’ has now escalated to the point that Armenia has accused neighbouring Turkey of bringing in proxy fighters on the side of Azerbaijan to squash the ethnic uprising of Armenian separatists in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, composed mostly of “Syrian terrorists”…. And Armenia is presently moving deeper into the criminal NATO sphere and has been propped up by NATO equipment and possibly mercenaries and other fighters as well….

The biggest elephant in the room IMHO in terms of this Armenia/Azerbaijan war is the neighbouring Russian Federation and how in the past they came in to squash the war between these two nations back in the early 1990’s and may indeed come into the conflict once again to put an end to the madness before it escalates any further…. But can there be peace in that region any time soon? Seriously I doubt it, for the fact that Armenians and Azerbaijan citizens may be similar in so many aspects but their cultures are completely polarized opposites…. I honestly want to see the Russians be the real power brokers here, as they should, and end this conflict and force both sides to actually negotiate rather than act like spoilt brats who may be neighbours but simply cannot get along with each other!

Well… I have rambled enough for the moment and touched on the major subjects on my diabolical mind to this point… I am still working on getting over this fucking head cold, and will need some rest this afternoon but probably not until after I post my daily Manitoba report on the COVID-19 BULLSHIT…. In the meantime, I will close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits starting right here……Still basically a stalemate in the Syrian conflict, as much of Turkey and Russia’s attention has now shifted north to the Armenian/Azerbaijan conflict. The only action for the past week was continuing operations by the SAA to clear out the last ‘pockets’ of “ISIS” resistance in the desert region east and south of Palmyra that has been a pain in the ass to the Syrian government for years now. Thus the war in Syria goes on and on and on……. I noticed how the guys over at Renegade Tribune last week came out and said what I have been saying for months about “Amazing Polly” in that she is A DISINFORMATION AGENT. I came to that conclusion months back when she refused to call the master criminals the Jews and instead had the gall to call them “Nazis” and “Germans’ instead! That to me showed proof positive that she can NOT be trusted, period…….I see that fucking weasel that calls himself Canada’s “Prime Minister”, that fool Justin Trudeau, has come out finally and is showing what his new agenda really is, which is to saddle Canadians permanently with more carbon taxes and other ‘green’ frauds that will actually destroy Canada’s economy. Sadly, most Canadians are still not aware of what this lunatic is really all about, and may actually re-select him as Prime Minister if a vote is ever called? Yes, as I have said many times, you simply cannot fix stupid!…….I saw an interesting article that states that China is building a heavy lift rocket to send their own astronauts to the moon. I have to laugh at this one, and say to the Chinese good luck with that one, for I can guarantee the Chinese have not solved the radiation problems in space as much as the Americans have failed to do for the last 6+ decades. Therefore China sending men to the moon is just another pipe dream much like Project Apollo was………I see the “BLM” protests in America are finally fizzling out as they should have months back. The American people are thankfully not this stupid and most can see that the fuckers running “BLM” and other “Antifa” groups are nothing more than COMMUNIST insurgents under the finance and control of that ultra criminal George Soros……HERE is some real news that actually should scare the shit out of Americans, for apparently the REAL national “debt” in the US is NOT the reported ’27 TRILLION dollars’ but is actually greater than ‘135 TRILLION dollars’ and continues to rapidly rise. Thus the US debt is actually greater than the entire value of all American assets in itself and can NEVER EVER be paid off. Has this been the goal of the criminal Jewish scoundrels all along? Absolutely…….Why should anyone be shocked at all when the scoundrels behind the ‘World Bank” put out a report saying that their ‘COVID-19 operation’ would continue for the next 4+ years until early 2025! That alone points to that scam-demic being a well organized scam that will continue to destroy lives for nearly 5 full years running! I for one am not surprised at all, for I saw it as a scam from the very beginning……..AND no shock here as new economic indicators are now showing that the economy is about to fall to pieces with people out of work permanently and NO possible recovery at all for at least the next decade. Does anyone actually expect anything different when we are in the grip of a life destroying scam-demic with no end in sight?……..And lets be serious here, as a world wide major food crisis is actually beginning to happen right now. Most stores may have present stock available, but shelves will begin to empty very soon and mass starvation could begin within the next few months. This is a sad reality that everyone must be preparing for NOW!……..I see that the National Football League is entering a new ‘crisis’ with teams showing ‘positive’ cases for the fraud “COVID-19”. I do wonder if this is indeed part of the scam, as many Americans do follow the NFL and thus it may be in league with the criminals to reinsert fear of this ‘virus’ back into the American psyche…….And after a bit of a fall last week in losing to Liverpool by the score of 3-0, my team, Arsenal, rebounded today to beat Sheffield United, 2-1, and once again put itself back near the top of the table. Yes, it is early in this new season, but I am impressed by the improvements so far in the Gunners’ play!……….And in the nutty world of Meagan and Harry, apparently those two freeloaders are going to find themselves in trouble soon with the American IRS as they continue to freeload around in California for the past 150+ days (honestly has it been that agonizingly long?) and once they reach 183 days in America, they will find themselves with a massive American tax bill that they can not pay. Honestly, I do hope these two useless eaters get dinged heavily in about a month with that tax bill, and be forced to actually find real jobs if they want to stay in America. Hey, there is always McDonalds or Burger King, right?….. And speaking of useless, I see the skanks in Kardashian stupidity are at it again, with news that skank #2 may be pregnant once again with Tristan Thompson’s baby. Honestly, I had hoped that Thompson had brain cells and would have run from this brain dead useless eater, but here he goes and knocks her up again. Yes, America, your nation is going to heck and all most care about is the lunatic lives of these trollops. And people wonder why I said America has gone to hell?

More to come

*And YES, a new picture of a ‘lynx’ at the top of this article… I figure it would be appropriate for this WordPress site and thus show a change from that heinous “Blogger”!


2 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 4th, 2020

  1. I’m with you on Amazing Polly North…I also found out a ‘so-called’ Pastor that Dana Ashley featured (Dana Coverstone) has been busted with his DREAMS wearing a pro MOSSAD black t-shirt. I knew damn well he was an agent just like the Polly. Yes they wear a Christian cross to bag all the gullible fish. Isn’t it amazing why Polly doesn’t get the boot from Youtube? Thanks for hanging in there. Keep up the fight and get well (rest) soon.


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