The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 – Another Death Of An Elderly Person In Her 80’s With Other Serious Health Issues!

I am going to continue to write my daily Manitoba COVID-19 reports here at WordPress…. I have now given up hope of any restoral of my material over at Blogger, and thus this may be my permanent platform for any and all future writings…

OK, Onto the business at hand… I got today’s “official Manitoba COVID-19 report” a short while ago, and once again they are claiming a new ‘death’ from this ‘deadly virus’… But of course they are LYING as usual, as this new ‘death’ was actually an 80+ year old female resident of a seniors centre that had severe health issues already! Thus the manipulation by these criminals to try to sell their ‘pandemic’ to the gullible people of Manitoba goes on….

OK, Onto today’s numbers as posted by those scoundrels, and once again I first want to present them here in alphabetical order:

(a) Now a grand total of ‘2108’ cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks since the state of emergency declaration for this province back in mid-March.. This is an increase of “36” new cases since yesterday’s total of ‘ 2072’ cases..

(b) The officials are saying there are ‘technical issues’ in regards to the hospitalization numbers including those in the Intensive Care Units as well.. Yesterday’s totals were “18” total patients in the hospitals and ‘7’ in the ICU units, and I am expecting them to increase this number slightly…

(c) Now there are ’22’ deaths that the criminals in charge are saying were ‘from’ this ‘deadly virus’ but upon further review, we find that ALL of these ’22’ deaths were caused by severe ‘underlying health issues’ that each case suffered from….

(d) Now there are ‘1409’ recovered cases of this ‘deadly virus’ for the last 28+ weeks, which is an increase of ’10’ recovered cases from yesterday’s total of ‘1399’ recovered cases…

(e) Now there are ‘677’ active cases for all of Manitoba suffering from this ‘deadly virus’… This is an increase of ’25’ active cases from yesterday’s total of ‘652’ active cases.. And ALL of these ‘active cases’ are of course suspect at best as they are obtained from the fraudulent and totally inaccurate ‘PCR tests’…

Yes, the criminals are continuing to manipulate their ‘numbers’ as they have for months now… And they are indeed scoundrels in claiming their ’22nd death’ was from this ‘deadly virus’ when the reality is once again it was a frail elderly woman who had severe health issues already that were the actual cause of her death! Liars and scoundrels indeed…

OK, Time again to take a closer look at their “numbers” as I always do, and as usual in the same alphabetical order right here:

(a) I watched the Jewish controlled media after this criminal report was put out there for all to see, and once again they are harping this number and claiming that Manitoba is in a ‘second wave’ of this ‘virus’… But of course when you do look at this ‘2108’ figure and compare it to the numbers from REAL respiratory illnesses suffered by Manitobans in the last 28+ weeks, it continues to be a pathetic joke! But of course it is the fear propaganda that is driving this entire scam!

(b) Interesting that they were unable to ‘update’ this hospital number… I do see so much manipulation taking place here, and I can easily guess that they found themselves in a quandary with this ‘number’ and thus will not post it today until they can manipulate it further… I can safely say that they are continuing to grab a few ‘suckers’ from their fraud ‘PCR tests’ and are throwing them in the hospitals purposely to try to drive up this number!

(c) Yes, there was a ’22nd’ death, but upon further review we still have ZERO patients actually ‘dying’ from this ‘deadly virus’ at all! 21 out of 22 deaths so far have been frail elderly people with other serious health problems, and the 22nd was a man who had terminal Cancer! It is apparent that the Pallister criminals are indeed getting their deaths by scouring the senior centres across the province to label ALL of the deaths of the senior citizens there as ‘death by COVID-19’… This all reaffirms my statements that NOBODY is really dying from this ‘deadly virus’ here in Manitoba at all!

(d) The criminals are back to manipulating this number, obviously… And the reason is simple to pump up the ‘active cases’ number and to cover for the fact that nobody is actually ‘dying’ from this ‘deadly virus’ at all, and in ALL cases unless they have other serious health issues, they all recover completely!

(e) Yes, the Jewish controlled media here in Manitoba is harping this as a ‘record number’ of active cases just to continue to drive their bullshit ‘second wave’ propaganda… But of course ALL of these ‘active cases’ are derived from the fraud ‘PCR tests’ that give 100% false positive results… We therefore can only conclude that NOBODY in Manitoba is actually suffering from this ‘deadly virus’ at all and thus it truly is a 100% scam-demic!

Yes, the manipulation goes on… .And I do want to reiterate that I find it so disgusting that they are getting their ‘new deaths’ by claiming deaths in senior citizen complexes across the planet as ALL being from “COVID-19″…. This is so disgusting, but it just means that the Manitoba criminals in charge of this entire scam-demic are only mirroring what is happening elsewhere across the planet as everyone else is selecting seniors and claiming their deaths are from this ‘ deadly virus’ as well..

And we are now fast approaching 29 full weeks of this scam, and the fuckers here in Manitoba are actually contemplating even MORE ‘restrictions’ this coming week as they are screaming that this ‘second wave’ is somehow ‘exploding’…. It is bad enough with the face diapers and the fucking bullshit of isolation and ‘social distancing’ bullshit and crap, but I do wonder what diabolical act they will do next to the already exhausted and demoralized people of this province?

AND I once again do want to remind everyone of the REAL deaths from this entire scam, which are those who have allowed their anxiety, panic, and despair, consume them to the point that they have taken their own lives via suicides….. If and when this scam-demic is over, I do want to make sure that ALL of the criminals who were running this scam pay dearly for those sad deaths via suicide, and to me HANGING them all would be way to good for their horrendous crimes against all humanity!

More to come


5 thoughts on “The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 – Another Death Of An Elderly Person In Her 80’s With Other Serious Health Issues!

  1. is there any way to get to all your older posts from your other site? so many i wanted to share with people, and read again…keep up great work NTS !!!!!


  2. And Nial Ferguson still goes his merry way creating doomsday scenarios. It was HIM who provided the fake numbers and gave Baal the “info” to carry on with this great reset of theirs. Apparently March 30, 2025, is the day this “project” as the economic forum calls it, will be declared done. It will never be done unless it is stopped.

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