The COVID-19 Hoax: Consequences – How Can People Do This To Children?

I am getting back to my assault on the COVID-19 bullshit, and I will be doing some ‘catching up’ on so many articles sent my way from so many readers, and followers, over the last few days… I had not published a lot of what was sent my way due to the ‘blogger’ situation….

I am still learning to ‘navigate’ around WordPress and still learning some of the features for blog postings…. And one feature in particular I am indeed worried about is how WordPress works with he publishing of “Youtube” videos… I am well aware that “WordPress” is just as bad as that bullshit service called ‘Blogger’ in terms of “Brandnewtube” videos, but I am wondering about “Youtube” at WordPress, and I am about to find out…

I came across a fabulous new video from “Pam Popper” whom I had a bunch of videos up over at “Blogger”… And her latest is a must see by everyone for it looks at the HORRENDOUS treatment of children thanks to this entire bullshit scam-demic…. Here in fact is that video, entitled: “Consequences: How Can People Do This To Children?” for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I am not surprised by these reports about the ABUSE of children with this fraud scam-demic going strong and having schools everywhere treat children like hardened criminals and prisoners!

I look at what Pam Popper presents in this video, and I have to ask WHY parents are even bothering in sending their children to those hell holes called ‘public schools’? These incidents that Pam presents are definitive evidence of the need to have ‘home schooling’ take place right now until these fucking retarded schools grow up and let the children’s lives return to a REAL normal!

I will continue to present videos here at WordPress, and if anyone knows of a method to have the full videos play from “Brandnewtube” rather than being stuck with the links only, please let me know!

More to come


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