The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, October 1st, 2020 – More Cases Once Again But Still NO Real Deaths? Anyone Else See The Problem Here?

You can NOT keep a good man down… I may be knocked out of “Blogger” but I am a persistent prick with a lot to say about both criminal censorship, but also about the fraud scam-demic that is still running rampant across the planet…

I therefore am NOT going to stop with my reporting about the massive FRAUD scam-demic for this province of mine, Manitoba.. And though I had to take a little bit of a ‘break’ yesterday to clear my mind and put in the false hope that “Blogger” would eventually come to their senses and re-instate my blog over there, I kept yesterday’s daily “COVID-19 report” as a file on my computer in the hope that I would have it put up “over there”….

But apparently the pricks at ‘Blogger’ may have indeed removed that site permanently… Sad indeed… But I did have yesterday’s Manitoba ‘official COVID-19 report’ ready and I figure I would not waste that effort and have it posted here at WordPress…. Thus I want to present the assholes in charge here in Manitoba’s official ‘numbers’ as I usually do in alphabetical order for everyone to see for themselves here:

(a) Now 2029 ‘cases’ of this ‘deadly virus’ in just over 28 weeks’ time since the criminals in charge issued their ‘state of emergency’ back in mid-March… This is an increase of ’36’ cases from Wednesday’s report of ‘1993’ cases in total…

(b) Now there are ’15’ cases of this ‘ deadly virus’ in all of the hospitals across Manitoba.. This is an increase of ‘2’ cases from Wednesday’s report of ’13’ cases, and there are still “7” of those hospital cases in the Intensive Care Units at those hospitals as well..

(c) STILL ONLY “20” deaths that these criminals are ‘attributing to this deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks since they locked down this province back in mid-March.. No change in this ’20’ number in days, and ALL ’20’ deaths ALL had severe underlying issues that were the real cause of their deaths..

(d) Now there are ‘1388’ recovered cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks’ time frame.. This is an increase of ’14’ recovered cases from Wednesday’s total of ‘1374’ recovered cases….

(e) Now they are claiming ‘621’ active cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in Manitoba at present.. This is an increase of ’22’ active cases from Wednesday’s total of ‘599’ active cases.. ALL active cases are of course suspect at best, as each and every one of them were derived from the heinous and totally inaccurate “PCR testing”…

Thus the beat goes on… Still pumping up the number of cases and of course the ‘active cases’ as part of their fear mongering campaign… I honestly do hope that everyone sees the clear manipulation here as they are definitely hell bent on running on the fraud of ‘cases’ but not telling the real story that NOBODY is actually dying FROM this ‘disease’ at all!

OK, time once again to take a closer look at each of their “numbers” as I usually do right here:

(a) Honestly, how long can they keep this sham going when they have the nerve to put out this pathetic excuse for a total number over 28+ weeks of ‘2029’ cases? I have been hammering away for months with the simple fact that a REAL deadly disease hitting this province of 1.35 Million people would have tens of thousands of cases… And other REAL respiratory illnesses also would have tens of thousands of cases in any 28 week period for Manitoba as well! Pathetic excuse for a “pandemic”? ABSOLUTELY! AND it is just too bad that the people here in Manitoba are simply too stupid to see this as fact for themselves these days…

(b) Again, I keep being proven so right about this hospital number… ’15’ in all of the hospitals with this ‘deadly virus’ is such a bad joke for a province of 1.35 million people…. But those criminals in charge do seem bound and determined to take a SUCKER or two that was stupid enough to be ‘tested’ and have them thrown in the hospitals for good measure… It is so beyond pathetic….

(c) I cannot stress enough that THIS is the ONLY number that really matters in regards to this ‘scam-demic’ here in Manitoba, and the criminals in charge are failing here so miserably! ALL of these ’20’ deaths were in NO WAY associated with this ‘deadly virus’ at all, as each and every one of them were either extremely elderly with serious health issues, or had a multitude of health problems already that were the real cause of all of their demise… And I have to laugh when I keep pointing out that one of these ‘deaths’ had TERMINAL CANCER, and yet the fuckers in charge listed his death as from “COVID-19”!

(d) This is so sad when I see them constantly manipulating this number of ‘recovered cases’… Yesterday they had ’46’ recovered cases, and now they shrunk that down to only ’14’ more to add to their tally? That alone should tell everyone that something is terribly wrong with their ‘numbers’ game as it is apparent they are still working at suppressing this ‘recovered cases’ number just to pump up the number of ‘active cases’ and thus keep the fear porn alive!

(e) I knew that they would be wanting to once again pump up this ‘active cases’ number after a few days of seeing it slide… They are so much wanting to install the fear in everyone by screaming this ‘621’ active cases in everyone’s faces… AND it must be once again pointed out right here that each and every one of these active cases were derived from the fraud ‘PCR tests’ that ONLY generates false positive results… Thus I am sticking to my guns in stating that NOBODY here in Manitoba actually has this ‘deadly virus’ at all!

Yes, readers, the beat goes on… And I could not help but to once again notice so many fools, idiots, morons, and absolute RETARDS lining up like the dumb ass sheep they are at the nearby ‘testing centre’ to put their lives into the hands of these criminal fucks that will randomly select from the bunch which ones are ‘positive cases’ of this ‘virus’ when the reality is that everyone tested is 100% negative for this ‘deadly virus’…

And we are now deep into 28 weeks of this scam here in Manitoba, and the economy has turned into a complete disaster, as I have seen more and more reports of businesses going under thanks to this scam… Premier Brian Pallister and his henchmen should be all put on trial for destroying the livelihoods of so many citizens here in Manitoba…

AND I will once again conclude this entire report with a reminder for everyone to take care of and watch out for those who have swallowed this fear mongering and are in serious mental distress over it…. I cannot even fathom the number of suicides that have happened everywhere thanks to the distress, anxiety, and panic, generated by these criminal bastards, and we all must make sure that these criminals do NOT escape proper justice for those sad deaths… .Hanging all of the criminals for the people that have killed themselves thanks to this scam is indeed a decent start!

More to come


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