Open Invitation For Those Who Followed My Work At Blogger

I am sending this out as an ‘open invitation’ to those who had followed me over at ‘Blogger’ for years now to please send me their internet address for their sites that were on my list of the ‘finest bloggers that I know’ , so that I can update my list here…

I am also inviting anyone that wants to send me messages and/or personal information to my email at…..

I know that I should NOT have to apologize for what has happened to me at “Blogger” for I could see it coming for years as the Jewish criminals in charge of that ‘site’ are indeed determined now to muzzle free speech and turn off any blogs now that they ‘claim’ are in violation of their CENSORSHIP of the truth….

Please feel free to comment at any time and or continue to send me any information or articles/videos/etc to myself at any time…..

Honestly, it is sad to see my efforts at Blogger disappear as that site had a tremendous following and had 7.1 MILLION views for the 11.5 years that it was around.. .I have NO regrets for what I did and what I wrote for I am an honest person driven by the want for what is best for everyone….

I therefore want to thank each and every one of you for your support… I will continue to write articles here at WordPress for the time being and am now motivated to finally go mainstream in the near future… I will of course send that information out for all to see if and when that happens!

And I am not going to change my ending of these articles, as it has become a trademark of my work… Therefore once again

More to come


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